Casually Explained: Travel

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Jackthe H
Jackthe H - Giorno fa
This video is 40% just him taking about his kink.
nevermore painting
nevermore painting - 2 giorni fa
Ah the classic air Canada slogan "we're not happy, till you're not happy"
hedzer harkema
hedzer harkema - 2 giorni fa
you do know that Anne Frank was born in Germany?
Dylan Gilbert
Dylan Gilbert - 2 giorni fa
The wage gap🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭 that's so dark😂
How he hands it over
chelly belly
chelly belly - 2 giorni fa
Andre Quesnel
Andre Quesnel - 4 giorni fa
maple for a gun 🤣
Scooterpie666 - 5 giorni fa
" separate your colored's from your whites" freaking brutal
Beefy Beef
Beefy Beef - 5 giorni fa
The 1.5k dislikes were from the wage gap joke
Peter Lopez
Peter Lopez - 7 giorni fa
The Anne Frank joke .... 💀🥚
Xander Wheeler
Xander Wheeler - 8 giorni fa
“The next plane didn’t fall apart and crash us into the fiery pits of hell, we actually landed there quite smoothly” hahahahahahahaha
Ruby La Chipie
Ruby La Chipie - 9 giorni fa
Canadian accent is *h o t*
Marina Malina
Marina Malina - 10 giorni fa
I love your videos so much! how are you so smart and funny!>!?!and creative
Leonn Ho
Leonn Ho - 10 giorni fa
the "separate your coloured from your whites" at the "random" security screening was too subtle to catch in the first three times i watched it
Appeltaart69 - 10 giorni fa
Anne Frank was German tho *thonk emojji*
mousecake - 10 giorni fa
2:26 outch! I'm not Muslim or middle eastern in any way! however, I am mixed (Brazilian) and, when I held my curly hair up and didn't bask in the sun, my skin tone looked middle eastern enough to be "randomly selected ". I feel for those who have that happen frequently...
even in that one time I was chosen I remember a girl right behind me looked at with fear in her eyes. I tried to calm >her< down by saying "glad they want to be safe!". she agreed, but was still nervous being near me and walked away as fast as possible >after< they were done searching me >_<
it was like I could feel people looking at my face and questioning my faith and intentions....
RomiWadaKatsu - 11 giorni fa
The rifle he's holding at 2:49 is an Armalite AR-30
Jujuwanderer - 12 giorni fa
😭😭😭😭😭hahagagagaga 😭😭😭😭😭
Top Edge 25 -Cole -
Top Edge 25 -Cole - - 14 giorni fa
He’s just so damn funny
Combat Coalition
Combat Coalition - 15 giorni fa
Lmao you were on the same flight as my aunt
Giovanni Serrano
Giovanni Serrano - 16 giorni fa
You know, you drawing California on fire is probably the most accurate way to draw California.
We're literally always on fire, it's stupid.
Bill cipher
Bill cipher - 17 giorni fa

