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1 041
Depressions Sister
Depressions Sister - 2 ore fa
That didn't...look like...a...finger
Dino Oakley
Dino Oakley - 2 ore fa
If u put a marker or sharpie with any color ur blood will change to that color so don't do any where but do it when u alone
Michael Boccia
Michael Boccia - 5 ore fa
Yeah it didn’t work 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Hello There
Hello There - 5 ore fa
Me when I say the soap “finger”: **turns off computer and jumps into the dirty minded community**
Ghing Navarro
Ghing Navarro - 6 ore fa
i see benji walk acroos you
Lucianaclaire2 - 6 ore fa
Why is your house so dirty!?
Alife Lindsay
Alife Lindsay - 7 ore fa
Benji's face at3:42
scp 173
scp 173 - 8 ore fa
Not fbi open up BACON OPEN UP!!
Stephanie Magbanua
Stephanie Magbanua - 8 ore fa
When you hit that bacon the dog or cat looked
eduard kalanyos
eduard kalanyos - 9 ore fa
bro you are so mesy
Mohammed Alshamsi
Mohammed Alshamsi - 10 ore fa
You always say your videos hi guys my name is Robbie
Nelly Play’s J.p
Nelly Play’s J.p - 11 ore fa
The first one wonder you use for that hehe
Z4pnu Gaming
Z4pnu Gaming - 12 ore fa
I sub here because robby is so funny i like that he saying ohh this one workss with that thing i always watch his vid and i think that one works lol😂😂❤❤
Edit:leave a like if you get it
Annmarie Mc
Annmarie Mc - 13 ore fa
For the plastic one with BMO u need special shrink plastic
SmolBanana •
SmolBanana • - 13 ore fa
Clean your house plss :)
Monty Singh
Monty Singh - 13 ore fa
Bro why do u put nailpaint on ur hand
#gabby Team
#gabby Team - 13 ore fa
This is how many times Robby said oh no
Arabella Taylor
Arabella Taylor - 18 ore fa
Nikki Strahan
Nikki Strahan - 19 ore fa
Socks and sandels
Itz RizkiOtheGYT
Itz RizkiOtheGYT - 19 ore fa
You look like dantdm
Givency Vency
Givency Vency - 20 ore fa
Robby cut your hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Ysabelle Javellana
Ysabelle Javellana - Giorno fa
itot tah
Tammy Simpson
Tammy Simpson - Giorno fa
Use a butter knife or something sharp to scup the wax off
Rrzs Erfde
Rrzs Erfde - Giorno fa
Ah what was wrong in this video
Rrzs Erfde
Rrzs Erfde - Giorno fa
Its a pepe
Pam Jacobs
Pam Jacobs - Giorno fa
Yes Robby you do need to cut the soup up
Andrea Betinis
Andrea Betinis - Giorno fa
Xx Sylveon xX
Xx Sylveon xX - Giorno fa
This is how many times this guy has made bad jokes
Lainey IsAMuppet
Lainey IsAMuppet - Giorno fa
Me and my dirty mind led me somewhere I don’t wanna go when it comes to soap fingers
MyLifeAsEvaXx x
MyLifeAsEvaXx x - Giorno fa
Roses are. Red violets are blue I love pizza and tori tooooo
BTS lover
BTS lover - Giorno fa
i really love your vids ^ω^
Liz garrett
Liz garrett - Giorno fa
You made shrinkydinks
Jamil Chaudhary
Jamil Chaudhary - Giorno fa
Who see Benji at 3:42
Jake Daines
Jake Daines - Giorno fa
you can eat bacon straight out of the packet it is already partly cooked
Akain Shaik
Akain Shaik - Giorno fa
Rise Against
Rise Against - Giorno fa
Doge: scared runwway
Tonette and Jake Gaming Pro
Just pls. Clean your house
rayna lagge
rayna lagge - 2 giorni fa
who else did it bother that...
A.he was wearing socks with flip flops
B.that he called flip flops sandles
Roland 4life
Roland 4life - 2 giorni fa
Ur stove is uhhh
Josephine Baluyot
Josephine Baluyot - 2 giorni fa
Robby: what am i doing with life
Me: youre crafting duh lol i bet robby will not ❤ this
Galaxy girls AKA GODS
Galaxy girls AKA GODS - 2 giorni fa
Nikia King
Nikia King - 2 giorni fa
You did the shrinking bemo Rong you need shrinking plastic
Jeannette Hollins
Jeannette Hollins - 2 giorni fa
That don't really look like an finger to me(if you know what im saying)😂😂
shawna rebel
shawna rebel - 2 giorni fa
is that really a...........finger?
Noa Chan
Noa Chan - 2 giorni fa
What the f*** are you doing with your life hahaha!!!
Jaycee Mah
Jaycee Mah - 2 giorni fa
Did the perminite marker even come off ,3
Gamergirl gk
Gamergirl gk - 2 giorni fa
4:36 if the pork is from Australia you won’t get worms which is why Aussies like me don’t have worms.
Rainbow Squad
Rainbow Squad - 2 giorni fa
The Adventure Time One Didn’t Work Because You Need Shrink Plastic you can find it at Craft stores like Micheals
UNICORN GOD - 2 giorni fa
The finger did not look like a finger more like a yeahhhh
Half Sanwhich
Half Sanwhich - 2 giorni fa
/(°👄°)/🔪 😨😰😰😨😢😩😥😱😔😞🐕🐕
Like or they die
Half Sanwhich
Half Sanwhich - 2 giorni fa
💪😁👍 I'll save them
Lampman hockey team Winners
You scared Toby when I smashed the bacon on the table
Sarah Kenyon
Sarah Kenyon - 2 giorni fa
In the background U SCARED BENGI
Baller Boy
Baller Boy - 2 giorni fa
Robbbys soap finger like a pen*s
Jocelyn Iovino
Jocelyn Iovino - 2 giorni fa
You need to use SHRINK PLASTIC!!!!!
