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James Charles
James Charles - Mese fa
1) Yes, this response is "planned". I said in the first few minutes of the video that I had an outline of points I needed to hit and I practiced my speaking too. Not trying to hide anything, just had a lot of things to get into one video.
2) I started taking screenshots of everything when I was in Australia, but I missed a few, and had take a few when I was back in LA. The time zones are 17 hours apart and I tried to make sure I noted every time there was a change but it looks like I missed a timestamp note in the convo with Sam. None of these screenshots are edited. Why would I risk editing a screenshot when the other party could come forward and prove me wrong? All screenshots are in chronological order.
3) I blink a lot always. This video is no different.
4) This video is not monetized, in fact, it actually got copyright claimed. Some people are seeing an ad for some reason, I'm sorry I'm really not sure why.
I appreciate the comments but I don't need #TeamJames. I want to heal and move on from this situation, and I want everyone else involved to be able to do the same. The internet has seen enough negativity over the past few weeks, let's all be respectful please.
une apprentie actrice
une apprentie actrice - 16 giorni fa
I love you ❤❤❤❤ jame
Christopher Kau Kau
Christopher Kau Kau - 27 giorni fa
Yea but can you sing though 🤔
Edward Nelson
Edward Nelson - 27 giorni fa
GIa Yaffe
GIa Yaffe - 27 giorni fa
That’s a good idea. When matters happen, conversation and closure between folks need to be private. Meet, share and find closure.
Britney Taylor
Britney Taylor - 28 giorni fa
Awwww I love you so much sister
Cute gamer girl 101 U gonna cum
10:58 awww I feel so bad sis... 😭😭😭
superkawaiiblossom gaming
superkawaiiblossom gaming - 22 minuti fa
Most brands actually do have extra passages and does make sense they have them
Debi Louann
Debi Louann - 31 minuto fa
The way he uses his hands in the beginning and says at all has me dying I’ve replayed it 100 times haha love you James
Kamar Mighty
Kamar Mighty - 51 minuto fa
Stay awesome James. Truth always prevails love.
David Tang
David Tang - 53 minuti fa
Come thru Pr team
Adnan Lokman
Adnan Lokman - Ora fa
melina church
melina church - Ora fa
You should do burning all of tatis products for a video when you return. Btw i love you and hope you are ok
Yaretzi Valenzuela
Yaretzi Valenzuela - 46 minuti fa
Cess Kane
Cess Kane - Ora fa
Sam is hot ! I would flirt with him too
Nicole Queen
Nicole Queen - 2 ore fa
I took a while but I’m finallly here to watch the whole video 😂😂👌🏽
RAMREY - 2 ore fa
I heard about this, but what happened?
• dying Spirit •
Well that was interesting, even tho I still don’t know why they’re mad at each other,
This drama ended, thank you for staying with us all along, you can go and watch spongebob in your corner now. :3
Javier 634
Javier 634 - 2 ore fa
Ooooooo nice tea u got there
Space lover
Space lover - 2 ore fa
Who watches this idiot?
{Rania} - 2 ore fa
0.75 This is good
Dallas Mattern
Dallas Mattern - 2 ore fa
Wow 👏❤️ I’m late to the game because everything was coming out at different times and I wanted to wait until everyone was finished posting and all information was out (because otherwise it would have been a tennis match with emotions and confusion) BUT. Wow. What an amazing, graceful, prepared and eloquent response. I feel pride watching this and I hope you get back to feeling yourself again because you deserve happiness and support. *standing ovation*
Fernando Melendez
Fernando Melendez - 2 ore fa
Use code ceedayy in the item shop
Izzie Plays
Izzie Plays - 2 ore fa
Don’t worry James, I still love you =) 💞
Tanakah Magudhu
Tanakah Magudhu - 3 ore fa
Bella obregon2587
Bella obregon2587 - 3 ore fa
6:32 does anyone notice her knees
Lisbeth Yanez
Lisbeth Yanez - 3 ore fa
*James now RE-invented receipts*
Bella obregon2587
Bella obregon2587 - 3 ore fa
People that threw away their pallets and sister stuff probably regret life
Dolphin Watcher
Dolphin Watcher - 3 ore fa
All senseless chatter.
