Sebastian Vettel moves No 1 board away from Hamilton's car after losing Canadian GP

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Guardian Sport
Guardian Sport - 13 giorni fa
Lewis Hamilton handed Canadian GP win after Vettel’s penalty pain. Read more ►
Kenny - 6 giorni fa
@Ryan lex He has five world championship titles. Have you got a world championship title? If you have 1 title, then you might qualify to comment on Hamilton's abilities. Or even if you win a official car race against him ..... you might qualify to judge him after that.
Jacques Blaque
Jacques Blaque - 12 giorni fa
Ryan, you one sick unit. Just like donnie-baby (your savior?), keep saying s**t 'til you believe it. Bye, Felix.
Michima - 14 ore fa
Vettel won the race, he finished in first position over the finish line.
Steady could'nt read i changed it
The FIA is tonights biggeset loser.
Francisco Tirado
Francisco Tirado - Giorno fa
Hamilton es un pobre PAYASO siempre le ayudan a ganar a la NINÑITA y Sebastiian Vettel siempre ha ganado BIEN. Exito al niño MARAVILLA!!!
ali osman maniş
ali osman maniş - Giorno fa
Helal vetel
Alex Frankl
Alex Frankl - 2 giorni fa
Has to drive the wheels off the bloody thing and that's the reward , welcome to F1 run by Benz
Phil Driver
Phil Driver - 2 giorni fa
to be fair for many years it was ferrari that got all the dodgy decisions
Phil Driver
Phil Driver - 2 giorni fa
like when vettel deliberatly drove into lewis , and no penalty . should have had at least 1 race ban .
Wan Nurul Amin Amin
Wan Nurul Amin Amin - 5 giorni fa
F1 kill the fan
stevejh69 - 5 giorni fa
Vettel actually said, "If he did not go right, then Hamilton would have passed" Like Schumacher, Vettel will cheat to win!
Iron Man
Iron Man - 6 giorni fa
The Only way Vettel can win a Title!
Megan Stokes
Megan Stokes - 6 giorni fa
All the vettel lovers stop moaning, after he was given the penalty he said, what was I supposed to do, if I went left he would have passed me.
So he could have gone left, he chose right to block, that was a foul. Simple.
stevejh69 - 5 giorni fa
What he said and your comments highlighting those words, are the real point. He chose to go right or Hamilton would have got past. All this outpouring for Vettel when he said that is so wrong. Thanks for showing that.
Senza Nome
Senza Nome - 6 giorni fa
Ken R
Ken R - 6 giorni fa
Vettel made a mistake. This is a fact we all saw. Hamilton did not make a mistake. Yeah, be mad at the FIA at 5 seconds but at the VERY LEAST Vettel should have lost his position for the mistake.
Ken R
Ken R - 5 giorni fa
@TheBeastAmongUs Dude they are racing and he stayed on his racing line! Are you really calling, trying to overtake a rival in racing "taking advantage?" I'm sorry buddy but Hamilton clearly deserved the position.
TheBeastAmongUs - 5 giorni fa
As soon as Vettel went to the grass Hamilton tried to take advantage, yeah Vettel went into the grass was a mistake, but he couldn't really do anything when he had little control of his car
A01009aaron - 7 giorni fa
Ferrari sucks mate
Kenny - 7 giorni fa
Immaturity on Vettel's part - about moving the #1 placement board. He's the one that made the mistake of going off-road, and could have taken Hamilton out of the race due to his own slip-up.
Serigne Fallou
Serigne Fallou - 7 giorni fa
🐖🐖🐖 Vettel 😱👎
Life Is War God Is All
Life Is War God Is All - 7 giorni fa
Whether or not Vettel struggled to save his car is not Hamilton's problem. Vettel deserves punishment according to the rules, as he invaded the track dangerously. It's clear Hamilton would take the lead if he wasn't blocked. How can a nervous person like Vettel earn f1 driving licence?
vasilis patistuta
vasilis patistuta - 7 giorni fa
Vettel is dangerous. He must be more careful.
