Alec Baldwin Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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korsaircandyman13 - Giorno fa
You didn't ask him about "The Edge"? We have to know why he said Charles so many times. We must know!
Zach Perkins Decker
Zach Perkins Decker - 2 giorni fa
WTH no Shadow????
Mike W
Mike W - 5 giorni fa
Can't believe they didn't talk about his two Scorsese collaborations (Aviator & Departed) or his only academy award nominated performance in "The Cooler"...
Sarah Key
Sarah Key - 9 giorni fa
What a nice bloke
727busygirl - 9 giorni fa
He still look like a whole snack 😂😂
Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff
There should've been more! LOL This is what was intoxicating. Hearing him be a great story teller of the industry and selflessly talking of other's greatness. Great actor and looking forward to seeing more of Alec.
Alejandro Molina
Alejandro Molina - 12 giorni fa
I keep forgetting Baldwin was in Beetlejuice. He looked so different.
tomas thomas
tomas thomas - 13 giorni fa
no cat in the hat?
Memphis Raines
Memphis Raines - 14 giorni fa
"most iconic?" i dunno, i mean there are some good ones, but what about Malice? or Getaway? or The Edge?? would love to of heard some stories about The Edge and the bear and being in the woods with Anthony Hopkins.
DragonKazooie89 - 23 giorni fa
Where's the SpongeBob SquarePants movie? He was Dennis!
Autumn Yohn
Autumn Yohn - 25 giorni fa
wb cat in the hat
Julia Szwarc
Julia Szwarc - 27 giorni fa
disappointed the film thomas and the magic railroad wasn't featured
Jenna Frazier
Jenna Frazier - 28 giorni fa
What about him on SNL as Trump?! That’s iconic!
Roxana Hanna
Roxana Hanna - Mese fa
why TF wouldnt they ask him about the cat in the hat!! LMAO
Mikki220 - Mese fa
Malice and Prelude to a Kiss? Did I miss those?
Steven Gardner
Steven Gardner - Mese fa
W C Guy
W C Guy - Mese fa
My favorite character is 'Alec the Douche'. He plays it daily, effortlessly, and real......oh wait.
De St
De St - Mese fa
I'm not sure about some of these. If he didn't have his shirt off, I didn't see it.
sino rich
sino rich - Mese fa
Connery is Scottish....
Killer Wolf
Killer Wolf - Mese fa
Should've had The Shadow on this list.
Colin Arruda
Colin Arruda - Mese fa
Does anyone have a charger...we're dying...STFU!
Lynne Lip
Lynne Lip - Mese fa
He is one of the best actors and seems like a genuine person. He is so talented and I love his imitations of other actors. Such a great story Teller, thank you Alec
Reverend Saltine
Reverend Saltine - Mese fa
Music Funlax
Music Funlax - Mese fa
This man hates the president without any reason . That's how he will be remembered.
Oceanmachine27 - Mese fa
If he hasn't got a reason, I'd be more than happy to provide him with several dozen.
brietzke99 - Mese fa
Why is the volume so low I have to crank up my volume to the max
Jordan Rhea
Jordan Rhea - Mese fa
Nothing about the Departed?
hypnocilicdreams - Mese fa
Love Alec in The Getaway
Matthew Davenport
Matthew Davenport - Mese fa
This GQ series is my favorite, and this Alec Baldwin installment is the best yet. So well done. I could watch him tell stories for hours.
Michael Fontaine
Michael Fontaine - Mese fa
The Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite movies . I am still looking for it on DVD ! How can you not like it ? I loved it . You basically had legends in it ! Most onsomble cast just a wild ride !
Tengi George-Ikoli
Tengi George-Ikoli - Mese fa
How the heck did Shadow not make it on here?
toddsmitts - Mese fa
I came here for "Red October" and it was even better than I hoped.
T. Stamp
T. Stamp - Mese fa
2:45 😂
Brushy Ink101
Brushy Ink101 - Mese fa
No Mr conductor?
Blane Biondolillo
Blane Biondolillo - Mese fa
out of the Baldwin brothers I have always enjoyed Alec the best, he has a temper like me, plus he's one grate actor.
darkness101011 - Mese fa
I keep feeling like Trump was leaking through his tones
Tim Duffy
Tim Duffy - Mese fa
This is good too:
Lita Keaton
Lita Keaton - Mese fa
No Malice (1993)?
Eduardo Arce
Eduardo Arce - Mese fa
The man who narrates thomas the tank engine
Charmaine Swinney
Charmaine Swinney - Mese fa
The fact that he thinks he's not funny is hilarious. I love when he's on SNL, the "Schweddy Balls" sketch is on of my favorites.
LEGIN - Mese fa
Martyn Stembridge
Martyn Stembridge - Mese fa
I LOVE it when actors get lost in memories of people they have worked with and admired ... You can really tell that Alec studies people, and has huge respect for people around him who do a good job. I've no doubt he can be difficult in real life, but this was a fantastic little trip through his career.
Claus Madsen
Claus Madsen - Mese fa
Keeps talking of all the actors he worked with, referring to them as movie stars. If he himself is not a movie star, I don’t know who is
carl hiller
carl hiller - 2 mesi fa
Where are the Boss Baby, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Cat in the Hat and Madagascar 2?????!!!!!!!
James - 2 mesi fa
Was hoping to see him break down Juan Trippe in "The Aviator". I thought he did really great.
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft - 2 mesi fa
This made me love Alec Baldwin even more, if that's even possible.
Webchez - 2 mesi fa
They should really make sure that the sound is good when they interview great actors...
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock - 2 mesi fa
Beetlejuice!!!! One of my favorite movies.
Secret Antitheist
Secret Antitheist - 2 mesi fa
I'm loving this AMSR version of GQ's Iconic Series.
kevin r.
kevin r. - 2 mesi fa
Alec Baldwin tells the greatest stories that you can't hear ...
Azazura Azura
Azazura Azura - 2 mesi fa
beetlejuice was my childhood. :D
Nathan Forester
Nathan Forester - 2 mesi fa
It's missing his brilliant impersonation of Trumpty Dumpty.
jonesey251 - 2 mesi fa
young alec baldwin looks sorta like chris evans
Gavin - 2 mesi fa
Alec are you going to Epstein's funeral, you were one of his customers in Epstein's black book
Gavin - 2 mesi fa
How's Kim Bashingher
Joe Santa Maria
Joe Santa Maria - 2 mesi fa
Glengarry Glen Ross IS a great movie.
Raleighburner15 Hynes
Raleighburner15 Hynes - 2 mesi fa
Hey yo Alec what about epsteins black book your in it you still gonna do trump impersonations just wondering big guy
jjthesavage - 2 mesi fa
I thought his role in The Departed was top 3.
This Is Boone
This Is Boone - 2 mesi fa
What about "Ghosts of Mississippi" ? Probably one of my favorite movies EVER.
ANN TUMBLR - 2 mesi fa
great raconteur
Will Dragon
Will Dragon - 2 mesi fa
His best performance is about to take place ... Alec is on a List .. The World is watching Alec .. Alec?
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