ProJared: The Story You Never Knew

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The Completionist
The Completionist - Mese fa
This is probably the best video I've seen covering the whole situation and I don't want to add fuel to the fire but I just want to clarify a few things.

Everyone thinks we kicked JonTron out of NB because of his actions. We didn't kick him out. He wanted to leave the group MONTHS before his situation. The reason why he wanted to leave because he saw what we wanted to do with NB (which was making a YouTube channel) and was concerned that because he was struggling to make his own content and by making a YouTube channel, he didn't think he was going to be able to contribute. We also waited several weeks after everything happened before we announced Jon's departure. We did release statements because what Jon said really hurt guys like myself and Satchell who are the sons of immigrants, and his statements were really hurtful to us. But like all friends do, we forgave and move on, and Jon still chose to leave. I at the very least understand why everyone was so upset, and clearly, it makes sense. However, Jared's attack on Jon was his own and he always owned up to it.

Everything else in this video was as true as I know. Thank you for the honest take.

Annoying Weeb
Annoying Weeb - 11 giorni fa
Love you, Jirad!
Cassandra Kozak
Cassandra Kozak - 11 giorni fa
That Yakuza 0 hostess music at the end: made my day.
tall Chocobo
tall Chocobo - 24 giorni fa
Poor Ross😥
ScrappyBrack - Mese fa
Very cool that you decided to reply to this man. Glad to see you are handling the situation maturely and progressively.
CnP Sam
CnP Sam - Mese fa
500th comment
Lol olololol
Lol olololol - Ora fa
How did he think this was going to go down, you pissed off your wife somehow thought she wasnt going to tell her massive following about you cheating?
Professor Tree
Professor Tree - Ora fa
Just clicking this so it gets the fuck off my recommended feed and leaves me alone. I wish for great success for your channel though :D
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee - 2 ore fa
11:24 what video is that segment from
probably Vriska
probably Vriska - 3 ore fa
Why is Deltarune music in the background
Minecrafterxd123 Trying to get a hot minecraft gf
Jared is the new kid fiddler stereotype name now
Bluena WOLF
Bluena WOLF - 4 ore fa
Fuck I love this jazz shit
GreenAlienXD - 4 ore fa
NtGm 889
NtGm 889 - 9 ore fa
That was the longest intro I've ever seen in a video
CoolMcDude - 11 ore fa
is holly cross eyed?
Gingy - 15 ore fa
Dude is crazy. Have that beautiful wife and you cheat on her with Holly?
Getsuga Allen
Getsuga Allen - 18 ore fa
I am not interested in people lives problem.
Guy Dunk
Guy Dunk - Ora fa
@Optillian Treesicle literally made a video confirming all what I just said though. The End of ProJared: The Story You Never Knew. I've done my research and read all their tweets and whatnot as well and not one single person is to blame in this. How about you stop being a sheep and think for yourself?
Optillian - 3 ore fa
@Guy Dunk You're only saying that because you're subscribed to him. Stop being a fanboy.
Guy Dunk
Guy Dunk - 3 ore fa
@Optillian You're just as blind if you think that his wife or Holly's not to blame or is innocent. His wife not only snapped at and threatened Holly for liking Jared when she knew that it was a polyamorous relationship, but also manipulated Jared and twisted everything to make it look worse than it actually is. She's a bitch.
Optillian - 4 ore fa
@Guy Dunk You're clearly blind already if you think Jared is innocent.
Guy Dunk
Guy Dunk - 5 ore fa
@Optillian If beauty's in the eye of the beholder, then I'd wanna be blind after looking at you.
Charming Billy
Charming Billy - 18 ore fa
All involved are losers for making any of this gross misconduct public.
Aerolgel - 21 ora fa
I haven’t seen this shitposting power ever since the CNN wars.
katthefantastic - 22 ore fa
proJarad, flippin joke, dude you UAF and actually got a hot chick and then you blew it, burn in hell for your pedoness and hope people throw things at you daily.
The Big Meme
The Big Meme - 22 ore fa
"Heidi's initial tweets stood as proof enough for me"
This ain't it chief.

