old town road, but played on my synth

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SethEverman - Mese fa
hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng
Zakaria Ali
Zakaria Ali - 2 giorni fa
I need a full song for the last bit
Pavol Hudák
Pavol Hudák - 3 giorni fa
techno was the best made it full please
Victor Ghiraldini
Victor Ghiraldini - 4 giorni fa
Faz a partitura (sheet) pls
Daniel S
Daniel S - 6 giorni fa
Is this a Yamaha MM6?
Vivid Ally
Vivid Ally - 12 minuti fa
I want to hear more from the yes instrument actually
Thin-King CONnect
Orchestra teacher: where’s your viola?
Me: oh, I left it at home, but it’s okay because I brought my DePrEsSiOn
Quincy - Ora fa
Fred - 2 ore fa
i like the subtitles
French film music, mais on a pas que des film comme ça ! faut arrêter les cliché ! mangeur d'hamburger !
mxrcyi - 3 ore fa
army potato
army potato - 4 ore fa
I like how he just sits there
Ukos - 4 ore fa
When he says yes for mario kart, well yes is actually the musician who created the song "roundabout" u know that "to be continued song", well the song continues with the mario kart instrument seth uses in the video.

テレビ頭celery monster
1:19 some art boi could make Seth Tecnho Cowboy,
that would be cool
RamNa Z
RamNa Z - 7 ore fa
1:02 - crash bandicoot
NaDE - 8 ore fa
oh boy i love playing on depression
YEET - 9 ore fa
1:28 he smiled
The-Dapper-Scrapper - 9 ore fa
Started dying when the sped up Nickelback came in X'D
teenwolf_stilinski _
You are amaizing bruh🙌🏼
Mr Sasjo
Mr Sasjo - 9 ore fa
Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
lílч thє вrσkєn αngєl
Ah my favourite genre and instrument p a i n a n d h e l p
Karahan Sarp Karakoc
i think i'm the only one who got that the "yes" instrument was a nod to the band called "yes" since their songs sound like the one seth made.
Abusedpigeons 22
Abusedpigeons 22 - 11 ore fa
@0:15 seconds in it sounds like nickelback rockstar
Taimox - 12 ore fa
Longer version of genrehelp, with the instrument pain please.
ananya lakshmi
ananya lakshmi - 12 ore fa
Turn on captions and watch the video it's even better😂😂
Amber McCandless
Amber McCandless - 12 ore fa
Did he really smile in this video or am I going mad
LEAGUD - 14 ore fa
He made it again...🤣
Edit:thanks for the likes!

Why its blue?
LEAGUD - 8 ore fa
@Rob aaaa yeah😭
Rob - 10 ore fa
You're thanking for 1 like?
Trixy Eagles
Trixy Eagles - 10 ore fa
Its not. Lol
Mr Wehrmacht Guy
Mr Wehrmacht Guy - 15 ore fa
Papa Abe Lincoln would very proud of you
exe_ - 16 ore fa
Fun fact: those super radical heavymetal glasses are 700€
Ignoolio12 Nėra
Ignoolio12 Nėra - 16 ore fa
0:44 yes, my favorite instrument/band.
Zhafran FA
Zhafran FA - 21 ora fa
1:31 song?
Moves Like Yeager
Moves Like Yeager - 21 ora fa
1:06 It's Dio-Sama!
Andy Beck
Andy Beck - 21 ora fa
Did someone say SYNTH! All machines are evil. They are poison to the commonwealth. I don’t want any members of the railroad in my feed.
Jonathan Gomez
Jonathan Gomez - 22 ore fa
Me parto la polla con este tío 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Decent Master
Decent Master - 23 ore fa
You did good, private kyle
Jdjdhfjfjj hZHixuduxu
Jdjdhfjfjj hZHixuduxu - 23 ore fa
theangrybrave - Giorno fa
I want a full version of pain
Eleanor K.
Eleanor K. - Giorno fa

Kayla Mia
Kayla Mia - Giorno fa
You forgot mayonnaise :/
YuiChan San
YuiChan San - Giorno fa
I love you 🤠
Mark Elder
Mark Elder - Giorno fa
yall spilled a li too much yeehaw juice in those synth gears
Alyson Bravo
Alyson Bravo - Giorno fa
0:38 NICE
DiXdoStuff - Giorno fa
Seth : im good
Also drops synth
DiXdoStuff - Giorno fa
Look at this graaaaph
Dia Edsa
Dia Edsa - Giorno fa
1:25 is he SMILING?
Razør SFM
Razør SFM - Giorno fa
Old Town Road but its mario kart full version? (Old Rainbow Road)
Lenamusic - Giorno fa
Sir Memesalot
Sir Memesalot - Giorno fa
It actually sounds pretty good in techno ngl
ッOtaku - Giorno fa
Friend: Do you play an instrument?
Me: Yes
Friend: Oh cool what instrument?
R I E L 2stepsfromreality
Muskett 23
Muskett 23 - Giorno fa
I love the techno one
RainbowLLama15 - Giorno fa
Seth is a android programmed to make mario and zelda beter again
I'm Under Monster attack right now
I like it when you smile, do you wanna Mary me?
Sarbajita Mondal
Sarbajita Mondal - Giorno fa
Could not stop laughing...🤣🤣👍👍
louismenil - Giorno fa
Just spam 8 on your keyboard
ZDN028 - Giorno fa
im depressed and i can play instrument

