Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

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cringy_io - 42 minuti fa
SavagePotato04 - 42 minuti fa
Sister foster just sounds wrong if u think of it. Not in Alabama though that's ok there
Christopher Romero
Christopher Romero - 42 minuti fa
Pewdiepie: goes behind blocks
James Charles: PeWdEiPiE WhErE aRe YoU
Factory meme 101
Factory meme 101 - 42 minuti fa
Its the team up of the great mics
Likely Sugar
Likely Sugar - 42 minuti fa
I don’t like James but pewdiepie does so I have to subscribe to him bc of pewdiepie
Olti Gjaka
Olti Gjaka - 42 minuti fa
Your james crush
Neon Doggy
Neon Doggy - 42 minuti fa
The Independent Voter
The Independent Voter - 42 minuti fa
Gey af 0/10. 👍
Zylo - 42 minuti fa
Listening to 7:04 with your eyes closed is an experience
Kenkobra63 - 42 minuti fa
Winning fortnite with James Charles
Guess It
Guess It - 42 minuti fa
James Charles is kinda weird I didn't meant to say that but he's a boys buts he looks like a girl and his lip is big I'm not trying to be rude
Sup2LOL - 42 minuti fa
*Pewds and James win*
James: What do we do now?
Pewds: *Instantly sets himself on fire*
Morgan Maudlin
Morgan Maudlin - 43 minuti fa
The Dope Guitarist
The Dope Guitarist - 43 minuti fa
James is a gay? 🙄
Godzilla Guy
Godzilla Guy - 43 minuti fa
Sees Minecraft and pewdiepie on trending

This... does put a smile on my face.
Meme Daddy
Meme Daddy - 43 minuti fa
Tyler Soza
Tyler Soza - 43 minuti fa
Listen buddy im taken
Mattian Win
Mattian Win - 43 minuti fa
Lol that spongebob song - When Worlds Collide
Wintrr - 43 minuti fa
gaymes with james
I am very boring
I am very boring - 43 minuti fa
*felix yelling at James for 22minute*
HOTPIGS - 43 minuti fa
And I thought this was clickbait, holy crap congrats on #1 trending
Jeran Manzanares
Jeran Manzanares - 43 minuti fa
MCU fans: Endgame was the most ambitious collab in history
Me: ...
NYC_Giants127 - 43 minuti fa
0:16 guess we going back to fortgay
Cop Rox
Cop Rox - 43 minuti fa
James Charles: Did you fall on the trap? That is such a noob mistake...
Felix: :O
DopeHouse4Eva - 44 minuti fa
U can tell pewdiepie was discusted during this
Lil Beetis
Lil Beetis - 44 minuti fa
Good job
_Jojo Mar_
_Jojo Mar_ - 44 minuti fa
I laughed a lot, Im here for felix, I still don't like James but it was a good video
Baaluu Vámos
Baaluu Vámos - 44 minuti fa
smells like new memes are on their way
LEVIATHANx31O - 44 minuti fa
Bruhhh de vieeeeewws
deyan C
deyan C - 44 minuti fa
Did he change the thumbnail loll
Jaxdoes Stuff
Jaxdoes Stuff - 44 minuti fa
James charles is a EPIC minecraft gamer
Kara Kurcher
Kara Kurcher - 44 minuti fa
Why is it #1 on trending when MLB is #1
Jabari deRoux: More
Jabari deRoux: More - 45 minuti fa
The bros and the sister fisters are back
Michael Geronime
Michael Geronime - 45 minuti fa
Aaaaaaand minecraft sucks again
Jan Babaku
Jan Babaku - 45 minuti fa
Williams Rivera
Williams Rivera - 45 minuti fa
Wait wth I thought this was a joke lmao
Destiny Steinmetz
Destiny Steinmetz - 45 minuti fa
I think u should play bed wars on hypixel
June - 45 minuti fa
this is the collab we never knew we needed
The green Mudkip
The green Mudkip - 45 minuti fa
This makes me like James charles
Toto Wiranta
Toto Wiranta - 45 minuti fa
#pewdiepie make some meme review with james... It would be great to have minigames too
Max Solis
Max Solis - 45 minuti fa
Honestly, this isn't as bad as I thought. I don't really like James by himself, but I enjoyed this.
Zekezoid123 - 45 minuti fa
I can’t take James serious with the baby skin on 😂
gio b.
gio b. - 45 minuti fa
Tobaklo Gaming
Tobaklo Gaming - 46 minuti fa
omg it wasn't klickbait
Pafkata Rap
Pafkata Rap - 46 minuti fa
i think pewds is inlove
Ackerman - 46 minuti fa
5:18 😂😂 the wave tho
jaxon beastie
jaxon beastie - 46 minuti fa
When I saw this I realized I needed to turn off the bell notifications 😂
Cubic Playz
Cubic Playz - 46 minuti fa
fix it felix
K M96FI - 46 minuti fa
It's amazing
R x
R x - 46 minuti fa
I kinda want to play Minecraft now but I have no ps+ :(
nat metos
nat metos - 46 minuti fa
Prossimi video