Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

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laegendary Ali
laegendary Ali - Ora fa
Who came here from instagram to watch this
Emily F
Emily F - Ora fa
he was so happy about the cod sperm... i-
David Hues
David Hues - Ora fa
Wouldn’t mind filling Kendal’s guts
Lluvia Cervantes
Lluvia Cervantes - Ora fa
Harry is the cutest human being ever
Surooka Swan
Surooka Swan - Ora fa
How does he keep getting hotter and hotter I don’t GET IT.. Also, Harry and Kendall would make a cute couple omg
ArtxmiS - Ora fa
🐂 🥕
Saud Usmani
Saud Usmani - Ora fa
Harry maybe the funniest guy I have seen 😂😂 in a long time #sorrykevinhart
Natty Sichau
Natty Sichau - Ora fa
*youtube when i try to click the back arrow but didn't let the volume sign fade out all the way first* "wait, you are not a trained back arrow associate"
Choi Seungcheol
Choi Seungcheol - Ora fa
he prefer eat that thing than answer the question about his brother, he really love his bandmates
liv kennedy
liv kennedy - Ora fa
one of my favourite videos on the internet
asaprocky - Ora fa
fire fire fireee
Saras Kurniasih
Saras Kurniasih - Ora fa
harry is so funny not gonna lie
K - Ora fa
Omg he’s so funny charming charismatic and everything didnt know he was like this
Girl Group Cult
Girl Group Cult - Ora fa
Wait r they together? Im confused
Matt Diliberto
Matt Diliberto - Ora fa
That's what I am talking about taking one for the team son.
Sahel Saheli
Sahel Saheli - Ora fa
this is the best thing everrr😂😂
mlxndr - Ora fa
They are both charming and this whole thing is so entertaining - sad that it´s only 9 minutes :D
Maria Rose Santos
I want to see Jackson Wang or any kpop Idol/group in this segment
Rachel Amber Everleigh
God she looks like a skeleton. I'm against body shaming, but I don't think she's ever been thinner than she is now..
ramon junior
ramon junior - Ora fa
Best ep ever
BABY ridg
BABY ridg - Ora fa
So long everyone understands that NONE of that food is what it actually says it is. They are deserts and other types of food MADE to look like what they say they “are”.
Princess Po
Princess Po - Ora fa
Now I know why Taylor Swift wrote an entire album about Harry even though they only dated for a few months. He's SO charming!
crxscents - Ora fa
I can't believe im shipping them
Techy Wolf
Techy Wolf - Ora fa
@james please invite Bear Grylls in this show
Dunia Gee
Dunia Gee - Ora fa
Omg there both so adorable ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Mark Kelso
Mark Kelso - Ora fa
Good skit. Styles is a gem. Kendal is gorgeous and rich and does NOT need to eat bull penis but did so I got respect. Idk why but i do.
IDGFAY - Ora fa
Kendall: "Im eating the pennis"
14 year olds: OOOoooOOOOoooOo
Anubhav mohan
Anubhav mohan - Ora fa
These are not actually real right?
smobworld - Ora fa
Lol remember when they dated this is like the twilight zone 😂😂
Skrrrt Skrrrt
Skrrrt Skrrrt - Ora fa
Spill you guts or fill your guts with Cardi B and James Corden please.
Ron vill
Ron vill - Ora fa
Yeah ughhhh
I don't know korean but I know 아미
I just realized harry would make a very good host lool
Cpt Fleck
Cpt Fleck - Ora fa
The episode should be titled: a popular singer and another Kardashian prostitute
Madridista Halamadrid
Lol she’s hott
abody ROK عبودي روك
نفسي اعرف شغلي يا جماعة الخير ليش البايخ والزنخ بيحبو الناس وليش الموهوب ماعحدا معبرو واقع مؤلم☹️
Teenthe bean
Teenthe bean - Ora fa
are they dating
alacarteno - Ora fa
are they together and were they together?
Azmain Fayeq
Azmain Fayeq - Ora fa
Salmon smoothie or semen smoothie? Pardon, non native speaker here.
Tae Levely
Tae Levely - Ora fa
The best show ever
Menno´s House of Music
Harry could be an incredible Show host!
Prossimi video