wait a minute...
Zephyr Dragon
Zephyr Dragon - Giorno fa
Band Teacher: What instrument do you play?
Me: *yes*
Вася Тень
Вася Тень - Giorno fa
Who's from my country?
Oblivion 14
Oblivion 14 - Giorno fa
Rayner - Giorno fa
Did anyone realise that Seth changed hip hop to eminem?
dotMusic - Giorno fa
Gorgeous, but the camera quality...
Inferno 07
Inferno 07 - Giorno fa
Thank me later........
Maurice Louis
Maurice Louis - Giorno fa
YeS iS A BaNd, GuYs
Ambassador Kosh
Ambassador Kosh - Giorno fa
How to avoid the copyright system.
DupliHD - Giorno fa
Hanneskeks - Giorno fa
Dominic Corralejo
Dominic Corralejo - Giorno fa
At 0:38 you will see a word that says "nice"
Goldkingx X
Goldkingx X - Giorno fa
can i get a the full song 1:39
BTCRAIL101FILMS - Giorno fa
Please release full version of pain and depression
Raquel R.
Raquel R. - Giorno fa
I'm just commenting again because it's 2:11 am here and I simply cannot fall asleep because this song keeps playing over and over in my head. I'll just listen to it again.
LegendGaming__YT X
LegendGaming__YT X - Giorno fa
*Captions: ON*
Toxic Headshot
Toxic Headshot - Giorno fa
This is funny bro...🤣🤣🤣
Aidan Ryan
Aidan Ryan - Giorno fa
You mean 34 Ghosts IV?
Moves Like Yeager
Moves Like Yeager - Giorno fa
Stand: [ : | ]
Stand User: SethEverman
This stand is able to recreate music to its greatest form, more perfect than Kars.
Walkband Shorts
Walkband Shorts - Giorno fa
What about using those guitars in the back in the next vids?
Xavier Parker
Xavier Parker - Giorno fa
I've never seen you smile before. There's a first for everything 😂😂😂
Rebeca Mendes de Oliveira
I love it ❤
ShipFan - Giorno fa
Riding on a horse ha i got a divorce
Mahoro Audibert
Mahoro Audibert - Giorno fa
Hillbilly sounds pretty good
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight - 2 giorni fa
*Your meme doesn’t get any funnier if you put*
*In front of it.*
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez - 2 giorni fa
What Yamaha model is playing? Someone tell me! Thanks!
Amaneux - 2 giorni fa
This has big Seth Everman energy
Conn Toons
Conn Toons - 2 giorni fa
Mario looks depressed over there
Edit: 1:00 Wow, I didn’t think you would do anything with him in the video
oyy lumo
oyy lumo - 2 giorni fa
Anybody else think Billy ray looks suicidal from the pic near the end?
Edible Oxygen
Edible Oxygen - 2 giorni fa
Thus really makes me un poco loco
Maximus Mii
Maximus Mii - 2 giorni fa
that at 1:02 just sounds like animal crossing.
Christopher Tristan
Christopher Tristan - 2 giorni fa
You know you're a good musician when you can make a shitty annoying song sound so good that it makes you want to listen to it over and over
Stefano Chiesi
Stefano Chiesi - 2 giorni fa
I wanna learn how to play the yes
KingDino_Law - 2 giorni fa
Friend: What instrument do you play
Me: Depression
Zakariya shakeel
Zakariya shakeel - 2 giorni fa
Bald Town Road Parody
Nik Tessier19
Nik Tessier19 - 2 giorni fa
I’m here for the captions
Fef & Gogo
Fef & Gogo - 2 giorni fa
1:00 pause
Taiyah Skeen
Taiyah Skeen - 2 giorni fa
This is amazing😤👌🔥
Zhalfa Aulia
Zhalfa Aulia - 2 giorni fa
I want to see davie collab with seth
Galaxy Games
Galaxy Games - 2 giorni fa
This is my frickin life and you can’t tell me otherwise
M4RT1N KRS05 - 2 giorni fa
Oh, you play depression too?
søftea - 2 giorni fa
k-pop counts as world, right?
Edward J. Nashton
Edward J. Nashton - 2 giorni fa
Genre: Help
Instrument: Pain
Me: Story of my life
First name Last name
First name Last name - 2 giorni fa
I'm so glad you included some of my favourite instruments like:
- bald
- you are bald
- you do not have any hair
Madison Diltz
Madison Diltz - 2 giorni fa
Me when I'm bored!!
Hamza Alpnur Tosyalıoğlu
şapka düştü kel göründü
MiscEris - 2 giorni fa
Where’s the full mix of old town road and rockstar?
Koulnis - 2 giorni fa
1:26 All Hell Breaks Loose (on his face)
Henri Mirouze
Henri Mirouze - 2 giorni fa
Why there's french movie. I'm french and I don't understand
Prossimi video