Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie on 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' | MTV News

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MTV News
MTV News - 27 giorni fa
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rojer federeri
rojer federeri - 17 minuti fa
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rojer federeri
rojer federeri - 18 minuti fa
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Hi ImPaul
Hi ImPaul - 13 ore fa
Quinton likes dirty feet
Terri Coley
Terri Coley - 2 giorni fa
When they said um at the same time
lilmil - 2 giorni fa
Margot: 3:41
Every white person ever and 4 black people: 3:43
lilmil - 2 giorni fa
three gorgeous people here, margot, leo, and me watching on my computer
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 3 giorni fa
2:28 she’s modeling for a Pan Am poster shown in Times Square? She hadn’t even been born yet when Pan Am was still in existence. How the F is that possible? Pan Am ceased operations in 91 and she was born in 90.
LK Tzu
LK Tzu - 3 giorni fa
@Joe Smith the show wasn't popular and was canceled by ABC after the 1st season so it's understandable not many people know about it.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 3 giorni fa
LK Tzu Ah. Didn’t know that.
LK Tzu
LK Tzu - 3 giorni fa
The Pan Am she was modeling for is not the actual airline but a TV show that aired on ABC in 2011 based on the airline. The poster at Times Square was promotions for the TV show.
Dean Raja
Dean Raja - 3 giorni fa
It’s superstar on the table
Amanda Laschola
Amanda Laschola - 3 giorni fa
Horrible movie!!!
Niranjan Kumar
Niranjan Kumar - 3 giorni fa
Margot yer face attracts me
Mike Ock
Mike Ock - 4 giorni fa
4:55 I think that's the first time I've heard Margot swear in her natural accent.
It wasnt mine & not trying to flatter myself robbing...
But if I had to say, it would be...
" You cant be serious"
Lucy Goosey
Lucy Goosey - 6 giorni fa
They look like siblings
Xyz Xyz
Xyz Xyz - 6 giorni fa
I was really looking forward to hearing Leo and Brad express their opinions, but Margot wouldn’t keep quiet long enough for them to say three words!
Xyz Xyz
Xyz Xyz - 2 giorni fa
@Honey Lee / Even if that was true, it sure wasn’t Leo’s or Brad’s fault.
Honey Lee
Honey Lee - 6 giorni fa
She was barely given a chance to talk during the Today and Entertainment Weekly interview. Guess it's fair she gets to talk here.
A Mishel
A Mishel - 6 giorni fa
Star Wars was SO boring.
Miranda - 4 giorni fa
A Mishel right?! it went on for too long in my opinion. great visuals, boring storyline.
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan - 7 giorni fa
I wish I’d never seen star movies.
Sara Conversano
Sara Conversano - 8 giorni fa
leo is just sitting there thinking about the environment man
clo O
clo O - 8 giorni fa
they look so handsome and gorgeous. I pray u guys & Gale stay blessed,happy & prosperous
Megan Cox
Megan Cox - 8 giorni fa
Brad and Margot seem very happy in each other’s company, relaxed and compatible. They actually look like a couple.
Honey Lee
Honey Lee - 6 giorni fa
Agreed. The chemistry is so natural.
Tori Ezung
Tori Ezung - 10 giorni fa
Feels like something is going on between leo and Margot
Honey Lee
Honey Lee - 6 giorni fa
Really? I felt it was more Brad than Leo.
Alexis Marti
Alexis Marti - 10 giorni fa
Brad looks so old...
Blandine a.
Blandine a. - 11 giorni fa
In Finland, people use the word " Myötähäpeä " to describe the shame we feel for someone (stupid or ridiculous). That's the Leo word.
Joyce Tan
Joyce Tan - 11 giorni fa
Omg for a moment i thought Leo's feet wasnt even on the ground.....
Scully - 11 giorni fa
This was a very refreshing interview with questions about their relation to cinema that I was interested in knowing. It wasn't the hundredth time they explain "what was hard about making a scene" or "how they related to their character" so great job.
Mike V
Mike V - 13 giorni fa
Leo starting to look and sound like Jack Nicholson..
Jules Falcone
Jules Falcone - 14 giorni fa
Good interviewer, asked all original questions.
mk steel
mk steel - 15 giorni fa
Brad Pitt is the guy who listens to everybody's stories and reacts to make them to make them feel included and sets the atmosphere to be friendly and Leo is the guy who just tells his and gets a faraway look on his face like an aged WW2 veteran who has had enough of the world.
