DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V

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k sil
k sil - 43 minuti fa
time to STAN
岡本和真 - 47 minuti fa
cristiano thapa
cristiano thapa - Ora fa
Tempo is of a anime opening but cool song
Ripy - Ora fa
Red Velvet JOY brings me here!
Yolanda Govea
Yolanda Govea - 2 ore fa
Que gran canción! Las letras también son hermosas 💖 #DAY6 LA MEJOR BANDA! 💪
Irma Oktineyani
Irma Oktineyani - 3 ore fa
glad i'm here.. i support ..
LOL - 4 ore fa
am i late to listen to this song ?
im addicted now
I want to meet Twice
*I'm here everyday. Who's with me?*
Ananya Sampathkumar
Ananya Sampathkumar - 6 ore fa
some of you don’t stan day6 and that’s not ok
-_- - 10 ore fa
i'm here. i've been keeping my eyes on day6 since "shoot me" (my first day6 song). do you guys recommend any other songs by them? i'm slowly becoming a myday.
-_- - 5 ore fa
ATEEZ TRASH - 6 ore fa
I Wait I Need Somebody What Can I Do Congradulations My top 4 favorits songs by Day6 hope this was helpful
Roz. - 11 ore fa
*I swear I'll be mad if this doesn't become an ANIME OPENING*
Bennaceur Kheira
Bennaceur Kheira - 11 ore fa
I like it❤😍
iamjenijeni - 12 ore fa
this is literally my happy song! :) on repeat for like 5x before I move on to the next song
Amelia Oktaviani
Amelia Oktaviani - 14 ore fa
Juxtaposed Lime
Juxtaposed Lime - 14 ore fa
This sounds like an anime intro tbh.
And I appreciate this band this band over the overrated boy bands we have nowadays, mainly because they perform with rock.
Jddw 0_0
Jddw 0_0 - 16 ore fa
Ok but like I don’t stan day6(YET) but mydays are so heartwarming🥺
pastel_9 - 17 ore fa
fact of the day:day6 has no bad songs
naega hoshi
naega hoshi - 17 ore fa
this song sounds like an anime theme song--
naega hoshi
naega hoshi - 17 ore fa
omfg i just suddenly clicked intor a random song BUT THIS IS THE BEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE IN MY WHOLE LIFE GODDAMN THIS SONG IS GOOD
D'Queen syempher
D'Queen syempher - 18 ore fa
Teringat CNBlue btw .. i like day6 so much
Joe Zaster
Joe Zaster - 18 ore fa
I want to get into day6. What songs can you recommend me, to win me over?
crystalite s
crystalite s - 15 ore fa
If you're into song with anime vibe like this, check out their Japan release such as Stop The Rain & Breaking Down. My personal recommendations are I Need Somebody, Marathon, Blood, First Time & For Me (check out the lyrics please). Actually I can recommmend more song based on your taste 😅
Sinar-ksa - 20 ore fa
ستريم من جوال الهيونغ ، نجمل التايم وذ اوري سوبر باند.
XX XX - 21 ora fa
-What anime is this ?-

Wait what
momoforlifeu linita
momoforlifeu linita - 23 ore fa
this music video is bad🤡
I want to meet Twice
No one is forcing you to like this song honey. Are you really Once? Because we Once support Day 6 and also respect other groups. 🚪👈 now. The door is open ☺
cute1pil - 15 ore fa
You are too
Rei Suzuya
Rei Suzuya - 23 ore fa
Opening de anime(?
Diana C
Diana C - 7 ore fa
taeyori maniku
taeyori maniku - Giorno fa
syazana kamri
syazana kamri - Giorno fa
i'm carat but i love day6's song so much! ❤
Back Country Pastimes
Back Country Pastimes - Giorno fa
I only just discovered this band, by accident as well, and quite frankly I really like them. They have a very distinct sound and their songs are catchy and excellent, glad I stumbled across this band, love their sound.
