Gaming On The Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 3 mesi fa
My response to the broken Galaxy Fold situation -
Glenn Euphemia
Glenn Euphemia - 11 giorni fa
i was toooooooo lazy to finish the video )
lianah spich
lianah spich - Mese fa
Can this here song
bc a
bc a - 2 mesi fa
@Thavisouk Vollavanh but it was solved
salmanul faris
salmanul faris - 2 mesi fa
Man plz do a durability test for gtp5100
Niladri Banerjee
Niladri Banerjee - 2 mesi fa
@Karsten Von Fjellheim yep mate
Dwight Official
Dwight Official - 3 giorni fa
Why not Play mobile legends
Mobile legends is popular (most popular)
Moba game in the world!!
Ninja Jakuzi
Ninja Jakuzi - 3 giorni fa
Apparently, Mobile legends isn't popular in most of foreign countries. It is only played by people from SEA region.
Wajid Awan
Wajid Awan - 4 giorni fa
*Those were good days when we were playing mario*
буба туба
буба туба - 4 giorni fa
I have samsung and does not work proper)) thats why i say bye to samsung)
aman Sbhatu
aman Sbhatu - 5 giorni fa
5:26 i think only i noticed his laugh!
Dr. Pato
Dr. Pato - 5 giorni fa
Cases companies: We can do any case for any phone!
Samsung: *Im bout' to end this man's whole career*
σπύρος spiros
σπύρος spiros - 10 giorni fa
That’s really the most useless device. Very ugly as phone and really with that price you could get a top smartphone and tablet.
Glenn Euphemia
Glenn Euphemia - 11 giorni fa
in pubg it looked like freezing doesn't it?
Glenn Euphemia
Glenn Euphemia - 11 giorni fa
let's buy a phone with Snapdragon 855 and play Mario why not ?
JSR corp
JSR corp - 11 giorni fa
Sir, you are explain lot of smartphones and gadgets.
If any extra or non usable phone, pls give me. I have no cash to buy upto 4gb ram smartphones.
In my hand only 1.5 gb samsung A3.
I request to give any thing you have.
VillegasCM - 14 giorni fa
Not to be mean but u suck at PUBG MOBILE hahaha
CyberXarex YT
CyberXarex YT - 18 giorni fa
Perfect for a ds emulator
maria alejandra giroz bravo
Mate x is better
ToxicPistol - 19 giorni fa
Just get a tablet
ЖИК - 21 giorno fa
Есть тут русские?
kaif khan
kaif khan - 21 giorno fa
plz send me this Ipod
ReV_RZ - 23 giorni fa
Not PUBG, Asphalt 9 will tell you the real power of any Smartphone
ᎧᎷ ᎴᏗᏉᏋ - 25 giorni fa
Do you play *PUBGM on Ipad or Mobile?*
Me : *WELL,YES but NO*
Akshay P
Akshay P - 28 giorni fa
Pubg Gameplay starts from 4:30
Thank me later 😁😁
Legend Killer '13 year old rko fan'
Lol this shits 2 grand, I'd rather get a beast pc
Thayna Rosario
Thayna Rosario - Mese fa
So presta na grad
Dani 08
Dani 08 - Mese fa
I would've been honored to be shot by lou in pubg🙌
tatiane sulinoo
tatiane sulinoo - Mese fa
Deadshot YT
Deadshot YT - Mese fa
what wass the name of that 2d zombie game?
Martin Louis
Martin Louis - Mese fa
Hi you have great videos. I'm learning from you. Please how does your Fold front display have rounded corners? 😊 I am sorry for my bad English🙄
AiErudito __-_-__
AiErudito __-_-__ - Mese fa
CLOUD3X3X - Mese fa
If this phone can run Fortnite, I'm in 😂
John Wick
John Wick - Mese fa
5:00 it was a bot
John Wick
John Wick - Mese fa
Video starts here 4:07
Thanks me later!
Brahim Elmoumane
Brahim Elmoumane - Mese fa
Please unbox with oppo f11pro
talkshowhost85 - Mese fa
Erm... I probably won't use the external display anymore if I have this device.
The Random Channel
The Random Channel - Mese fa
You are a noob
Tomfoolery Granite
Tomfoolery Granite - Mese fa
I wonder if you could play some *minecraft*
Ryan X5
Ryan X5 - Mese fa
Lew explaining us about Pubg , nice
anas khan
anas khan - Mese fa
Killed a bot in PUBG such a noob
Keerthivasan - Mese fa
He is the one killed me man
Lekë Alidema
Lekë Alidema - Mese fa
Mate x is better
Jonathan B
Jonathan B - Mese fa
If you can afford this as a "phone", you can buy a decent laptop on this budget. Who would use this for gaming?
muzammil chaus
muzammil chaus - Mese fa
Make a video that samsaung fold supports fortnite
Dev Madan
Dev Madan - 2 mesi fa
Best gameplay ever
asep wildan
asep wildan - 2 mesi fa
6.33 & 6.50, what's name of the game?
Mrityunjay swaroop
Mrityunjay swaroop - 2 mesi fa
Can it handle minecraft
Ruby C
Ruby C - 2 mesi fa
it's cute that he looted his clothes.
Pubg Gamer
Pubg Gamer - 2 mesi fa
Pubg is on 4:00
Onij Jokuma
Onij Jokuma - 2 mesi fa
Darn, emulation would've made this worth the while.
SS Tech
SS Tech - 2 mesi fa
Next year Apple is Gonna design it's foldable iphone
Agree or
Aarthur Animates
Aarthur Animates - 2 mesi fa
DapperTank - 2 mesi fa
SS Tech
SS Tech - 2 mesi fa
If u play games like pubg its screen ia juzt gonna broke.
Dele-Daramola Taiwo
Dele-Daramola Taiwo - 2 mesi fa
Can u play Pes19 one the device plsssss
kier Cloma
kier Cloma - 2 mesi fa
mobile legends?
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith - 2 mesi fa
List of games please!
Prossimi video