I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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haha grape
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Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop
brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes
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12:22 anyway, like that smash button.
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Flavio Triunfo-Loviselli
Flavio Triunfo-Loviselli - 11 minuti fa
I had my jaw shut too from an accident in 2014
Eden Lake
Eden Lake - 20 minuti fa
this is my first time on this channel, and I checked out because I watch Let Me Explain Studios and omg this is HALARIOUS
comic sans gaster *demon with purple hoodie*
Like that smash button
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David Guevara - 33 minuti fa
Moment 7:50 the first video is I'm something else the best song ever 😉😉
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12:24 "don't forget to like that smash button"
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I had NO idea u looked like that OMG
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ha ha ah ha ha ahahauwsweq ewsrnkwcbgjwbcgewugbcgtjnkieugbct5ekrefsngbnyjcadx im bored hehehehe
Spring Wolfie
Spring Wolfie - 57 minuti fa
I love tomatoes....HATE SOUP D:
Nadinoosh - 58 minuti fa
this is the first time i see your face but your voice weirdly fits your face
but not really
yknow what i'm saying?
army bts
army bts - Ora fa
im taller then a Normal 8 year old
army bts
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theodd1out send me here
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6:02 Yes preach that soup is hella crapy
Sophia Ann
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Omg this made me laugh, I went through a similar issue, minus the wiring shut as it was a differet problem but I was stuck on those DAMN DRINKS FOR AGES AUGHHH they're chalky and theres like 3 flavors, if you can even call them that Dx so I get the crazy feeling for sure, I think mine lasted a few months, before they figured out it was a super rare side effect from my antidepressant (so yay no surgery) also I watched a ton of cooking stuff while drinking boost, it just felt more satisfying(oh geez maybe all their fans are starving....)
Cookie Animations
So basically Adam learned about food asmr from his body torturing him

Bobby&Mae Reese
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Adam:if u hate yourself clap ur hands *claps*
CherryLuvU - 2 ore fa
What would you do a million dollars?
Adam: idk probably suck a dick
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Marshmallow Da Cat
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Isn’t that just food asmr?
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7:08 when my brother touches my laptop
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SomethingelseYT is secretly GradeAUnderA
the plague doctor
the plague doctor - 2 ore fa
My thing is not as bad as yours but I can't eat hard foods and u could not crunch ice . I mean who does not want to crunch ice ?
Also for the first two weeks I felt like I was dieing because it hurt slot .
the plague doctor
the plague doctor - 2 ore fa
I still have it in and will be done next year I think
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12:25 don't forget to like that smash button
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12:24 like that smash button😂😂😂😂😂
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Neko Rapp
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I have to have this surgery within the next year because I have cleft lip & palate so I have an underbite. Thank you for making this video and giving a little light to the situation I am 100% not looking forward to
FaithLehane - 3 ore fa
Thanos: I am inevitable
Iron Man: I am Iron Man
Adam: I am not a grape
Santino Naranjo Sr.
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You're a grape
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Doctor: oh yeah, you might need your jaw wired shut for another, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmMMmMMMmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Six weeks.
Can I at least have my chocolate milk?
Doctor: no.
Adam: mMMM—
I’ll just cut that off right there
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I bought your shirt 😁
Aiden Hernandez
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Adam they did give you the chocolate milk
Winter Wolf roblox playz
SHU THE FU- not this time mother fu- *beep* coin: ! Ima go BUTT ASS NAKED and jump into a pool of tomato soup
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Adam's art style has developed so much :D
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Corrupt PizzaDemon - 5 ore fa
Who’s watching this in 2047
Annymary M
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You remind me of Toni Pirosa 😄
Hybrid - 5 ore fa
4:01 His shirt 😂
Severus Snape
Severus Snape - 5 ore fa
i’m in the same boat- getting jaw surgery in a few months
Giovanni Michelini
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The demonetization man
Amelie Mahoney
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Adam is so cute omg
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yep like the smash button heeeheeee
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Dont forget to like that smash button :3
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12:24 like that smash button 😂😂
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You sound and look so much better! Glad you got better! You're gorgeous! Love you! ;)
Jean Thomas
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Elanie DeLaRosa
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People say your a grape but I say your a potato 🥔
Brody Joa1234
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Top 10 Youtubers who got demonotized
Fart Man
Fart Man - 8 ore fa
1:26 NO NO
Dirpy Cat Kitty Meow Meow
I hate tomato soup it's gross
Peace Love Pizza
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just blend your damn food
Meowjustmeow yeet
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I figured out that around week 5 of having your mouth wired shut you are going insane and losing your mind
Fares Fayez
Fares Fayez - 10 ore fa
Me too
Simon - 10 ore fa
Did you hear that he said ,,like that smash button"