Doraemon Sama
Doraemon Sama - Giorno fa
Make a tour to their entire discography it's worth making a trip They have no single bad song 😁
Meral Mohammed
Meral Mohammed - Giorno fa
Luv u so much ❤️
Ani-yah Walker
Ani-yah Walker - Giorno fa
I love this group so much bro 😭 it’s crazy how the most talented gets least recognized 😢😭 their day will come tho 💕💕
kelly rv
kelly rv - Giorno fa
Best band of the year, i love their songs... Time of Our Life is a song with positive energy!
kiira Sohyun
kiira Sohyun - Giorno fa
Ruby Jemima
Ruby Jemima - Giorno fa
You should try an an emo sound
Doraemon Sama
Doraemon Sama - Giorno fa
Also check out their song You Were Beautiful
Doraemon Sama
Doraemon Sama - Giorno fa
I need somebody Letting go Hurt road Still I would Goodbye winter From the latest album : Cover For me <this song has an upbeat sound but don't be fooled, the lyrics are going to make you cry so badly>
nam sae in
nam sae in - Giorno fa
Check out their side tracks such as I'll try, I would, All one, and Colors.
Phuong Uyen
Phuong Uyen - Giorno fa
OMG!! I love this songgggg
Nida Erdem
Nida Erdem - Giorno fa
The rhythm is making me feel better and happy. OMG SO ME. :3
stan day6
stan day6 - Giorno fa
I wonder if their backs hurt from *carrying the entire music industry*
Jacqueline Jara baez
Jacqueline Jara baez - Giorno fa
rabbit tom
rabbit tom - Giorno fa
DAY6 is my ultimate bias
Aireenhuehuehue - Giorno fa
김수민 - Giorno fa
kiss naohito
kiss naohito - Giorno fa
Love DAY6
Typically Unknown
Typically Unknown - Giorno fa
listen's this music for 5 seconds
me:this is enough my favourite KPOP band
kaitlyn cooper
kaitlyn cooper - Giorno fa
Day6? All I know is jae6
nam sae in
nam sae in - Giorno fa
Meruyert Uvakova
Meruyert Uvakova - Giorno fa
Seriously, your music is soooooo good, starting from the debut song congratulation and ending by this song. They all show how much effort you are exerting! Guys you are amazing!) please keep making such wonderful music :)
Patootie •
Patootie • - Giorno fa
I wanna watch the anime that has this as opening score
Sabrina Akabs
Sabrina Akabs - Giorno fa
Sounds like an anime opening song♥
Ulttwang - Giorno fa
2:36 i stan
Taetae Swizzle
Taetae Swizzle - Giorno fa
I STAN! 🙇‍♀
Indri Pamela
Indri Pamela - 2 giorni fa
Their shortpants drives me crazy 😍😍😍
-아로하 4EVER
-아로하 4EVER - 2 giorni fa
1:00 who??
-아로하 4EVER
-아로하 4EVER - 21 ora fa
@nam sae in thank you 💜😂
nam sae in
nam sae in - Giorno fa
it was so fast, so i'm not sure which one do you mean. but the guy with a keyboard is *kim wonpil* and the one with a guitar is *park sungjin*
-아로하 4EVER
-아로하 4EVER - Giorno fa
@Daia Softener thank you 💜
Daia Softener
Daia Softener - 2 giorni fa
-아로하 4EVER kim wonpil
Alvira Nurul
Alvira Nurul - 2 giorni fa
Wow they are all amazing
Kendrith Suero
Kendrith Suero - 2 giorni fa
This is some anime music
Nana Sims
Nana Sims - 2 giorni fa
Sub portuguese please ♡♡🇧🇷
Doraemon Sama
Doraemon Sama - 2 giorni fa
Today's reminder to vote for Day6 on idolchamp for September debut anniversary ad
kai is god
kai is god - 2 giorni fa
Im so in love with day6
Josselyn Jaimes
Josselyn Jaimes - 2 giorni fa
I really there were more Korean artists like day6 😭💕
Lost Passport
Lost Passport - 2 giorni fa
Lost Passport
Lost Passport - 2 giorni fa
im getting that anime opening vibe ohohoho
black dragon 1
black dragon 1 - 2 giorni fa
Katelyn Jumique
Katelyn Jumique - 2 giorni fa
I love this song but doesnt the beging kinda song like a anime or like a running meme no just me ok...