Treasure Box Toys
Treasure Box Toys - 2 giorni fa
Do a Robby meets 5 minute crafts
Veronica Andrade
Veronica Andrade - 2 giorni fa
3:42 your dog...
Richard hope
Richard hope - 2 giorni fa
Hope u don't have a dirty mind if u do don't watch the first hack
Jasmine Huitron
Jasmine Huitron - 2 giorni fa
I like the joke
Cherry Bomb Roblox Bits
Cherry Bomb Roblox Bits - 2 giorni fa
quick question for robby.... are you retarted
jacee tiny little meerkat meerkat
Robby did u know that when u made the finger candle thing it looked like a 🍆
Maya Cummings
Maya Cummings - 3 giorni fa
The finger tho
Simon Bondch
Simon Bondch - 3 giorni fa
I didn’t know you had a dog 🐕 🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐶🐕😻😍😘
Hailee Griffin
Hailee Griffin - 3 giorni fa
When you did the plastic one you need shrinking plastic
Selinahidy567XOXO - 3 giorni fa
Hmm.. Finger? 😏
Leonel Cruz
Leonel Cruz - 3 giorni fa
3:36 you just see benje running away.
Misty Pearson
Misty Pearson - 3 giorni fa
no something piece of garbage give me something that rocks
gregorio tapia
gregorio tapia - 3 giorni fa
You dog in the background is funny 3:43
Brenad Herrera
Brenad Herrera - 3 giorni fa
You needed to use wax paper i think for the bacon hack
gacha donut
gacha donut - 3 giorni fa
you would like to know who is the most beautiful person in the world?

hint: the first word
Lisa Kimball
Lisa Kimball - 4 giorni fa
The first craft looks like a pino
rose clark
rose clark - 4 giorni fa
did anyone notice the dog in the background at 3:43😂😂😂
riley priestley
riley priestley - 4 giorni fa
The shirt and the microwave it can cause a mojor fire
Blood slay g
Blood slay g - 4 giorni fa
0:21hh, hh
Raymond Dandrea
Raymond Dandrea - 4 giorni fa
i think that hes gunna break the micerwave
Nayna Wildman
Nayna Wildman - 4 giorni fa
3:43 how the dog ran away😂😂
Damian Paruzel
Damian Paruzel - 4 giorni fa
Robby:What Am I Doing With My Life?
Stacey Bell
Stacey Bell - 4 giorni fa
The bacon wasn't cooked and the soap looked like a dick
Stacey Bell
Stacey Bell - 4 giorni fa
Yeah it did
Nikida Baldwin
Nikida Baldwin - 4 giorni fa
Did you see that he used sharpie on his foot?
Micah 1212
Micah 1212 - 5 giorni fa
I thank it was ice water
maya vlogs
maya vlogs - 6 giorni fa
robby:ahh shit my hand
me:and i still havent burned myself
Ender Girl
Ender Girl - 6 giorni fa
dude you have to use soap base
Zach Carter
Zach Carter - 6 giorni fa
You were suppose to put marbles with a flat bottom
Ashley Marin Gaming and More
Robby: All good/ bad things have to come to an end
Me: Just like James Charles’s career
Gacha Amy
Gacha Amy - 6 giorni fa
3:39 poor puppy
Dee Jackson
Dee Jackson - 6 giorni fa
oh i saw that video!!
Tracyee Hogans-Foster
Tracyee Hogans-Foster - 6 giorni fa
you were suppose to use shrinky dink paper
Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast - 6 giorni fa
Me cooking food for my girlfriend be like-
Bob the Turtle
Bob the Turtle - 6 giorni fa
Is it me
Or did I
Is so

Oh it’s just me
coolguy 12d
coolguy 12d - 6 giorni fa
Who else saw Benji run from Robby on 3:43
내둔다Sensei - 6 giorni fa
U should hire someone toclean ur house bc it’s nasty as fuck lmfao
killer gacha wolfy
killer gacha wolfy - 6 giorni fa
Robby can you give me dat lemon juice I wanna drink it
PYRAMID--HEAD - 6 giorni fa
3:42 rip dog
Emil Olesen
Emil Olesen - 6 giorni fa
What am i doing with my life? Your haven a good craft life
Little Moonlight Wolf
Little Moonlight Wolf - 7 giorni fa
Roses are red
Kethcup is too,
YAY! I got a like
Wait why is it blue.?...
Depressions Sister
Depressions Sister - 2 ore fa
Little Moonlight Wolf kethup? It's ketchup
Depression 0
Depression 0 - 7 giorni fa
You used soap
You were supposed to use glycerin
Blüberry Møön
Blüberry Møön - 7 giorni fa
Who else saw benji on 3:43
BlueGirlPlayz·-· - 7 giorni fa
3:42 XD benji got scared of robby opening the bacon 😂
Verónica Sánchez
Verónica Sánchez - 7 giorni fa
Is Robby is a pizza boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Verónica Sánchez
Verónica Sánchez - 7 giorni fa
Do you know Robby how much he loves pizza🍕.
Jeanine Joseph
Jeanine Joseph - 7 giorni fa
When you screamed you scared your dog that he ran out the living room
Shamekiauddg Winnhf8v8b
Shamekiauddg Winnhf8v8b - 7 giorni fa
All of these hacks do work you just don't know how to do it because you don't follow directions what they do
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