Expert Jeweler Greg Yuna Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Inventory | GQ

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lil kratos 2001
lil kratos 2001 - 21 ora fa
This guy is lame
hghhfj13 hjf8
hghhfj13 hjf8 - 5 giorni fa
Trax demolished them!!!!!
MrDudezProductionz - 5 giorni fa
How's your uncle Greg?
THELEGEND 27 - 5 giorni fa
I kinda doubt he showers in that watch.
The Loop
The Loop - 8 giorni fa
Seems to cocky
GOLD KILLER - 8 giorni fa
Vin Diesel
Malika Bailey
Malika Bailey - 9 giorni fa
He mad cocky
FN_ShAdOw - 9 giorni fa
What is the song called in the beginning of the video
Jack Richardson
Jack Richardson - 10 giorni fa
Why are all the close up shots shaky and blurry? Did they get a blind quadriplegic to film those bits?
zepicness - 11 giorni fa
Yeah this guy's a fuckwit and traxnyc let him know how trash he is
RMGP96 - 12 giorni fa
Tiffany Fichtenbaum
Tiffany Fichtenbaum - 12 giorni fa
Instead of ruining these time pieces why dont these luxury watch companies make their own iced out watches instead of this after market nonsense ....or why dont these jewelers make their own line of watches , I think Jacob and co does this....its better then devaluing a decent time piece
DRAMA TEAM ENT - 18 giorni fa
Name of the first instrumental??
Shemay Dubai
Shemay Dubai - 19 giorni fa
He cappin so much.
codee - 20 giorni fa
Justin in 3, 2, 1..
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia - 20 giorni fa
This dude is so cocky
Donavan Eduardo
Donavan Eduardo - 25 giorni fa
Ruth Ewing
Ruth Ewing - 25 giorni fa
This dude trash
iam_HypeBeast - 29 giorni fa
This guy just hate hitler
Elite Gunner
Elite Gunner - 29 giorni fa
Why don't they take the 700 grand their spending on a necklace and use it to help the homeless. Buy them food, sleeping bags, something that would help them. Not a bunch of rocks!!
ukslag - Mese fa
This guy is a clown. He sells fake diamonds and admitted it on Ben ballers podcast. Says if clients wanted them. These guys act like they are curing cancer. Johnny Dang is pure class compared to this guy. He was fronted by his uncle.
KK Mat
KK Mat - Mese fa
I like the kaws
Tyler Moriarty
Tyler Moriarty - Mese fa
Mr Clean
Darth Seti
Darth Seti - Mese fa
You should've just went to Elliot. Johnny Dang told yall about these middlemen.
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado - Mese fa
Eliante is still the best jeweler hands down
skylabx2000 - Mese fa
Yanks have zero fkin style, 90% of this shyt is vulger and offensive it screams ego ego look at me, show me five acres of real estate that overlooks central park & you have the deeds in your hand & I'll know you have some type of sense
Eastwest Management
Why tf is he so douchy chill the fk out you called that little black character a masterpiece and acted like you made it, YOU DIDNT EVEN DESIGN IT, ITS KAWS
Kevin Rahgozar
Kevin Rahgozar - Mese fa
This guy is dogshit
Matt Snow
Matt Snow - Mese fa
What a con artist and rip off!
Conner Oliver
Conner Oliver - Mese fa
Where is Ben!!!??
NATEmeetsWORLD - Mese fa
This guys an idiot
William Villalobos
William Villalobos - Mese fa
This dudes a Slim ball
JayR Bigz
JayR Bigz - Mese fa
This foo be hanging out with Ben baller wayy to much LOL
Drew Harrington
Drew Harrington - Mese fa
his uncle is the only reason he has this
Lisa Shears
Lisa Shears - Mese fa
Such vulgar pieces. I wouldn't buy any of his stuff even if I had the money!
blankurtis - Mese fa
Fire the camera operator or the editor. The audience demands extreme close ups of the jewelry.
john webb
john webb - Mese fa
can you come to the uk with the chain so i can buy it
J J - Mese fa
Shoulda went to Elliot🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Omar Creed
Omar Creed - Mese fa
Where’s ur uncle😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤫🤫
Isaac Hylton
Isaac Hylton - Mese fa
Hate to say this cuz Traxnyc is corny too but he was right about this fool 😂.
Isaac Hylton
Isaac Hylton - Mese fa
Privileged prick
Andrés Lopez
Andrés Lopez - Mese fa
Him , jacob and baller are the best don't @ me 👑
George Barrera
George Barrera - 2 mesi fa
Come on GQ what a waste of film time! Stay humble people! This guys personality makes his jewelry ugly lol.
Jon Wayne
Jon Wayne - 2 mesi fa
Michael Salmeron
Michael Salmeron - 2 mesi fa
This dude is garbage!!! Shows you can be a total tool and still have have some success.
Dustin Oxendine
Dustin Oxendine - 2 mesi fa
One of the best jewellers in the game
Manhattan Raised
Manhattan Raised - 2 mesi fa
Greg yuna’s personality is infamous for this reason lol he’s arrogant he’s a Jewish queens boy and he’s a way better jeweler than Johnny dang Elliot etc
matthew j martinez
matthew j martinez - 2 mesi fa
Idk I can’t afford his jewelry but after seeing Johnny Dangs jewelry this guys pieces look cheap, also I feel like you can trust Johnny more than this guy
Adam Shiflett
Adam Shiflett - 2 mesi fa
Adam Shiflett
Adam Shiflett - 2 mesi fa
This guy sucks Arabic style face gtfo
Casper Junior
Casper Junior - 2 mesi fa
Eliantte and Johnny are better, this guy is too cocky for no reason, his pieces are plain, we need to see some "artistic sense" just cause you showed 2 3D pieces don't show you're artistic.
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose - 2 mesi fa
Johnnnyyyyy D isssss bettterrr you’re trashh bro
Captain Keyes
Captain Keyes - 2 mesi fa
top class trash, dont let money change you kids, you can be rich AND nice its really not hard.
Nodrodsky - 2 mesi fa
No expert here.Next.
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders - 2 mesi fa
This dude is wack!
ATaz - 2 mesi fa
He’s more like, get a fake watch and stick diamonds on it n call it ICE
EQ. Goat
EQ. Goat - 2 mesi fa
This is a perfect example of money corrupting a person not humble at all and egotistical, Johnny dang is waaay better 🤙🔥
Eric Pabon
Eric Pabon - 2 mesi fa
johnny dang has a factory, this guy is making it himself master roshi
Harry Rees
Harry Rees - 3 mesi fa
What a colossal moron.
Big boss Man
Big boss Man - 3 mesi fa
make an episode with peter marco
Overwhelming Euphoria
Overwhelming Euphoria - 3 mesi fa
Prossimi video