Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-3 ● All Goals and Full Highlights ● English Commentary ● 23-04-2017 HD

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Joe !!!
Joe !!! - 26 minuti fa
Filip Duda
Filip Duda - 50 minuti fa
Messi simulation
Future Player Hero
Future Player Hero - 3 ore fa
After some year tha game will be
El messico
vladimir vitaly
vladimir vitaly - 3 ore fa
what happend with Goat' eye?
Kaium Monshi
Kaium Monshi - 4 ore fa
Ramos is (beadop) Bengali language
ItsHoly - 6 ore fa
AB : The Alien
AB : The Alien - 6 ore fa
GOAt messi proved every time❤
Lnw Yorn
Lnw Yorn - 7 ore fa
Messi number one
Habesha vines Mb
Habesha vines Mb - 8 ore fa
The little man is unforgettable in football history Messi we love you
Utrecht 030
Utrecht 030 - 9 ore fa
Messi 🚀⚽️🥅👏👏👏😂
Сергей котик
BELA NEGARA - 18 ore fa
Wasit lolz
Cường Nguyễn Xuân
Hay vl
gabru - 20 ore fa
The GOD of Football Messi🙏
Misan Ale
Misan Ale - 20 ore fa
Messi =1 like 1
chandan karaoke roy
chandan karaoke roy - 21 ora fa
Very good Messi
Quang Nguyen Dinh
Quang Nguyen Dinh - 23 ore fa
Bạn chồng tập 16
이준혁 - 23 ore fa
shit his just god
and fuc u such dirty ramos
Ayhan Korkmaz
Ayhan Korkmaz - Giorno fa
Messi is King
Aymano vitch
Aymano vitch - Giorno fa
4:20 it was at this moment real know she fuck up
ASIF shihab
ASIF shihab - Giorno fa
i love you meesi
yan tul
yan tul - Giorno fa
Marcello asu lu monyet..
luat nguyen
luat nguyen - Giorno fa
Real 1 lũ chơi xấu thú tính
Muhd Fad
Muhd Fad - Giorno fa
Why Messi wera number 4?
Md Shakib
Md Shakib - Giorno fa
Golden king Miceal
Golden king Miceal - Giorno fa
Messi is better than cristiano ronaldo
Jordan alpizar
Jordan alpizar - Giorno fa
THE best
Jake Santoyo
Jake Santoyo - Giorno fa
Honestly if I was this good my main goal would to hit the drone in the air🙂
Rafii Guasp
Rafii Guasp - Giorno fa
I love ronaldo, but I think messi is better. Only Madrid fans think Ronaldo is better.
Dang Wow
Dang Wow - Giorno fa
I miss this rivalry so much. A healthy Barca team would destroy a healthy Real team this season.
ทํา ไม
ทํา ไม - Giorno fa
ทำไมไม่เข้าใจ ทำไมต้องเน้นทำให้เมสซีบาดเจ็บด้วย เล่นแบบนี้มันไปเล่นอย่างอื่นเถอะคับ🙏
ぶど男 - Giorno fa
Gary Singh
Gary Singh - Giorno fa
who won the league did the goal make the difference?
Mike Fraser
Mike Fraser - Giorno fa
32 million views holy shit boiiiii
Sergio Olivares Rodriguez
like: barcelona
comentar: real madrid
Sahadat Hosen
Sahadat Hosen - Giorno fa
That's why leo is the best🇧🇩🇧🇩
Alamin Hossain
Alamin Hossain - Giorno fa
For me this was the pennicle of El Clasico.
Golazo TV
Golazo TV - Giorno fa
mejor del mundo messiiiiiii 10
Venkatesh Rayenedi
Venkatesh Rayenedi - Giorno fa
Comment:Messi(GOAT) 😉
anthoniM15roblox Méndez
Heres a hint dont make messi mad when toy celebrate a goal or he will show whos the boss
Mansoor Anwari
Mansoor Anwari - Giorno fa
Hands down best match ever
padma siddharth
padma siddharth - Giorno fa
When I saw Marcelo running to defend as he was in area of the forward players..... 😂😂😂😂...

I think he should have been in tha back itself at the last moment
Razu Poudel
Razu Poudel - Giorno fa
The best there ever was , is and probably will be . Messiah
Mbah Bondet
Mbah Bondet - Giorno fa
Barcelona Kamp Nou
Barcelona Kamp Nou - 2 giorni fa
2021 кто смотрит
Bladimir Gonzalez
Bladimir Gonzalez - 2 giorni fa
Messi is a King and is good and the soccer
Hydra Dynamike
Hydra Dynamike - 2 giorni fa
Messi!! He is SUPER HUMAN
Мухаммад Абдуллаев
В этот день Мадрид сосот
Мухаммад Абдуллаев
NB MEDIA - 2 giorni fa
Like Messi fans....
Nischal acharya
Nischal acharya - 2 giorni fa
Dede Rere
Dede Rere - 2 giorni fa
10:32 what a terrible finish ! ha ha ha
Dede Rere
Dede Rere - 2 giorni fa
messi did the best ! what ronaldo did? XD
XYZ1608 - 2 giorni fa
One of the best clasicos of recent memory,it had everything,brilliant attacking football from both sides,drama, end to end stuff and then Messi, what a performance it was from him, that body swerve to throw Carvajal out of Madrid was magical,as a neutral enjoyed every bit of it
Anjil Sekh
Anjil Sekh - 2 giorni fa
Like = Messi ⚽⚽⚽
Comment = Ronaldo ⚽⚽⚽
Sandra Gamez
Sandra Gamez - 2 giorni fa
Critiano es el obre mas culero q e conosido🐯🐯⬇😂😄😜
Sandra Gamez
Sandra Gamez - 2 giorni fa
Q biba el bar..😘😘🙏🙏🙏💪👍💪💪😘😘😘😘 es el mejor partidoo😍😍😍🎉🎉😘🐣🐣💪💪⬆😉
Joe !!!
Joe !!! - 2 giorni fa
Like Messi
Comment Ronaldo
LJ Games
LJ Games - 2 ore fa
Sigit N
Sigit N - 4 ore fa
Jelas ronaldo lah
Joe !!!
Joe !!! - Giorno fa
LJ Games
LJ Games - Giorno fa
Aftap Hussain
Aftap Hussain - Giorno fa
AleAlejandro Castañeda
AleAlejandro Castañeda - 2 giorni fa
12K Madrid's fan remember this
Freddy Omar
Freddy Omar - 2 giorni fa
Sin duda uno de los mejores partidos que han visto mis ojos después de el Milan 3 Liverpool 3
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