Sri Lanka: Ultimate Travel Experience 2019

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Monkey Abroad
Monkey Abroad - 4 mesi fa
My heart goes out to the victims and the families of the victims of this morning's bombings in Sri Lanka. I'm so sorry to see this news :(
Jayatunganamal Karunarathne
Sri lanka is safer than ever now. Thanks for this vedio. This is my beutiful country .
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram - 24 giorni fa
Whip your ass with srilankan flag after throw it in singles houses or Buddhist temple
filesharing ease
filesharing ease - Mese fa
@Harry Taylor Not there are some, but most of us came from north and east of SL know the real face of sinhala terrorism than you. I was born and lived more than two decades in the north of SL. Currently I'm living in one of the foregin country you mentioned above where I study my master in CS, not as an asylum seeker. You would never understand us if you weren't in our shoes. I have doubt you might be a sinhalese.
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor - Mese fa
@Guru Sandirasegaram It's beautiful island everyone in the world talks about it's natural beauty and variety of things to offer for all kind of tourists and adventure seekers.. While there are some Tamils (may be born in SL) talk shit about the country like the comment above .. I'd like to suggest and would appreciate if you could remove the reply above please.. Wish their asylum applications got rejected when they went to either UK or Canada or the boat sunk on their way to Australia.
Ahmed Nasser
Ahmed Nasser - 2 mesi fa
Sri Lanka is heaven in the earth, the people is so kind, I'm always say if some one would like to see his god and enjoy his heaven in this earth most go to Sri Lanka. I'm sorry for all family who lost a friend, wife, husband, kids, father, mother for that horrible criminal work, I know Sri Lanka will recover soon from that accident. Ahmed from Yemen
Travel with laiya
Travel with laiya - Giorno fa
I have sri Lanka you have made a good video greeting me🙏
Ashran Ash
Ashran Ash - 5 giorni fa
Likewise the beautiful side there are also few things that you should be cautious about Sri Lanka. Election is on it way, therefore there gonna be campaigns and crowds that would lead to worst traffic congestion as well as conflicts are not unusual during these times.
Be extra vigilant when hiring with tuk tuk drivers, always prefer Uber & metered tuk tuks,do not give anything extra exceeding the meter rate unless a tip or for complement.Be conscious scammers pretending to rent properties, always book from trusted booking apps, avoid purchasing fake jewellery & gemstones there are imitation jewellery and gemstones pretended to be gold been sold by some beach shop around the country for huge rates.
Always seek advice from trusted & travel only with licenced guides approved by SriLanka Tourist Board.
Not all Street beggars are real, there are drug addicts, scammers & drunkards who would pretend to be one.So do not give any money or provide any provisions to them just try ignore them.
Be careful of dangerous sea shores, not everywhere is safe there are dangerous beaches that can take you so be aware, always lookh for warning signs if not ask the locals around, do always stay visible around others and dont isolate yourself.
Cross the road very carefully, mostly drivers usually don't follow strict rules, therefore be cautious even at controlled crossing. If you plan to rent a car & drive I wouldn't recommend that instead hire a car or passenger vehicle with an experienced driver.
If you want to experience hot weather and to turn into a tan skin visit at the beginning of April, but I wouldn't recommend if you're planning a trip to North during these months end of March to End of May as you may get afflicted to powerful heatwaves in the North, during such periods temp. goes upto 50°C instead Visit UpCountry region as it would give you a comfortable climate during such season.
Ideal time to visit North is between November to January as the climate usually become better yet you may find it hot but that's going to be bearable.
For those who visited already I would like to thank you all and for those who are already in your trip and have planned your trip to visit here I wish you all to have a precious & wonderful time, do not hesitate to contact me for free advice & services.Always happy to help.
Best regards,
Ashran- Travel Advisor (Volunteer Service)
shelli chavez
shelli chavez - 8 giorni fa
Dilan&Mano - 8 giorni fa
you paid about 700 rs too much for your hair cut. should be around 100.00rs place like that
Dulanga Prabodhi
Dulanga Prabodhi - 10 giorni fa
Damn ❤️ can’t wait to go home ❤️❤️❤️
Sharmella Krishnasamy
Sharmella Krishnasamy - 10 giorni fa
We have something like this in Langkawi. We named the Seven Wells Waterfall. You have to hike up the stairs. Water flows from top to 7 pools on different level. I still have picture of sliding to from the top pool to the bottom one. My friend, Guna took the picture without my knowledge.
Dk. Dk
Dk. Dk - 11 giorni fa
මගෙ රට මට පන
谢灵运 - 12 giorni fa
Mathan Kumar
Mathan Kumar - 14 giorni fa
Dude they cheated you man. Hair cut won’t cost 800 , max it will cost 200
maddy Heath
maddy Heath - 14 giorni fa
hey, where is the waterfall jump at @ 5:52?
Shashini Anuradha
Shashini Anuradha - 15 giorni fa
Woow superb
க.பிரதீபன் தமிழன்
Tanx for visiting SriLanka...ur alwayzz Welcome....
