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E! News - 20 ore fa
The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
{SugaKookiess} - 14 minuti fa
@Icynibba e n t e r t a i n m e n t????
John Magnesium
John Magnesium - 22 minuti fa
Icynibba wtf
vpll - 27 minuti fa
and you guys know it
vpll - 28 minuti fa
he was sacrificed
Todd Howard
Todd Howard - Ora fa
Guys I am proud to say icynibba is dead
nintendude - 7 minuti fa
Benjamin Luo
Benjamin Luo - 8 minuti fa
Today: "omg rip"
1 week later: who is that again?
Sad but this is how trends work
That One Casual//TrademarkTM
I wish it was one of those moments where the "deceased" person would all of a sudden come back to life. But it's not. RIP Etika.
William Scott
William Scott - 9 minuti fa
there needs to be a better youtube
fix yourself
your more than drunk
your organs are failing...
Njegok Iyus
Njegok Iyus - 10 minuti fa
Keren bro 👍👍
Rave Shadows
Rave Shadows - 12 minuti fa
I due hope he in better place.
HelloSir - 13 minuti fa
You would turn off the like/dislike ratio.
1tzSamBam YT
1tzSamBam YT - 14 minuti fa
Hmm Who Is This?!
Asia Kool
Asia Kool - 17 minuti fa
Y’all really had to bring up that mans past. HE IS DEAD HAVE SOME RESPECT ✊🏾
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper - 19 minuti fa
To think all of this could have been stopped with ONE conversation. His perspective was way out of touch with reality. He felt alone when there were countless people around the world who would have supported him if they only knew. If he only knew just how much he meant to the world, his perspective would have been dramatically different. To everyone who is considering suicide: look around you. Think about all the people in your life and how your death would affect them. It wouldn't be worth it. There are people out there who NEED you even if they don't show it. Your value is way more than you can think. And if you know someone qho is depressed, talk to them. Even if it's awkward or uncomfortable, letting someone know they matter can make all the difference. The last thing you want is to see someone reach the end of this dark path of depression knowing you could have done something about it. Your words affect pthers just as much or more than other peoples words affect you. We gotta speak life to each other, and Etika is proof of that.
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay - 19 minuti fa
Oh ok YouTube, now you let Etika content be on trending
Rest in peace Des you were a real one
Generic nigga straight white male picture
Depression is insane most of the time people look like any other,probably like you or me any day
sinohui3 - 19 minuti fa
Who is this?
Eddie MacKenzie
Eddie MacKenzie - 20 minuti fa
TheCrippledNinja - 22 minuti fa
Anyone else just hear of this guy ?
FallxnFear - 22 minuti fa
why did he died?
Someone Here
Someone Here - 22 minuti fa
Nice! I also support using deaths for views
Meliodas Go stupid
Meliodas Go stupid - 23 minuti fa
Her voice burns my ears
LorenzoDaGamer - 24 minuti fa
Noo way he died?????? RIP
Congratulations Tseries
Congratulations Tseries - 25 minuti fa
We need to end this feud. Fight down in the comments. Etika or X 😔👇
Masked Gaming
Masked Gaming - 25 minuti fa
Oh gay James was here
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez - 26 minuti fa
Mario Maker this Friday!!
mackoy haughton
mackoy haughton - 27 minuti fa
The revolution will not be televised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Demonitization Proclamation
I guess he jumped to conclusions
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper - 17 minuti fa
Too soon
Demonitization Proclamation
Did he die of fall damage?
Lilnootsacks - 28 minuti fa
this is what satan will do to your mind
angelica ùwú
angelica ùwú - 28 minuti fa
F to pay respects.
With that said, F.
BLVDKillz - 28 minuti fa
surprised the comments still visible
ecnq - 28 minuti fa
ahahahahahahahahahaah he didnt know how to swin
ecnq - 29 minuti fa
haahahahh stupid nerd dofnjianwfiawnfuibrsaehg ijg hier
joseph iannuzzi
joseph iannuzzi - 29 minuti fa
Rip Etika. He was one of the most funniest, nicest and amazing men on the internet, He never got to see Banjo-Kazooie...
