Trump's Racist Attacks on Democratic Congresswomen: A Closer Look

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Wilma Phillips
Wilma Phillips - 13 giorni fa
Talked like a kid.
Marc Ziegenhain
Marc Ziegenhain - 22 giorni fa
I'm waiting for the Lincoln statue to get alive and kick Trump out of the White House and the atmosphere.
James and Cheray Lucas
Totally Unamerican!
Jason Olson
Jason Olson - Mese fa
I thought you people knew better then to let someone get you down but I guess I am mistaken. How sad to be you.
Jason Olson
Jason Olson - Mese fa
People have the right to speak there mind even if someone gets offended. Besides don't let the ramblings of one person offend you that would you admit what they are saying about you is true. That's the same as taking there side on the subject. If you really want to stand up forselves then don't let it bother you and stoop to their level but instead rise up above it and say no I'm not the things you say about me. I'm better then that and I don't care about what you say cuz it's not true about me.
Rudra Mazumder
Rudra Mazumder - Mese fa
I guess you could say that ol' abe lincoln STONEWALLED trump with his stare
Ezekiel Sun
Ezekiel Sun - Mese fa
I'm building a wall
Timothy Stratton
Timothy Stratton - Mese fa
"Women of color" is accepted speech. "Colored women" is not. Any grammar experts here that can tell me what the difference is? I can't quite figure it out.
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man - 2 mesi fa
Go back to your country with your filthy pirates ilhan Omar
Joseph Patin
Joseph Patin - 2 mesi fa
Congress needs to impeach Trump. He is the worst president ever.
Nosey Girl
Nosey Girl - 2 mesi fa
Dems insist that our President is racist because he is, as they say, against immigrants. They 'forget' to add the word 'illegal'. I think that even the word 'immigrant' should not be used in these cases. Immigration is a legal procedure for crossing the border and becoming a member of the country. A country without borders is like a body without skin. Opening the border would be the end of our way of life. I, like so many more Americans, am an immigrant. The moment I crossed the border at the airport, I felt like everybody else, despite my ridiculous English. It was a new and wonderful feeling.
Nekents Tombe
Nekents Tombe - 2 mesi fa
And here I thought except for the natives americans , everybody else in the USA was from somewhere else...Did not know that Trump was native american...
Fly Oz
Fly Oz - 3 mesi fa
Hm Im anti Trump but his comment re the 4 congresswoman was NOT racist at all.
He said if they are are so great why dont they help their origing countries rather than attack the US
Jason Olson
Jason Olson - 3 mesi fa
People have the right to say what they want to say
MegaWerido - 3 mesi fa
Guys, Donald Trump is supposed to make this state better. Not if you like it or not. It's YES I'll make it better so you feel comfortable not NO only my fellow peers I'd love to have surround me can be accepted. Did Obama said that? No. Why should we make a exception to Donald? He's a double chin orange? It's not like food, toys. It's the fricking country we're talking about guys. 🙄🙄
Carlitha Brown
Carlitha Brown - 3 mesi fa
This Presidency is a Game, Joke & Fun 2him until it finally catches up with him God Bless Us All
3jacksonderek - 3 mesi fa
I would love to punch Seth right in his vagina.
lockoshamface - 3 mesi fa
Wowwwww remember when late night shows weren't LEFT WING PROPAGANDA, shame on you, Russia gate hoax, fear mongering... Whwres the "late night comedy, to help wind down after a long hard day's work"
m jagusch
m jagusch - 3 mesi fa
I don't like the comment, but "go back to where you came from," is as American as apple pie.
Pendragon Love
Pendragon Love - 3 mesi fa
It’s absolutely racist and completely habitually AND TRADITIONALLY American! Stop saying it’s UNAMERICAN because it most certainly isn’t and there are bodies of dead non-whites citizens and immigrants to prove it. Now, saying that it’s NO LONGER an acceptable but still somewhat tolerated American attitude, IS MUCH more honest and correct. Yes, America still tolerates it because if they didn’t HE WOULDN’T be the POTUS. If Americans were still so horrified by both his actions and words he would have been impeached already. This is ALL Theater...
