26 524
6 287
John Barr
John Barr - 10 minuti fa
Tryna be jason Nash huh.? I hope you choke on a fork
100000 subs with No video??
Ariana Medina
Ariana Medina - 20 minuti fa
Fucken cring asf
That Fight Bloke
That Fight Bloke - 20 minuti fa
Terrible. It's like an 8th grader had free reign on a video project and somehow got hold of professional quality video equipment.
toby turner
toby turner - 22 minuti fa
What camera are you using?
ZhaiδΈ€η²Ÿ - 28 minuti fa
How to learn English
kristin giaever
kristin giaever - 30 minuti fa
why do de movie colst bcss
James is shooketh
James is shooketh - 42 minuti fa
Every like I add a 🀠
Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson - 50 minuti fa
Why can't I remove this from my feed?
bts x jack & jack
bts x jack & jack - 54 minuti fa
uh i just clicked cuz it’s trending lmao
Eka Aja
Eka Aja - Ora fa
Why the movie is buy
Muhammad Farooq
Muhammad Farooq - Ora fa
The vlog the movie was good
Vinay Gowda
Vinay Gowda - Ora fa
I can not understand the move only
Chand abas
Chand abas - Ora fa
Where is trending on my country ?
fake despacito
fake despacito - Ora fa
Dislike is what u get :)
BILLA TV - Ora fa
gameboy 10k
gameboy 10k - Ora fa
Anyone else lost at the start
Georgorowsky - Ora fa
I Have No Talent: The Movie
Trill Matter
Trill Matter - Ora fa
I wanna pay for my views to
Soha Kabli
Soha Kabli - Ora fa
Why is it with money πŸ’΅
ZoNeKiNg Gaming
ZoNeKiNg Gaming - Ora fa
🚨Can i reach 1,000 subs?🚨
Sarah Mathis
Sarah Mathis - Ora fa
I’m pretty sure the only reason this is on trending is all the 7 year olds waching it!
RagingNight724 - Ora fa
I'd take rewind over this. And I dont like saying that
Sarah Mathis
Sarah Mathis - Ora fa
Why is this 1 on trending!!! They show almost no emotion on there faces! And the acting is terrible!
Jonathan Bowen
Jonathan Bowen - Ora fa
Why is this on trending? so bad acting
Randolph - Ora fa
This makes me want to hang myself
A Dog With No Dad
Chewski - Ora fa
What am I watching...
Super Noah and dizzybaggy #lit
Omg I love this I saw rug obviously carters and roi I love this good job guys also who plays that creepy man alien thingy
Ana Luz Flores
Ana Luz Flores - Ora fa
Road to 3m and no. 1 trnding
Justin Myers
Justin Myers - 2 ore fa
Why does this seem like a 3rd graders play acted out by adults
Sarah Mathis
Sarah Mathis - Ora fa
Justin Myers because it is
Maisan The Unicorn/ Adventures,And More!!
AMAZING,is it gonna be in egyptian theaters?
The Mighty Torta
The Mighty Torta - 2 ore fa
*I hear by call Justin Y to comment this video oh sacred Justin*
Kn0lly - 2 ore fa
who r u and why u trending?
Michael Hagood
Michael Hagood - 2 ore fa
The SuperHeart . Org Foundation
The SuperHeart . Org Foundation
$1,000,000 to ANYONE that LIKEs or COMMENTs (help me end poverty and hunger by ENDING MONEY) by 12:00 midnight Christmas 2018!
The SuperHeart . Org Foundation
$1,000,000 to ANYONE that LIKES this COMMENT (help me end poverty and hunger by ENDING MONEY) by 12:00 midnight Christmas 2018
Sarah Mathis
Sarah Mathis - Ora fa
I eat farts for a bed time snack
Harry Bowyer
Harry Bowyer - 2 ore fa
Congrats on number one
Kaylee Kassner
Kaylee Kassner - 2 ore fa
I'm confused how are these all trending
Lorena Bocku
Lorena Bocku - 2 ore fa
angelica- chan
angelica- chan - 2 ore fa
pzgh1 pzgh1
pzgh1 pzgh1 - 2 ore fa
garbage losers
Christian Rosa
Christian Rosa - 2 ore fa
What is this garbage
thesz moikeha
thesz moikeha - 2 ore fa
come one Part 2 now plz
Fatimah Alsaileek
Fatimah Alsaileek - 2 ore fa
Is that real when you got shocked
Techno Salami
Techno Salami - 2 ore fa
I liked this video twice to show how much I like it
GLVSSMVSK - 2 ore fa
Youtube has became trash
Emilio Luna
Emilio Luna - 2 ore fa
Dude its just a camera your in danger and you will get the cameraπŸ˜‚btw great movie
Kyrian - 2 ore fa
Top 1 Des tendance 😱
Squeaks - 2 ore fa
Squeaks - 2 ore fa
Squeaks - 2 ore fa
TakeTheJurny - 2 ore fa
Everyday we stray further from god...
