TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 연준 (YEONJUN)

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amalia riska
amalia riska - 26 minuti fa
Pleb Potato
Pleb Potato - 28 minuti fa
I Stan dis dood now Jung kook isn’t the youngest now
norwing - 37 minuti fa
Mierdaaaaaaa mas mierda
Flavia Vilas Boas
Flavia Vilas Boas - 44 minuti fa
Yeonjun é descendente de brasileiro
Mano eu to surtando geral
Sarada Uchiha
Sarada Uchiha - 47 minuti fa
Omg he is now my bias hahahaha
뽀미[우주챼강] - 52 minuti fa
끼얔! 연준 잘생겼따아! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Sisterhood Love
Sisterhood Love - 56 minuti fa
I think l like this one more,he looks like trouble😂😂😂l love him already .
I have found Jin in him😂😂😂😂
Tae Lenu
Tae Lenu - 58 minuti fa
Oh my god.. He is just soo cute.. All the best Yoenjun😘
awww he's too cute
Dani Ramirez
Dani Ramirez - Ora fa
0:18 that lip bite tho 😂
Angel ash Velasco
He's like V!!!!
ana anima
ana anima - Ora fa
Eu amei
mel mel
mel mel - 2 ore fa
dangg he looks like taehyung
Joshua Barber
Joshua Barber - 2 ore fa
Yeonjun is already my bias
Amna Tahir
Amna Tahir - 2 ore fa
Somehow I keep coming back to this video although the other members are officially introduced I think he will be my bias
Fernanda Paola Pineda Añazco
My favorite ❤💘👍TXT
Kevin Gamez
Kevin Gamez - 2 ore fa
Kevin Gamez
Kevin Gamez - 2 ore fa
Pero que es esto ¡¡
Charlotte - 2 ore fa
It's kind of weird watched the video with Big Hit Introduction but it's not BTS.
kim song
kim song - 2 ore fa
i love you more than pizza (:
Rist Ann22
Rist Ann22 - 2 ore fa
Same look like, L, V and Hyunjin
BTS KPOP - 3 ore fa
Tão fofo o meu Deus😍
Una persona cualquiera :v
Army y fan de txt por 100pre
Una persona cualquiera :v
No sabia que el vmin el yoonmin y todos los shipeos tuvieron hijos :v
sabrynna chim chim
sabrynna chim chim - 3 ore fa
Só eu que surtei com esse video?
Alguém BR?
otaku demonio
otaku demonio - 3 ore fa
Que fofinho ele é
Stan BTS and RedVelvet Army Reveluv
Although yeonjun is the oldest but he seems like a baby. Howeverrrr, even though he looks like a baby boy(my heart hurts from cuteness) i feel like he's going to ve the savage of the group
Midoriya Izuku
Midoriya Izuku - 3 ore fa
*1:17** is a morse code. Search it y'all to know what it means*
XOoOX zZzz
XOoOX zZzz - 3 ore fa
as someone who is used to BTS's theories, I checked on google and based on international morse code, it says 'Dreaming'
Chanbaek shii
Chanbaek shii - 3 ore fa
Cute but he is younger than me I don't like it :'(
Anas Ahmed
Anas Ahmed - 3 ore fa
Bts have started to get kind of repetitive and boring, so I can see why BigHit would be smart enough and understand that they probably need to move on to something a little more fresh, new, and younger. I’m liking this direction their taking so far with TXT
Hussain Al Musaed
Hussain Al Musaed - 3 ore fa
الوحيد اللي حبيته بينهم شكلي بصير سولو ستان له بااايسيي لا شوف احد يقرب
و شكراا
Paola Nuñez
Paola Nuñez - 4 ore fa
Yo ya me enamore de estos chaboneeeeees Ctm HHZG
Julya silva
Julya silva - 4 ore fa
mas que coisa lindáaaaaa1❤❤
Abigail Arce torres
Abigail Arce torres - 4 ore fa
Riya Rode
Riya Rode - 4 ore fa
He is so cute!!!!!
Adrianna  Mochi
Adrianna Mochi - 4 ore fa
*anyone know the Morse code at the end?*
Emily Catherine Smith
Boi bringing the party to bighit...let's hope they give out spoilers when drunk like hoseok 😂
Lorey - 4 ore fa
Y’all I think the ending was Morse code
Daisy Easy
Daisy Easy - 4 ore fa
*Officially my bias*
Jikooka chimchim
Jikooka chimchim - 4 ore fa
Que bebê 🐼
Jikooka chimchim
Jikooka chimchim - 4 ore fa
Olha essas mãozinhas ❤
ARMY BTS - 5 ore fa
No se que decir aun hací siempre querré a BTS
Alguien que me diga que significa el código morse del final
BANGTAN A.R.M.Y - 5 ore fa

Lan bir türk kızı yokmu burda yaaa hepsi farklı bir dil yazmış piskolejim kalktı ayol
Mariyam Shimra
Mariyam Shimra - 5 ore fa
I SWEAR THE LITTLE BEEPING NOISE IS SOME SORT OF CODE! HELP ME FIGURE IT OUT!! EDIT:im working on it now and I just know its a Morse code...I got the letters "drea" and i think the next on is "m"...it goes like .. ._. . .
