Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge!!

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Neck if e a
Neck if e a - Ora fa
Part 2? Ohh what
Nathan Boucher
Nathan Boucher - 7 ore fa
You got this from rug
Surfer Safari
Surfer Safari - 8 ore fa
Faze rug coped this video
Sampurn Srivastava
Sampurn Srivastava - 10 ore fa
Why is teeqo the best basketball player
BEAST_MODE_ YT - Giorno fa
They are so bad at basketball its funny
a bigg turddd who has noice hair boii
I’m surprised no stranger took anything
RAXLAX - 2 giorni fa
I kept wiping my screen until i realised it was theyre camera
Gass Grill
Gass Grill - 2 giorni fa
5:23 dud i just have a seizure
Hardsavo _
Hardsavo _ - 2 giorni fa
Ha ha ha ha did u see how teeqo shotsss and jarvis
J a M e
J a M e - 2 giorni fa
Jarvis is like: Imma clap these kids now
BAYRyZe - 3 giorni fa
Faze adapt the type I guy to overreact like he hit the shot
Go0f-E - 3 giorni fa
Karen took the kids
Tenser took the car
AVOCADO MAN - 3 giorni fa
Who herd faze adapt at 2:59 say acreot
TT Lenaris
TT Lenaris - 3 giorni fa
Cameron Da Silva
Cameron Da Silva - 3 giorni fa
who else saw that
Stephen King9
Stephen King9 - 3 giorni fa
Who else saw the court and was like Mexican basketball from anwar jabwai
RatedForClout - 3 giorni fa
8:38 someone said nigga 👀
ØmegaCurry 30
ØmegaCurry 30 - 4 giorni fa
does anyone else just want to scream bc these shots r so easy but they just miss everything😂
RAXLAX - 2 giorni fa
I would like this comment but your profile pic is dumb as hell 😂
gurwinder singh
gurwinder singh - 4 giorni fa
Adapt is type of guy that put soap in pool to wash his hands
Sadequane Mustafa
Sadequane Mustafa - 4 giorni fa
Hey Lets Find FaZe Jarvis in the description... What? The Commets Started To pop off🙁...
Klownz - 4 giorni fa
This is way better than Rug’s vid of this
Smexay - 4 giorni fa
244hz Monitor??!?!!?
SWEATY :\ - 4 giorni fa
Jeez I thought lethal shooter trained u guys
BOBBYSVILLE - 5 giorni fa
You should’ve added a twist to all of them
GODOFPAT - 5 giorni fa
i seen prettyboyfredo do this first but i may be wrong
Strive Butler
Strive Butler - 5 giorni fa
Video ends.
Alright give me my shit back
Itz JuXn
Itz JuXn - 6 giorni fa
I love when Jarvis is in the vids
Kingy -
Kingy - - 6 giorni fa
Adapt is the type of guy get an umbrella when he goes near FaZe Rain 🌧
atzy 07
atzy 07 - 6 giorni fa
Are teeqo swedish
Fatality - 6 giorni fa
Didn’t even credit faze rug 🤦🏽‍♂️
King Razerrr
King Razerrr - 6 giorni fa
Fatality idiot faze rug wasn’t the first to do it
Tyra Hargrove
Tyra Hargrove - 6 giorni fa
love this idea!!!
Ryan - 6 giorni fa
Adapts camera is hella dirty.
Ryan - 6 giorni fa
JaRvIs ThAt WaS iNsAnE!
iJxyTee - 6 giorni fa
Brian Guerrero
Brian Guerrero - 7 giorni fa
Jarvis: breaks down tree
Kay: OmG bRo ThAtS iNsAnE
Falconzz - 3 giorni fa
Deepzyy -_- ikr
Deepzyy -_-
Deepzyy -_- - 3 giorni fa
Brian Guerrero that ones pretty old... smh
 - 7 giorni fa
You pretty acruate tho
Westah - 7 giorni fa
Lmao I need views lets do something like everyone else does ✅
adam Yo
adam Yo - 7 giorni fa
yo your editor need to put some dirty bass drop on the baskets
clfjman - 7 giorni fa
I think i saw this on Rugs channel too?!
Tragic Ops
Tragic Ops - 7 giorni fa
Let steph curry play
Jaydon Ruble
Jaydon Ruble - 7 giorni fa
I can tell that theyre all gamers, not ballers😂
TS PLAYZ - 3 giorni fa
LOL their form though!😆
Joseph Aime
Joseph Aime - 7 giorni fa
Prettyboyfredo boy
Bryan Jimenez
Bryan Jimenez - 8 giorni fa
Can I join FAZE
Hmmm - 8 giorni fa
Giving torn clothes thats really cheap
GAVIN BATEMAN - 8 giorni fa
Faze adapt the type of guy to play with his keyboard and mouse upside down and think it’s messed up and tell everyone
GAVIN BATEMAN - 8 giorni fa
U should make it like white elephant were if somebody makes a shot then another person wants that item the person can shoot from were the winner was and try and steal the prize by making the shot
Geezdanny - 8 giorni fa
Damn man your camera lens is dirty asf. You might wanna clean it
Thegoat Daysktch
Thegoat Daysktch - 8 giorni fa
This is not content this if flexing in me sorry for the bad inglish
 - 8 giorni fa
Adapt is the type of guy that eats a hot dog without the hotdog
Pizzaman 27
Pizzaman 27 - 8 giorni fa
Do faze adapt the tupé of guy
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