Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer #3 - (English Sub)

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Antonio Dixon
Antonio Dixon - 27 minuti fa
This movie needs to be 3 hours long
AJ with friend's
AJ with friend's - 53 minuti fa
Awesome 😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😍
Abu Billah
Abu Billah - 54 minuti fa
I am on broke side if you link all theories together then you will see broly is not fighting for fun and he is doing it for someone and for what pain the saiyans gave him throughout his life. Broly should win
Ultra Instinct Oozaru
Kirnale - Ora fa
I'm watching this everyday as a ritual.
Rocky Terranova
Rocky Terranova - 2 ore fa
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LanceloT - 2 ore fa
2k dislikes ?? Wtf
TheRoshan116 - 2 ore fa
Instead of fighting each other, they should kill Frieza for destroying their race.
Mirai Gohan
Mirai Gohan - 2 ore fa
Ost of 0:13 pleasee
madness is the gift that has been given to me
I dont understand why Broly fights Goku and Vegeta they're all saiyans
May the Science be with You
We are all humans, why do we fight?
May the Science be with You
King Vegeta was afraid of Brolys potential so he ordered his execution. Brolys father wants revenge.
Ks s
Ks s - 2 ore fa
i wonder if we ever will see somebody being able to hit whis
ant9278 - 2 ore fa
すしハルヒ - 3 ore fa
Omg the leaks were way too big
MaxN'Motion - 3 ore fa
We all know the ending-SPOILERS BELOW

*THE CHAMP Hercule Satan will show that fool where magic tricks and light shows get you!*
Pradyumna Singh
Pradyumna Singh - 3 ore fa
MASTER DOAN - 3 ore fa
man to see vegeta and goku team up is EPICCCCCCCCC when u know the history both have and when you know vegeta its man its so cool
White Phoenix Studio
I want Broly say "Kakarotto" in the new movie many many times.
Manuel Alejandro Valencia
que pasaria si broly llegara al ultra instinto
KxOxK Gaming
KxOxK Gaming - 4 ore fa
Kasim Kanval
Kasim Kanval - 4 ore fa
Marrio Brown
Marrio Brown - 4 ore fa
Let’s Go Goku!!!!
Dragonic Gamer
Dragonic Gamer - 4 ore fa
yarezo vegeta!!!
brad.wynne - 5 ore fa
Is there a dub coming out for this?
Atul prasad
Atul prasad - 5 ore fa
0:41 : you ain't a bad guy. i can
0:33 : tellasdfgtryuiuiui

wierd flex but okay
Seb Bailey
Seb Bailey - 5 ore fa
Jesus i cant take this movie seriously because of the voices
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond - Ora fa
Wait for the English version.
FUCK Larry Hoover
FUCK Larry Hoover - 5 ore fa
They got gogeta in the trailer it’s faint thoe
Socks And Sandals
Socks And Sandals - 5 ore fa
When i search this up on google it says it came out November 14th but trailers say January 2019
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond - Ora fa
Special screening yesterday, Japan dec and us Jan 16
Rockstar Quezz
Rockstar Quezz - 6 ore fa
I see vegeta has red hair now... interesting
Goku- Fan
Goku- Fan - 6 ore fa
Il desiderio di vedere un Goku ssjgssj contro broly si è realizzato
Jye TheGuy
Jye TheGuy - 6 ore fa
Who had this on Max volume?
Gamer Legend
Gamer Legend - 6 ore fa
I want to know the song they used for this
Keep Going
Keep Going - 6 ore fa
MAN i wanna see vegeta and frieza fighting together in this movie
Asad Riaz
Asad Riaz - 6 ore fa
x FrostyPlayz
x FrostyPlayz - 6 ore fa
“You ain’t a bad guy,I can teluwoiwegodinwdokcnwdkjvvhefbss”
Fjfuddu Ifiduddud
Fjfuddu Ifiduddud - 6 ore fa
i like to see goku ultra vs broly xD
Oghosa Simeon
Oghosa Simeon - 6 ore fa
can't wait for the dubbed... English that is
Oghosa Simeon
Oghosa Simeon - 6 ore fa
can't wait for the dubbed
Akash Soni
Akash Soni - 7 ore fa
Your name no.1 spot is in danger
xavier beckwith
xavier beckwith - 7 ore fa
Spoiler alert broly dose fight whis and broly dose fight gogeta and broly dose survive
Eli Ssj
Eli Ssj - 7 ore fa
I hope the song “Goku- by Jaden Smith” plays
Anderu Uredna
Anderu Uredna - 7 ore fa
so the broly won't getting killed by goku and vegeta, not like before
king azazel
king azazel - 8 ore fa
Yooo this finna be lit
GameZGamer - 8 ore fa
Love the trailer does anyone know when it will be done in english dub??
