Gaming On The Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - Mese fa
My response to the broken Galaxy Fold situation -
bc a
bc a - 11 giorni fa
+Thavisouk Vollavanh but it was solved
salmanul faris
salmanul faris - 16 giorni fa
Man plz do a durability test for gtp5100
Niladri Banerjee
Niladri Banerjee - 28 giorni fa
+Karsten Von Fjellheim yep mate
Karsten Von Fjellheim
Karsten Von Fjellheim - 28 giorni fa
+Niladri Banerjee Well, sort of. The Galaxy Pro with 16:9 screen, now that's a 'pad. The iPad has this strange square shape, not a rectangle, not "widescreen". The Fold is a square.
Niladri Banerjee
Niladri Banerjee - 28 giorni fa
Hew lew in simple words its a samsungpad
Dev Madan
Dev Madan - 3 giorni fa
Best gameplay ever
asep wildan
asep wildan - 3 giorni fa
6.33 & 6.50, what's name of the game?
Mrityunjay swaroop
Mrityunjay swaroop - 4 giorni fa
Can it handle minecraft
Ruby C
Ruby C - 5 giorni fa
it's cute that he looted his clothes.
Pubg Gamer
Pubg Gamer - 5 giorni fa
Pubg is on 4:00
Onij Jokuma
Onij Jokuma - 6 giorni fa
Darn, emulation would've made this worth the while.
SS Tech
SS Tech - 7 giorni fa
Next year Apple is Gonna design it's foldable iphone
Agree or
Aarthur Animates
Aarthur Animates - 4 giorni fa
DapperTank - 4 giorni fa
SS Tech
SS Tech - 7 giorni fa
If u play games like pubg its screen ia juzt gonna broke.
Dele-Daramola Taiwo
Dele-Daramola Taiwo - 7 giorni fa
Can u play Pes19 one the device plsssss
kier Cloma
kier Cloma - 9 giorni fa
mobile legends?
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith - 12 giorni fa
List of games please!
aftab khan
aftab khan - 14 giorni fa
Thank you for not clickbaiting
King Loki
King Loki - 16 giorni fa
Try NUBIA Red Magic 3 the ultimate gaming device with 5000 Mah battery & Fast charging 30W....Now that's WOW WOW....WOW.
Rajanpreet Singh
Rajanpreet Singh - 16 giorni fa
I was here for fortnite
salmanul faris
salmanul faris - 17 giorni fa
I like samsung products
Moreover they had a tab 2. I think it's model number is GTp5100. It is a good tablet. But it is now outdated now. If samsung make new tablet like it again with 6gb ram and 64/128gb of storage it will be a big change and for sure it will be a big revolutionary
stephen jones
stephen jones - 17 giorni fa
Now you can view porn on a higher level. Lol
Strypurr Faux
Strypurr Faux - 18 giorni fa
I dont fold so good
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed - 20 giorni fa
This would be a big advantage
mahmoud marsh
mahmoud marsh - 20 giorni fa
you're noob on pubg M
Better buy a gaming PC or
Old MacBook
At this price and still have money saved!!!!!
Oldg 473
Oldg 473 - 21 giorno fa
I only came for pubg lol 😂
pheonix pheonix
pheonix pheonix - 21 giorno fa
Why didnt u play fortnite
Pabitra Hazra v9.0
Pabitra Hazra v9.0 - 21 giorno fa
Pubg lover
sat han
sat han - 21 giorno fa
He is not a regular PUBG player, look at the control layout 😡
Drew Lakebrink
Drew Lakebrink - 21 giorno fa
TL;DR: games where the action takes place at the bottom of the screen aren't considered worthy of the larger screen, but games where the action is focused in the middle are. The external screen (basically a notification panel) isn't good for gaming. I'm curious what Pokemon Go is like on a screen this size.