Samuel Polanco
Samuel Polanco - 10 giorni fa
mk steel hahahahaha
k0walsk - 15 giorni fa
Excellent interview!
rocco_ ita
rocco_ ita - 16 giorni fa
DiCaprio and Robbie could be such a dream couple
srikant rath
srikant rath - 16 giorni fa
Leonard exactly has that look here that he has shown in SHUTTER ISLAND. 👆👆👆👌
Thi Mai Phan
Thi Mai Phan - 16 giorni fa
Alexia 2006
Alexia 2006 - 17 giorni fa
Brad could shave his beard and change his style and he would look just like he did in his thirties, I’m not even kidding he’s like 55 what the heck
Al mac
Al mac - 15 giorni fa
He is embracing the dad look. He could scrub up if he wanted to but he is just enjoying being himself. He seems content.
Jason Peters
Jason Peters - 17 giorni fa
DiCaprio is pure GenX.
Humble, almost embarrassed of the fame, greatness
Christie Su
Christie Su - 20 giorni fa
Brad and Margot though. That's some great chemistry right there.
zApple769 - 21 giorno fa
This is SUCH a refreshing Interview!
InfinitySeekers - 21 giorno fa
Really i have never seen a person so different. Leo is totally different on screen just giving his 100% but in real life he seems to quite and calm. Just seems like they are two different people
Aila DiCaprio
Aila DiCaprio - 22 giorni fa
Leo has the same energy as 20 years ago 🤩 i love it
Justwatch Carter
Justwatch Carter - 22 giorni fa
Godammit i luv darn dicaprio
Bubur Kecap
Bubur Kecap - 22 giorni fa
Brad she never old yea
Laura Bear
Laura Bear - 23 giorni fa
How fucking sick must Leo be of the door question haha
Claire Jackson
Claire Jackson - 23 giorni fa
Are you guys kidding me. Leo drinking bottled water. Give me a break, environmentalist my ass. You big wigs need to stop promoting this.
Ultraviolence - 23 giorni fa
Tarantino is back bitches! 🔥
ᄅᄅᄅᄅ - 23 giorni fa
So what were the lines..?
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes - 25 giorni fa
I always wonder how people decide which movie to list for an actor in a description. For example, in this movie description they list Brad Pitt's movie as World War Z, one of the most forgetful movies he's been in. When I hear Brad Pitt I think of Fight Club, Ocean's 11, Troy, etc...
Pep 1992
Pep 1992 - 25 giorni fa
I would give this a thousand of likes if I could just for putting subs. Thanks!!!!
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes - 26 giorni fa
BillyKone - 27 giorni fa
I've noticed Brad Pitt mentioning Larry David quite often now.. not sure what my point is..but I've noticed...
Kailin Jones
Kailin Jones - 26 giorni fa
He said in another interview he listens to comedy while he is in his car. So maybe he listens to Larry David’s comedy on the way to interviews so that’s the freshest thing on his mind. It’s like if you were just listening to a song and then someone says a word or a phrase that is in that song your mind immediately will go back to the song.
Kailin Jones
Kailin Jones - 26 giorni fa
BillyKone same
valentine chain
valentine chain - 27 giorni fa
I would watch all 6 hours of Gone with the wind with Brad aaaaannny time !! Text me
samsamsam - 27 giorni fa
Love how brad looks slightly concerned at the first question
A Khan
A Khan - 28 giorni fa
Me too didn't see any of star trek movies 🤷
Beauty Beauty
Beauty Beauty - 28 giorni fa
HowStrangeLifeIs - 28 giorni fa
Great interview. All personalities were pretty evenly involved & it was chill, questions more about them rather than the same old questions about the movie. You could see all were relaxed, comfortable & open.
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee - 29 giorni fa
Leo 3rd wheeling over there and doesn't give a fck. Lmfao.
Andy - 29 giorni fa
Brad Pitt is a cool guy he should be happy he is with a better squeeze now.Keeper...
Seth Hoffman
Seth Hoffman - 29 giorni fa
I never seen any Star Wars too
Brad Roberts
Brad Roberts - Mese fa
I'd love to see Cappy in a superhero movie. 😁👍
Russ Hawkins
Russ Hawkins - Mese fa
Struth, they’re all really Cool.....
Ddd Nnn
Ddd Nnn - Mese fa
The only thing good about this movie is the fight scene with Brad and Kato..
Manic Rhymes
Manic Rhymes - Mese fa
Who is he talking about when he asks the very first question??
Manic Rhymes
Manic Rhymes - Mese fa
Oh, thank you. I have seen it but that was random to bring up for this interview
m8055 - Mese fa
Leo played Jack in the movie Titanic. Watch it and you'll know! :)
Elan Sun Star Photography
Lovely so open and transparent...Pitt could do well with white beard and mustache and whiskered face as a 120 year old sage...
tibertwo - Mese fa
Up till about a month ago, I had never seen Gone With The Wind, and I still haven't seen The Sound Of Music.
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