2019 DLIO | R1F9 | McBeth, Lizotte, Gurthie, Vicich

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JomezPro - 25 giorni fa
Happy Saturday everyone! Thanks for hanging with us and enjoying some Disc Golf coverage!
Gabriel Dao
Gabriel Dao - 25 giorni fa
Love it dudes, always killing it 💪🏽🤙🏽
Phathorse - 25 giorni fa
amazing content, idk why i cant stop watching lol
Abe McEwan
Abe McEwan - 13 giorni fa
Love these
babattaja - 15 giorni fa
at 24:00 Paul Mcbeth, was he throwing a stalker?
Alexander Bivolcic
Alexander Bivolcic - 17 giorni fa
I like Nate Perkins commentary. I’d say he’s right up there with Big Sexy Commentary. Of course Big Sexy is the best.
James Hendrzak
James Hendrzak - 21 giorno fa
On hole 7 I remember that frog something disc golf sign that got in the way a couple times a tournament or two ago
Clint Good
Clint Good - 21 giorno fa
Nice commentary. I still think you should go with Big Perk though.
Jimmy Disc
Jimmy Disc - 21 giorno fa
Nate Perkins commentary just isnt very good so im gonna skip to R2F9
Infamous gaming clips
Infamous gaming clips - 22 giorni fa
Where is Johnny discgolf ? I need some hair in my life.
Stan Campbell
Stan Campbell - 22 giorni fa
I love watching these!!!
Kolten Minix
Kolten Minix - 22 giorni fa
Brennan Holtzclaw
Brennan Holtzclaw - 23 giorni fa
Simon, no!
That hurt my heart.
Chase Ramirez
Chase Ramirez - 23 giorni fa
Thanks jomez!!!
McBukka - 23 giorni fa
Nice combo Big Hairy 😂🥏❤️
Niko Nyrhila
Niko Nyrhila - 23 giorni fa
Cool to see you guys!!
Justin Choi
Justin Choi - 23 giorni fa
I wish if we couldn't get the full BigSexy commentary that we got someone from the card we are watching. I love hearing a pro talking about their own bad shots. It would have been fun to hear Simon about his triple. You know he would have delivered with the laughs
Charles Jahnke
Charles Jahnke - 24 giorni fa
Rory E
Rory E - 24 giorni fa
Oh heck yes! Time to huck plastic!
John Noe
John Noe - 24 giorni fa
Get your 100% cotton XTX Disc Golf Headbands at:
Maza - 24 giorni fa
Wtf Simon!? Wake up :/
Emily Monroe
Emily Monroe - 24 giorni fa
Nate Perkins is smoother than a baby’s bottom. Fantastic addition to Jomez footy.
Alexander Franzén
Alexander Franzén - 24 giorni fa
Andrew Choate
Andrew Choate - 24 giorni fa
scar frame on #2, let's all enjoy nomenclature
Cameron Hansen
Cameron Hansen - 24 giorni fa
WTB Big Z Luna so I can be frustrated that I don't throw it like McBeast.
Terry Fuller
Terry Fuller - 24 giorni fa
Wow, you all make next-level videos! You all make television networks covering sports look lazy. Thank you!!
ryan Fields
ryan Fields - 24 giorni fa
Gurthie’s power!!!
Ezra Romine
Ezra Romine - 24 giorni fa
Ayyyy got to see my name.
JomezPro - 24 giorni fa
Graham Fox
Graham Fox - 24 giorni fa
Great coverage, a little hard to hear the commentary during the hole flight music :)
Christoffer Hoff
Christoffer Hoff - 24 giorni fa
awesome as always!
Tyler Flynn
Tyler Flynn - 24 giorni fa
Nate has some jon snow vibes going on.
Derek Bell
Derek Bell - 24 giorni fa
Your coverage of the matches is insane!!! This channel has made my first year playing disc golf soooooo much more fun. Thank you guys for all your efforts!
JomezPro - 24 giorni fa
Thanks for watching!
Justin - 24 giorni fa
Where can I get one of those big z lunas? Those are money.
Guffyzilla - 24 giorni fa
Liked before watched, ready for Jomezpro!!!!
Josh Felman
Josh Felman - 24 giorni fa
Is this course in IL
manuel lopez
manuel lopez - 25 giorni fa
Great coverage, we need some driving range holes with some of these big arms!
Moif - 25 giorni fa
I know Nate and Jerm are poking fun at it, but the commentary about the 'ad placement' on the green (hole 7) is valuable to the sport. If advertisers don't hear these things out loud, we end up with... well... yeah, let's not go there. Great tournament so far, and it really shows that the TDs put good time into it.
AJ Brown
AJ Brown - 25 giorni fa
Wouldn't the opposite of a star frame be a DX frame?
Austin Moser
Austin Moser - 25 giorni fa
What makes hole 1 633 feet? Because theres no way its 600 feet across the water
Pete Mills
Pete Mills - 25 giorni fa
seti111 - 25 giorni fa
@26:00 " This is a death putt " Normally it would be but JomezPro have placed themselves directly between the basket and the OB. Dudes, we do appreciate what you do, but you need to take a step back and reconsider what you're doing out there and how you're doing it. You always seem to have someone standing inside circle one in the direct flight path of the discs. And in the fairways, you've got people in the most ideal landing areas, if it's a par 4 or 5, introducing the risk of interfering with the flight path and outcome of those shots. Be smarter than that, the SlowMez and Follow Flight isn't worth the risk you're introducing to the Tournaments
Jake Park
Jake Park - 25 giorni fa
Sponsored by hemp and CBD products🤣 poor nate
Joona K
Joona K - 25 giorni fa
I appreciate the great coverage! As a constructive criticism I still don't like your bogey colors. They don't make any sense when single bogey is the most eye catching thing in the row and triple bogey is barely distinguishable from a par. The symbols help when you concentrate on them, but they are too small to be really helpful at a glance. Just my two cents. Thank you all for the coverage!
Justin - 25 giorni fa
Where can I find some of those extra large discraft posters?
Jensemannen91 - 25 giorni fa
Paul's clothing matching Jomez's layout colours? Coincidence?
Jarad Reiser
Jarad Reiser - 25 giorni fa
Never leave us big sexy!
Benjamin Nielsen
Benjamin Nielsen - 25 giorni fa
Morning, coffee and jomez ! LETS GO!
Jason Beck
Jason Beck - 25 giorni fa
I'm thinking an all bogie hole should be a black hole frame, not a nova frame. Supernovas aren't anti-stars, they're super awesome stars. So an all eagle hole could be a nova frame.
Maxson Greene
Maxson Greene - 25 giorni fa
I wanna know who the 10 people are who disliked this great jomez coverage
Japeth Barnett
Japeth Barnett - 25 giorni fa
Nobody: English
Jerm: "agressiveness"
Evil Tire
Evil Tire - 25 giorni fa
gotta love those garretts calves!!!
Jack Haren
Jack Haren - 25 giorni fa
Kaposia Pro Shop founding member booyah.
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