Expert Jeweler Greg Yuna Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Inventory | GQ

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Big boss Man
Big boss Man - 3 ore fa
make an episode with peter marco
Overwhelming Euphoria
Overwhelming Euphoria - 4 giorni fa
That cuban link that's 60 er 100 I mean $110,000 goy. What mahk up? Of course I'm givin u the best price my friend.
Overwhelming Euphoria
Overwhelming Euphoria - 4 giorni fa
Overwhelming Euphoria
Overwhelming Euphoria - 4 giorni fa
"You gotta have a lot of bread to get in this business." Aka you have to be jewish with a jewish diamond supplier.
CHARLIE ._. - 4 giorni fa
myname - 7 giorni fa
Do one with that Elliot guy
ShortyzDK - 10 giorni fa
Why buy his bust down when you can get Rolex to set the stones for you! Always FACTORY set, learn this. There is a reason it's 3-4 times more expensive.
True Music
True Music - 11 giorni fa
Does the guy know what Arabic numbers are? Can someone tell him? Maybe google it?
Maurice Hoover
Maurice Hoover - 11 giorni fa
Did this man say stainless steel and diamonds?
brennan - 14 giorni fa
Is there any Jewelers that aren't corny
Raphael Granger
Raphael Granger - 14 giorni fa
Why do all these celebrity jewellers try to act like gangsters. They all think they r al Pacino lol
Caleb Diazdeleon
Caleb Diazdeleon - 15 giorni fa
He thinks he knows but doesn't kno nadaa hahaha che menso
Shay Monte'
Shay Monte' - 19 giorni fa
I just got an iced out michael kors watch
Soloman 5k
Soloman 5k - 19 giorni fa
I would rather have those watches without the bling blings
Panda - 20 giorni fa
But he can't buy hair
Juan Martines
Juan Martines - 20 giorni fa
Dang this dude think he better then every other jeweler but we all know Johnny better this guys just so cocky

It’s my opinion chill
Alberto Cruz
Alberto Cruz - 21 giorno fa
Johnny dang is way ahead of you bud
Tony Campbell
Tony Campbell - 21 giorno fa
like these videos but disliked the one becuase this guy is a trashboi.
Theo Stein
Theo Stein - 21 giorno fa
He wants to be Johnny Dang so bad
Claire Patton
Claire Patton - 21 giorno fa
When GQ put trash like this it’s time to unsubscribe.
Claire Patton
Claire Patton - 21 giorno fa
When GQ
Skyy Kabbyy
Skyy Kabbyy - 24 giorni fa
Jhonny dang ftw
Dang Khoa Vo
Dang Khoa Vo - 25 giorni fa
Yup, this guy just has an immense vibe of the middle man.
CALIGULA 666 - 25 giorni fa
*a one million dollar chain ?? I'd rather put one million dollars in my bank account . $250k watch ??? I'd rather buy a house with that $250k*
Dr. Officer
Dr. Officer - 25 giorni fa
Heavy in the game
Haroon - 26 giorni fa
1.16 he said he WAS Jewish.
I wonder why he changed
Torma Ferenc
Torma Ferenc - 26 giorni fa
BTW we are also using arabic numbers in the Eu and the US.
The Shit You Scared To Say
Melee diamonds ...
Lifting Junkie
Lifting Junkie - 27 giorni fa
This guy is a douche bag and thinks he is better then his clients
Channa Deraniyagala
Channa Deraniyagala - 29 giorni fa
i prefer johnny dang
YoruTKL - 29 giorni fa
anyone know the first instrumental?
Allie Kat
Allie Kat - Mese fa
Johnny Dang clowns on that dude
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - Mese fa
Stay Humble Jew.
Erik Amparan
Erik Amparan - Mese fa
Dr, Astronaut, Teacher, Cop, and now a Jewler
xheo Tv
xheo Tv - Mese fa
Dsigbi - Mese fa
Why don't I like this guy lol
Thomas Andrews
Thomas Andrews - Mese fa
I love how he tries to explain diamonds like they got value...they are literally worthless =) but people are convinced otherwise.
Will - Mese fa
What a loser.
Ticked Off Gamer
Ticked Off Gamer - Mese fa
Most are fakes
KLJ GAMES - Mese fa
Johnny dang - “he the middle man of the middle man”😂😂😂😂😂
Hubba Bubba
Hubba Bubba - Mese fa
So annoying
CY On The Beat
CY On The Beat - Mese fa
This guy seems like a douche bag
DarKshine DaKid
DarKshine DaKid - Mese fa
Traaash 😂😂😂
Uriel Alejandro
Uriel Alejandro - Mese fa
Johnny dang is the real deal 💯, nobody has a good manufacture as his, his jewelry is da best hands down 💯💎💎
D M - Mese fa
Lmfao he uses 10k scrap gold with CVDS. No thanks. He makes trash jewelry.
Jishu Das
Jishu Das - Mese fa
Yachty hasn’t picked up his piece so he doesn’t have to deal with this guy
Cop Slopp
Cop Slopp - Mese fa
This guys collection is my whole life savings
YoungKing PDK
YoungKing PDK - Mese fa
The Cleanest!
King Sxar
King Sxar - Mese fa
Think about a ap with some black diamonds. I think that would go hard
Enchanted Fellow Viewer
Another going back to rewatch johnny dang the 👑
Angel - Mese fa
Noah Mobley
Noah Mobley - Mese fa
If I ever spend big bucks on jewelry Johnny most def getting my money his prices way better than anyone
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