While I absolutely sympathize with the fact that you connected with Heidi's story (honestly I did too at first) the vast amount of support she received for what was, objectively, at the end of the day, a whole big set of accusations sans any provided evidence, was very disconcerting. While I have been manipulated, gaslight, cheated on, etc, I know friends who were victims of similar abuse. Friends who were far less able to respond to their abusers when said abusers painted them as demons to their friend groups.
Consider that Jared doesn't actually try to make Heidi seem like the bad guy in his initial statement. Then consider that Heidi responds to the mere act of his blocking her with a deluge of accusations and anger. Consider that she failed to mention specific facts such as, A: the fact that the relationship was, at one point, polyamorous/open, and B: The fact that she had multiple partners including, allegedly on the part of Holly, a long term boyfriend. After accusing him of cheating.

Consider this in conjunction with what Holly said in regards to Heidi coming out and saying the divorce was happening before Jared made his post (as long as we're taking people at their word) and suddenly its looking a whole lot worse for Heidi.

I could go on and on but honestly, it'd be easier to include some links. Mainly the twitter status made by Holly on the 20th of may, admittedly 4 days after this video was released.

Holly's big status:

A person redacting their accusation against Jared and bemoaning Heidi's narrative:
A highlight from that one: " I wasn't coerced into making this statement, I just want to do what is right. That's exactly how I felt about my initial statement, I thought I was doing what was right, I was wrong, Heidi lied, and there's no reason for my original statement anymore. The statement I made a month prior was about lying, manipulation,and infidelity. Jared did not lie to me, Jared did not cheat on his wife with me, and Jared did not coerce me into anything I didn't want to do. Despite Jared putting me through some emotional pain for the last year, he's the only one who has been consistently truthful with me. Meanwhile, Heidi had the opportunity to tell me the truth and chose not to. She's also the one omitting information and changing her story."

Are these absolute proof of Jared's good moral character and Heidi being a manipulative abuser all along? Maybe not. But hopefully people see this and think differently the next time accusations like this happen. Just because someone doesn't respond to accusations quickly enough to satisfy you doesn't make them guilty, maybe they just don't want to engage with a mob who's already decided their heads belong on stakes. A valid complaint, considering counter-narratives to Heidi's story were discarded offhandedly, to the point where people *defended Heidi abusing, manipulating, and threatening people* because she was "just angry and lashing out :(." Guilty or not, I sure as fuck wouldn't want to engage with twitter considering the atmosphere had I been in Jared's position.
luckypawn - 23 ore fa
I'm genuinely upset for what happened to Jared yeah I dont at all agree with the things he did. However he could've done better and be in the higher ups.
ebola chan is love
ebola chan is love - Giorno fa
really funny that Heidi admitted their marriage was an open relationship the day after this vid came out.
solozoro - Giorno fa
whats the outro music that starts at 20:20?
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - Giorno fa
That's a tragedy 😥
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - Giorno fa
Wow i only found this out now. I still love projared's old monster hunter noob videos
Jeff Chuks
Jeff Chuks - Giorno fa
Soo 2019 has not been the year for predators huh?
GFYS - Giorno fa
Maybe his wife was a fucking bitch.
Ruby Cooper
Ruby Cooper - Giorno fa
I hear that deltarune music in the backround starting at 5:06
Well field of hopes and dreams to be specific
Edit: if anybody sees this and has any more game songs/tunes and all that, please say so by replying if you can or want to
FRISHR - Giorno fa
Not even Flex Tape can fix Jared’s broken marriage.
Z-Byte - Giorno fa
"Though proof has not been made public, [her reactions] served as proof enough for me."