Craft Xxx
Craft Xxx - 3 ore fa
Aljawharah Alghannam
I judged too fast im sorry 😐
Gummy Penguins
Gummy Penguins - 4 ore fa
I think it is quite brave of you to explain your side of the story, like this, publicly. I had a similar, but much smaller, situation where I came out to a close friend but then she posted it on social media. To explain what actually happened and how it has affected you is extremely brave, especially when you care about the people involved. I am still dealing with too many rumors about my entire situation but it subsided. I think in any case being honest is such a huge accomplishment and important aspect for anything. I love how you incorporated screenshots, your reactions/feelings, and conversations to make the situation more real. Even if you lost subscribers, you have shown that things like this can affect people more than one would think. It also doesn't help that being an influencer can make this even worse where you can literally lose money and people take sides against you. *
Sean McLain
Sean McLain - 5 ore fa
Look at this fruitcake
Cathern Nichols
Cathern Nichols - 6 ore fa
I feel bad for you. Thank you for clarifying all of this. This is so unfair to you.
shuso - 6 ore fa
He's bouncing too much tf
Anne Connolly
Anne Connolly - 6 ore fa
noicee...drop a like if you are irish :)
Crafty Club
Crafty Club - 6 ore fa
James video is better than tatis
Kay !!
Kay !! - 6 ore fa
Jeffree star is so gross what is his problem
Kay !!
Kay !! - 3 ore fa
That face when you cheated And got away with it yes. Jeffree harassed his brother on twitter when he wasn’t even involved. Bringing someone’s family into it is crossing the line.
That face when you cheated And got away with it
Did you even watch the vid?
Paige Forster
Paige Forster - 7 ore fa
hi James I'm not a huge fan but I respect you and you are wonderful the way you are
Clout Da God
Clout Da God - 7 ore fa
Now I feel like shit for hating James 😰I love this dude now
Clout Da God
Clout Da God - 3 ore fa
That face when you cheated And got away with it I’m on both sides I mean both spoke some truth
That face when you cheated And got away with it
I was still on james side but it's ok if you switched sides because it's your instincts and that is perfectly fine 😊
Mor Voz
Mor Voz - 7 ore fa
I was right all along. Sometimes silent people scream louder and James is going places now.
ChannelMelissa - 7 ore fa
It is UNBELIEVABLY CRUEL what they did to you. I can't even imagine what you must have been going through. Please stay strong, justice will prevail eventually.
•Rhea• - 8 ore fa
James has receipts.
Lazy Yandere
Lazy Yandere - 9 ore fa
Hey, Pewds took me here.

What's up with the switch and rumors?
alexsia _unicorn
alexsia _unicorn - 9 ore fa
I didn’t know there were reverse uno cards THIS big..
Jacqueline Bartolo
Jacqueline Bartolo - 10 ore fa
I don’t care I’m just mad bc u were mean to Mackenzie
martha green
martha green - 10 ore fa
Love you james charle and i understand
patricia andreana
patricia andreana - 11 ore fa
I feel really freaking bad to judge you too quickly😔
patricia andreana
patricia andreana - 11 ore fa
They r so jealous of u and ur career, that's why they do that to you oops🤭
My friend actually did something like this to me and it's horrible, and i know that she is jealous of me by the way she talk trough line😬
I know how it's feel:)
Stay strong sister💪🏻
U ROCK🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻❤❤
XxkillerslumberXx X
XxkillerslumberXx X - 11 ore fa
wow the new keeping up with the kardashions episode is looking great
Lahcen Mourchid
Lahcen Mourchid - 12 ore fa
Janine Belle
Janine Belle - 12 ore fa
O tottaly belive u James.
