Tay-K's Murder Case Explained

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XXL - 4 mesi fa
What do you think of Tay-K's current legal situation?
Calvin Worthen
Calvin Worthen - Giorno fa
Fernando Trujillo his “fucced up mistakes” include taking the lives of 3 people on 3 separate occasions. If he doesn’t deserve this why didn’t he learn after the first. He deserves to be in there for life, because he has shown he will do it again. He took 3 lives so why shouldn’t he get 3 life sentences, he took theirs? If taking lives is just young mistakes and we should just say “shit happens” then should we say the same if the person he killed was you?
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha - 9 giorni fa
Htown Lifer bruh that was 2017 plus he really with the shit
Ege Ibish
Ege Ibish - 11 giorni fa
Jorge Cárdenas cruz
Jorge Cárdenas cruz - 11 giorni fa
Jorge Cárdenas cruz
Jorge Cárdenas cruz - 11 giorni fa
Lesane Parish Crooks
If it was happening in canada they would of caught 25 and done 10-15 ...
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze - 18 ore fa
Tay k & kodak black got bars! 😆
Will King
Will King - Giorno fa
Lol i aint worried bout it got what was comin
Craig-Austin Harris
Craig-Austin Harris - 3 giorni fa
He's a dumbass. . . He better not come back to #SanAntonio
xMurderGang USSR
xMurderGang USSR - 3 giorni fa
Dey could at least give him a studio in da cell ☠😂
Zavion Horton
Zavion Horton - 3 giorni fa
Free Tay k
Jorge Gallegos
Jorge Gallegos - 3 giorni fa
ive met that nigga tay k in granbury
209sub0 - 4 giorni fa
Fuck these niggas up tay.
Edgard Lopez Jr
Edgard Lopez Jr - 4 giorni fa
My thoughts are that Tay K is royally fucked...execution in Texas?
Bobby Weinert
Bobby Weinert - 5 giorni fa
Who got lebron spirte cranberry
Kenmore Charles
Kenmore Charles - 7 giorni fa
Free tay-k 👌👍👏🙌✌
Peterley dorcius
Peterley dorcius - 8 giorni fa
Jesus, lock this fucking kid up
Kyle Cook
Kyle Cook - 10 giorni fa
Why did the white girl get the smallest sentence? And why does the United States give such long sentences? A dude in Iceland stole millions of dollars worth of merchandise from various people and only got four years in prison. Our justice system in america is so fucked.
Jorge Cárdenas cruz
Jorge Cárdenas cruz - 11 giorni fa
Kay k should kill his self
Scottish Canadian
Scottish Canadian - 11 giorni fa
Cook him
Tim Hearst
Tim Hearst - 11 giorni fa
Dumb ass smh
Typical Jimmy
Typical Jimmy - 12 giorni fa
I'm AU but I live in texas
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal - 13 giorni fa
Free my nigga Tay k
Daniel V
Daniel V - 14 giorni fa
This lil boy a straight P.O.S.
Evelyn Clother
Evelyn Clother - 14 giorni fa
he should never come out of jail.
Small Bean
Small Bean - 14 giorni fa
Brayan Cardoso
Brayan Cardoso - 15 giorni fa
Why did I get a sprit cranberry ad
MorallyAwkward - 16 giorni fa
Yeah make pistol hands to the camera while you’re waiting for sentencing, fucking moron!
Cam Floyd
Cam Floyd - 16 giorni fa
He needs to die on death row
Ty - 16 giorni fa
So I was banging my head to  lyrics that was a true brutal story.#dontfreetaykbciliveintexas
ZaltaNex - 18 giorni fa
Tay-K, Tekashi 69 and YNW Melly...they all trippin' bruh
James Edrington
James Edrington - 18 giorni fa
Sounds like a bunch of he say she say. Gonna take away this boys life with know hard evidence, just opinions and taking people's Word. 😪
Jazz Hands
Jazz Hands - 19 giorni fa
What do I think? I think that nigga lost the race
Trill Daniel
Trill Daniel - 19 giorni fa
4:45 y’all look at him say good bye y’all better respect that shit💙♿️
mark jacobs
mark jacobs - 20 giorni fa
5:55 irony same welcome home sign behind victim from the rave video
NoScopeSniper001 YT
NoScopeSniper001 YT - 21 giorno fa
Turn captions on 2:10 “take” tay k
Will - 18 giorni fa
NoScopeSniper001 YT okay?
Truth The kid
Truth The kid - 21 giorno fa
What a bunch of retards
Phil Babineau
Phil Babineau - 21 giorno fa
lol dude looks like ludacris
Destinee S.
Destinee S. - 22 giorni fa
Landon Yowler
Landon Yowler - 22 giorni fa
ckaz007 - 23 giorni fa
It sounds like he's getting off easy by not getting the death penalty considering these murders were committed in Texas.
jpin0002 jpin0002
jpin0002 jpin0002 - 24 giorni fa
Oh it's another bullshit back story for a rapper. Got it. Thought one of these mumble rappers got taken out before they ruined the radios.
Ziggy Deshawn
Ziggy Deshawn - 25 giorni fa
Judge: well your getting 55 years
No body:
Tay-K: well let’s get to subtracting
Kingsfyre 64
Kingsfyre 64 - 26 giorni fa
Isn’t crime cool? Now you gotta do the time
Kirubel Abraham
Kirubel Abraham - 29 giorni fa
What do we do wiz this young niggas
Waikiki HoundDawg
Waikiki HoundDawg - Mese fa
Tay K is on that scared straight episode parody from Loiter Squad. He's the janitor
tqrb - Mese fa
Lol 17th birthday on 17th of June 2017
jp the great
jp the great - Mese fa
Rip Mark Backwoods
Soap - Mese fa
Niggas are stupid lmao 😂 they’d say free hilter if he dropped a fire track with a good beat
Qwerty Sponge
Qwerty Sponge - Mese fa
I think Tay k is fucked
Ty Sabin
Ty Sabin - Mese fa
Did da homie wrong man
Jennifer Hailey
Jennifer Hailey - Mese fa
I think he is up shyt 💩 creek without a paddle!!! Such a waste of talent. Do wrong,,,,,, it will follow you.
Michael Sturm
Michael Sturm - Mese fa
Lmao he aint no gangster. He is a phony nerdy drop out. He prolly got bullied in school lmao
Panda boy
Panda boy - Mese fa
Tay k: can I get some chicken nuggets
Worker at Chick-fil-A: sure
Dude in front of Tay k: nothing
Tay k: I’m bout to end this man’s career
Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos - Mese fa
Elisa8491 Snap_MTF
Elisa8491 Snap_MTF - Mese fa
I don't see what he did wrong and I firmly believe that they should let Tay k go
Murder Motion Pictures
Whole thing was a nigga moment
Humble Bee
Humble Bee - Mese fa
It's sad that these youngsters have talent and throw it away to the streets that most are praying for a way out 💔💔
Suzie Quesadilla
Suzie Quesadilla - Mese fa
I swear I know Robinson....can't place from where tho
Suzie Quesadilla
Suzie Quesadilla - Mese fa
When he was rapping he sounded like a pissed-off dr. Seuse
Phaze 254
Phaze 254 - Mese fa
Fuck tay k.. pussy ass bitch. Beating up old folks and robbing with gun. Coward ass dude
E.C. Meech Tha Barber
Fuck this lil nigga... and anybody supportin his DUMB azz!!
Sweezynae - Mese fa
Why the heck cant he jus be bailed out if he so rich as he claims.
sklane games
sklane games - Mese fa
he could have just let them arrest him then he has maybe 1 year to escape bruh give him 1000000000000 years
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