HieuThunder 200
HieuThunder 200 - 30 minuti fa
Bruh anyone else not know about this guy except after he died?
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - 31 minuto fa
literally who?
Deluxe - 33 minuti fa
Etika didn't stick the landing (167m)
Jeffrey Rodriguez
Jeffrey Rodriguez - 33 minuti fa
Niggas burning in hell rn
Christopher Garrod
Christopher Garrod - 34 minuti fa
So Sorry RIP 🙏🙏😥😥
ZCBeats - 34 minuti fa
Why does everyone get so vexed about NEWS channels monetising vids about deaths like they’re just doing their job, relax. I mean news outlets can be quite shitty in general (especially E!) but that’s not the point, it’s how they make their buck.
Water Meloons
Water Meloons - 35 minuti fa
It hit me hard when his voice trembled after he started saying he was going or miss how some people where gonna grow up and attack on titan ending
SpliceTV - 35 minuti fa
“Yeah we’re commemorating him”
*monitezes video, disables ratings, advertises their own channel at the end, and only removes monitzation after backlash*
Ironically enough, this is how y’all mfs look 🤡🤡
ItsmeEmma Jean
ItsmeEmma Jean - 36 minuti fa
I don’t know Etika I just saw this video on trending but RIP
And condolences go out to his family and friends
MIKE TOMORROW - 37 minuti fa
May he’s soul rest although it might be hard because the confusion the hurt behind the circumstance reach out to others and find out before you quickly say something that means nothing to you but might effect others differently
Prestige Clash
Prestige Clash - 37 minuti fa
yay for profiting off someones death!!
Galaxygamer girl
Galaxygamer girl - 39 minuti fa
#1 on trending😭
Anthony Sims Jr
Anthony Sims Jr - 40 minuti fa
I'm still can't believe Etkins died. That one video, when he reacted to Super Smash Ultimate, it still sit within me.
Lucas Rivera
Lucas Rivera - 41 minuto fa
Lucid Memer
Lucid Memer - 41 minuto fa
Joycon Boyz Forever 9 💜
sir ne.
sir ne. - 41 minuto fa
Respect the legend
What a man
Nightbreaker - 42 minuti fa
Rest in peace Etika :(
Micha Henriquez
Micha Henriquez - 42 minuti fa
Sad Rest In Peace ❤️❤️❤️
Brandon Tooley
Brandon Tooley - 43 minuti fa
Naser H
Naser H - 43 minuti fa
Wtf nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
May u Rest In Peace
Neyy GM
Neyy GM - 43 minuti fa
Trending no 1 in indonesia
Mr Revolution Mars
Mr Revolution Mars - 44 minuti fa
Woah this was the guy bullied by ResetEra?
Goddess ByNature
Goddess ByNature - 44 minuti fa
Who killed him?
D o Z y
D o Z y - 43 minuti fa
Goddess ByNature suicide.
yer boy
yer boy - 45 minuti fa
never watched him or knew of him before this but sad
MacDaddy LongNuts
MacDaddy LongNuts - 46 minuti fa
It’s funny how YouTube is at least partially responsible for his death and yet he’s number 1 on trending because of a video (that has ads on it) called “YouTubers react to his death”
j'adore fm
j'adore fm - 47 minuti fa
I only listen to Spanish music on YouTube but I still heard this.
En responder me dice que *:*
Si morrime mañana, nunca te olvidaré *...*
Cowboy Patrick
Cowboy Patrick - 47 minuti fa
SilverkittenX9 - 47 minuti fa
That's sad. R.I.P
FpsDontGo_ - 47 minuti fa
22 vets commit suicide everyday. And no one cares. And yet some you tuber dies and everyone cares
TheOnlyHumanBeing - 44 minuti fa
Because that's how it is
Double D
Double D - 48 minuti fa
I think it's sad when people get didn't seem fair, you have a full life of memories and experiences and then somebody feels like they can just take it all away........ life is such a tough choice no matter
iiEdgy_DxpressionQoutes - 48 minuti fa
Tbh honest i feel like people Go to hell for Killing themselves Because they have a life to make the most out of it But they Waste by hurting them selves But watching etikas Videos over and over because his sucide drops my heart.
