Ranking the Top 30 Players in the NBA Today

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5 238
Nykeisha Aiken
Nykeisha Aiken - Ora fa
Wtf where john wall y'all niggaz seem to forgot he gonn wake y'all up when he returns
LT salad123 l
LT salad123 l - 2 ore fa
Where dense derozan?
SeanyBoy - 4 ore fa
“I find it hard to believe the rockets ever find a trade for CP3”
Ya guessed wrong buddy
Humble Hornetts
Humble Hornetts - 6 ore fa
AD has been in the league 7 years and the Pelicans have only made the playoffs twice? Both times got swept by Warriors??? How can you put such a successful player like Lebron behind Davis who brought the Pelicans no success
Sreekar korubilli
Sreekar korubilli - 8 ore fa
Karl Anthony Towns deserves to be on this list so does booker
Brad & Brenda Black
Brad & Brenda Black - 8 ore fa
Draymond Green sucks
Brad & Brenda Black
Brad & Brenda Black - 8 ore fa
Donovan is better then jrue Halladay
Michelle Hall
Michelle Hall - 9 ore fa
Kat should be top 15
Josh Ay ay ayyy
Josh Ay ay ayyy - 9 ore fa
Klay is not better then pg,westbrook,kyrie
TheMonsterGames 23
TheMonsterGames 23 - 10 ore fa
m8 ur a absolute Clown
Josh Jones
Josh Jones - 10 ore fa
Shaqs shot is better than this list
Spanks Beezner
Spanks Beezner - 10 ore fa
Luka Doncic should’ve made it
Kristen Monborne
Kristen Monborne - 14 ore fa
I hate you lj at 5 I'm un subscribing
Gopalakrishnaswamy KJ
Gopalakrishnaswamy KJ - 17 ore fa
curry is bad
Gopalakrishnaswamy KJ
Gopalakrishnaswamy KJ - 17 ore fa
kyrie better than lillard thonpson
RJ Pope
RJ Pope - 19 ore fa
I don’t care if devin booker can’t play great defense, he is one of the best scorers in the league and he is a good playmaker, to be real I don’t give two fricks about how he played with Ayton, the man is a beast.
And kat is arguably top ten and you disrespected him by not even putting him in the TOP 30. Study your basketball. This is not supposed to be a best teammate list or a biggest name list or anything like that. This is a TOP 30 LIST GUY, TOP THIRTY PLAYERS. GIVE ME A BREAK.
So for most of the players all you did was talk about how much players win and where they take their team. BUT THEN YOU PROCEED TO PUT ANTHONY DAVIS OVER KEVIN DURANT AND LEBRON JAMES YOU ARE HIIIGGGHHH.
Now let me point out that you put a pure sharp Klay Thompson who’s defense is kind of weak in the top ten, but kept a lot of players before him lower because of DEFENSE.
There’s my rant
Bradley McHugh
Bradley McHugh - Giorno fa
UglyBoy Trey
UglyBoy Trey - Giorno fa
I’m sorry bro KAT is a top 20 player
Boen Song
Boen Song - Giorno fa
Dlo should be in it i think he is pretty good
Boen Song
Boen Song - Giorno fa
Quit making these videos already
Rory Peterson
Rory Peterson - Giorno fa
Kyle Lowry is not good enough
SoUr_MaNgOE YTB - Giorno fa
Klay was way to high
talkin 'bout basketball
Paul George in 13th position only because he is called PG13, he should be the second or third
Carl Polendey
Carl Polendey - Giorno fa
Lol curry top2?😂😂
Logan Flash 21
Logan Flash 21 - Giorno fa
1 Giannis
2 Kawhi
3 LeBron
4 Anthony Davis
5 Steph
Reaper - 22 ore fa
🤡🤡 giannis got exposed by kawhi and he doesn't have a solid jumpshot and u put him over kawhi and bron and
Nothing - Giorno fa
So all the people in the comments saying PG a beast he is the best no chance he is out of top 10 but than you look at okc losing in first round and im like so westbrook top 15 and PG supposed top 10 and they cant pass first round ok buddy, also kyrie and embiid better than klay in what world? and some people wanna place harden second yeah ok the whole team literally tailor made for him and he still cant get to finals
Erdi Karakaya
Erdi Karakaya - Giorno fa
How can pg on 13th
Lenny Coco
Lenny Coco - Giorno fa
Kyle Lowry 😂😂 Karl Anthony towns is LIGHT YEARS BETTER THAN Lowry lol
Lenny Coco
Lenny Coco - Giorno fa
Luka way better than Lowry as well
Roman Lerner
Roman Lerner - Giorno fa
You are so dumb
Roman Lerner
Roman Lerner - Giorno fa
put Embiid higher up on the list
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya - Giorno fa
Why is leonard no.1?
Just because he had a historic playoff run is not enough
Orlando Vigil
Orlando Vigil - 3 ore fa
Kazuto Kirigaya it’s the top players rn ain’t nobody better than him at this moment u ain’t too bright n read what u just wrote😂🤦‍♂️
Eric coleman
Eric coleman - Giorno fa
you got the two best mfs at 5 and 6 makes no sense you got curry #2 wtf lmao
Eric coleman
Eric coleman - Giorno fa
base it off indvisual play not what the team is doing in the playoffs this list is nuts you dont watch basketball at all i can tell
Neri Kifle
Neri Kifle - 2 giorni fa
This guy is soooo gay he does not know basketball. KD 6 LeBron 5 Harden 7
Vyper ツ
Vyper ツ - 2 giorni fa
Austin: I don’t see any team trading for him
Okc: are you a joke to me
Israel Green
Israel Green - 2 giorni fa
Terrible list
Colin Wammy
Colin Wammy - 2 giorni fa
How is Anthony Bennet not on this list?? This list is trash smfh
Irving Cortez
Irving Cortez - 2 giorni fa
This dude ranks them on making playoffs and finals that's all
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez - 2 giorni fa
Add Russell
Xavi Playz
Xavi Playz - 2 giorni fa
Who else thinks that giannis should be #1 or #2
Reaper - 22 ore fa
Tsm skullxkenshin
Tsm skullxkenshin - 2 giorni fa
Kryie is better than kawhu
Xfg Clan
Xfg Clan - 2 giorni fa
“Im having a hard time thing the rockets are gonna find a trade for Chris Paul” July 10th Westbrook for Paul
Win 5
Win 5 - 2 giorni fa
This man said that Jrue Holiday is better than Kat smh
Ryan Huebner
Ryan Huebner - 2 giorni fa
Giannis number1
aditya Gupta
aditya Gupta - 2 giorni fa
Sorry man i disagree with lebron ranking
Kalita Conley
Kalita Conley - 2 giorni fa
PG should be top 10
TheOnlyJroz - 2 giorni fa
Curry over lebron. Wow
TheOnlyJroz - 2 giorni fa
JRUE HOLDIAY OVER KAT, BOOKER, D’ANGELO. You don’t deserve to be a youtuber man
Sy James
Sy James - 2 giorni fa
1. Kawhi, 2. Harden, 3. Curry, 4. The greek freak, 5. Lebron, 6. Embiid, 7. KD, 8.Dame, 9.PG13, 10. AD
Sy James
Sy James - 2 giorni fa
So Nikola Jockitch is better than embiid. Huh.
Sukhraj Sahota
Sukhraj Sahota - 2 giorni fa
Embiid all day
Philipp Houston
Philipp Houston - 2 giorni fa
Jokic is definitely better than Embiid. Do you watch basketball?
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