I Made Giant Chicken Nuggets And Fries For A Competitive Eater • Tasty

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Nick Gawelek
Nick Gawelek - 41 minuto fa
Cause its chicken
Jaslenee Vargas
Jaslenee Vargas - Ora fa
Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams - Ora fa
U should make a big bowl of cereal
Caitlin Worrall
Caitlin Worrall - 3 ore fa
Anyone else really want McDonald's now?
Lejla Mešić
Lejla Mešić - 3 ore fa
This video was supposed to me called: Try not to get hungry EXTREMELY HARD
And I'm I the only one who thought of something else when he said: I found this cool ToY in the back
Vikkstar 2000
Vikkstar 2000 - 3 ore fa
Stay in school to know how to correctly make giant chicken nuggets
Fr05t W41ker
Fr05t W41ker - 5 ore fa
Why am I watching this? I have a poultry allergy lmao
Patricia Graham
Patricia Graham - 5 ore fa
This looks hellthy
sep b
sep b - 5 ore fa
Professional eater ay😏
Mustache Cat
Mustache Cat - 6 ore fa
So hungry now
Happy Schnappy
Happy Schnappy - 6 ore fa
How is she more fit then I am?
*W H A T*
Emma Abke
Emma Abke - 8 ore fa
McDonald’s who?
Fiella Cabebe
Fiella Cabebe - 8 ore fa
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez - 8 ore fa
Hellthy junk food is better!!!
Jacob E
Jacob E - 11 ore fa
This is how manny whole chickens were in those nuggets...
Balake Valles
Balake Valles - 11 ore fa
Competitive eater skinny after eating 10 times the amount a human eats me gets one McDonald’s burger a week then I’m big WTF
Ruth Bekele
Ruth Bekele - 12 ore fa
Ruth Bekele
Ruth Bekele - 12 ore fa
She is sweet
Nia Imani Deniege McConnell
Giant chocolate chip cookie please 😊😋
Final - 13 ore fa
11:04 that’s a hash brown, not a nugget
Xx luna the lone wolf xX
k9l712 2belle26
k9l712 2belle26 - 14 ore fa
It makes me sad knowing I won't have any
Mark ordonez
Mark ordonez - 16 ore fa
lady where the fu#k does all the food go when you eat how are you so skinny i eat a bag of chips and gained three pounds
Lul Papi Frey
Lul Papi Frey - 17 ore fa
“Matt Stonie how big do you want it?”
Matt: YES
Haky Dogy
Haky Dogy - 18 ore fa
Buzzfeed sucks
Ian Yang
Ian Yang - 19 ore fa
Make a giant sushi haha
Kelii Hon
Kelii Hon - 19 ore fa
go work for mc donalds
SUNNEY DAZE - 19 ore fa
I like the thighs over breast he says
VKOOK anne
VKOOK anne - 20 ore fa
Sana all Hahaha
Lord of the Sith
Lord of the Sith - 21 ora fa
If you want to see large French fries watch Matt stonie.
CANDY JONES - 21 ora fa
Wow i forgot all about Raina lol 😂 she can eat💪🏻
Aboa - 21 ora fa
How many times does he say “woo”?
Xxwolf _loverxX
Xxwolf _loverxX - 22 ore fa
Can 6ou make a big tamale plssss
Jason M.
Jason M. - 22 ore fa
Alvin is SOOO CRINGEY........ *I LOVE IT*
Kenya Velasquez
Kenya Velasquez - 23 ore fa
they should make a giant chicken wings
Sydney Sabrina
Sydney Sabrina - Giorno fa
he protecc
he attacc
but most importantly
he make giant snacc
Devin Ians
Devin Ians - Giorno fa
Alvin emanates such pure energy.
Martin C
Martin C - Giorno fa
How do I get on this show? Money? Likes? I need answers.
HenrollisJ - Giorno fa
Do NOT take this young lady out for dinner!
DeShay Anderson
DeShay Anderson - Giorno fa
Can you spot the difference 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😒😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏find it
Robi Robi
Robi Robi - Giorno fa
And I 10:17
kalysta arndt
kalysta arndt - Giorno fa
wish i could have whats on the screen
Anniie MO
Anniie MO - Giorno fa
did anyone else here the gumball reference 5:13
Jorge Ng
Jorge Ng - Giorno fa
The chicken nugget was raw, check on the 13:34 minute mark they did a color change so nobody would notice. But its raw. Nothing wrong about it tho, people make mistake we are human at the end of the day
Gamer Destruction8515
Gamer Destruction8515 - Giorno fa
2:30 the thighs are more juicer and fatter(thiccer) than the breasts
Nadia Lessing
Nadia Lessing - Giorno fa
Giant sushiiii!!!!
Nadia Lessing
Nadia Lessing - Giorno fa
ten years later..
Its Ωmega
Its Ωmega - Giorno fa
Thicc bob.

That’s it.
Ihopeyou Steponalego
Ihopeyou Steponalego - Giorno fa
His girl is a mood
joseph roseelan
joseph roseelan - Giorno fa
I hope chickens will watch this video
Yumi Chocolate
Yumi Chocolate - Giorno fa
She was my Girl Crush for the Longest .. Until my other Channel Got Deleted because it was to much Porn on it.. Ugh😒.. But I'm back to Stay YouTube😭... I will Not get kill buy the terminator like Sarah Conner..