Edit 3: I know the first word...its dream
edit4: so far what I got is "DREAM IN"
HERE IS THE MORSE CODE .. ._. . . __ .. _. __.
clira Amira
clira Amira - 5 ore fa
So cute omg i cn't stop watch this cute boy 😂😂😍
Soraya Nami
Soraya Nami - 5 ore fa
😢👎👎👎👎👎volevo i BTS non mi piace........ Nooooooo 😔😟😖😱😨👎👎👎
Vicky Mansilla Abella
Se parece v en el minuto 0:16
like si se parece tae de bts
k-pop, дорамы, корея
k-pop, дорамы, корея
Самый милый😍❤️
Ana Paula
Ana Paula - 6 ore fa
A big hit e suas teorias
Da-in Moon
Da-in Moon - 6 ore fa
Is him Vkook son?
diamond.k anime
diamond.k anime - 6 ore fa
haze Durginn
haze Durginn - 3 ore fa
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez - 6 ore fa
i love
Reira Popescu
Reira Popescu - 6 ore fa
I'm feeling very sad. There are people saying ARMY is filled with toxic people, 13 years old dumb brats who have no respect. But when I came to this fandom I found a wonderful family, close knit, very loving and supportive. I felt like being part of something BIG! ARMY is very strong and they've proven it so many times by protecting BTS when haters were attacking them. BUT they also helped a lot of people; so many charity events, so much love spread around the world. BTS healed many ARMYies, and ARMY payed it forward by spreading love, positive messages, inspiration, support throughout the world. A fandom with a golden heart, passionate and supportive.
What makes me sad now, is, that I see ARMYies doing to TXT what haters did to BTS years ago: trying to cut their wings. These kids did nothing wrong to anyone, they have a dream and they are working hard to achieve it. They didn't even debut yet and they are receiving hate? They are not trying to replace BTS, they are looking up to BTS, BTS are their hyungs, their inspiration, their motivation, the proof that their dream is achievable through hard work and dedication. The fact that they receive hate, not from antis, but from ARMYies themselves makes me sad.
I understand the ARMY fandom is HUGE, and because it's huge it contains many types of personalities. Many types of people, many different minds. I understand many are confused about the whole thing, and their deep love for BTS makes them fear that TXT will eclipse BTS. But don't you trust BTS? Don't you trust in their talent? I do. I know they can hold their ground.
People are saying armies are leaving BTS for TXT. Excuse me, what? I didn't stop loving my parents when my brother was born. They are my world, I love them all just as much and I supported my brother in this harsh world as much as I could. He's a young man now, with a very promising career, he makes our parents proud. He loves and supports both our parents and myself. And I couldn't be happier. He didn't take my place, he didn't eclipse me, he was the hug and smile I needed in my sad times, he was the motivation I needed to keep hwaiting!(Fighting!), he was the inspiration to better myself.
All I'm saying is: please, just give them a chance. We know nothing about them yet, except cute faces. We didn't hear their voice, we don't know their personality. We have to remember BTS at some point will have to go to military(I know, it's sad), BigHit will need TXT's support during that time, else how will they be able to help BTS when they come from military?. They need each other, please understand that.
People keep saying that BTS should rest or take a little vacation, especially after what happened with Kookie recently(youtube.com/watch?v=9QzQCN3FPtU) well, maybe they'll have more breathing time after TXT's debut. They will have more time to rest, be with their families, be healthy and happy. I want them to be healthy and happy, how about you?
After debut, if you don't like TXT, it's ok, just respect them and keep supporting BTS. NO ONE is asking you to leave BTS for TXT, that would be silly... It's not a matter of choosing one over another. Is BTS the only artist(s) in the world you like? Is your BTS bias the only person in the world you love? I don't know...
A little random info: the amount of time taken to write a hateful comment towards TXT, is the same as getting one more view on a BTS MV. You make the choice.
Maybe my opinion doesn't reflect yours, maybe you'll feel like hating me after reading this. There's nothing I can do about it. If hating me makes you happy, then go ahead. The more hate I receive, the less hate some innocent kids who are trying to follow their dream, will receive(I call them kids because I'm a noona, in case anyone was wondering).