I am a big fan and i wish i could be like you❤
I dont care if there are rumors that you killed i child or something i'll still love you and admire you forever and evaaaaa😍
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - 12 ore fa
that hair tho
Kris2Chan - 12 ore fa
This is why I only have a few friends haha. You think you guys are all good and are so close almost like family but you all actually aren't and sometimes people cause unnecessary drama and twist things around. I never followed any beauty youtubers and only found out about this whole situation through buzzfeed but glad James shared his side and showed us the truth.
Amanda Blackburn
Amanda Blackburn - 12 ore fa
I love who you are!! Maybe its time to start leaning towards an older fan base (im 34). A LOT less drama lol
Radostina Popova
Radostina Popova - 13 ore fa
that video was relle long and for the first time ive watched video like that and just wanna say... RESPECT for the all you said to us and u are so brave to show us even your private space! STAY COOL!
SweetTooth - 13 ore fa
What is the summary of all these? I can't watch those videos all at a time
SweetTooth - 12 ore fa
Okay I just watched it all. Now im subbing back to james
courtney bryant
courtney bryant - 13 ore fa
What about the molestation accusations ?
Noah Blank
Noah Blank - 14 ore fa
He played poptropica🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - 14 ore fa
This dude is even gayer then jojo part 5 characters
All Heil Bepis
All Heil Bepis - 15 ore fa
target Slazo instead kids
jeff bob
jeff bob - 15 ore fa
guys stop hating

I'm tired of liking the comments
cheez itlee
cheez itlee - 16 ore fa
charli poo
charli poo - 16 ore fa
everyone else at 12: *has first kiss and relationship
james: p r o p t r o p i c a
Angela Maier
Angela Maier - 16 ore fa
Imagine if people payed this much attention to poverty, starvation, pollution, etc.
The whole world would almost be clean.. -_-
Antoine Swans
Antoine Swans - 16 ore fa
That Sam guy didn't seem so bright...and that was your "BADD" James.
I still love you for inspiring this 52 year old man to live his best life!
You're a beautiful, smart, charming, witty, and clever young man with the brightest light and the income to match. Protect yourself and stay clear of those who want to dimm your light and deflect your character.
I was bullied to the point of leaving school in the 9th grade.
And still tell this day...I can't let people near me. Stay strong and keep pushing it on through.... Because you're fighting for me and many others also.
Always remember...that people are bullied because they're better than the people who bullie them.
If only i would have learned that when i was your age.
Leila Ben Henda
Leila Ben Henda - 17 ore fa
Please stop
Tis I The Ravenclaw Fry
Omg it made me so sad to watch this video. I freaking love you James, you handled this so well ❤️
matagisilifai pama
matagisilifai pama - 17 ore fa
I don’t usually comment but watching this all the way through was so mesmerising. This video made me appreciate James more.😔😔
Simone Stafford
Simone Stafford - 17 ore fa
Honestly this whole situation is really f**cked Idk why it's such a big problem like I'm not ignoring what james may or may not have done but jesus are we just meant to not accept that he is a human and humans make mistakes (James keep on going it will get better)
SugarNSpice46 - 18 ore fa
James, I still believe in you. Thank you for taking the time to film this and being as honest as possible. Beauty Community drama is toxic and should not be happening. People love a drama (as we all know) but You Tubers are real people with real feelings and real lives. Just because they make their living on You Tube doesn't mean they aren't "real". And for all those who jumped into the "cancel culture" based on ONE SIDE of the story - shame on you! NO ONE is without guilt of doing something wrong, of twisting words around of jumping to conclusions so why do it to these people??? Also, James is right - we prefer nowadays to follow "guilty until proven innocent" which is NOT how the justice system works and NOT how it should work on here. If our lives are really this pathetic the we need to make changes in our own lives instead of transferring it onto You Tubers.
Samantha and Foxy
Samantha and Foxy - 18 ore fa
James I just want you to know I never stoped following you bc I knew that I had no reason to unfollow you if there was no proof and I was right
Victoria Castro
Victoria Castro - 19 ore fa
that’s why I always keep my screenshots with me lol just like james
Blacker Blue
Blacker Blue - 19 ore fa
Are you trans
•]Mute- San[•
•]Mute- San[• - 19 ore fa
I’m gonna edit this comment because I just wanted to watch this and it’s 40 minutes.
