Esther CHANG
Esther CHANG - 27 minuti fa
Can we just talk about HOW GOOD SHAWN LOOKS
Esther CHANG
Esther CHANG - 28 minuti fa
I love the message of this video. I'm so proud of you Shawn.
Justin - 3 ore fa
This is a different Youth I'm looking for. XD
Perfexity Music
Perfexity Music - 7 ore fa
Duele Amar
Duele Amar - 9 ore fa
Aņa Lylove
Aņa Lylove - 11 ore fa
I love you music
sArG - 13 ore fa
This vid is soo underrated
Roia Kitty
Roia Kitty - 16 ore fa
Who’s that kid praying I rlly wanna know his insta
Zoletta Cherrystone
Zoletta Cherrystone - 18 ore fa
2019? Anyone?
8D TRACK - 18 ore fa for 8D audio version!!
Gabriela Fialho Pereira
Emocionante adorei 😭
Nas Harm
Nas Harm - Giorno fa
The Jesus in me 😊
bagus condro nugroho
bagus condro nugroho - Giorno fa
the song brings peace and unity
Amira Singh
Amira Singh - Giorno fa
Love this song it’s pretty like him 😭🥰♾
Amira Singh
Amira Singh - Giorno fa
He’s the prettiest souls ever #shawnmendesarmy ilysm ❤️🥰
spitboythecanuck - Giorno fa
He's so nice and kind to the people I wish you was my friend
Danika Helmer-Hatfield
How you know a song is good
1.) The song is strong with its lyrics
2.) You get the message the song is sending to us all
3.) You can dance to it
4.) Everyone can spread it around to help one another
5.) You can be empowered by what the song is telling you
Like Shawn Mendez said
I love to write music...
I get to write stories and sing them. This song is a strong story for us to take in and under stand. Now you know how you found a good song.
Nas Harm
Nas Harm - Giorno fa
Like this video we are all made beautiful and unique and Jesus accepts all he doesn't care who you were and what you Have done! Jesus is amazing John 3:16 ” for God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life” believe in the Lord Jesus he has died for our sins on the cross and rose again to sit at the right hand of the throne next to God
Francisco Z
Francisco Z - Giorno fa
Nurcan Eren
Nurcan Eren - Giorno fa
So goooooooood .
Sevinc Ay
Sevinc Ay - Giorno fa
Danny Crofts
Danny Crofts - Giorno fa
Happy Martin Luther King Day! 🙌🏿🙌🙌🏽🙌🏻🙌🏾
random random person
random random person - Giorno fa
I love being a Muslim and I am proud to be Muslim
Damlasu Şenol
Damlasu Şenol - Giorno fa
Şarkı çok duygusal ve zarifti... Teşekkür ederim.
Young Edge
Young Edge - Giorno fa
Underrated song always the best, miles better than overrated raps song nowadays
Jacob McCluskey
Jacob McCluskey - Giorno fa
Beautiful song amazing song rock 😎 😎
dominik pabian
dominik pabian - Giorno fa
Lizbeth Gaytan
Lizbeth Gaytan - Giorno fa
This is my all time favorite song, and I am being genuine about it. ♥️♥️ Has so much meaning.
Adara Acelin agela
Adara Acelin agela - 2 giorni fa
Its amazing
EmoPichu Princess
EmoPichu Princess - 2 giorni fa
Shawn Mendes is the only cute one
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel - 2 giorni fa
Who's better:
Shawn mendes: comment
Khalid: like
Izzy Sullivan
Izzy Sullivan - 2 giorni fa
can you sing this song at your concert in september 2019
Kallie Wehrmann
Kallie Wehrmann - 2 giorni fa
Mars Shab
Mars Shab - 2 giorni fa
Best YouTube video ever 👍
NauticalBoy Khalil
NauticalBoy Khalil - 2 giorni fa
Khalid-You never disappointed me #ArtKilingMe #Bosskite..
Locotrolloplays - 2 giorni fa
*pain, but I won’t let it turn into hate*

*such an inspirational quote*
emma etc
emma etc - 2 giorni fa
As a future Douglas student this put me in tears. And yes we as a community are strong and powerful. You can’t take our youth away
Seokjin OMMA
Seokjin OMMA - 2 giorni fa
Nikhil Rakeshi
Nikhil Rakeshi - 2 giorni fa
Oh and by the way am not trying to be mean u know that ur one of my inspirations I wish I could meet u
Nikhil Rakeshi
Nikhil Rakeshi - 2 giorni fa
I know it's a weird message
Hey Shawn mendes it is sharanya
Anays sister remember me could I get ur Gmail account please anay did not share with me because he was upset he really didn't listen to all ur songs but I did
resti hayati
resti hayati - 2 giorni fa
I like you music is very nice
Hatty Billa
Hatty Billa - 2 giorni fa
andreea Oprea
andreea Oprea - 2 giorni fa
Paula Pérez Montoro
Paula Pérez Montoro - 2 giorni fa
Awesome! This video is ❤
8D TRACK - 2 giorni fa for 8D audio version!!
nandito.arsyad nandito
nandito.arsyad nandito - 2 giorni fa
world need music like this
Juselle Vercelline
Juselle Vercelline - 3 giorni fa
This video got strong meanings behind it😌😌
Ismiza Ibrahim
Ismiza Ibrahim - 3 giorni fa
to all the youth in Palestine and syrian
Melanie Esmeralda Molina Encarnación
Soy la única que no entiende que mierda dicen
7:38 it's end this song ;(
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