Man his upper body is smaller than the chicken nuggets
Vava Nessa
Vava Nessa - Giorno fa
"Stay in school, kids" as if you would actually learn useful things in school
Chayito Dova
Chayito Dova - Giorno fa
Yared Resa
Yared Resa - Giorno fa
So unoriginal. Guys everything hes doing is from healthy junk food
Helmisimpukka - Giorno fa
This is how many times Alvin said "woohh"😂
Marian Dan
Marian Dan - Giorno fa
Cee Cee
Cee Cee - Giorno fa
i love the sound he makes when pouring eggs! 😅🤣🤣🤣
Anuradha Kumari
Anuradha Kumari - Giorno fa
anyone vegetarian here???🙋
Kahlila Cassandra Vee
Kahlila Cassandra Vee - Giorno fa
I ship them
Imperfectly perfect
Imperfectly perfect - Giorno fa
Me: sees giant food
Also me: How do I get on this show?
Dowly Bash
Dowly Bash - Giorno fa
Dude!Its not a good idea watching this while fasting😟😟😟
BLAX x - Giorno fa
kids be like in the toy store 5:29
KrispyChickenV Gaming
KrispyChickenV Gaming - Giorno fa
9:40 just to check some comments xx
The Cute and Adorable Crackhead♡
This should be called, “I made people hungry for 14 minutes”
Amosh Lopez
Amosh Lopez - Giorno fa
Wait what you just ate wasn't dinner.
KNIGHT'S Daily - Videos
Try Matt stonie with giant food challenge
Greensicle _
Greensicle _ - Giorno fa
The chicken nugget looks undedcooked
Miko Wong
Miko Wong - Giorno fa
Me:can’t eat like 10 chicken nuggets
Raina:eats 100 in what I remember 4 minutes
Kronome - Giorno fa
Raina huang: i ate a 4 pound burrito
Matt stonie: iam about to end this woman’s whole career
Natalie Garcia
Natalie Garcia - Giorno fa
Matt stonie 😍😍
Pizon pizon
Pizon pizon - Giorno fa
Shut the fuck up
bowmasters master
bowmasters master - Giorno fa
her: 6 minutes on a giant burrito
me: Matt Stonie where you at
SAVAGEGAMIN 1234 - 2 giorni fa
2:23 that voice crack tho
Michael Jackson fan
Michael Jackson fan - 2 giorni fa
Bob don’t take a bath on camera😒
Tropical pineapple Slimes 21
When you say you are only going to have 1 chicken nugget
Ashton Productions
Ashton Productions - 2 giorni fa
You should make a giant raspberry cheesecake!!!
Judging Emperor
Judging Emperor - 2 giorni fa
Madison Dupont
Madison Dupont - 2 giorni fa
"Bob's pissed"
Maria Miree
Maria Miree - 2 giorni fa
Ur funny😂 like ur lil jokes
ali asjdkdk
ali asjdkdk - 2 giorni fa
I wonder what physically makes these smaller, slimmer girls be such successful competitive eaters, especially compared to larger competitors
Nelson Pomares
Nelson Pomares - 2 giorni fa
Not cooked yet
Yamiera Guy
Yamiera Guy - 2 giorni fa
giant taco
pickel chin as boi
pickel chin as boi - 2 giorni fa
Where Matt stonie at??
Abu Siddique
Abu Siddique - 2 giorni fa
4:20 eggplant lol
Xheikh Rizwan
Xheikh Rizwan - 2 giorni fa
I really don't like talk to much when u do cooking
brave hunter 9
brave hunter 9 - 2 giorni fa
I hope u invite me for that food
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith - 2 giorni fa
i want this man in my life.
UNICORN LOVER - 2 giorni fa
I love this series ❤️❤️❤️ my mom would say you can only eat one little chicken nugget
Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez - 2 giorni fa
That shit is raw . I know yall saw them put a filter over it . 😂 to cover the raw chicken .
Jennifer Leafs
Jennifer Leafs - 2 giorni fa
Are you related to vincent zhou the figure skater?
Nisa Nisa
Nisa Nisa - 2 giorni fa
You should make a giant hotdog
Elizabeth Allibone
Elizabeth Allibone - 2 giorni fa
that is a novel
Hao Gia Banh (Catherine)
Hao Gia Banh (Catherine) - 2 giorni fa
Invite Got7 pleaseee
Masala Pizzaa
Masala Pizzaa - 2 giorni fa
2:19 "Now, that's what I like to see in the morning." Quality beating the meat joke, Alvin.
Legends Playz
Legends Playz - 2 giorni fa
Lol did he mean a strip club when he said make it rain at 5:39 around there
Mr. Mattress
Mr. Mattress - 2 giorni fa
Thats what she said
Subham Dutta
Subham Dutta - 2 giorni fa
why does this remind me of Africa? (no offence )
Michelle - 2 giorni fa
I could barely finish 4 nuggets at maccas when I was younger... This looks like heeeeell...
Mastersofbeats - 2 giorni fa
Just missing the extra large drink
Bryan Weber
Bryan Weber - 2 giorni fa
> Nobody:
> Absolutely nobody:
> Literally not a single soul on earth:
> Youtube's recommendation: "I Made Giant Chicken Nuggets And Fries For A Competitive Eater"
Gaming with Ramen
Gaming with Ramen - 2 giorni fa
Guy's never forget to season your meat.
Prossimi video