So I’m gonna edit this a lot.
Victoria Castro
Victoria Castro - 19 ore fa
Sorry but i stan with james
That face when you cheated And got away with it
Victoria Castro don't be sorry lol james is still stronger than ever! So don't be because you're in the right side!
liv - 19 ore fa
He protecc
He attack
But most importantly
He gain his sisters back
Pet Goldfish
Pet Goldfish - 20 ore fa
Ik these things weren’t frickin true. People were starting to piss me off.
Khloe Tolomeo
Khloe Tolomeo - 20 ore fa
use code james when shopping
LisTips s
LisTips s - 20 ore fa
He protecc
He Attacc
But most importantly he got his sister's bacc
Rattle DMoney
Rattle DMoney - 20 ore fa
Max Mitchell
Max Mitchell - 20 ore fa
Is James a boy
Brooklyn Bedolla
Brooklyn Bedolla - 20 ore fa
James Charles is marshmallow!!!
Barby L.
Barby L. - 20 ore fa
I wish you were my friend!
Abi B
Abi B - 21 ora fa
Yoooooo he should have monetized this
Weirdo Squad
Weirdo Squad - 21 ora fa
"since it was so last minute we were only able to get VIP tickets"
Roman Munoz
Roman Munoz - 21 ora fa
Nooooooooooooo where is u saying (!!!!!!!HEY SISTERSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
GG’s Vlogs
GG’s Vlogs - 21 ora fa
Your Whole Nail Tapping Thing Is Seriously Annoying . 🙄
NYCGirl Rdu
NYCGirl Rdu - 21 ora fa
How old are these people? This is absurd.
Asmaa Abdulaziz
Asmaa Abdulaziz - 22 ore fa
his eyebrows are irking me.
giuliana uwu
giuliana uwu - 22 ore fa
Tbh I still don't like him
SHCK-Voltz-_-YT - 22 ore fa
T series vs pewdiepie
David Reyes
David Reyes - 22 ore fa
So shane was trying to throw shade too??
Cookie Hamil
Cookie Hamil - 22 ore fa
He went from 13 mill to 15mill real fucking fast I am quaking
Fabien Bezuit
Fabien Bezuit - 23 ore fa
He makes me cry😭😭I’m soo sad😖look at the end of his video😶😖
Itali Holloway
Itali Holloway - Giorno fa
Longest video I ever seen💀
Drake Galloway
Drake Galloway - Giorno fa
They weren’t ready for this one chief
Lindsay Gauger
Lindsay Gauger - Giorno fa
Can we get an uno reverse card on the drama PLEASE
Ioana Daria Tudorescu
Ioana Daria Tudorescu - Giorno fa
So... I love you😍❤
Be Revenant
Be Revenant - Giorno fa
y did this shit just popped up smh
Adimulia sani
Adimulia sani - 17 ore fa
Then why did u click it smartass
Be Revenant
Be Revenant - Giorno fa
Yo!! Did I ask?
Dav id
Dav id - Giorno fa
Zaira Cadena
Zaira Cadena - Giorno fa
I would suggest you stay far away from those so called friends. It’s because of all the crap said that I looked up your channel and im hooked on how funny ,entertaining and beautiful you are! Keep that well highlighted chin up sister.
Briana Thomas
Briana Thomas - Giorno fa
😔 I think everyone forgets you're still just a baby. My oldest is 21 & makes mistakes, I still love him. I don't follow u but I have enjoyed watching videos here & there. My heart hurts for & I hope u heal quickly. Learn from mistakes & always try to be a better & stronger person, good luck kid!
the demon wolf
the demon wolf - Giorno fa
Victorycash playz
Victorycash playz - Giorno fa
James: sorry i was emotional
Me: james let those tears out sister
Prossimi video