Christian Stewart
Christian Stewart - 8 ore fa
Broly vs Jiren, Thats the movie i want to see. Like if you agree.
Android 16
Android 16 - 9 ore fa
Pikachu > Broly > Goku
Zishan Hasan
Zishan Hasan - 9 ore fa
Best animation so far...
Halal Haram
Halal Haram - 9 ore fa
Gogeta appears right ?
RamrodAI - 9 ore fa
A) No reason to use CGI. It's lazy as far as I'm concerned. B) The CGI looks terrible. The DBZ games have better "graphics".
Frost Wing
Frost Wing - 11 ore fa
When will this movie be available online legally/illegally?
WillTheBum Official
WillTheBum Official - 11 ore fa
Peed my pants a little
Xed Graal
Xed Graal - 11 ore fa
When u stepped on a lego at night
Denver Denver
Denver Denver - 11 ore fa
How is this possible? The tournament of power isn’t even over yet. Hit is still hidden in a secret dimension. I wonder when he comes out.
CharismaticWonderman - 12 ore fa
The whole Dragon Ball fanbase, including myself, is screaming internally... OVER 9,000! (Hope they release the English Dub version of the trailer!)
pingkoy pakayat
pingkoy pakayat - 12 ore fa
Imagine broly having ss blue? Too OP
Bob Stone
Bob Stone - 12 ore fa
Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez - 12 ore fa
We all know that after the movie the series will continue or there’s a new one.
HDGDp Lumar
HDGDp Lumar - 13 ore fa
Tfoh that ain't no broly what form of broly is that ssj1 tf
IFitHadtobetoldRight - 14 ore fa
I love this! Looks like it will be the best movie of them all.. looks like
Beau Davenport
Beau Davenport - 14 ore fa
Pause the broly yell at 0.5. it'll make you feel as if you were him.
Hao Y.
Hao Y. - 14 ore fa
No ultra instinct. Im done
That Mode Mo
That Mode Mo - 14 ore fa
Finally we get to see base form gogeta after about 20 years.
T G - 15 ore fa
Jiren would clap brolys cheeks easily
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond - Ora fa
Ain't happenin
Adrenalin844 - 11 ore fa
Brolytrollytards are on the rise again it seems
That Mode Mo
That Mode Mo - 14 ore fa
T G sorry but no
Angered Space Is Gay
Angered Space Is Gay - 15 ore fa
Imagine having s3x during this song.
Jaden Quiett
Jaden Quiett - 15 ore fa
Ppl swear gogeta is gonna beat broly but in reality its gonna be beerus
That Mode Mo
That Mode Mo - 14 ore fa
Jaden Quiett no beerus is just babysitting bulla
Carter Hanson
Carter Hanson - 15 ore fa
Ramon Castillo
Ramon Castillo - 15 ore fa
When people see this at the movies but they don't know about DBS their like what's a Broly.
PresMo - 16 ore fa
What I was told there are 2 movies after this? Let me know if I’m wrong
Michael Baumler
Michael Baumler - 17 ore fa
The last, when I see a DB character who has his shirt off, showing us their muscular upper body, screaming at the top of his lungs, and surrounded be a powerful aura, that when I know things are about to get intense.
GAMER GUY Coming to Win
1:10 me trying to survive no nut November
Pedro game
Pedro game - 17 ore fa
Laurence Acosta
Laurence Acosta - 18 ore fa
For you guys?,who is stronger jiren or broly for me jiren because he is the only can handle mui goku,but i need your opinion
That Mode Mo
That Mode Mo - 14 ore fa
Laurence Acosta its a fact broly is stronger
MalikZaheerKnux - 18 ore fa
It's the legendary body builder saiyan he will bench press us all
Alberto Isaac Lpz
Alberto Isaac Lpz - 18 ore fa
At second 0:59 you can see a glimpse of gogeta
That Mode Mo
That Mode Mo - 14 ore fa
Alberto Isaac Lpz thats goku
christar331 - 18 ore fa
Is it the song that makes the trailer so great, or is it the trailer that makes the trailer look great?
