Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures

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Paige Burleson
Paige Burleson - 40 secondi fa
I go to the movies like once every 5 years or so, this will b my one!!! Highway to the dangerzone baby!!! Woooooohoooo
Delure Hollow
Delure Hollow - 44 secondi fa
Archer: LANAAA!! Lanna: what?!?! Archer: DAAANGER ZONE!
formless777 - 58 secondi fa
If it contains the same homosexual subtext as the first Top Gun movie it should be a hoot.
Concord Branches
Concord Branches - Minuto fa
Looks amazing!
Macky Packy
Macky Packy - Minuto fa
The real fighter scene in the beginning is better than Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.
Teimur - Minuto fa
Are they fighting Russian bots?
ForceX - Minuto fa
I come for the jets and sound of radar lock
Daniel Blinder
Daniel Blinder - Minuto fa
More money for Scientology....yay....
Jorge Luis Delgado Vega
Top "Hype" Gun ❤
Morin Macias
Morin Macias - Minuto fa
OMG I'm excited!!! TOP GUN is back!!
Paul Grome
Paul Grome - 2 minuti fa
Nick C
Nick C - 2 minuti fa
How do you spell CASHGRAB
Piotr Bąk
Piotr Bąk - 2 minuti fa
Because I was inverted xD
WarlordRising - 2 minuti fa
Replayed for the 100th time in the last two days.
Thizlamic - 3 minuti fa
EVA_Unit_4A - 3 minuti fa

Fuck you: social justice warriors, femnazis, political correctness, political agendas, Mary Sues, straight-bashing.
And while you're at it, gimme some good ol' fashioned non-CGI special effects for a fuckin' change.
Andy Parkinson
Andy Parkinson - 3 minuti fa
I can sense hot shots part 3 coming 🤣
Marc G
Marc G - 4 minuti fa
Kinda wished they used the 2 seater version of the F-18 and put Goose's son in the back seat that would have been interesting did they get Meg Ryan back ?
C Hill
C Hill - 4 minuti fa
I Have to Say...This Trailer Gave me the Chills...Literally! For a guy that saw the Original in Theatres 10 Times as a 15YO Boy...This movie Made me want to join the Navy...Which I Did after College. didn't Fly, But had a Blast. This Trailer made me Reminiscent of those Times...And how much Time has Passed. It goes So Fast! Enjoy it while you got it Kids! Don't Miss an Opp!Also...Upped my Pride for the Military, and the American Sprit again...I Know," Its' Just a trailer"...But We can use more of this these days! Cannot wait. #USNRETIRED
Fiat McNuggets
Fiat McNuggets - 4 minuti fa
Say it with me guys!HiGhWaY tO tHe DaNgEr ZoNe
rtcharge - 4 minuti fa
I’m 57 same age as Tom, I’m gonna enlist & fly dat jet shit
Next Gen
Next Gen - 5 minuti fa
bluenessaja - 6 minuti fa
i think im responsible for at least 12m views at the moment, its at 12.5M at the moment
めーん@ - 6 minuti fa
Abil Ahmed
Abil Ahmed - 6 minuti fa
who thought this film stared logan paul for a sec
Roh Grg
Roh Grg - 6 minuti fa
I feel the need ...the need for speed ✈
Nino Brown
Nino Brown - 6 minuti fa
This movie is for fucking morons, jesus christ why are all of you people so stupid? I can't believe morons are still falling for this Hollywood garbage. I hope you know the people who make these "movies" are laughing at you dummies for giving them money to make garbage.
Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights - 6 minuti fa
CNN and MSNBC have been proven to be anti-America and proven to be *FAKE SOCIALIST PROPAGANDA*
yy - 6 minuti fa
Its leading us to the Green Lantern movie
Dood B
Dood B - 6 minuti fa
Maverick's Alpha Male Movie! Unapologetic masculinity. Go kill some bad guy Mav.
Wood - 7 minuti fa
This movey seems pointless.
VueloPrivado - 7 minuti fa
1:00 that scene.... wow!
spear285 - 7 minuti fa
THAT’S RIGHT!!!!!! am dangerous!
sherin - 7 minuti fa
White people make the world
We follow it
Even Jesus was the last hope
But he is with white people
Wild Walla triggered you
Wild Walla triggered you - 7 minuti fa
This is proof trending is rigged
69lol69 - 7 minuti fa
Is this a non woke movie? If its woke free you can have my money
john garth
john garth - 7 minuti fa
Oh my god, if you're a 80s baby this is everything.
Fluoride Jones
Fluoride Jones - 8 minuti fa
6,792 Mary Sues gave this trailer a thumbs down. Fuck them! This movie gonna be sick, yo!
Real Footwear Reviews
Real Footwear Reviews - 8 minuti fa
Was anyone else expecting a fresh rendition of take my breath away at the end of the trailer ? Like if so 😎
Carla Mylastname
Carla Mylastname - 8 minuti fa
No soy boys here!!
Sam Nigam
Sam Nigam - 8 minuti fa
Finally Top Gun 2. Anybody which month is it releasing in 2020? Hello from India.
Re1ik - 8 minuti fa
"Your kind is headed for extinction" Sad but true. It's basically like hacking in video games but IRL!
RobTi - 8 minuti fa
This is stunningly shot. Technically impressive film making judging by the trailer. Can’t wait to watch the film.
Carlos Alvarado
Carlos Alvarado - 9 minuti fa
Saldrá Ed Maverick?😍😍😭😭😩🙌🙌👊💦
tik tak
tik tak - 9 minuti fa
Хуйня вот наши стрижи вот это да
Bryon Yamada
Bryon Yamada - 9 minuti fa
0:53 Because I FEEL THE F^%& NEED FOR F^&* SPEED!"
Earning Attorney
Earning Attorney - 9 minuti fa
He should transfer to the space force call it "top laser"
John Besharian
John Besharian - 6 minuti fa
LOL! Bravo! "Punderfully Done!"
ImFabes - 10 minuti fa
Simulator of Airplanes 2020
Frank Black
Frank Black - 10 minuti fa
You think it's cooler:
Ethan Hunt(comment)
Ezekiel P
Ezekiel P - 10 minuti fa
I'm not leaving my wingman.
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