Alec Baldwin Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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David Vilchez
David Vilchez - Giorno fa
No shout out to The Edge? That movie was great and used to scare the crap out of me when I was younger
Peter Picallo
Peter Picallo - Giorno fa
A slightly underappreciated but great impressionist he is! Love his Connery!
Pat Hutchison
Pat Hutchison - 2 giorni fa
Not even a mention of The Departed? Surprising.
MyVoiceDoesWork - 3 giorni fa
30 Rock is my all time favorite show! It’s really nice hearing him speak so highly of it
rachel marie
rachel marie - 5 giorni fa
y'all forgot about Cat in the Hat :/
Fashionably_Straight - 6 giorni fa
I always preferred his Jack Ryan over Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan. Ford is great but he's Ford playing Ford as Ryan. Baldwin had a far more nuanced take on the character IMO.
MidwestVeganLife - 6 giorni fa
Please do Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp!!!
Tom Blake
Tom Blake - 9 giorni fa
I didn't have to watch the video very long, Beetlejuice was the only one I cared about.
Springy Coyle
Springy Coyle - 9 giorni fa
To be fair the only reason I know who Alec Baldwin is,is because of Thomas and the Magic railroad and The Cat in the Hat
J H - 10 giorni fa
The Departed
Amilio - 10 giorni fa
What a legend!
4K F**king A
4K F**king A - 11 giorni fa
What a wonderful storyteller.
Darth Bossk
Darth Bossk - 11 giorni fa
Baldwin is the greatest teller of an anecdote in the history of cinema.
kmlgraph - 11 giorni fa
Alec very articulate and intelligent. Great stories with vivid detail.
aaronmore - 11 giorni fa
what about thomas and the magic railroad
Li Harvey
Li Harvey - 16 giorni fa
this whole series is pure class
cgi creations
cgi creations - 17 giorni fa
What a quack......
9sunskungfu - 17 giorni fa
Awesome..but i would"ve also liked "The Shadow" added to this. I loved that movie.
K - 18 giorni fa
Really offended that he didnt talk about his most iconic role in cat in the hat but go off
valar - 19 giorni fa
He was right, Sean Connery dominated that film.
Bissrok - 20 giorni fa
I heard several words there
187tynes - 20 giorni fa
Man . personally I wanted to here how it was working on It's Complicated with Mrs. Meryl Streep!! I really liked him in that one!!
Peterplayingguitar - 21 giorno fa
Great video! Just 3 hours short : ( ...No mention of The Shadow.........Grrrrrrrrrrrr
deckard97 - 23 giorni fa
Iconic? That term is really being stretched too thin
Mr. Barnes
Mr. Barnes - 23 giorni fa
I have a feeling he talked about Beetlejuice for about 40 min and they edited down to 4.
Annabelle - 24 giorni fa
how does he hit such a tasteful balance of old school gentleman and progressive dad
Gavin - 24 giorni fa
The best series that GQ has released
IrethN - 24 giorni fa
I miss Jack Donoghy's voice!
falfas55bgas - 25 giorni fa
How could you not have Jason's Silver Spoons character Derek? He was the most hated child actor character, a snively little kniving brat!
Daisy Q
Daisy Q - 25 giorni fa
This person possesses such a fierce, intense, interesting energy.
It must feel amazing to be around him.
Every single role he portrays is just Perfect.
My faves of his are : Miami Blues, Malice, Mini's First Time, and
Prelude to a Kiss.
Gambello - 25 giorni fa
You really should learn a thing or two about lighting...
Kevin Heaney
Kevin Heaney - 25 giorni fa
No the cooler unfortunately, his only Oscar nomination I think. Great actor, did the movie star thing and transitioned into a brilliant character actor
Tues Sunshine
Tues Sunshine - 25 giorni fa
It’s just so fitting that the investors for The Royal Tenebaums are the ones that committed bank fraud
Tommy Hutchinson
Tommy Hutchinson - 26 giorni fa
He was great in Pearl Harbor, why didn’t he talk about that
Arthur Aguirre
Arthur Aguirre - 26 giorni fa
A hot bowl of bear meat lol
yee - 27 giorni fa
30 rock is sooo underrated. Everyone always talks about The Office or Parks and Rec, and don’t get me wrong they’re amazing shows, but 30 rock is never mentioned ☹️ i binged this show in like a week (i don’t have a life) and fell in love in the first episode
Isaac inkout
Isaac inkout - 28 giorni fa
JohnCranberry23 - 28 giorni fa
Best Jack Ryan hands down.
crashpal - 28 giorni fa
His Trump Character Will Always Be The Most iconic
420apache657 - 29 giorni fa
ha he does sound like trump sometimes
Amagansett Press
Amagansett Press - 29 giorni fa
Here is the REAL Alec Baldwin he doesn't want you to see. Undercover video behind the scenes.
Waz Watch
Waz Watch - Mese fa
At 11:58 someone walks into the theater 😂
Greasy Belcher
Greasy Belcher - Mese fa
I was brilliant as that alcoholic abusive father.
veerchasm1 - Mese fa
I love that people support a guy that humiliates his daughter by calling her a “Pig”
Donna J
Donna J - Mese fa
Good looks, class, great actor! 💖
Bubblegum Notgay
Bubblegum Notgay - Mese fa
Tito Tim Travels
Tito Tim Travels - Mese fa
I love everything he has done, but he was by far the best Jack Ryan. I loved the books, and Red October was the best of any Clancy movie. Yeah, Connery was Connery - but Baldwin was Ryan. He shined in every scene.
Ylfa Petursdottir Soussa
Alec is one of my favorite of all time
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 - Mese fa
Please get Keanu Reeves
carncats07 - Mese fa
What about his stellar performance in Team America.
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