Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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Elena Lázaro
Elena Lázaro - 13 minuti fa
madi Drennen
madi Drennen - 14 minuti fa
“we’re back and we are GOING BACK INTO THE WOMB”
“poor mom” 💀😂
Jhada Tillmon
Jhada Tillmon - 16 minuti fa
The thumbnail though😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😕😕😕😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐☺️🤣
Bella Thurman
Bella Thurman - 40 minuti fa
mom's "tummy's" idk why I just thought that was so adorable that they said tummy like a little kid
Maria Sequeira
Maria Sequeira - 48 minuti fa
22:42 eyes up everyone
Skill - 49 minuti fa
I can feel the man he is very uncomfortable. 😂
ALI CARROLL - 57 minuti fa
you tryna tell us emma is pregnant
Olivia Lucas
Olivia Lucas - Ora fa
Grayson looked so serious when he asked Ethan what they wear in the womb 😂
Elfi Blau
Elfi Blau - Ora fa
babies can't breathe in the womb xD They take their first breath when they are out.
Jacky Ruiz
Jacky Ruiz - Ora fa
Do twins ever realize that one of them was unplanned...?
Sharyea Riddick
Sharyea Riddick - Ora fa
Hey I'm a twin and the reason why you guys are so close is because you were one cell me and my twin were two different cells in the womb I just had to say something
Keira and Savanna
when they were eating the Raman noodles I could not breathe bc I was laughing so hard
𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 // 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐞
why did I learn more from this video than I do from school 😂
kristen curtis
kristen curtis - 2 ore fa
Shauna Thompson
Shauna Thompson - 2 ore fa
no one:
Lexi Meneghin
Lexi Meneghin - 2 ore fa
*burp* phew PECAN
Living it With evy
Living it With evy - 2 ore fa
My claustrophobia is kicking in and I’m not even IN THAT!🥴
Jersy Chase
Jersy Chase - 2 ore fa
StOp SmAcKiNg MoM
Cassandra Clark
Cassandra Clark - 2 ore fa
Whole 28 minutes of the twins fighting
Slime With Love
Slime With Love - 3 ore fa
when you cant think of anymore video ideas😂
Noob;Pro - 3 ore fa

Half of a 2 liter bottle

Also known as 1 Liter
Mika Woods
Mika Woods - 3 ore fa
homeboy really said he came out of a placenta i’m dead 😭😭😂😂
Amazing Amaya
Amazing Amaya - 3 ore fa
Dang, I reallly wish I had a twin so I’m gonna do this with my favorite sister😂and she doesn’t want to I’ll do it with my older sister😂😂
Wolfie Girl
Wolfie Girl - 3 ore fa
After they left the doctor quit😔
Aashira Abigail
Aashira Abigail - 3 ore fa
Go to 22:43 Gray's D 😳
Josie Nichols
Josie Nichols - 4 ore fa
Was I just the superior twin in the womb - Grayson Dolan 2019 😂
Thomas Jake de Jager
Y'all skipped Biology class? 😂❤ This is so funny and cute.
Symphonia doll
Symphonia doll - 4 ore fa
It's weird to think you guys were the same person at some point.

Karolina Woźniak2
Karolina Woźniak2 - 4 ore fa
I am questioning my life as a human so much I don’t even know how God started!!!
Teresa Leyes
Teresa Leyes - 4 ore fa
This was low key educational to the people who don’t actually know about the process
Paige Mcinally ö
Paige Mcinally ö - 4 ore fa
Bro stop smacking mum SoRrY mUm
Paige Mcinally ö
Paige Mcinally ö - 4 ore fa
Ethan’s like just a wee bit dumb just a weee bit 😬
Emily Chanel
Emily Chanel - 5 ore fa
9:37 Gary looked so confused at what Grayson said
Kate McManus
Kate McManus - 5 ore fa
I was only 4 pounds and my twin was 5... tfw?!!?!
Connor Wadsworth
Connor Wadsworth - 5 ore fa
yooo I can't even @ 8:45 the editing is too good :)
Your guilty Conscience
I bet this is what they actually did in the womb, but like...Fetus-Ethan-and-Grayson intensity level
gay alert 😂
popular slut
popular slut - 6 ore fa
13:25 had me dying "STOP DISRESPECTING MOM"
Grande Lover
Grande Lover - 7 ore fa
22:41 thank me later
Grande Lover
Grande Lover - 7 ore fa
And 23:02
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 7 ore fa
Taylor Atkin-Coutts
Taylor Atkin-Coutts - 8 ore fa
-Stop smacking mom
Taniesha Van Dyk
Taniesha Van Dyk - 8 ore fa
the doctor was lowkey scared of the twins interrogation 😂
Curtis Keese
Curtis Keese - 8 ore fa
And this will be the only time they were not trying to kill each other
Indiana Garces
Indiana Garces - 8 ore fa
Lmao I pressed on the vid cause I thought it was a water park simulator then I look and I’m like wtf womb
lauragzelaya 777
lauragzelaya 777 - 9 ore fa
Im dead about the doctor’s face when Ethan calls themselves “Wombmates”😂😭 I feel like he couldn’t believe what he was being asked😂
Anxrchy Bxtch
Anxrchy Bxtch - 9 ore fa
Isn't a gynecologist a person who studies vaginas or smth?
Charlotte Kathleen
Charlotte Kathleen - 9 ore fa
Ale BH
Ale BH - 9 ore fa
"MOM CAN YOU EAT" "OH!" "what is it?" "its a peecan!" "its a pecan.."
Ale BH
Ale BH - 9 ore fa
"sT0p sMaCkinG m0M" lmfaooo
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