DJNesado - 49 minuti fa
Desmond was a great person and an amazing content creator who will always be loved and missed by his fans. Whether he's remembered through videos of him getting scared shitless from the deep web, or from his legendary meme, he will continue to be missed.

Rest In Peace Etika...
You won't be forgotten
Joonatan Lehtonen
Joonatan Lehtonen - 49 minuti fa
That took longer than I expected to end, and it ended in a different way than I expected. I thought he would ”overdose” on melatonin and wake up in a hospital, and get laughed at by the personnel when leaving.
Abrar Harahap
Abrar Harahap - 53 minuti fa
Rip etika...may your soul dance together with narancia
Elizabeth Hill
Elizabeth Hill - 53 minuti fa
Keemstar killed this young man!
TheOnlyHumanBeing - 42 minuti fa
No he didn't
Infinity - 55 minuti fa
YGO Kid - 55 minuti fa
Exploiting the death of a beloved man.
Well played
E L - 56 minuti fa
Whaat? How did this guy die? Thought he was a god
Kiki Zhen
Kiki Zhen - 57 minuti fa
Wtf is this kind of title and putting ads on this sort of news. Reported
Game Reaper
Game Reaper - 57 minuti fa
R.I.P legend
Charging Boo
Charging Boo - 59 minuti fa
Oguzhan Demren
Oguzhan Demren - 59 minuti fa
like i get it but everyone is really trying to get some money over my guys death please stop making vids ffs
Nobody - 59 minuti fa
Is it bad that I dont really care?
TheOnlyHumanBeing - 41 minuto fa
No because millions of people die everyday and you don't care. Just like the rest of us.
Velcro Ripper
Velcro Ripper - Ora fa
Wow what a sad music in the background
Double D
Double D - Ora fa
Is he alive or not?
Double D
Double D - 50 minuti fa
@M E M E Goats dam sleeping with the fishes.. WTF
M E M E Goats
M E M E Goats - 56 minuti fa
Double D he died
Double D
Double D - Ora fa
Who was this?
KingOfLove2003 - Ora fa
RIP to one of the funnest reactions we see this man ever existed on our earthly lives
mark N.
mark N. - Ora fa
youtubers????.😂😂😂😂 now that's a profesion or what??.
Jake RBLX - Ora fa
Use this as a rip button
👇 😭😭😭
Hayden Canales
Hayden Canales - Ora fa
*I hate the video title it’s such a disgrace they have to make a persons death sound like something a regular YouTuber would do but this is downright disrespectful*
Team Ghast
Team Ghast - Ora fa
*ETIKA isn't dead, they are "killing" your idols as a form of emotional trauma conditioning, it's ideological subversion and indoctrination. Think what you want, but most of the real hackers have been locked up and it disposed of if we don't sell out. You're being lied to on a massive scale... seek truth*
Kid Buu The Destroyer
This better not be monotized
ChristianSkkrt - Ora fa
...hope he found the aftermath...
Default in Training
Too soon... too soon... rest well. Rest well with X and the others
Mexican Mario
Mexican Mario - Ora fa
F Tika
Abubakar Zikria
Abubakar Zikria - Ora fa
please I need you guys to support me on my recent video, please plz give a like and comments. I really appreciate you all thank you
Xian - Ora fa
RIP 😟😞
Santino -
Santino - - Ora fa
Matthew - Ora fa
#1 Trending Video
#1 Worst Titled Video
Guido Mista
Guido Mista - Ora fa
This is when joy con boyz turn to joy con men. We have to be strong and remember his last message he gave us.
Jesús M
Jesús M - Ora fa
Dude, i f*cking miss you bro
Nintus986 - Ora fa
It’s just not believable, but I know it’s true. RIP my dude.
GhostlyPepperGD - Ora fa
1 Like = 1 Prayer for Etika’s death 🙏
TheTacoGod23 - Ora fa
Paul Rios
Paul Rios - Ora fa
"All i like is porn!!!" A memorable quote i shall never forget
TKKing X
TKKing X - Ora fa
Aifala Tia
Aifala Tia - Ora fa
I never watched his channel but still Rest In Peace I hope he had a good life
Prossimi video