Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge!!

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Deadshot WaRp
Deadshot WaRp - 16 ore fa
bro i thought most of em have been playing basketball but their jumpshots look worse than my moms??
GameZombie 0007
GameZombie 0007 - 2 giorni fa
That was a 144hz gaming monitor
Affan Khan
Affan Khan - 5 giorni fa
You guys 🗑 trash you scream when someone makes a free throw what?
Kristin Guthro
Kristin Guthro - 8 giorni fa
This stuf is a lote of money
Jordan Bledsoe
Jordan Bledsoe - 19 giorni fa
Can you get me a cheap gaming pc
Megatron - Mese fa
Damn that was fast
Őrn Arnason
Őrn Arnason - Mese fa
I Love your vids
Peyton Tuttle
Peyton Tuttle - Mese fa
And nit going to lie I wanted Jarvey to win the bag
Peyton Tuttle
Peyton Tuttle - Mese fa
Adapt kept saying “ Jarvey ”
TTV_crabdaddy_YT - Mese fa
What is that shot javis
Azul Celeste
Azul Celeste - Mese fa
is that hoomantv ??????
Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly - 2 mesi fa
Don’t remind me adapt😖 6:20 Toronto fo life
P.A.H - 2 mesi fa
You're not buying them anything. You're just giving them away
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas - 2 mesi fa
Bro hit your shots
mresequie14 - 2 mesi fa
Isn't this the place rudy Mancuso filmed his Hispanic basketball video
Fresniido - 2 mesi fa
these jumpers make me shake my damn head
ElijahGamer A
ElijahGamer A - 2 mesi fa
Who else heard the little kid
Christopher Viverito
Christopher Viverito - 2 mesi fa
Adapt bro tell the boys to stick to making dope content, sports are not for them 😂😂😂
zesty melon
zesty melon - 2 mesi fa
My favorite person with the prizes has to be Jarvis I need shoes and better internet
Javed Imran
Javed Imran - 2 mesi fa
If you put the playback speed on .25 around the time Alex said acriet he sound high
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 2 mesi fa
Holly jarvis your insane
Javed Imran
Javed Imran - 2 mesi fa
Did he say “ you pretty accriet though honestly”
Siri Vatne
Siri Vatne - 2 mesi fa
Look at those kids in the back 5:04
U don't know me
U don't know me - 2 mesi fa
Alexander1123445 - 2 mesi fa
Anyone see those kids in the background
JuJu - 2 mesi fa
You always take rugs videos it’s not cool
Janet Needham
Janet Needham - 2 mesi fa
Adapts car holy
FLIP-Rogue - 2 mesi fa
FaZe Adapt is the type of guy not to put the guys link in the description
ST _ Zift
ST _ Zift - 2 mesi fa
“244 hz monitor”
Laluka25 - 2 mesi fa
How do ywall shoot i know an 8 year old better than ywall no hate tho
Prophet Riftz
Prophet Riftz - 2 mesi fa
FaZe Rug btw
faze boss
faze boss - 2 mesi fa
5:21 tenser is gonna upload a video saying my new car
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez - 2 mesi fa
Faze adapt saying “idk how should we do this?” made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂
Edit: he pronounce *accurate* so wrong 😂😂😂
Itz_ Donald
Itz_ Donald - 2 mesi fa
Millow YT
Millow YT - 2 mesi fa
I wish I had enough money for this stuff
Clintoral - 2 mesi fa
“I’ll buy you anything challenge” means
Gucci shirt with a hole in it
A week with your Range Rover
Used camera, laptop, and monitor
Rage X-ray
Rage X-ray - 2 mesi fa
I’d go for all of them and if they aren’t good as in Elgato I’d just sell them
SniperLyfe 9807
SniperLyfe 9807 - 2 mesi fa
I like how it says “clean” in the description lol
Mark Ancheta
Mark Ancheta - 2 mesi fa
Your pretty acuriate tho- Faze Adapt
Eltzeeh - 2 mesi fa
U guys are all dawg 💩
Tony Rod
Tony Rod - 2 mesi fa
Do u know what I just notices about the guy on the camera he sounds like Jake Paul
KN TV Vlogs
KN TV Vlogs - 2 mesi fa
Please idol give me a shoe anything shoe even its old please
Ben Da god
Ben Da god - 2 mesi fa
Someone should go for the bottel
Brian Aaron
Brian Aaron - 2 mesi fa
Faze adapt is the type of guy to say what did u say i didnt hear you on a message
Anderson Estrada
Anderson Estrada - 2 mesi fa
Everything does not have nun in it it’s fake
Anderson Estrada
Anderson Estrada - 2 mesi fa
It’s fake
Jaek - 2 mesi fa
everyone give the video a like so he can pay for that shit lol
Wck - 2 mesi fa
shit i’ll take the elgato if y’all don’t...
DêÃñdë Šçöøtt
DêÃñdë Šçöøtt - 2 mesi fa
So I’m not the only one who calls Jarvis jarvy
Kr3 Gaming1
Kr3 Gaming1 - 2 mesi fa
My boy tenser got the range rover lets goooo
Aquafic Gamer
Aquafic Gamer - 2 mesi fa
I really want a gaming pc because I want to be a streamer and a gamer but I have a computer that lets me have around 60 FPS and it got cracked so it’s starting to go really slow I really hope I get a pc soon
Sub To Attako On YT
Sub To Attako On YT - 2 mesi fa
I would of went for the Elgato gaming capture card...I've been wanting one to start BO2 VIDEOS IN 2019...
Cristian Murguia
Cristian Murguia - 2 mesi fa
Faze adapt: your pretty acreite. 2:57
Just Cringe
Just Cringe - 2 mesi fa
When u see faze rug's vid of dis and first released before adapt.

Me: hmmm who did adapt get his idea from??
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez - 2 mesi fa
rug wasnt the only one who did this plus he even said at the beginning that he got this idea from several people
Anthony Rios
Anthony Rios - 2 mesi fa
Ali Ahmad Faizi
Ali Ahmad Faizi - 3 mesi fa
It should be ninja faze Kay tfue to join the game
Jojo - 3 mesi fa
Man this car is never ever worth 142000 maybe without the 1
Bigbapecole - 3 mesi fa
U can afford all this gucci and Louis Vuitton but I don’t even got an iPhone xs
btzke - 3 mesi fa
clean your damn lens 😂
Johnathon jagodzinski
Johnathon jagodzinski - 3 mesi fa

Not a single dinosaur:

Nikan: “ooooh”
Fabian Valdez
Fabian Valdez - Mese fa
Team Anue
Team Anue - Mese fa
Johnathon jagodzinski *OHHHHH
Prossimi video