Every Girl's Purse | Anwar Jibawi

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Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi - Mese fa
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ahmed aydarus
ahmed aydarus - Giorno fa
Are u amuslim?
Kk_ L0ve
Kk_ L0ve - 8 giorni fa
Brianna Grace
Brianna Grace - 10 giorni fa
MinHa V
MinHa V - 3 ore fa
Tony Plato
Tony Plato - 4 ore fa
Katie Aughey
Katie Aughey - 5 ore fa
The ending woooow Anwar
⁅Qυie† Kim⁆
⁅Qυie† Kim⁆ - 9 ore fa
Me: puts a pencil and a book in my backpack
What my mom sees:
Asain Shrek
Asain Shrek - 12 ore fa
"What I'm a dating, Mary Poppins"
-Anwar Jibawi 2019
Areesha Anwar
Areesha Anwar - 14 ore fa
*Every Girl's Purse | Anwar Jibawi*
*Every Guy's Couch Cushions | Anwar Jibawi (Pt. 2)*
emily lucio
emily lucio - 17 ore fa
Like seriously this is my little backpack 😂😂😂 I have backups too 😁😁😂😂😂
ᴏᴏғʙᴀᴄᴋᴏғғ 。。
Lit-a-rally I just started watching the notebook why spoil it ughhhh
Janisse Torres
Janisse Torres - 21 ora fa
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez - 23 ore fa
My name is Vanessa
Xadii - Giorno fa
1:57 he got bad luck.
Amelie and Nicole x
Amelie and Nicole x - Giorno fa
1:24 😂😂
Ultraray Dbxeno
Ultraray Dbxeno - Giorno fa
If y'all ever played the game Detroit Become Human. Tell me if I'm lying when I say she looks like Kara.😁😁🤣
kristina veselinovic
kristina veselinovic - Giorno fa
Its not placed to the table
Mihret Werlwas
Mihret Werlwas - Giorno fa
This is freaking sexist
Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad - 2 giorni fa
Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad - 2 giorni fa
Jun Kingue
Jun Kingue - 2 giorni fa
DORAemon : 😑
Kash - 2 giorni fa
The purse is a black hole for boys
Nancy Sawa
Nancy Sawa - 2 giorni fa
She fits everything
Reema Aldabak
Reema Aldabak - 2 giorni fa
I am also from palatine:)
Raushni Mukherjee
Raushni Mukherjee - 2 giorni fa
I love Anwar's vids
lps cookie dough
lps cookie dough - 2 giorni fa
So funny 😂🤣
Gacha Kaely
Gacha Kaely - 3 giorni fa
Y-Services & Consulting
Y-Services & Consulting - 3 giorni fa
"What am I dating mary poppins" 😁
Daily Fries
Daily Fries - 3 giorni fa
Can you read this OwO
Mat Syuk
Mat Syuk - 3 giorni fa
“mery poppin ?” 🤦🏼‍♂️
Elisavet Doyle-Manias
Elisavet Doyle-Manias - 3 giorni fa
Hi Amber your Sexy
b- dog
b- dog - 3 giorni fa
How do you put a person in a purse?!?
Camila Medina
Camila Medina - 3 giorni fa
This reminds me of my purse.😂
Gacha This
Gacha This - 3 giorni fa
That ending THO!!!!
Gãchå Lëmøn Êvŷ
Gãchå Lëmøn Êvŷ - 3 giorni fa
Not mine.
Rafik Ali
Rafik Ali - 3 giorni fa
What year ist😭🤣
Giapaulo Jones
Giapaulo Jones - 3 giorni fa
The bags on the edge didnt trick me
ReesesRileyplay z
ReesesRileyplay z - 4 giorni fa
I was not suspecting that at the end!!! LOL
Khalil Boutdarine
Khalil Boutdarine - 4 giorni fa
I love your videos and im also arabian slm labas
Aly Ahmed
Aly Ahmed - 4 giorni fa
A women's pures is like a Pokeball
Like if you agree
Alexis the Gacha tuber
Alexis the Gacha tuber - 4 giorni fa
Is it in there tho
Greamien - 4 giorni fa
Guy asks what year it is
Knows exactly how many months he has been inside her purse 👍
Heather Brauckman
Heather Brauckman - 4 giorni fa
Hailey Ramirez
Hailey Ramirez - 5 giorni fa
Carlos581 - 5 giorni fa
2:51 vat19.com
Augustin Trepšić
Augustin Trepšić - 5 giorni fa
This is so true
playstaz01 - 5 giorni fa
Who else was born in 2006?
Alien Nilla
Alien Nilla - 5 giorni fa
It’s so cringy that he throwing everything on the floor and not the counter that’s right there.
Omar Tito
Omar Tito - 5 giorni fa
Very tru video 😂😂😂😂😂 love from Egypt ❤ you are so funny
ashnremy - 5 giorni fa
2:56 random person in purse lol
Taky Boi is rich
Taky Boi is rich - 5 giorni fa
Oh boy
Trenton's Gaming
Trenton's Gaming - 6 giorni fa
4:26 every man's couch
Mario Loza
Mario Loza - 6 giorni fa
Old ib
Ellatheroblox Gamer
Ellatheroblox Gamer - 6 giorni fa
Addison Weatherby
Addison Weatherby - 6 giorni fa
Hi people
Luke Calkins
Luke Calkins - 6 giorni fa
Shulker box
Ayanda Parkies
Ayanda Parkies - 6 giorni fa
Multicellunair TM
Multicellunair TM - 6 giorni fa
Shes the better version of Skyler from breaking bad
•yxllox.sxn• - 6 giorni fa
My purse:
Phone,wallet,power bank,charger,hair ties,water,gum. That's it!
