He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER

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Davie504 - 7 giorni fa
*Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you
Into the Polaris
Into the Polaris - 4 giorni fa
Everyone call the police!!
Shwan Anwer Ali
Shwan Anwer Ali - 4 giorni fa
I don’t have Minecraft at all so boom and I give you a SLAP👋
wiz oz
wiz oz - 4 giorni fa
1 former 69 $ guy (Antonio Romero), 2 Davie, 3 pro guy number 10. Pro guy is the hardest but without the groove of Davie and Former 69 $ guy
Tariq Stringer
Tariq Stringer - 4 giorni fa
oompa loompa lookin ass ur copying mr beast, just shuttup
Tom Brady
Tom Brady - 4 giorni fa
I slapped it twice just for you
Luke Graham
Luke Graham - 8 ore fa
Good thing I don’t have a Minecraft account ;)
The Noxx Cast
The Noxx Cast - 8 ore fa
I like the 69 dollar guy
sharan zeus
sharan zeus - 8 ore fa
And yeah I have bought a guitar sooner I'll buy the boobs +ass = bass
Nicolas Skibenæs
Nicolas Skibenæs - 8 ore fa
the editing keeps getting better and better ! ♥
Justin Woods
Justin Woods - 8 ore fa
José Álvaro Vargas Escudero
Very good content
knothole5 - 8 ore fa
Um I'll challenge you but I won't pay you. " white knuckle ride" by RANCID haha Matt Freeman. Respect
Galo Winslow
Galo Winslow - 8 ore fa
Thrippl camera guy and 139
Shawn Kelly
Shawn Kelly - 9 ore fa
I’m here
Test JBL Bass
Test JBL Bass - 9 ore fa
doliio volay
doliio volay - 9 ore fa
Pay someone to taech you proper English pronunciation
Giovani Heise
Giovani Heise - 9 ore fa
Didn't you say this was your last fiverr video? Why are you asking if we want more fiverr videos? You LIE!
Marvin Ray Monzon
Marvin Ray Monzon - 9 ore fa
I cant feel my face from all your slapping mr davie. It’s gone numb!! 😬
doliio volay
doliio volay - 9 ore fa
just try and play Tosin Abasi's solo from The Woven Web, it starts at 1:30 and it requires a minimum of 18 hands to play
Felix Duhalde
Felix Duhalde - 9 ore fa
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown - 9 ore fa
Bassisnt number 3 was fantastic
Creedz 28
Creedz 28 - 9 ore fa
I liked the $78 bass riff
ひろよし祐吉 - 9 ore fa
See you later


Clayton Pike
Clayton Pike - 9 ore fa
$78 was the best one... Next to davie505 (shhhh) it tough and it had a groove. $138ish guy seemed random... randomish
Meghan Shutler
Meghan Shutler - 9 ore fa
I slap on a guitar
James Vinluan
James Vinluan - 9 ore fa
I SLAPPED liked. I subscribed.
DoctorDictator - 9 ore fa
15:23 when Davie puts up a new video
Pablo Tea
Pablo Tea - 9 ore fa
Mb Perini
Mb Perini - 9 ore fa
React to CharlesBerthoud's (the PRO) new video : Hardest Bass Solo EVER! (Verified PRO)
Joel Crichi
Joel Crichi - 10 ore fa
im gonna call victor marcus
Ben Clark
Ben Clark - 10 ore fa
please make sure that you tell us to slap like an Odd number of times.
Victor Hugo D
Victor Hugo D - 10 ore fa
Dave you didn't play the pro guy reef properly... sorry. But I gave you a slap. 😊😊
Keiran J
Keiran J - 10 ore fa
just try and play Tosin Abasi's solo from The Woven Web, it starts at 1:30 and it requires a minimum of 18 hands to play
Elías Modernell
Elías Modernell - 10 ore fa
Pay someone to taech you proper English pronunciation
spooder skewb
spooder skewb - 10 ore fa
What editing software do u use
Jim Delucia
Jim Delucia - 10 ore fa
It really is amazing how good that guy charles is (#10 guy, the pro) It is kind of a bummer cause the 9th guys thunder got stolen cause that was a solid jam by him but #10 guy seriously is on a whole nother planet.
TheDanDarii - 11 ore fa
Harvin Ferrer
Harvin Ferrer - 11 ore fa
I like the $7 guy it sounds cool
FranktheGDTank - 11 ore fa
69 dollars guy
Alan Lopez
Alan Lopez - 11 ore fa
Very impressive, but can you do a left-handed duel with @CharlesBerthoud?
Neil falcon
Neil falcon - 11 ore fa
3:00 in, I'm bored now
TommygunSALO10 - 11 ore fa
When can we see you perform with a group?
InfoKub Arcade
InfoKub Arcade - 11 ore fa
tbh after checking CharlesBerthoud video, i see that your solo seems extremely difficult, even if it is really well played.
At first i felt "meh ok, it seems not as hard as expected" but now i see it's bc you play it damn too good !
nsc217 - 11 ore fa
Last guy was best. I don’t think Davie was able to pull it off like him 😬
Peter Ulate
Peter Ulate - 11 ore fa
Regards from Costa Rica Davie...
Matteo Ruggieri
Matteo Ruggieri - 11 ore fa
Very interesting, but can you regalamme un basso cheap for my mental pleasures?
Isaac Sánchez
Isaac Sánchez - 11 ore fa
In 12:04 I heard Adam Nelly tune.
Justin Trites
Justin Trites - 11 ore fa
Why do I want to watch The Professional now?
Nicollas Cabral
Nicollas Cabral - 11 ore fa
guitarsANDcars39 - 11 ore fa
Bassist #3 had the best melody.
Docchucklilchuck - 12 ore fa
Davy. I bet you cannot play “fritter boy” by Adam Nitti
Electronics - 12 ore fa
Bassist 10
Naki Ryan
Naki Ryan - 12 ore fa
Anthony Jackson, the first to use a 6 string bass, “some random bass player.”
Brad Rozycki
Brad Rozycki - 12 ore fa
Which technique? Dis technique. Yeah, which technique? Dis. Yeah, this.
Jack Dog
Jack Dog - 12 ore fa
136 dollars guy posted a verified pro video
William Mampuru
William Mampuru - 12 ore fa
One of these days I'm also going to fall victim to your fiverr videos lol.
Giovanni Fortini
Giovanni Fortini - 12 ore fa
non so come fai, però mi hai emozionato troppo solo parlando nei primi 50 secondi ahahaah
picketfloyd - 12 ore fa
Si voglio altri Feverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
LaserBoy_1234 - 12 ore fa
i can not slapp bass now bcuz a bad fungus press B in the chat
Lance37a - 13 ore fa
For value the $7 guy wins, he should be charging more.
Michelle zhang
Michelle zhang - 13 ore fa
Jfhsbahausjd f
He said SLAP THE F
Michelle zhang
Michelle zhang - 13 ore fa
Poor Lamar was the king
Krzysztof Boduch
Krzysztof Boduch - 13 ore fa
It took me one eternity to slap like
Michelle zhang
Michelle zhang - 13 ore fa
MATINHO DZN - 13 ore fa
Impressive, but can you play sweet child o' mine with your sweet child?
IndigenousQuotet - 13 ore fa
9 was great. 10 was insane. Check out quintuple camera angle guy, he's great.
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot - 13 ore fa
Dang, Dave owned the $7 riff @ 4:42
That was just the right sound for that riff, and it sounded great.
Also, @ 4:47 you can really see Dave get into the groove of it … what more could you ask for just $7 ?!!
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