I've gotta say... this is where you lost me. Great information on this video, but if you were trying to present it in an unbiased light (which you may have not been intending to do in the first place, I admit), this is where you failed in that. Gonna keep watching to see if your viewpoint straightens out, but this is sounding more and more like a "Evidence-not-required Hitpiece." Something to grab views and add fuel to the fire rather than some kind of context.

Edit: Finished the video. I was hoping to actually learn "the story I never knew" about this, hoping for some kind of evidence to come to light on either side, but this seems to be a poorly researched hitpiece worthy of any front page "journalism" hungry for some juicy clicks.
kawaiipop07 - Giorno fa
He's just gross but Holly is a homewrecker!
TheRagingEntei 64
TheRagingEntei 64 - Giorno fa
Gotta love the danganronpa execution theme.
jrhamari - Giorno fa
Is it wrong of me to still enjoy Projared's videos despite what happened? Because I do legitiamely like his videos.
Kyle Small
Kyle Small - 2 giorni fa
The intro is like a quarter of the video
Pls WaLuigi Dom Me
Pls WaLuigi Dom Me - 2 giorni fa
how did people not call him out ages ago?? He's worse than Onision
Nik Naython
Nik Naython - 2 giorni fa
TO BE FAIR it was a little disengenuous of Heidi to post everything on the internet because it was really more of a personal issue but I get it, Id probably to something similar if I was put in a stressful situation like that.
Mim Mom
Mim Mom - 2 giorni fa
Yeah but... How is cheating anyone's business...
Tanis Annicchiarico
Tanis Annicchiarico - 2 giorni fa
Have you seen the stuff about how Heidi told Jared to sleep with Holly? The open marriage ordeal? I'm curious as to what you think of it.
Tanis Annicchiarico
Tanis Annicchiarico - 2 giorni fa
Also, Holly making things private isn't necessarily a claim of guilt, I'd go private to if people were harassing me non-stop, regardless of whether or not I actually did something.
Just Tired
Just Tired - 2 giorni fa
I loved Holly so much and it hurts that this happened. I feel insanely bad for Ross.
Melissa of Mordor
Melissa of Mordor - 2 giorni fa
Its literally the end of june but im only just seeing this pop up in recommended ... its old news but i guess ill watch
alissa Williams
alissa Williams - 2 giorni fa
He reminds me of Gabe from The Offixe
Makoto Yuki / Door-Kun
Makoto Yuki / Door-Kun - 2 giorni fa
Unrelated but I noticed the Danganronpa music in the background
8bit NES Cutscene
8bit NES Cutscene - Giorno fa
Sea is for cookie, that's good enough for you.
foochii - 2 giorni fa
deadass a 4 minute intro better be a good video
Reisen34 - 2 giorni fa
Great video! Subbed
Omgyellow - 2 giorni fa
Could you guys do a video on Etika? I'm so worried about him, but I have no idea what's really happened.
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy - 2 giorni fa
yes, you know... I love my idols and entertainers to have to asterisk everything they say with, "Allegedly." That's what innocent people do. Lol.
a random frog
a random frog - 2 giorni fa
I already know the story youtube, stop recommending this.
Jared is a creep
Holly is a whore
Heidi is a lying rat pretending to be innocent
Ross the only victim in all of this and shouldn't be friends with the above.
David Rempel
David Rempel - 2 giorni fa
7:12 did you just call Ross Irish?
K F - 3 giorni fa
I hate everyone this video talks about (other than jontron)
Soul Metal
Soul Metal - 3 giorni fa
That clip where Holly Conrad is in a costume and says "There are no festivities...". Where's it from?
Erick Dominguez
Erick Dominguez - 3 giorni fa
“Subscribe and hit that bell”
Me: K
Ocky the Silent Protagonist
Miles - 3 giorni fa
I mean afai, there are only allegations that there were a few pictures of 16 year olds on there. That is kinda scummy, but it would be legal in most of the western world and it doesn't make the guy a "kiddy diddler".
What he did was scummy enough, no need to exaggerate it.
bb ss
bb ss - 3 giorni fa
while the video is well-made, it's kind of sad that the very next day after posting it, Jared released more information as to what was going on. To anybody who doesn't know, it was about how he and Heidi were in a polyamorous relationship and a couple of other things. While a lot of stuff he has done were really wrong (obviously, paedophilia is not okay), it is still a relevant and worth mentioning information and what it basically means is that now we have a situation of words against words and Jared just sadly happened to be the last one to say anything and everybody started shitting on him.
As for my personal opinion, I don't think we got the full story from either Heidi or Jared, but Jared seemed to want to be private about it which is something I can respect more, honestly. I just feel pity for them both and I don't think we can really point at who is right here with the information given.