Jaquan Brown
Jaquan Brown - 2 ore fa
We won't stray from her
Idc Idc
Idc Idc - 2 ore fa
I guess there was a reason why movies aren't shot like this
Gyta Ramadhany
Gyta Ramadhany - 2 ore fa
#1 trending lol
Idc Idc
Idc Idc - 2 ore fa
Typical American
Typical American - 2 ore fa
Guess who's gonna be in rewind 2019...Time to leave Earth
Timmy - 2 ore fa
Terrible. I couldn’t watch
Jaquan Brown
Jaquan Brown - 2 ore fa
Then let me twerk on you ok
mark mccurdy
mark mccurdy - 2 ore fa
Love it u are so good at acting and I love your accent πŸ˜„
J 5 mobile
J 5 mobile - 2 ore fa
Get your popcorn ready people it's going to be a bumpy ride
freedom bowen
freedom bowen - 2 ore fa
im a fan but you want us to watch it but some of us dont have the moneytobuy movies online like me (that's not fair and not good) :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Danzel Z
Danzel Z - 2 ore fa
Best movie ever
Krampus - 2 ore fa
I need tabasco in my eyes
Johnna MURRAY - 2 ore fa
Carter and Liz I've watched your share videos for months now because my little girls are such huge fans and love you both along with Steven. I am honestly do proud of you this blog movie look so entertaining and fun. Great job guys I'm seriously proud of you.
By the way Sadie Claire (5) "quote" hi and she loves you and she is your biggest fan ever. Very very good job. Lol she said momma they're going to get an A+ for this one."End quote"
SofΓ­a Linares
SofΓ­a Linares - 2 ore fa
Are u the guy from danny gonzalez video?
Cody Clark
Cody Clark - 2 ore fa
Y tf is this #1 on trending....
Madeline Romero
Madeline Romero - 2 ore fa
Love your movie
IKEA - - 2 ore fa
I'm just gonna dislike because this doesn't deserve to be on trending
Superbosanska Krajina
Oswaldo CR.
Oswaldo CR. - 2 ore fa
Sydney Sebert
Sydney Sebert - 3 ore fa
3:49 β€œno we don’t need another take, that’s fine leave it in”
Oswaldo CR.
Oswaldo CR. - 3 ore fa
Dan Voelker
Dan Voelker - 3 ore fa
Tf you start the countdown on 8 for? I ain’t got time for that
Lincoln Adams
Lincoln Adams - 3 ore fa
ARCO 1329
ARCO 1329 - 3 ore fa
this will be the best movie ive ever seen in my life
Jack perry gaming, adventures, and legends
I like the fact that you are being chased by something that u got your camera back from
MDM Michaud
MDM Michaud - 3 ore fa
They jumped out of that house like they would for a time machine in "Timeless".
MDM Michaud
MDM Michaud - 3 ore fa
Does SMOSH do Vlogs?
Coffee - 3 ore fa
This honestly makes me depressed
MDM Michaud
MDM Michaud - 3 ore fa
(Goes into the YouTube bank or whatever the videos are being stored at and presses part 2 of this movie).
ulgy face.aΓΏΓ€nnΓ€
Tyler peck123
Tyler peck123 - 3 ore fa
You have to pay😭😭😭😭
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy - 3 ore fa
Gwyneth Angel Corpuz
Omg! Guava juice!
TheAbulencias - 3 ore fa
to be honest that was kinda bad
Brayden King
Brayden King - 3 ore fa
Scam make able to be pay pow
Reyah Sahib Vlogs
Reyah Sahib Vlogs - 3 ore fa
Carter, I bought the movie then closed it, Then I got back on and tried to log in it would not let me and I could not watch the movie after that :(
Billy Hsu
Billy Hsu - 3 ore fa
So Liz got a haircut........I am just so used to seeing her with long hair
maya emborong
maya emborong - 3 ore fa
do a (part2)
JordanEo - 3 ore fa
How is this trending
LegacyRanger - 3 ore fa
Is this the dude from "we are dying" video? lol
BRO YT KH - 3 ore fa
SKY pw
SKY pw - 3 ore fa
Why do i need to pay to watch it
WinkGGamer Vlogs
WinkGGamer Vlogs - 3 ore fa
Congrats for #1 on trending!
Fruitwoops - 3 ore fa
https://youtu.be/SbuWLIUmT4Y LOL
Peter N
Peter N - 3 ore fa
New Challenge: make a thumbnail that doesn’t have you guys look surprised for no reason
Tanya Stien
Tanya Stien - 3 ore fa
This looks like a terrible concept and awful acting, stick to YouTube
SpookyGamer - 3 ore fa
Raven skin it looks like
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida - 3 ore fa
You're Probably Thinking On How It Passed XxxTentacion And Is #1 On Trending, I Don't Know, Youtube Is High Again.
gabe garza
gabe garza - 3 ore fa
Where is pewdipie
Prossimi video