Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-3 ● All Goals and Full Highlights ● English Commentary ● 23-04-2017 HD

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MSHS - 3 ore fa
17:09 - best sequence of all time. As soon as Gomes plays the ball to Alba, Messi STORMS in position because he KNOWS Alba will find him. I fucking love that connection.
am new
am new - 6 ore fa
Look at how they greet each other 🙂,respect!!!!
Martin Jansen
Martin Jansen - 14 ore fa
Henias, thanks for your effort. So now, we all can replay the shit out of this Grande Classico!
Đinh La Thăng
Đinh La Thăng - 15 ore fa
rô đĩ ăn vạ để hôi pen mà ko đc
renzoc - 17 ore fa
S. RAMOS is by far one of the dirtiest players in football history.
alif Nanang
alif Nanang - Giorno fa
messi your best is the best
Vane Cryptic
Vane Cryptic - Giorno fa
2:52 cr7 dived
Md.Ashik Sayeed
Md.Ashik Sayeed - Giorno fa
See Roberto’s run 🔥 17:00
John Smith
John Smith - Giorno fa
RM is shit from a to z
PoweredDown - Giorno fa
Notice that Ronaldo gave Messi a little extra before kickoff when they shake hands. RESPECT THE COMPETITION ✊🏽
Чича Дража
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Mùmì BõõS
Mùmì BõõS - Giorno fa
Who's here after Barcelona lost 4:1
Vinicius M83
Vinicius M83 - Giorno fa
2:40 - I wonder whether Piqué really needed to do that, or it was unintentionally.
Bahtijar - 2 giorni fa
Where was Messi?
flixy apex
flixy apex - 2 giorni fa
17:38 look at that theres a naked man
Jona Fanchun
Jona Fanchun - 2 giorni fa
Ronaldo is great but i like Messi😍
Forhadur Rahman Chy
Forhadur Rahman Chy - 2 giorni fa
Messi always the best player in world
Subhajit Guha
Subhajit Guha - 2 giorni fa
He is the best there has been
He is the best there is
Possibly the best there ever will be... goosebumps
Dimitra Κns
Dimitra Κns - 2 giorni fa
Barcelona for ever 😍😍
Rashmisona Naidu
Rashmisona Naidu - 2 giorni fa
Imagine people who thought that its a tie and left stadium 1 minute before the ending so that they should not get stuck in traffic. 😂😂😂
ALEX KURDUN - 2 giorni fa
Dan - 2 giorni fa
Commentator: Wayne R
In his head: Ah Shit
Out Loud: Tremendous Goal
Angel Garcias
Angel Garcias - 3 giorni fa
17:27 Contigo todo seria diferente
Kenneh West
Kenneh West - 3 giorni fa
PUBG MAHMED - 3 giorni fa
اين العرب البطال العربي لايك
Fan of music
Fan of music - 3 giorni fa
And after BARÇA didn't won THE League lol. Shittylona
John Mwangi
John Mwangi - 11 ore fa
I really hope you're not a Real Madrid fan
Valy Outfall
Valy Outfall - 3 giorni fa
Ulises Roman
Ulises Roman - 3 giorni fa
I saw someone do the middle finger
Айжас Кайржан
Lionel Messi💪💪👍👏👏👑💎
ITZ YA BOI - 3 giorni fa
When the commentator said
“ Lionel messiiii” and he scored I got goosebumps
Fred Mendoza
Fred Mendoza - 3 giorni fa
ronaldo: to the cock
Foot ball
Foot ball - 3 giorni fa
Promotive promotiv
Promotive promotiv - 4 giorni fa
Лео Месси лучший н
。俺 女子やけど、
Jono Lono
Jono Lono - 4 giorni fa
I am really want to see Messi playing like this at Argentina
Mohammed Shamil
Mohammed Shamil - 3 giorni fa
Yeah...bro...lets hope for best
Jono Lono
Jono Lono - 4 giorni fa
Hahahaha...Madrid collapse 😂
Do CR7
Do CR7 - 4 giorni fa
Beben Pangestu
Beben Pangestu - 4 giorni fa
9,7K dislike=Fans ronaldo
Rami López
Rami López - 4 giorni fa
Yordi Acevedo
Yordi Acevedo - 4 giorni fa
Who is the G.O.A.T.
Like- Lionel Messi
Comment- CR7
Fan of music
Fan of music - 3 giorni fa
Barcelona is a shit ever
Fan of music
Fan of music - 3 giorni fa
Fan of music
Fan of music - 3 giorni fa
Fan of music
Fan of music - 3 giorni fa
Fan of music
Fan of music - 3 giorni fa
Tadhg 365
Tadhg 365 - 4 giorni fa
Good vid
Aryant Shaw
Aryant Shaw - 4 giorni fa
stop violence please😆
Sudeshna Chakraborty
Sudeshna Chakraborty - 4 giorni fa
I am a football fan..I love Ronaldo and Messi both ..i dont know how.....But these fans are like WE CAN EVEN START A FIGHT EVEN WE ARE DYING...
Isaac Otshudi
Isaac Otshudi - 5 giorni fa
The final barca attack, was the moment Madrid realized that they fucked up!
SkiLL Football5
SkiLL Football5 - 5 giorni fa
Євгеній Муранський
Меси луче всех
Messi Big fane
Messi Big fane - 5 giorni fa
Someone give the reward for Messi 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
Saad Nimri10
Saad Nimri10 - 5 giorni fa
16:11 only if Barcelona could defend
17:05 only if real Madrid could stop that goal
Dialogue Cafe
Dialogue Cafe - 5 giorni fa
Yaqoob Ali Shah
Yaqoob Ali Shah - 5 giorni fa
My favorite Messi moment. that last minute goal is just awesome. Can't tired of watching that last minute again and again and again.
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