Martina - 2 giorni fa
Skullnona - 2 giorni fa
is this song sad or am i emo? cuz everytime i listen to it it makes me teary
Haechan's Little Babies
Haechan's Little Babies - 2 giorni fa
0:24 YoungK
I'll be honest I've been waiting for a long time and i believe you have too hor this day to come looking at the calender everyday
0:35 Jae
Honestly for me this moment is like a dream for me because I'm with you for today I've prepared quite a lot of things
0:45 Sungjin
All about you and I everything else can wait for now now come with me take my hand
0:59 Wonpil
A page of beautiful youth lets write it down together with the memories with you I'll fill it up
Come on!
1:09 Jae
Dont worry abour anything I'll do everything
1:15 Wonpil
this exact moment could be something we can take back to could be a page for us
This is our page our page
1: 34 YoungK
I'll be honest till this time come things weren't so smooth for this day to come I've been waiting for so long
1:45 Wonpil
I think more then what I had you had it way harder by many times to withstand it I believe for today thanks for waiting for it
1:55 Sungjin
All about you and I everything else can wait for now now come with me take my hand
2:08 YoungK
A page of beautiful youth lets write it down together with the memories with you I'll fill it up
Come on!
2:19 Sungjin
Don't worry about anything I'll do everything this exact moment could be something we can take back to could be a page for us
2:33 Jae
Want you to come on out and have fun want us to have the time of our life
2:50 Wonpil
With the memories with you I'll fill it up
Come on!
2:54 Sungjin
Don't worry about anything I'll do everything this exact moment could be something we can get back to could be a page for us
This is our page our page

Sorry for any mistakes
meliana trianita
meliana trianita - 2 giorni fa
Hii guys please like this mv...
Milu DoubleB
Milu DoubleB - 2 giorni fa
Aguante Day6 y The rose
Nindya dhn
Nindya dhn - 2 giorni fa
I like this song, because this song i think like a anime ost kimino nawa Zen Zen Zense maybe
ᄆᄆ TEMPEST - 2 giorni fa
"Don't worry about anything, i'll do everything"
Me: even my math test ?
BravoKun - 2 giorni fa
should of been called days of our lives
김태희 - 2 giorni fa
가사 넘 좋다....
Dssy wuldr
Dssy wuldr - 2 giorni fa
I think this is ost anime lol , loved it day6
Anne Marie
Anne Marie - 2 giorni fa
Day6's song need to be an opening for a manga !
noungning navikoon
noungning navikoon - 2 giorni fa
❤️ 🇱🇦
Hadia Bnh
Hadia Bnh - 2 giorni fa
I'm addicted to this song ❤
wjin - 2 giorni fa
DAY6 is the best. Their versatility within each genre and the fact that they can make such simple or complex chord progressions into massive hits like these are astounding. Some examples never go wrong: I Like You, When You Love Someone, Letting Go, Days Gone By, etc. The list goes on.
C 3
C 3 - 2 giorni fa
Bangtan Boys
Bangtan Boys - 2 giorni fa
Wonderful DAY6!!!!!😭😭❤❤
star5hip - 2 giorni fa
the first day6 song in my playlist! glad i clicked this
Citra Project
Citra Project - 3 giorni fa
Hahaha gue disini krna mereka pernah cover lagu Ariel Noah dan fasih bget. Jd kepoin ampe sini njirr 😁
Erin Samtrin
Erin Samtrin - 3 giorni fa
it gave me an anime vibe
Pam-chan - 3 giorni fa
ok, so i just listened to this song for the first time today and i don´t know why it souns so nostalgic to me and it brings me to tears. it´s so beautiful
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