Only thing i can really hate Jared for is the whole nudes from fans thing and attempted paedophilia, which is definitely a big issue, but shitting on him for a bad marriage isn't something I can stand by in this situation, not with the lack of any hard proof from either one of them.
But most importantly, I just think it's an important thing that everybody sees all the information out there and draws conclusions based on it and not just partial information.
GrayJay Jumba
GrayJay Jumba - 3 giorni fa
This is a really wonderful, well put together account of what happened. Also y'all looked so relatable and nice I subscribed.
Villager - 3 giorni fa
I wanna know what happened to Ross
ElGavino - 3 giorni fa
He's preparing for Mario Maker 2 And he's on Twitch now
Alexandre Turcotte
Alexandre Turcotte - 3 giorni fa
20/06/2019 PROJARED CAN BE SAVE I SWEAR!! #JaredRedemption
lemon i guess
lemon i guess - 4 giorni fa
i love the danganronpa execution music in the background
TheChosenpug - 4 giorni fa
Did jontron ever apologize?
I really want to know
zephysisthebests maybelol
i heard danganronpa background music THO 10:59
Cap'n Cake
Cap'n Cake - 4 giorni fa
I’m just saying this cuz I can’t reply to TheCompletionists, but y’know, JonTron himself is the son of immigrants. Specifically, Iranian immigrants. He supposedly mentioned it about two times.
Just Tired
Just Tired - 2 giorni fa
From what I know he did mention it once and maybe twice
Requiem Initial
Requiem Initial - 4 giorni fa
16:32 that meme xD
frankinberries - 4 giorni fa
That guy is super ugly and he got married. Here I am not being a douche and alone. Hmmm....I must be doing something wrong
Hipster Dinosaur
Hipster Dinosaur - 4 giorni fa
8:39 Wtf is up with the word friends in that sentence haha
Mr. Hippo?
Mr. Hippo? - 4 giorni fa
Wow that danganrompa execution music
Elijah Goodman
Elijah Goodman - 4 giorni fa
This is really putting into perspective how these YouTube icons that I looked up to as a kid when I have always thought that one of these days one of these guys will snap or questions quit YouTube like Etika with the suicide video or netnobody or anyone who gave up on YouTube.
DarkTheShark - 4 giorni fa
Somehow this reminds me of Austin Jones
Gabriella Campolo
Gabriella Campolo - 4 giorni fa
Love the banjo kazooie music in the background
KeelHaul Kovers
KeelHaul Kovers - 5 giorni fa
Nice deltarune music
HapaxHog - 5 giorni fa
Satchelbag's content is amazing if you are a pretentious turd
Stephen - 5 giorni fa
The almighty projared penis
Rog456 - 5 giorni fa
Ages 5-9, Fun for all family!
Devise:re:pp - 5 giorni fa
Bruh how do you look so good.
Ben Toppi
Ben Toppi - 5 giorni fa
"... We aren't saying that Heidi is nessicarily perfect, but as of now... There's no evidence to the contrary"
Heidi = Perfect
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson - 5 giorni fa
Kinda wish you talked about Ross a bit more. He was the guy I became most worried about once i heard the news. I hope hes doing well.
Dragmuse - 5 giorni fa
What is the song at 5:52?
Steffen Conrad
Steffen Conrad - 5 giorni fa
i cant give vote the video but thanks for this non-cringy take on the subject anyway.
Alex - 5 giorni fa
the intro starts at 4:20
Elaina Human
Elaina Human - 5 giorni fa
i hear that danganronpa music in the backgroud u cant fool me :)
luan assis
luan assis - 5 giorni fa
i thought dick pics was a thing only well endowed man did, imagine having an average or below average dick and showing to people.
Stephen - 5 giorni fa
Hey! My average dik deserves some limelight too
Soulses - 5 giorni fa
fine, I'll watch it dammit!!! Tired of seeing that friggin annoying thumbnail!!!!
Captain Bongwater
Captain Bongwater - 5 giorni fa
JonTron did nothing wrong.
Camu Camu Gaming
Camu Camu Gaming - 5 giorni fa
its like they were waiting until the cracks showed up-
**Hears punishment theme from danganronpa**
K Mocks
K Mocks - 5 giorni fa
Good God he's attractive, not Jared....never Jared. This video's host, very cute. 10/10
misa jones
misa jones - 6 giorni fa
RIP jared memed to hell
Autumn Sprites
Autumn Sprites - 6 giorni fa
Well il never eat at SubWay again. Wait wrong jared? Oh never mind same story. Now excuse, me while i go out to get some subway.
MusicInMe754 - 6 giorni fa
May I ask the name of the music that starts at 15:35 and 17:10, please? Great video, too!
CockStirredMartini - 6 giorni fa
I always knew that bird faced faggot was a pedophile
Coby - 6 giorni fa
James Charles: I just lost one million subs for manipulating people sexually
Projared: Hold my dick
Bijesh Shrestha
Bijesh Shrestha - 6 giorni fa
I wish I was Jared ,19 and never fuvling learned how to read
8bit NES Cutscene
8bit NES Cutscene - Giorno fa
Clonker Splonkin Sploosh.
Bijesh Shrestha
Bijesh Shrestha - 6 giorni fa
The guy manipulated minors
And the white capes of the internet just abused and shamed him for cheating on his wife
Thinking they were superheroes