Im netherlands so THANKS for referancing it oh and you did’nt over exegurate
LordMichaelRahl - 17 giorni fa
Canadian women are objectively hot.
DynVec - 18 giorni fa
4:26 LOL
YouGottaMineDeep - 19 giorni fa
I’ve heard North Korea is nice this time of year
Anthony Cordero
Anthony Cordero - 20 giorni fa
yo, this video is savage. thumbs up
Joel Holmqvist
Joel Holmqvist - 20 giorni fa
”While it’s nearly impossible because they’re always delayed” lmao.
Django Mavis
Django Mavis - 20 giorni fa
Wait your from Vancouver
MARTIN Stuart - 20 giorni fa
Loved it, but Anne Frank spoke Dutch. Doubt she was fluent in German. Might have helped her if she was....
Philipp R
Philipp R - 20 giorni fa
Plenty of non-native English speakers watch your videos...
Vovical - 20 giorni fa
I never eat the airplane food... I normally just get pizza from the airport
Friday’s are cool
Friday’s are cool - 20 giorni fa
1.5k thumbs down for Ann Frank lol
BananaCarrot - 20 giorni fa
Damn if I knew getting 5 hours of my time wasted resulted in an expired granola bar and a $5 Tim Hortons voucher, then you better believe i'd be damn happy.
childstrangler - 20 giorni fa
What was Anaheim like?
Thiago Mendes
Thiago Mendes - 20 giorni fa
I'm from Brazil and the most easy thing to find here is people that only want to travel to other parts of the country cuz they dont know how to speak english and yeah if ur in Brazil and only speaks Portuguese if ur lucky u can go to Portugal and that's it.
Dakkaron - 20 giorni fa
If you go to Europe for a trip and don't know the language, that's totally fine, but if you go to live there for a few years and don't bother to learn the language, then everyone will think you are some kind of idiot.
You know, there is that joke: How do you call someone who speeks two languages? Bilingual. How do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. How do you call someone who only speaks one language? American.
Highway Tv
Highway Tv - 21 giorno fa
“At least I know what they mean by separating the colors from the whites”
Carlos Banderas
Carlos Banderas - 24 giorni fa
1:30 i don't get the Anne Frank Joke. She was German how should she have learned German AS a native speaker.
Quantum Immortality
Quantum Immortality - 24 giorni fa
Milad Homayoun
Milad Homayoun - 26 giorni fa
Who are you gunna do?
To do or not to do is what often comes to my mind..
Milad Homayoun
Milad Homayoun - 26 giorni fa
Ok, that was good
Washable Junk
Washable Junk - 27 giorni fa
McDonald’s touch screens saved me in French Canada
Jason Brody
Jason Brody - Mese fa
Whoa there, XL?
Id like to see a proof that it fits perfectly
C S - Mese fa
The 25 cents was funny.
Maksymilian Firkowski
it's official. casuallyexplained is a sub
reactiekaneel - Mese fa
Don’t you insult stroopwafels
Anton Vainer
Anton Vainer - Mese fa
i see you are an SJW.... so you should know that other pleases belong to their culture so you going out of you room is actually cultural appropriation and should not do it by your own ideology...
John Rueda
John Rueda - Mese fa
*_-S K A T E B O A R D I N G M A D E S I M P L E-_*
Kenneth Hall
Kenneth Hall - Mese fa
deals on travel
MisterL2 - Mese fa
DareToBeDeviant - Mese fa
I'll never understand how airlines can screw up something as simple as the seating. Although I imagine the reserving of seats is done in real time, they manage to fuck that up... and yet I can casually stroll next door to the movie theater which requires reserved seating and enjoy the show.

"Let's sell more seats than we have!" Great business practice.
IZSM - Mese fa
For anyone that doesn't know any French, what he has typed into Google's search bar at 1:31 and 1:39 are the same thing, but in different languages.
Antonin Bourdin
Antonin Bourdin - Mese fa
that Anne Frank joke was so out of nowhere XD
Suyash Mallik
Suyash Mallik - Mese fa
1:12 dayumm
John Turner
John Turner - Mese fa
"That certainly didn't work out so well for Anne Frank" that could me by suprise
Avalo Karimoen
Avalo Karimoen - Mese fa
Believe me as a Dutchie, Germans don't quite learn any other language but German
someone unimportant
1:45 yes thats exactly what i say when i see a big thing
Weeb China
Weeb China - Mese fa
5.5 / 10
mini moose
mini moose - Mese fa
You know, better than I expected. 5.5/10
Shay Usu
Shay Usu - Mese fa
Seperate your colors from your whites.
Holy shit. 😂

