Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Official Video)

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MileyCyrusVEVO - 2 mesi fa
Marco Aurelio
Marco Aurelio - 2 mesi fa
Só pra chegar a 500 respostas slide away
Aarikathegreat - 2 mesi fa
Serious Black
Serious Black - 2 mesi fa
Thales Assis
Thales Assis - 2 mesi fa
I love you Miley! /Brazil... 💛💚
zeph_y2k - 2 mesi fa
MileyCyrusVEVO start making good music
music simon
music simon - 2 ore fa
I always wanted to do it and after watching this video the 200000 time I'm gonna make a cover😌🙏🏼
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift - 2 ore fa
I worship God that he enters the Commission and you are Freemason they want you a disaster that they are really wicked and despicable
Crazy fun Channel
Crazy fun Channel - 2 ore fa
MARVEL VS DC - 2 ore fa
That incantation almost drained me completely and it felt like I died before my return.
Stas Shulepov
Stas Shulepov - 4 ore fa
I've never seen, what a life
Merlin Juks
Merlin Juks - 4 ore fa
Song I was listening under Bulgaria Sun! :) niceee, good memories ! Thanks for this song Miley! :)
mohamed elbadrawy
mohamed elbadrawy - 5 ore fa
Let me be your we cant stop button
The ReAktion
The ReAktion - 6 ore fa
FUCK YOURSELF STUPID HOMOPHOBIC BITCH, industry music today is more like having a new IPHONE, EMPY, Hopefully your son born GAY stupid fuck. u are making this world NEFAST, WORST, MATERIALISTIC, FOMENTING HATE AND FEAR. Why dont u do something with you reach for the good¿? oohh because ur managers and record labels promoting hate, homophobic and Racism deep inside L.A INDUSTRY L.GAY industry
S1PK98 - 7 ore fa
i love this song, been in my head all day!
monique sharp
monique sharp - 9 ore fa
I know the exact feeling...its when u still love someone but u completely lost yourself trying to be there for them. Then ur so lost u dont even know who u are, u have no friends, and u dont know what home feels like...its terrible when u lose urself completely and make someone else ur whole world and forget who u are.
TheMethodBoi - 10 ore fa
Her best song to date, it's real.
lungelo looh khumalo
lungelo looh khumalo - 11 ore fa
This is like "cheers to us...but our time is over naw"
MARVEL VS DC - 11 ore fa
C'mon Princes Mylerian Skystar, say something to me like you used to , you know nobody speaks to you as concisely or effervescently as you deserve , other than myself. For every honourable statement has its equal to the honour of the statements bestowed generously upon one another , time isn't something I see as tangible any more, please respomd
etienne libos
etienne libos - 11 ore fa
De la bonne zik
TBOYTUBE - 14 ore fa
The aesthetic of this vid is amasing! 🕶🚬📀 Giving some Gucci-Tom Ford 98' vibes! The song is what I expect from Miley! Success! Ⓜ©
CloudSky TV
CloudSky TV - 19 ore fa
wtf happened to Hannah Montana?
MARVEL VS DC - 20 ore fa
Worth twice the amount of views if you ask me , if you use 2 devices to play this track on 2 separate devices in a separately timed set of chronological sequences to remix this super-hit🏅🎊🌏🌏🧧🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🥕🌆🌆🌆😋 make sure you amplify both separate chronological tracks for full audio enhancements though.
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo - 22 ore fa
This masterpiece deserved the Grammys nomination...
Kris Pl
Kris Pl - 23 ore fa
Jedyna jej piosenka,której da.sie słuchać
Solarstorm - 23 ore fa
Daniel Sheppard
Daniel Sheppard - Giorno fa
Just wanted to see what Miley was up to now I haven’t heard of her in years and she got kinda fine no 🧢
Taylor - Giorno fa
No matter what song, I still see her as Hannah Montana.