Mohamed Ishaq
Mohamed Ishaq - 21 giorno fa
1 kill..sad
Sunny - 22 giorni fa
Just buy a iPad. No one uses tablets outside the house except for your grandma. The Fold is such a terrible idea. It doesn’t conform to any realistic needs any normal person ever asked for. The exterior screen feels more dated then using a iPhone 4 in 2019 and again no one wants a tablet on the go. If I ever want a tablet I’ll use a real tablet for say the train ride or a road trip. But I’m never going to a tablet at work or while driving or waiting for a haircut. That’s literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. This is for your dorky aunt or grandma that wants to be hip but is like a decade behind
Rolando jaking
Rolando jaking - 22 giorni fa
Nokia 9300 in the future.
tamilan's gaming TV!
tamilan's gaming TV! - 22 giorni fa
Hey what about fortnite
Ahmed Tamam
Ahmed Tamam - 22 giorni fa
Xperia 1 review
Aditya Rayyan
Aditya Rayyan - 22 giorni fa
shalabh thapa
shalabh thapa - 22 giorni fa
3.35 where you are looking stupid and why you are looking right and left on your every video fuck you stupid unsubscribe you
Aditya Rayyan
Aditya Rayyan - 22 giorni fa
Melody -Mellybyte-
Melody -Mellybyte- - 23 giorni fa
gaming on phone lol
Shishir Sharma
Shishir Sharma - 23 giorni fa
which watch are you wearing?
maki - 23 giorni fa
Whats the name of game at 4:00
tenzin samdup
tenzin samdup - 23 giorni fa
What was that zombie game can someone please tell me
The Frog
The Frog - 23 giorni fa
But you did not switch ?
Everything New
Everything New - 23 giorni fa
Can we share pubg from android to ios by using shareit app..............?????????
#CreepyLargo - 23 giorni fa
Must be great for claw play then
Chris Morales
Chris Morales - 24 giorni fa
Lou is a better thumb player than Powerbang! Hands down!
Chris Morales
Chris Morales - 24 giorni fa
@3:27 Stop trying to distract us LOU!
The phone doesn’t adapt apps when you switch from exterior display to the interior one.
It crippled the game when you opened it on the inside display instead of expanding it! Talk about broken fluidity!
ajns11 - 24 giorni fa
Try with fortnite
Itsnot mine
Itsnot mine - 24 giorni fa
If only I had money
JoshDoesGacha - 24 giorni fa
I was waiting for you to fold it from tablet mode to phone..while gaming
FrameGame - 24 giorni fa
Samsung keeps flexing on apple
hyper - 24 giorni fa
5 finger claw on this 😍😍
Priyanshu Choudhary
Priyanshu Choudhary - 24 giorni fa
Skip to 4:17
Kamuh 21
Kamuh 21 - 24 giorni fa
Play fortnite on that
q3aryoko - 25 giorni fa
damn i would have liked to see CSR 2 on this display....
BJPatty - 25 giorni fa
PUBG 4:05 you’re welcome
David Agein
David Agein - 25 giorni fa
Only pubg 👊👑
canned soup
canned soup - 25 giorni fa
when i heard about samsungs foldable glass i was hoping smaller size flip phones would make a comeback..and then they do this..why make phones bigger?
fucking stupid!
Hollywood Movies
Hollywood Movies - 25 giorni fa
I am 3yrs old
J V - 25 giorni fa
"gaming" xD
Jeff Fallorina
Jeff Fallorina - 25 giorni fa
How abaout mobile legends?
bryan diaz
bryan diaz - 25 giorni fa
4:30 you welcome
JASON.S - 26 giorni fa
I'd rather build a gaming pc, buy a gaming pc or buy a console than buy this trash $2000 phone
asad aslam
asad aslam - 26 giorni fa
who from india here?
Samar Kbar
Samar Kbar - 26 giorni fa
Well what About mortal kombat x
Natu P
Natu P - 26 giorni fa
wich launcher do you use?
david job cobrador
david job cobrador - 26 giorni fa
MusicSvlog O
MusicSvlog O - 26 giorni fa
Now the foldable game play , fold and change the room
jamaicanbeef patty
jamaicanbeef patty - 26 giorni fa
If I want a foldable phone I will just get a flip phone
Ķ Ŕ H *
Ķ Ŕ H * - 26 giorni fa
what about a game like clash royale ?