Honestly it took me alittle while to get that.
The scenes in this video
Hamistar 2004
Hamistar 2004 - Mese fa
Eny one else see that cdg shirt
Kurumi Ebisuzawa
Kurumi Ebisuzawa - Mese fa
5:51 you got so close to laughing lmao
Abbi Johnson
Abbi Johnson - Mese fa
dude YouTube stopped putting your videos in my recommended even though I would watch them all the time, they finally put your most recent one in my recommended and now I’m watching all the months I’ve missed
The Steadfast Duelist
I'm to scared to go on planes because of movies so I only travel by car
Constantinople, 1054
this video was okay. 5.5/10
MalcolmRandall - Mese fa
2:22 _"But at least I learned what they mean by "separate your coloreds from your whites"_
Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington
took 25 cents gave it to the lady in order to close the wage gap.. That line had me dead! this channel is the best thing on youtube bar none!
BrokeBoiJD - Mese fa
Miranda F
Miranda F - Mese fa
this genuinely one of his best videos so far... he’s so confident yet somehow insecure. The fukin eyebrow bit got me. “I’m actually Canadian but i pretend to be American so I don’t embarrass my country” The silence after the anne frank joke?! Yikes! i love it

how did I not see this in my subscriptions when it came out...
Im MTS - Mese fa
I thought you were American. . .
doris the slug
doris the slug - Mese fa
Omae wa mou shinderu nani
Justin Steele
Justin Steele - Mese fa
Sub to PewDiePie or I will fucking die SUKA
Why is everyone tposing
Joseph Warren
Joseph Warren - Mese fa
Straight savage
1995susan1995 - Mese fa
Still the funniest one 😂
Handsome Dude
Handsome Dude - Mese fa
Lmao 25 cents 😂😂😂😂😂
Star Grabbitz
Star Grabbitz - Mese fa
Lmao when you said the flights are almost always delayed.
DarkeCrimson - Mese fa
Darks from whites? Think your slick, do ya? What you did there - I see it.
title1pro - Mese fa
Well that really rambled on near the end
ScaredyCake 8945
ScaredyCake 8945 - Mese fa
missed u
steve de prins
steve de prins - Mese fa
Just so you know, in Belgium, we learn 4 languages. Flemish, German, French and English. Because in this country the size of Disney world, we speak 4 languages ;-) Btw like you video's!
Yoman Atisto
Yoman Atisto - Mese fa
1:38 Oui.
Uri Gressel
Uri Gressel - Mese fa
Dissing California earns this video my prestigious, highly sought after "like".
Not that it will convert to any monetary gain, but rather devalue over time from its present value of worthless.
Zen State of Mind
Zen State of Mind - Mese fa
I bet you loved those french girls!
Steve B
Steve B - Mese fa
...So wait, I can't take my .50 Cal with me?
Arab Trappers
Arab Trappers - Mese fa
That Anne Frank pun though 😂
BlackGuard Alpha
BlackGuard Alpha - Mese fa
Vox and Wall Street currently have a boner thinkin bout all the stories they can get from this
Blakexvygaming !!!
Blakexvygaming !!! - Mese fa
Micorsoft paint
Blakexvygaming !!!
Blakexvygaming !!! - Mese fa
Druffinieren - Mese fa
Tbh when Germans travel to spain,italy,croatia etc they speak German because they think everyone in a Tourist Resort can speak German because of Many germans that come to the countries at Summertime. It's hilarious
Lethal Bacon
Lethal Bacon - Mese fa
Kingdom Hearts casually explained
Gibby Swalley
Gibby Swalley - Mese fa
Found this video right after my flight was delayed for 2 hours. Thanks dude
jaydee timmins
jaydee timmins - Mese fa
that anne frank joke made me spit my chicken wing across the chicken wing
internalized oppression
Your voice sounds like my will to live
Dextruax - Mese fa
1:08 lol it's one Punch Man
Pavomis - Mese fa
5:52-5:55 trying to keep in his laugh 😂😂
Eli Smith
Eli Smith - Mese fa
I actually happen to be a pilot and remember when the entire county north of LA was on fire and people were pretty relaxed saying that they got used to it.
Rip Nation
Rip Nation - Mese fa
hi found you from exurb1a
colenol MD sues
colenol MD sues - Mese fa
"its air Canada so that's not a surprise"
Gray Matter
Gray Matter - Mese fa
Casually explained Dark Web 😂
reposhizz - Mese fa
Freaking hilarious
Prossimi video