E Baby
E Baby - 3 mesi fa
Donald: if you’re known in this country or history for anything, it’s being the WORST FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE U.S EVERRRRRRRRRR. If it’s ever appropriate for anyone to curse,,,,now IS THE PERFECT TIME...Seth said so ❤️😂
Bob Riedel
Bob Riedel - 3 mesi fa
Oh, stop with the racist bullshit. HILLARY LOST - GET OVER IT !!!!
True Brother
True Brother - 3 mesi fa
Black man here, not that it matters. I'm no fan of Trump but I don't believe he's a racist. Living in AMERIKKKA, i've encountered MANY RACISTS in my life, but in spite of all that, I still love white people, as I have also crossed paths with many GOOD whites.
Karl Urbahn
Karl Urbahn - 4 mesi fa
I don't know if this tweet was racist. He didn't actually say "go back to your country". He said that the four congresswomen should go back to the crime infested places from which they came. That doesn't necessarily refer to foreign countries; it could mean a city, a district, a state or a US territory. But even if it wasn't racist, it is CERTAINLY hypocritical!!! How can Trump think it's OK for him to keep criticizing the conditions of his country, but the same does not go for those congresswomen???!!!!!
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick - 4 mesi fa
In order to fix something that is wrong with the country, you must first ::speak:: about the problem so you can get others to join in and help fix it. And you can't be happy when you're doing that. Trump wants us all stoned and obeying our munchies for fast food...yeah, we'll all be happy then!
Biony Stone
Biony Stone - 4 mesi fa
God bless seth meyers
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera - 4 mesi fa
His supporters are also a racist. Their denial of their bigotry and flat out intolerance of people of other colors and religions is bewildering.
SISI CLAVERIE - 4 mesi fa
Beware of that Omar the MUSLIM that despises Israel!
Remember in the Bible it talks about the white horseman in the book of revelation
Represents the false profet Mohammad was a fasle profet ! And those who believe the Koran are worshipping the Beast!
Is that what most Christians in AMERICA want???
Karnage the Kannibalistic Killer Klown
The LEFT are the racists
bahji - 4 mesi fa
Pathetic lefties
Robert balibrera
Robert balibrera - 4 mesi fa
Democrats are racist they are trying to control the minorities the illegal aliens and act like their savior when in fact they do nothing but Rob them out of every tax dollar and give them nothing
Bill Pardew
Bill Pardew - 4 mesi fa
How bout that wall ...winning winning winning ....oh and your ten possible instances of obstruction ...and if you find a single one he's committed any crime let me know
Scott Mackenzie
Scott Mackenzie - 4 mesi fa
Demokkkrats are the real racists. Fought for slavery. Started the kkk. This man complained about his country then ran for president to fix it, he didn’t leave. He has enough money t do whatever he wants and chose to have the hardest job in the world. You people didn’t like trump from the beginning and don’t do any research yourself. He was never called a racist, sexist until the media declares him one and all you yuppies bought it. Larry King once asked him who would be his Vice President if he ran for president and he said Oprah. Oprah is black right. Hillary Clinton said all black people look the same. In 20-30 years it’s going to be republicans against independent party.
HandyMan101 - 4 mesi fa
What is racist about telling people they can go home if they don’t like it here? Where is the race part?
Jordondalo 87
Jordondalo 87 - 4 mesi fa
Tbh I think I’d be more upset if he said, “go back to your country” to people who actually came here because they love America. The people he said it to, I don’t really care bc they already hate the place. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have told them that if they actually loved this country and didn’t talk trash to us all the time.
Zeakon Z
Zeakon Z - 4 mesi fa
if you guys hate this guy
so much, how come u selected him to your President, ROFLMAO.. US people ... *facepalm*
Who’s There?
Who’s There? - 4 mesi fa
Wasn’t racist.
Stainsteel0 - 4 mesi fa
I'm not a trump fan , but seriously , how are his tweets racist? He didn't say anything about their race , he just said that if they don't like the country they should leave , that's all !! Sure it's a mean thing to say but there is nothing that involves race in there!!
Paul Tirella
Paul Tirella - 4 mesi fa
Trump 20/20 y'all
Jay S
Jay S - 4 mesi fa
These libs screaming racist should look in the mirror.
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