Azfar Games
Azfar Games - 6 giorni fa
Let me guess she use a mace to smash some tomatoes to make tomato sauce
sad boy kid
sad boy kid - 6 giorni fa
Same problem jibawi🤦‍♂️
RealBlooz YT
RealBlooz YT - 6 giorni fa
Answer: oh my phones at one present
Me: looks at my phone percentage
Alfonza Wade
Alfonza Wade - 6 giorni fa
Thanks for your time for you to come on guys turn out
Anabel Santos
Anabel Santos - 6 giorni fa
Lol 😂 😂
Lokesh Sajwan
Lokesh Sajwan - 6 giorni fa
Am i dating marie poppins 😂
i am l3R4VE
i am l3R4VE - 6 giorni fa
Is that hanna stockings' sister?
Trucker 298
Trucker 298 - 6 giorni fa
Friend: Oh my God have you seen this movie!?
Me: no?
Friend: These two people die at the end!
Other friend in the back: YOU JUST SPOILED IT!!
Me: Technically, He didn't because he didn't say how they die.
Ms. Patato
Ms. Patato - 6 giorni fa
"Who am I dating?Mary Poppins?"
Me:*laughing so Hard crys*😂
Viviana Baltazar
Viviana Baltazar - 6 giorni fa
"Oh my phones at 1%"
Me:*checks battery percent*
iiJirachi - 6 giorni fa
So true tho....
InsertJams Here
InsertJams Here - 7 giorni fa
shamara Mitchell
shamara Mitchell - 7 giorni fa
I, g gamer
I, g gamer - 7 giorni fa
بحبك إنت الأروع
⁅Qυie† Kim⁆
⁅Qυie† Kim⁆ - 7 giorni fa
I think i was the one sitting in the bag, no wonder his face went 🤢
Carter Pawlenty
Carter Pawlenty - 7 giorni fa
There is a guy under the table handing you stuff
Aseel Sultan
Aseel Sultan - 7 giorni fa
هو عربي ولا لا🤔
إلي يحب Anwar يحط لايك👍

إلي عربي يحط لايك👍
Gabrielle Jones
Gabrielle Jones - 7 giorni fa
That’s it he’s dating Mary Poppins
Alaney Kruth
Alaney Kruth - 7 giorni fa
I like that your videos always have plot twists
Hannah White
Hannah White - 7 giorni fa
Lol that’s SO my purse!
dawn folf
dawn folf - 7 giorni fa
I only have devices and money in my purse
Heidi Burnett
Heidi Burnett - 7 giorni fa
What a plot twist XD
sarah couch
sarah couch - 7 giorni fa
These people have a serious cheating problem
Robert lee Arnold jr
Robert lee Arnold jr - 7 giorni fa
Fuck you facebook nigga im a guy
Divine Wilson
Divine Wilson - 7 giorni fa
These is so true, only girls can find stuff in purses
KrazyKatgirl 03
KrazyKatgirl 03 - 7 giorni fa
Dude friend:Do you have my charger?
Me:yea it's in my purse
Dude friend: *starts going through purse*
Diamond Jewel
Diamond Jewel - 5 giorni fa
KrazyKatgirl 03 not funny
Veyda the 1st
Veyda the 1st - 7 giorni fa
TheDailyCake - 7 giorni fa
You forgot the millions of pads and tampons
Gabrielle DelaCruz
Gabrielle DelaCruz - 7 giorni fa
Trinity Thweni
Trinity Thweni - 7 giorni fa
SI RG - 7 giorni fa
I like how they say movie night when its bright day outside😂🤣
Suyapa Perez
Suyapa Perez - 8 giorni fa
That is not truecc
Nick eh 30 fan
Nick eh 30 fan - 8 giorni fa
هلا بل عربي
Ginny Potter
Ginny Potter - 8 giorni fa
Hermione’s bag
Adnan A
Adnan A - 8 giorni fa
I don’t keep anything between the cushions
Sage PlayzZ
Sage PlayzZ - 8 giorni fa
Hahahaha so true!!! and tat the end the girl that came out of the sofa😂😂😂
littlepup 01
littlepup 01 - 8 giorni fa
Mary poppin but in the modern days😂😂
Unknown JZN
Unknown JZN - 8 giorni fa
Feminists: that is so assuming OMG
Also feminists:*has everything in her purse that she doesn’t need*
Choi Jinsoo
Choi Jinsoo - 8 giorni fa
Lmao, Vanessa
Das my name.
Mysticz - 8 giorni fa
Barbie Lover
Barbie Lover - 8 giorni fa
Are you Arabic me too I am Arabic
100% Man City
100% Man City - 8 giorni fa
How does she put all them stuff in
Rainbow melody and maneli
What is this girls name ? The girl holding the popcorn
Prossimi video