Laiba Ali
Laiba Ali - Giorno fa
This song is a mixture of lana del ray and lady gaga. Good song but miley could come up with a more thoughtful video. Although it’s one of my faves from Miley.
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo - 22 ore fa
People will always have something to complain about her...
Rob Niewiadomski
Rob Niewiadomski - Giorno fa
Witam. Pięknie brzmi twoja piosenka. Tylko wydaje mi się, że Tobie coś brakuje... NIE hajsu, nie dragów, nie facetów...Stabilizacji i satysfakcji!!!!! Trudne... No.... Wiem jak to osiągnąć he he... Pozdrawiam 😉.
James Cobbs
James Cobbs - Giorno fa
appreciate that miley is not who she used to be
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva - Giorno fa
deserved grammys
Oh Tudo
Oh Tudo - Giorno fa
minha inspiração ❤
Uma Fã Meio Louca
Uma Fã Meio Louca - Giorno fa
Que Gata Moreh ❤❤❤
Uma Fã Meio Louca
Uma Fã Meio Louca - Giorno fa
Eu Amoooooo
Uma Fã Meio Louca
Uma Fã Meio Louca - Giorno fa
Reyna Sosa
Reyna Sosa - Giorno fa
Hannah Montana
Moana Soakai
Moana Soakai - Giorno fa
I love this song. No hate. No revenge. Just people that aren't meant to be together
Gerardo García
Gerardo García - Giorno fa
I won't forgive you all for letting this flop
bh7 - Giorno fa
this song is magic 🔙 nostalgia 💓
Thashicat Emilcar
Thashicat Emilcar - Giorno fa
Superbe cette musique 💕
Alif Peters
Alif Peters - Giorno fa
Grammy moral nessa porra
Christin Riedrich
Christin Riedrich - Giorno fa
Xxterrible EditsXx
Xxterrible EditsXx - Giorno fa
I remember Hannah Montana:(
Thomas Braathen
Thomas Braathen - 2 giorni fa
Beautiful eyes
Darth Watson
Darth Watson - 2 giorni fa
This is such a beautiful and poignant song.
Markman Taylor
Markman Taylor - 2 giorni fa
I'd like to take her back to the ocean ,in a sack with rocks in it thrown from the wharf and watch her slide away
Another Topic
Another Topic - 2 giorni fa
Love you miley ,😍
Patrycja Aleksandra
Patrycja Aleksandra - 2 giorni fa
I Love You Miley
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique - 2 giorni fa
Amei o clipe a musica
hereiamagain - 2 giorni fa
Fuck this is good.
Innaa - 2 giorni fa
Look at her eyes slide away
Ángel Gómez Rodríguez
Ángel Gómez Rodríguez - 2 giorni fa
'when the party is over' feeling
Ashley ZD
Ashley ZD - 2 giorni fa
She's so beautiful omfg
BERGY DAS MEISTER - 2 giorni fa
Ofi Latifah
Ofi Latifah - 2 giorni fa
Back to the ocean
I'll go back to the city light

Best part
Thomas Braathen
Thomas Braathen - 2 giorni fa
Good work myley
!? - 2 giorni fa
I was mad sissy did I find a tree?
Julian Nial
Julian Nial - 2 giorni fa
This is honestly one of the best pop songs of the year, underrated doesn't even begin to explain it.
Elizabeth McLeod
Elizabeth McLeod - 12 ore fa
It sinks in deep.
Kelvin Ricardo
Kelvin Ricardo - 2 giorni fa
I just addicted in that music ..
FREDDY ALMADA - 3 giorni fa
👸 👑 🎵 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
ABDULLAH BAHAMID - 3 giorni fa
شاهد -see
This Saudi Arabia
Kailey Bryant
Kailey Bryant - 3 giorni fa
She looks GORGEOUS at 1:06
The Crazy Redneck
The Crazy Redneck - 3 giorni fa
What happened to the Hannah Montana and party in the U.S.A Miley Cyrus
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