Lairu Pramod
Lairu Pramod - 16 giorni fa
Next time you'll eat rice & curry. Please use your hand. beacuse it is very tasty more than spoons.❤️❤️💪
hitchhiker - 16 giorni fa
Niggambo? That sounds kind of wrong
Thaproban Life
Thaproban Life - 18 giorni fa
SL Foreign Crow. Green Nature Travels
if anyone would like to see more nontouristic magnificent places in sri lanka i regemend Greentourssrilanka Gide King Madu. @t
+94717613047 contact him
Imal Vlog
Imal Vlog - 22 giorni fa
Beautiful country with amazing places to visit. Check out my vlog for more places 😍
Nguyễn Trang
Nguyễn Trang - 23 giorni fa
Which hotel you stayed in Mirissa? Because i am going to Srilanka in Sep
Travel SRI LANKA - 23 giorni fa
Sri lanka elephants
JAM Chathuranga
JAM Chathuranga - 26 giorni fa
JC Ranasinghe
JC Ranasinghe - 27 giorni fa
thank you for visiting our country.... looking forward to seeing another video from you on the next visit. supper video. :)
Nuwan Warawita
Nuwan Warawita - Mese fa
Thank you very much for the lovely video. You can find more on Ella
Ravindra Senanayaka
Wonderful video.....very nice...what a beautiful country ......
Amanpreet Kaur
Amanpreet Kaur - Mese fa
Amazing video. which is that waterfall at 5.42? Wud add to my itinerary!
thiwanka sigera
thiwanka sigera - Mese fa
කව්ද හුත්තො 800 ගත්ත එකා..ඒ වගෙ එවුන් නිසා තමා මුන් ගෙ හිත් වෙනස් උනෙ..
Michael S official
Michael S official - Mese fa
Wow very cool vid!
Stoik Notion
Stoik Notion - Mese fa
good video, but the thumbs up is for those Dope Raps jerseys
Ransi Racha
Ransi Racha - Mese fa
Yes. My mother country is amazing.....I love my beautiful country. 😘😘😘
Luca - Mese fa
hello. i'm heading to Mirissa. Is there a net to play volleyball on the beach? Is it popular? aka possible to get some good games?
Ishara madushani kularathna
Most beautiful hotels in Sri lanka
Top Tube
Top Tube - Mese fa
T Walker W.
T Walker W. - Mese fa
This show is ALWAYS great; the drone here and in china great; when I see Curtis's face I start laughing . . .when he did that reverse flying dive at the waterfall, I now respect the guy, but he is crazy.
The camera comments and leaving the camera is a subject I have worked on for a decade;
My advice is : Stills Montage; Stock Shots of Host; Stills Pulled from On-the-Strap Vid; Concocted Artwork Stills, incorporating stills, with the end result digipanned, and of course hire a cameraman and you direct, wu wei style.
I learn from your show.
Nuwan Enditha
Nuwan Enditha - Mese fa
Amazing video
Nuwan Enditha
Nuwan Enditha - Mese fa
Wooooooow ❤️
Ruben R
Ruben R - Mese fa
I also had a haircut in Sri Lanka for 800 rupees :p I said that i wanted to look like the poster haha
prabath nipun kumara
Chamara Lakmal
Chamara Lakmal - Mese fa
Good vedio
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - Mese fa
hey man you were ripped off by that freaking barber
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - Mese fa
hey man you were ripped off by that freaking barber
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - Mese fa
hey man you were ripped off by that freaking barber
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - Mese fa
hey man you were ripped off by that freaking barber
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - Mese fa
hey man you were ripped off by that freaking barber
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Vishva Galappaththi
Those dogs are travel guids in thier previous lives
Swantha DeShane
Swantha DeShane - Mese fa
Thanks for making this video! Much love
iq option Treding
iq option Treding - Mese fa
gayan perera
gayan perera - 2 mesi fa
My country always a good place 😊😊
rohan rathnayake
rohan rathnayake - 2 mesi fa
Rs 800 is outrageous for haircut and's normally cost around rs 300.
bimsara demintha
bimsara demintha - 2 mesi fa
Dude, you got ripped off for the haircut. It shouldn't even cost more than 150 rupees. Even locals get ripped off sometimes, but even then I've never spent above 250 rupees in my life.
klaster kate
klaster kate - 2 mesi fa
professional channel.
C M - 2 mesi fa
thanks for doing a vlog like dis brow..😍✌️
hope to see you soon.. :{D
jayanthi Udugama
jayanthi Udugama - 2 mesi fa
That haircut should have been 450 rupees max lol
Scenic Tours
Scenic Tours - 2 mesi fa
rd711 - 2 mesi fa
Betelnut is a major risk factor for oral cancer, so please don’t eat it!
Christian Michael Gnerlich
des doch keine pizza du dalk :*
Supun Chathuranga
Supun Chathuranga - 2 mesi fa
Glad you enjoyed! Warmly welcome for another round! -from SL
Ольга Капелько
Big thank you, for a shared this great video)
Prossimi video