Rick Sukhra
Rick Sukhra - 18 ore fa
Dragon Ball is probably one of the few animes that I like English dubbed, mainly because of the fact that Goku sounds way better dubbed and the VA for Goku in subbed for some reason doesn't sound correct.
King Barrios
King Barrios - 18 ore fa
its true vegeta have ssg in this movie
Moe - 18 ore fa
King Barrios yeeeeeess!!
leonard vuniqi
leonard vuniqi - 19 ore fa
This was amazing
Moe - 18 ore fa
leonard vuniqi like you brother ;) haha
Jerry Pendergrass
Jerry Pendergrass - 19 ore fa
o and I can do draw better than the so called pros been drawing dbz since I was eight I'm 28 now that's why I can tell you the animation is extremely lazy
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy - 8 ore fa
Jerry Pendergrass yes, must be why ur on a dragon ball video crying how lazy the animation is, and not in some studio drawing and making money. Great stuff.
Xaviar Vinson
Xaviar Vinson - 19 ore fa
Broly SsjGod
Moe - 18 ore fa
Xaviar Vinson damnnnn imagine that 👌🏼
dragon ball elmo blood
1:10 when they give you the big FSA
Jūju - 19 ore fa
At 1:10 is similar to when Broly was first shown as the legendary super saiyan.
FUCK Larry Hoover
FUCK Larry Hoover - 20 ore fa
What’s the song ?
Hood Narurto
Hood Narurto - 20 ore fa
Am I the only one that noticed vegeta is doing the Gallik gun pose but he used final flash?
That Mode Mo
That Mode Mo - 14 ore fa
Hood Narurto no its just full power galick gun
The Indoraptor
The Indoraptor - 20 ore fa
Now we need Ultra Instinct.
Moe - 18 ore fa
The Indoraptor for real bro we need that deeeeeep
Kennedy - 21 ora fa
Whos here after the spoilers
Israel Pereira
Israel Pereira - 21 ora fa
Nostalgia e nem vi ainda ksksksksk
k1l3r10 - 21 ora fa
Did I just see Whis be present during the Broly fight?
Thomas Reed
Thomas Reed - 21 ora fa
i think i just fangasimed
User Name
User Name - 21 ora fa
Wait it’s actually gonna be in theatres
Jaden Plays
Jaden Plays - 21 ora fa
I am so hyped to see this movie. Who else is?
Moe - 18 ore fa
Jaden Plays meeeeeee meeeeeee!!!
Space Cadet
Space Cadet - 21 ora fa
Whoever said "Broly can't be stronger than Jiren"
Killshot 3.o
Killshot 3.o - 22 ore fa
Is goku going to go ultra?!??!?!
Moe - 18 ore fa
Killshot 3.o lets hooooooopeeeee!
I can see you gimme dat booty
Legend says that people are watching this until the full movie comes out.... Am i Right?
นิรันดร์ แก้ววิเชียร
O K - 22 ore fa
No ultra instinct ??!!!
Kami _The _God
Kami _The _God - 22 ore fa
English Dub when?
Kami _The _God
Kami _The _God - 18 ore fa
Kavish Parekh ik the movie doesn’t come out until January
Kami _The _God
Kami _The _God - 18 ore fa
Kavish Parekh trailer
Kavish Parekh
Kavish Parekh - 19 ore fa
This trailer or the movie ??
Zeroakafreddyiscool - 22 ore fa
That’s what I want to know too!
CANAL FREE FIRE - 22 ore fa
Derron Ware
Derron Ware - 22 ore fa
Really hope they don't troll Vegeta by giving him SSG just to show how obsolete it is to Broly base form 😂 😂 😂
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 22 ore fa
between this trailer and the other one, I watch at least two or three times a day... I need help
Luisnagel Hernandez
Luisnagel Hernandez - 23 ore fa
Soy de México prro :v
Prossimi video