(No offense)
Dried Apricots Jar. Dried Apricots.
This video was soooo 😂😂😂😂😂.
Soappao - 10 ore fa
Hi Adam, i cant talk now but i am 1 Monti in! My docter Said 3 Months left
HammodZ XP
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How did he ask his brother "what's that" when his mouth was wired shut?
Sonic Jay seven
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6:38 I tasted like Gordon Ramsey himself served it up with a bedtime story and a loving KEEEAS
Lmao Yeet Oof
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Boost drinks are like chocolate milk
landon James
landon James - 11 ore fa

gamzee makara
gamzee makara - 11 ore fa
8:48 how were you drinking it with the cap on?
Irina-Maria Soporan
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My aunt just had a jaw surgery and I'm getting her cold tomato soup
Soul Of Rei
Soul Of Rei - 12 ore fa
u grape
Tom Eddsworld
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Here *gives life time of chocolate milk* give meh some of those juice boxes
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"funny name" anna OOP
Kiakapun - 13 ore fa
I maybe get one when I'm 18
Kieferlos Milinera
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I hate food...
Cael spokelol98
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im allergic to bananas but i love them
死 AmyReeper 死
死 AmyReeper 死 - 14 ore fa
why is it that animation youtubers have the creepiest storys?
Elijah Cunningham
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6:08 soo funny I can’t stop playing it again and again
sapphic-julia - 14 ore fa
man i miss being able yawn
Hella PixDude
Hella PixDude - 14 ore fa
Max to the Maximum
Max to the Maximum - 15 ore fa
He literally spelled it medi-shiat-n
lolbit plush Productions
Hah -grape- I bEt YoU WoNt PiN tHis!
Indya Washington
Indya Washington - 16 ore fa
I had lock jaw before... but I didn’t get surgery, my brother knock the side of my jaw when I had my braces...and my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore 😅😅
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2 years ago I never thought Somethingelseyt would pass 1 million subs! wow!
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Hello Im a new subscriber, Nice animation
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like that smash button
PorygonZs Showdown!
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Just noticed the "Weenie Hut General" Sign above the Hospital
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12:25 make sure to like the smash Button
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1:34 - The bus came back.
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Your hair reminds me of Vegeta
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Get noob grape :)
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Don't forget to like that smash button lol
Azami And Friends
Azami And Friends - 17 ore fa
H a h
G r a p e
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I didnt know markiplier could draw
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Nugget Appelget - 18 ore fa
7:49 69K likes and 4,204,200 views
Gacha sweets
Gacha sweets - 18 ore fa
My brother was watching this with me and when he watched the part of you fighting with the logo thingy he started fighting me....
The Ugly One
The Ugly One - 18 ore fa
Tornado60000 XD
Tornado60000 XD - 18 ore fa
Is Adam still on mediciatn
"like that smash button"
ImFortnite Beast
ImFortnite Beast - 18 ore fa
Level 1: liquids
Level 2: mashed potatoes
Level 3: pasta
Max level: solid foods
XxxJoshiJxxX 23
XxxJoshiJxxX 23 - 18 ore fa
Madison Rodrigue
Madison Rodrigue - 18 ore fa
OMG you like chocolate milk as well!
I LOVE Chocolate milk!
E sama
E sama - 18 ore fa
How timely. The youtube algorithm recommendes me this vid. And im watching it while eating only crackers for lunch cuz i cant buy a meal bcs im broke. Also a new subscriber 👌
MeowMeowChan 2233
MeowMeowChan 2233 - 18 ore fa
Like that smash button?
Madison Novak
Madison Novak - 18 ore fa
lol i thought he wrote down Gucci for a second xD
woolfieool - 19 ore fa
Adam: k im not gonna have any overactive response
Adam earlier in the video: I look down in pure AWE. A spotlight flashes onto the plastic tin full of tomato soup and a halo like theme song begins to play in the background. The camera pans onto my face with a single tear inn my eye, saying, "thank you. *FINALLY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!*"

also Adam earlier in the video: *I WILL FxCKING EAT YOU*
Shadow Ryan
Shadow Ryan - 19 ore fa
Your demonized
Prossimi video