Hydro Limbo
Hydro Limbo - 26 giorni fa
Pootispenser here
Gabby P. Palang
Gabby P. Palang - 26 giorni fa
background music?
PHOENIX ツKXBO - 26 giorni fa
I saw pubg I clicked
Creeper Warrior
Creeper Warrior - 26 giorni fa
*its like a tablet that can be fold*
Pawan kumar
Pawan kumar - 26 giorni fa
What is the game name at 6:23
PÃTÊŁ - 26 giorni fa
Pubg lovers 4:10 😅
Osman - 26 giorni fa
4:07 pubg
JackYTPlayz- Fortnite and more
Be careful the samsung fold is breaking
Jay Chaudhari
Jay Chaudhari - 26 giorni fa
Hii I'm from india,big fan of you sir
Basishtha Raj Yadav
Basishtha Raj Yadav - 26 giorni fa
Can we play two games at one in galaxy fold.
Vincent Bornasal
Vincent Bornasal - 26 giorni fa
How about playing Mobile Legends in Galaxy Fold? How it looks like?
Kumar Ram
Kumar Ram - 26 giorni fa
Pubg at 4:11
Captin Butters man
Captin Butters man - 26 giorni fa
I haven't seen anyone ask this question. Can it play, and does it look good when playing Minecraft?
름노프 - 27 giorni fa
돈이 없어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Walkers Indonesia
Walkers Indonesia - 27 giorni fa
I'm only have Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, with 6,2 inch
Beast 2122
Beast 2122 - 27 giorni fa
Try fortnite on the phone
AFeekzFanz Gaming
AFeekzFanz Gaming - 27 giorni fa
Fold? More like fail
Stephen Owen
Stephen Owen - 27 giorni fa
Playing this game in tablet mode, is like playing a game on a tablet.
Sir, this is a Wendys.
POSİTİVE ENERGY - 27 giorni fa
Sakib Islam
Sakib Islam - 27 giorni fa
Where is aspult 9😯😯??
sir meliodas
sir meliodas - 27 giorni fa
Like for donwhell
moises flores
moises flores - 27 giorni fa
what's the name of the game at 6 50
syed ahsam
syed ahsam - 27 giorni fa
What if this phone run pc ps4 games...hell mobile gaming...I used to play ps1 classics in my phone😕😕😕
Kennard James Ardenaso
Kennard James Ardenaso - 27 giorni fa
samsung is overrated !
KPop Rocks !
KPop Rocks ! - 27 giorni fa
LMAO Paid Apple shills deliberately removed screens then falsified to media against Galaxy Fold, what a shady assh@les~
KPop Rocks !
KPop Rocks ! - 27 giorni fa
Amazing !!! I want it too !~~~~
joi aai axom
joi aai axom - 27 giorni fa
Chutiye PUBG ka thumbnail laga ke Mario khel rha h BSDK!
المصمم سموري
المصمم سموري - 27 giorni fa
My Klksy S3 I'm need the phone.
- Atef -
- Atef - - 27 giorni fa
Galaxy fold 2 should have a 12" screen so when you fold it you can have a 6" screen cause 4.9" is way too small
sam cruz
sam cruz - 27 giorni fa
Samsung galaxy shit
Antriksh Sinha
Antriksh Sinha - 27 giorni fa
hey you didn't show fortnite on samsung fold
Mx Jonson
Mx Jonson - 27 giorni fa
Should've also played:
Into the Dead 2
Real Racing 3
Life is Strange
Where Shadows Slumber
or Kidu: A Relentless Quest
Joshua McKinley
Joshua McKinley - 27 giorni fa
Please play Darkness Rises crazy great graphics and tones of actions please try on the fold please
POLICE GAMING - 27 giorni fa
You *noob* at BUBG

You *Better* than me ☺😔
Samar Kbar
Samar Kbar - 26 giorni fa
STFU He's not noob
Prossimi video