I'm not a TXT fan(they didn't even debut yet), I'm not defending TXT against BTS(I love BTS too much). I'm just asking for fairness and understanding. And hating a group that doesn't even exist yet, is not fair.
This was a very long comment, and if you managed to read all of it then WOW! I'm impressed! Here's a cookie for you: 🍪. Oh, and because I'm curious how many people actually read all of it, you can reply with "🍪". Thanks guys, and purple hugs to all of you. 💜
camila_army riscozarate
Ay wey por nombran a bts aqui , no comenten nada de bts , este es de txt nada comenten de ellos , por las armys se meten y comienza a poner si estaremos hasta el final , me llegan a bobo . Ni exo-l hizo tanto problema como army lo esta hacien por un grupo que debuta en la misma agencia de sus idols
Bah cherry
Bah cherry - 6 ore fa
Tão fofo
Angie Ángulo
Angie Ángulo - 6 ore fa
🌹💖😻🌹Tan lindo
Viviana García
Viviana García - 6 ore fa
Jimin you beautiful creature
is the last part like a morse code or something?
Taejin is leJINdary
Taejin is leJINdary - 7 ore fa
suc mi choi
suc mi choi - 7 ore fa
No es que rechase a este grupo este mal sino que amo a BTS y yo creo que son muy originales y con quitaron a muchas personas y yo estoy orgullosa de ser Armiy
Imagines Forever Love
Mds mais e muito fofinhuh aaaaaa
Gfriend y Dreamcatcher Las mejores del kpop
Teniendo en cuenta que este man sigue en tendencias, ya sé quién será el más popular. :v
KARDANADAM078 - 7 ore fa
Jin dede junkook hyung oldu
sanisa massart
sanisa massart - 8 ore fa
My bias out of the four that have already been seen is yoenjun my fav
ωєlωєт - 8 ore fa
0:56 he look there like Jimin xD
Kpøp Łøvê
Kpøp Łøvê - 8 ore fa
Can’t wait for TXT .....Well it will take me forever to chose my bias 😫😶
Сабрина Давронова
Помоему я знаю кто будем моим биасом😉😉
Vkook love
Vkook love - 8 ore fa
CécileLovesMonstaXGot7ShineeAndOthers LoveKorea
He kind of reminds me Wanna One leader ❤❤❤
Fernanda Niemeyer Quezada
Sakinah Rizqi16
Sakinah Rizqi16 - 8 ore fa
Kathleen Park
Kathleen Park - 8 ore fa
Shin Won Ho is dat u? Lol, he just reminds me of Shin Won Ho and he kinda does look like him but it's just my opinion hehe.
Omg and also he kinda looks like V at 0:53.Still, it's just my opinion hehe. Peace out yo!
Oktar Hazzar
Oktar Hazzar - 8 ore fa
bomba gibi geliyolaaaarrrr
yasmin de oliveira
yasmin de oliveira - 8 ore fa
Felecia Bye
Felecia Bye - 9 ore fa
Guys, can we please stop comparing the TxT members looks to those of BTS. Cause to me they looking like their own person. Not V and Not Jimin. He is Yeonjun from TxT
Glorija Drobnik
Glorija Drobnik - 9 ore fa
yeonjun is my bias in txt I LOVE HIM ALREADY
Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber - 9 ore fa
Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber - 9 ore fa
Parace o V kid kkkkkk meu Deus tô apaixonada
Rod lover dindin
Rod lover dindin - 9 ore fa
He will be my bias...i think
yang layla
yang layla - 9 ore fa
He looks like a mix of s.coups from seventeen and wanna one daehwi?
Gulnara Mustafayeva
Gulnara Mustafayeva - 9 ore fa
Armys,Stream DNA!
Our goal is 20M in a day.
Rendel Parado
Rendel Parado - 9 ore fa
syed zahid hussain
syed zahid hussain - 9 ore fa
I will be an army!! no matter what happens
Giselle Brito
Giselle Brito - 9 ore fa
Jawad Jawad
Jawad Jawad - 9 ore fa
이선호 - 9 ore fa
김태형이 보인다..
Que fofo 😍❤❤❤
Jennie Solo
Jennie Solo - 9 ore fa
yeonjun is still my bias
bruizcheeses p.j
bruizcheeses p.j - 9 ore fa
thats my fucking bias sksksk
롄리씌youtube - 10 ore fa
TXT연준이 와도❣️❣️방탄소년단 오빠들을 떠나지 말고 다 사랑해주세요❣️❣️
김윤희 - 6 ore fa
두 그룹다 지지할거에요ㅎㅎ
jimin ira
jimin ira - 10 ore fa
*Bighit* : Ok so let's first reveal Yeonjun then make a supri__
*Army* : ok so this are the other members of TXT .They are.......

Armys being a detective 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Prossimi video