But really that's bullying
Cersei Lannister's Wet Nurse
Did you do an intro into an intro into the story?
ThatOnePerson - 6 giorni fa
Normal Boots: *Almost everyone leaves*
Some people: *Oh yeah it’s all coming together*
Crit Miller
Crit Miller - 6 giorni fa
1998 1998
1998 1998 - 6 giorni fa
My boy was just playing the game.
He is a gamer😏
Sydney P
Sydney P - 6 giorni fa
Wait, none of these people are dunkey?
Shawn Hopkins
Shawn Hopkins - 6 giorni fa
I seriously didn’t know this happened, like, wow
Inxerk - 6 giorni fa
holly calling herself a mental health advocate, and then turning around to literally call heidi "unstable" on twitter, says enough
Talia - 7 giorni fa
5:24 Look in the background. If you recognize the character that the person in the red & white shirt & blonde wig is dressed as, I hate to say it,

But you've read the webcomic.
TheOriginalSolicious - 7 giorni fa
YouTube kept throwing this in my face so I caved and watched, I like it
Voihan Viineri
Voihan Viineri - 7 giorni fa
Kitteny14 - 7 giorni fa
The danganronpa trial music fit so well,,
Alana Banana
Alana Banana - 7 giorni fa
I’ve never really liked him from the start I thought he was a bit rude and had a inflated ego problem.Though I used to be such a fan of normal boots crew, I think I watched two videos and gave up on him. But yeah he’s not a good man at all. This ripped my soul, poor Ross :( He’s such a nice guy. Poor Heidi :( Ross is my fave grump. Never liked Holly anyway. She’s not all that, she has a big inflated ego too.
Prossimi video