How To Grow Horns Out Of Your Head

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Neo40 - 3 giorni fa
I'm kinda mad that I saw this after Halloween
Lagnaf87 - 8 giorni fa
We got Nate with those expend wiredpods and Callie with those cheap AirPods pffft
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter - 9 giorni fa
How do you get/make a face mold?
Giuliana Forte
Giuliana Forte - 9 giorni fa
Got them airpods
8-BitTommy - 9 giorni fa
Great job! Nate looks kind of creepy! Lol
Moriah World
Moriah World - 10 giorni fa
Are u and Nate married
Dylan Drobitsky
Dylan Drobitsky - 11 giorni fa
You should be Phil. From Heracles.
The Tridents
The Tridents - 14 giorni fa
Why don't you try using dry ice and water to make a smoke effect for a costume
Goddess EbonyxFlo
Goddess EbonyxFlo - 16 giorni fa
Nate you're amazing and handy and you must teach me your ways.
Calli! Teach me make up things! I wish to be a tiefling!
Fortnite Fun
Fortnite Fun - 17 giorni fa
When I saw the thumb nail I didn’t even noticed but when I looked more then I said Oh My Gosh how did I not realize
Martin Williams
Martin Williams - 18 giorni fa
Are you going to hurt me?
Martin Williams
Martin Williams - 18 giorni fa
Horns! But would you doow
Martin Williams
Martin Williams - 18 giorni fa
Baka Pierre
Baka Pierre - 18 giorni fa
go full tim curry in Legend.
Vincent Clark
Vincent Clark - 18 giorni fa
Nate, you should be Shrek.
Evelynne Cole
Evelynne Cole - 19 giorni fa
It's already funny that you made in your animated "show off" *Not trying to be rude.* Of making the molds you made. You made the neck and face be the complete opposite cause the neck is as thin as a stick and your face is kinda kawaii. XDXD
Jonathan Lesinski
Jonathan Lesinski - 19 giorni fa
4:36 12:45 you can see the bag of dehydrated skittles that they made that made me laugh
Laynie Stuggs
Laynie Stuggs - 19 giorni fa
Anyone notice they used a song from Aphmau outros?
Brylee Austin
Brylee Austin - 20 giorni fa
Did anyone else see there skittlea they put in a freeze dryer in the background when she was talking about her ears👀
Mystical Unicorn3385
Mystical Unicorn3385 - 21 giorno fa
Try MothMan
MegganAngela - 21 giorno fa
Just do Philoctetes like you want to lol
manit joshi
manit joshi - 21 giorno fa
superb its osm
Wren B
Wren B - 21 giorno fa
Would this work with your proto putty?
Mr. Communism
Mr. Communism - 21 giorno fa
I like to keep my airpods on a leash
Nicole Matthews
Nicole Matthews - 21 giorno fa
Brianna Battreal
Brianna Battreal - 22 giorni fa
You guys should've gotten Mykie from Glam and Gore with you
Haley Ramdath
Haley Ramdath - 22 giorni fa
ahmed sarajlic
ahmed sarajlic - 22 giorni fa
can you try making grapler gun with toilet plunjes and some rope
Kid-Fire Picard
Kid-Fire Picard - 22 giorni fa
Y’all are trash
Steven Duck
Steven Duck - 22 giorni fa
Peter Park
Peter Park - 22 giorni fa
Dylan Yt
Dylan Yt - 23 giorni fa
Lemme just get the cast of my head out
Lisa Creek
Lisa Creek - 23 giorni fa
Harvey Moulton
Harvey Moulton - 23 giorni fa
Need to know how to cast a realistic foot for Halloween prop doing zombie theme party how to cast without messing up?
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall - 23 giorni fa
Clash of clans cosplay?
Gary Cawley
Gary Cawley - 23 giorni fa
The horns look really natural, Nate!
Black Slayer
Black Slayer - 23 giorni fa
u look like a goblin
Chris Powell
Chris Powell - 23 giorni fa
Mormons have more fun.
Kylito897 - 23 giorni fa
2:01 was that a fart. Like is you heard it.
Syd the dog lover :D
Syd the dog lover :D - 23 giorni fa
Kaur Habo
Kaur Habo - 23 giorni fa
Nate Are you marreid
VIKKEFAR The Bunny - 23 giorni fa
I ikke that there is just a bag of freeze dried skittles in The middle of you...
Avianca Johnson
Avianca Johnson - 23 giorni fa
Did anyone else see the freeze dried skittles at 12:46
HeavinSlayer109 - 23 giorni fa
I don’t need make ups it’s already in my head
Savanna Seal
Savanna Seal - 23 giorni fa
If you leave the edges a bit longer than you did it would’ve been a lot easier to blend it into your natural skin 🤷‍♀️
sandramorrison99 - 23 giorni fa
Save the Potatoes
Save the Potatoes - 23 giorni fa
Why is everyone’s cameraman named Mark?lol xD
Charles Jesse
Charles Jesse - 23 giorni fa
Interesting. Using ear buds as opposed to conversation for your viewers.
Scimpty - 23 giorni fa
I just have my girlfriend do it for me👍 she does special fx makup
Limited Edition
Limited Edition - 23 giorni fa
What happens when you shoot a laser through a box of one way mirrors
Emoji Gamer
Emoji Gamer - 23 giorni fa
you should try to make a gummy sculpture from your concrete sculptures!!
Natalie Bingen
Natalie Bingen - 23 giorni fa
Dawn Angel
Dawn Angel - 23 giorni fa
Take Nate to a makeup store to find the right foundation shade!
Oxxomqitscrazys xxO
Oxxomqitscrazys xxO - 23 giorni fa
You should be the senator from Hercules
Oxxomqitscrazys xxO
Oxxomqitscrazys xxO - 23 giorni fa
You should be the senator
Kayleigh - 23 giorni fa
it up a little bit it's 100°
Lucy Perrault
Lucy Perrault - 24 giorni fa
Make a giant recies plz
Cam Nely
Cam Nely - 24 giorni fa
Jeremy Pike
Jeremy Pike - 24 giorni fa
try medusa
Giulia Priore
Giulia Priore - 24 giorni fa
scales scales scales !!!!!!!
Yogi - 24 giorni fa
Callee you actually look pretty with make up you should embrace yourself to go with makeup ( i did watch the video in which you guys make your face mold )
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