My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables

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Lori Hancock
Lori Hancock - 14 ore fa
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the dog videos
Idiot Waluigi
Idiot Waluigi - 14 ore fa
She’s gonna munch
*She’s gonna crunch*
Courtney M
Courtney M - 16 ore fa
Her poor snooooot gets in her way of getting the food off the ground 😂
Liv Smith
Liv Smith - 17 ore fa
Try giving her a blueberry! My greyhound loves them
orphan 200
orphan 200 - Giorno fa
Feed us already says the 2 little ones Bunny lucked out. she got some really good pet parents.
CarissaEllyn - 2 giorni fa
I like how when she likes it she goes to the carpet hahah i love her so much
Mitch Thompson
Mitch Thompson - 3 giorni fa
Bunny with broccoli: nah
Bunny with band-aid: fuck me up fam.
Assel Sailaukhan
Assel Sailaukhan - 3 giorni fa
justschr - 3 giorni fa
Jenna I adore your dog content
madhuman basu
madhuman basu - 3 giorni fa
I am here for bunny progress video, cant wait to see a clip where I cant see here ribs :( she a skinny baby
Kristen Pierce
Kristen Pierce - 4 giorni fa
How could anyone be not ok with Bunny vids?!?!?! Beech, give me more Bunny and dogs!!!
FELICIA MORIN - 4 giorni fa
Omg!!!! Who wouldn't be interested in bunny videos,she's ADORABLE I LITERALLY BRINGE WATCH ALL UR DOG VIDEOS.... LOVE LOVE THEM
The Noob
The Noob - 4 giorni fa
Bunny's teeth scare me
Christiana Soto
Christiana Soto - 5 giorni fa
i love bunny
Atonement - 5 giorni fa
I LOVE ALL BUNNY CONTENT I'm literally crying, you guys are actual angels 😭😭😭
Lisa Stormo
Lisa Stormo - 5 giorni fa
This was a great video. I hope we get more Bunny!
29ch - 5 giorni fa
Bunny isn’t fat, but she makes Peach look like Marbles
FallenAngel7538 - 5 giorni fa
"I don't know why you're crying"
I felt that
Makaylah .s
Makaylah .s - 5 giorni fa
I love the way she eats😂😂
Kristina Soule
Kristina Soule - 5 giorni fa
Am I the only one who likes bunny videos
kenzie ayyyee
kenzie ayyyee - 6 giorni fa
I genuinely teared up at marbles in the back jumping onto the couch
Michelle - 6 giorni fa
Why would anyone have a problem with Pure Dog content??
Abigail Ross
Abigail Ross - 6 giorni fa
I’m sorry. Who are these people who aren’t here for Bunny videos???
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis - 6 giorni fa
If bunny didn't like carrots I was going to flip!
Shelby King
Shelby King - 7 giorni fa
Watermelon is nasty XD
Nori King
Nori King - 7 giorni fa
i'm having a bad depression day and i just want you to know watching this simple content of bunny Doing Things is the only thing rly making me feel kind of okay
Hammie - 7 giorni fa
90% of your videos end with Kermit crying.
Shawna Mora
Shawna Mora - 7 giorni fa
Jenna and Julien being the best parents for 13 minutes
yup - 7 giorni fa
I love Jenna, bunny, and Julien so fricking much, they are perfect, and then there's Jenna's other 3 rat babies
Venus Blogs
Venus Blogs - 8 giorni fa
This reminded me of my grey hound , I’m glad it’s mildly child friendly with not lots of cussing , so I sent this to my parents 😂. My mom laughed a lot my dad asked who u were and if I knew u 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raven Winter
Raven Winter - 8 giorni fa
Awww Bunny was trying to get the bandaid off so she could take care of his finger, my dogs have done that, it's so precious XD And when you remove the bandaid they start trying to clean it, it's adorable, silly doggers. They just wanna help
Delaney Borg
Delaney Borg - 9 giorni fa
Julian: Bunny do you want to eat my band aid?
Bunny: *tries to eat band aid*
Julian: oH mY GoD BuNnY nO why would you eat my band aid????
Knitwit - 9 giorni fa
an bunny is an cermet that has GROWN
Side Account
Side Account - 9 giorni fa
*is the only person in this world who doesn't like watermelon*
Wiktoria Chmielewska
Wiktoria Chmielewska - 10 giorni fa
Whoever is complaining about Bunny videos, you sir or mam are going straight to hell
Georgia Baddeley
Georgia Baddeley - 10 giorni fa
I know that some day, Jenna won't be making videos anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do when that happens.
ploof the sheep
ploof the sheep - 10 giorni fa
Nikkita Maxwell
Nikkita Maxwell - 10 giorni fa
Who said they don't Want to see bunny videos?????
IAmASoon2bAnimeFreak - 11 giorni fa
Who TF isn't excited to see Bunny?! I will FIGHT! 👊😠👊
Barbi Szabo
Barbi Szabo - 11 giorni fa
I have a greyhound its a rescue
Lostsalt - 11 giorni fa
Killa Tay
Killa Tay - 11 giorni fa
I have totally been binging your & Julien's vids for just under 2 weeks now. The cooking & dogs stuff are *so* great! Thanks for reminding me how much I cherish my 2 dogs, but now I want a 3rd.
Jessica - 11 giorni fa
My dog loves carrots, and hates blueberries.
Krista Moreno
Krista Moreno - 11 giorni fa
I want more Bunny videos!
Randomanimals 38
Randomanimals 38 - 11 giorni fa
Once Bunny touched the bowl in the beginning, Peach and Kermit knew EXACTLY what was up. Even got on the chair and everything.
Avery Leeworthy
Avery Leeworthy - 11 giorni fa
Who the he’ll disliked this video it’s so wholesome and cute. Seriously there is something wrong with y’all if you dislike wholesome dog content
Alden Friend
Alden Friend - 12 giorni fa
Is that a bonkly?
Jamie Winters
Jamie Winters - 12 giorni fa
Idk why anyone would be sick of or not like dog videos! I mean, yeah I love your other content and you're hilarious. But I absolutely LOVE dogs and to see you with them!
bekah venezia
bekah venezia - 12 giorni fa
i love this
Quibble - 12 giorni fa
jenna: you want a carrot?

bunny: :V
Goddamnit Bri🤦🏻‍♂️
9:31 🥺🥺🥺🥺 “look at my girls”
Jack McCarthy
Jack McCarthy - 13 giorni fa
Am bigger can take watermelon from Bebe
Jack McCarthy
Jack McCarthy - 13 giorni fa
Her face is so long and cute
TheFirstNobody - 13 giorni fa
Okay, if she isn't allowed on the table, the rats can't get on the table either. That's unfair as fuck.
Malia Victoria
Malia Victoria - 13 giorni fa
My dog has been in love with ice since birth. It’s like his post walk treat. He begs for it I stg
K Bowman
K Bowman - 13 giorni fa
Xpeach is like vibrating with intensity for the fruit and veg 😂
Jade Peak-Farmer
Jade Peak-Farmer - 13 giorni fa
Draw my life dog updated edition
Bye Boi
Bye Boi - 14 giorni fa
American blueberrys are so nasty, why are they green inside???
Sica H
Sica H - 14 giorni fa
I love Bunny Videos !!! More dog videos 😍😍😍
JayTeh_FireWolf - 14 giorni fa
My friend doesn't like watermelon
schwartzenheimer1 - 14 giorni fa
Emerson big teef...
Prossimi video