It is the first day of university

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ColourLife - 9 ore fa
Her hair actually looks really nice😌👌
Morgan Ashley
Morgan Ashley - 10 ore fa
I am so happy to see a successful YouTuber attending Uni and feature it. This is why Joana is the best 🤙
reziel egoc
reziel egoc - 10 ore fa
Joana do you have your drivers we never see you drive?
Free-Verse - 10 ore fa
0:14 Me aka Samantha: ...wHaT dO u wAnNt wOMaN!?
spoony ham
spoony ham - 10 ore fa
oh m gee, joana it is rude to talk with your mouth full :(
Ohh Ame
Ohh Ame - 10 ore fa
What university is she going to?
Jonathan Yuan 93
Jonathan Yuan 93 - 10 ore fa
Omg is that York University in Toronto?!? I went there!!!
C_lola 895
C_lola 895 - 10 ore fa
The other day at school we went to the library, and my friend was like sksksksksksksk and someone on the other side of the library sksksksksked her back
Talia Chatterjee
Talia Chatterjee - 10 ore fa
ok i love joana but isnt it weird that shes in college and her parents still drive her everywhere? like i get if she doesnt have enough money to buy herself a ca r(well she prolly does now but whatever) but at LEAST be self-sufficient enough to take the bus or bike or something? Idk kinda irks me when parents enable their kids like that. and like shes in uni and lives at home? wha?
Sahar Mahmmodi
Sahar Mahmmodi - 11 ore fa
OMG make a vid where u paint but you only use materials from the dollar store/dollarama
lexi hernandez
lexi hernandez - 11 ore fa
john cena: *talking into her water bottle .
140qr - 11 ore fa
i saw the nipples lol
Agape Love2019&
Agape Love2019& - 11 ore fa
This girl is so ugly if she smashed her face into a pole it will be an improvement. Someone slap this bitch.
Eric Matei
Eric Matei - 11 ore fa
Whoaaaa I can’t believe we go to the same university crazy
lailaslayin !
lailaslayin ! - 11 ore fa
Very good choice in reading joana
Chaotic- Neutral
Chaotic- Neutral - 12 ore fa
Ive been wanting to drop out ever since kindergarten
UniquelyPenny A.K.A Penny Loker
Pro tip: get a better back pack....your back will thank you later. Something with thicker more padded straps. More lower back support.
adifferentsunset 118
adifferentsunset 118 - 12 ore fa
gosh darn it Samantha!!!
• Midnight •
• Midnight • - 12 ore fa
You live in Toronto, I live in Mississauga

*i will send you some more cheese*
Phoebe Massey
Phoebe Massey - 12 ore fa
okay we get it ur a genius
Madelynn Booth
Madelynn Booth - 12 ore fa
*_the Crunch isn’t the same_*
Carly Churchill
Carly Churchill - 12 ore fa
My oatfit
lucky luck
lucky luck - 13 ore fa
Joana- it's September 4th
Me- ohh my birthday!
Joana- aka the worst day of the year.....
Jas Queen
Jas Queen - 14 ore fa
You’re almost at three million
HEIDI HICIANO - 14 ore fa
Valerie K.
Valerie K. - 14 ore fa
Can we talk about in a span of like a month she all of a sudden wips out this fashion sense from her mini little cookies.
marissa gordon
marissa gordon - 14 ore fa
the fact that u watch dance moms just made me like you as a person even more than i already do
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - 14 ore fa
samantha! saMANtha! sa MAAAANN-
Josie Joyner
Josie Joyner - 14 ore fa
i just started college too hhhhh hi college buddy🥺🥺
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - 14 ore fa
I remember you were just in high school not so Long ago and now university, and yet I had to go through college because I’m not smart
Emma J
Emma J - 14 ore fa
wait is university, college?
Josie Joyner
Josie Joyner - 14 ore fa
premature alcoholism hit me like an oof
Merp Derp
Merp Derp - 14 ore fa
Am I the only one that heard “did you clean the cat? Every corner of it?”
Cara Reagan
Cara Reagan - 14 ore fa
Please do a similar video like simplynailogical’s video wherein she painted her boss’s nails except for you, you can just make a video with your professor doing....uhm...john cena things
Summer Jaime
Summer Jaime - 14 ore fa
omg you're even better than i thought- a pjo stan... WHAT A QUEEN!!
Suppork - 14 ore fa
I passed my two semesters of physics without having to buy/rent the book. Do I remember anything, well.. no.
HAARDT SOFIA - 14 ore fa
I thought you were like 14 wtf
sunsofguns - 15 ore fa
*[talks with mouth full ironically]*
xJennova - 15 ore fa
You are studying Physics!! Amaze! Good stuff, go STEM
pupzaz - 15 ore fa
I was waiting for her in the intro to say PATRICIA stop panking
Anna Pastel
Anna Pastel - 15 ore fa
Shes so close to 3 mil!!
Julia Lima
Julia Lima - 15 ore fa
My university is trying a new thing where all students get free textbooks and free printing. Girl I guess something went right somewhere and I got blessed along the way. I still spend way too much money on gas with my hour long commute sooo
Max Liechty
Max Liechty - 15 ore fa
When you ranted about school, oooh girl, at least someone gets it
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
I remember you were just in high school not so Long ago and now university, and yet I had to go through college because I’m not smart
Jack Rigdon
Jack Rigdon - 16 ore fa
Mik K
Mik K - 16 ore fa
I knew you were from Toronto.
Izzy Dp
Izzy Dp - 16 ore fa
q and a for joana:
is there a dog in your future
Izzy Dp
Izzy Dp - 16 ore fa
q and a for joana ;
do you like the beatles?
Analisa Kool kid
Analisa Kool kid - 16 ore fa
Can we just take a moment to remember the time when Joana first started high School. can we just take another moment to remember when Joana absolutely loved her avocado toast. Maybe old Joana be remembered
Magnolia Bustos
Magnolia Bustos - 16 ore fa
Who else is just watching her old videos for no reason😐
SarahAesthics - 16 ore fa
which university does she go to?
Emily Cobb
Emily Cobb - 16 ore fa
Are you eating mushrooms for breakfast?
Pikachau - 17 ore fa
Be careful with Peter Pan. He screams.
Zoey's Zone
Zoey's Zone - 17 ore fa
when joana reads percy jackson 🥺💗
Roisin gacha
Roisin gacha - 17 ore fa
The algebra joke was on the wall in my maths class
JustLivinLife - 17 ore fa
Okay but “apple piss”
JustLivinLife - 17 ore fa
I’m the weird kid that sits in the back and doesn’t talk...except I love History
Daniella Muhumuza
Daniella Muhumuza - 17 ore fa
Natalie Sanchez
Natalie Sanchez - 17 ore fa
Lucky you, you have it all
Sam - 17 ore fa
why dont you have your license?
Emy Hall
Emy Hall - 17 ore fa
Broooooo sep 4th is the worst day it’s the day I was born
Florance Pimentel
Florance Pimentel - 18 ore fa
Are you Dutch??
Prossimi video