Nabieh Ishak
Nabieh Ishak - 7 giorni fa
FiA like pugs
DJ BASS MASTER - 7 giorni fa
Vettel is crying everywhere and every time.. *POOR LOSER*
Efrem Tommasi
Efrem Tommasi - 7 giorni fa
0:12 Am I the only one noticing that Vettel trying to close Hamilton already got on track? It's a little countersteering and not needed because the car was not sliding it's back
Alban LR
Alban LR - 8 giorni fa
In this case penalty is not controversial, he goes straight, gain control of the car and then turn right because he knews Hamilton was always with Vettel Pressure and bad looser temper makes him take a bad decision. I like his driving style but not is temper.
met71 metal detector
met71 metal detector - 8 giorni fa
Mercedes mafia
Fabio Pf
Fabio Pf - 8 giorni fa
dali emrey
dali emrey - 8 giorni fa
Salut. Ya t'il quelqu'un qui peux me répondre et m'expliquer ce qui s'est passé ? Pourquoi Hamilton est 1er ??
Darrel Hibbert
Darrel Hibbert - 8 giorni fa
oh dear we all cry for Vettel HA ha
Marc Antoni
Marc Antoni - 8 giorni fa
Congratulations Vettel. Lets say NO to the lobby that protect Lewis...
Purwanto Priambodo
Purwanto Priambodo - 8 giorni fa
F.I.A ruled like mafia did on old school boxing
mister TURKO
mister TURKO - 9 giorni fa
stupid punishment and the death of formula one i miss the old
Chris Campling
Chris Campling - 9 giorni fa
Cheating German again
i556 - 9 giorni fa
Seb, I need your confidence back, know your the best, and don't feel pressure. The only thing that can slow you down is not having fun, it's was separates Rossi from the rest, you do the same now.
Raffaele Masuccio
Raffaele Masuccio - 9 giorni fa
La Corte della f1 ha distrutto il divertimento in Canada vettel non poteva fare altro 4 giudici 4 stronzi
Trust Game
Trust Game - 9 giorni fa
Trust Game
Trust Game - 9 giorni fa
F1 the end
Oliver Taucher
Oliver Taucher - 9 giorni fa
Jørgen Ramdahl
Jørgen Ramdahl - 9 giorni fa
Inmature little shithead Vettel.
Не Скажу
Не Скажу - 9 giorni fa
Sebastian was penalized absolutely fairly.
Не Скажу
Не Скажу - 8 giorni fa
@Dinosaurus Sauber no without any reason means nothing.
Dinosaurus Sauber
Dinosaurus Sauber - 9 giorni fa
Simon jones
Simon jones - 9 giorni fa
Vettel is allways nervous whenever Hamilton is behind him 😂😂
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 10 giorni fa
F1 is dead since a long time, I prefer looking at my little brother playing F1 on playstation it is more interesting
Guillaume C
Guillaume C - 10 giorni fa
5 seconds penalty for switching n1 board .
Captin Killjoy
Captin Killjoy - 10 giorni fa
I think one way to solve this is add 5 seconds to the first pit stop battle has in the next race. that way he still serves the penalty but the results aren't then made a mockery of
Lars TV
Lars TV - 10 giorni fa
What a savgage
Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis - 10 giorni fa
Poor sportsmanship very childish showed himself up he’s lost my respect sorry!
Marc Alaber
Marc Alaber - 10 giorni fa
...always the same... Vettel its a bad loser... Its a puppet! I have no respect about his 4 world championship...
Snow Rabbit
Snow Rabbit - 11 giorni fa
Hamilton 🖕🤢
Cesar Sione
Cesar Sione - 11 giorni fa
is different : super-champion & mega-champion
Dranoel Arios
Dranoel Arios - 8 giorni fa
Who’s who?
z f
z f - 11 giorni fa way or the another, I'm sick of Mercedes and Hamilton. F1 is so boring thanks to the Mercedes. Great corrupted company!
Race Man TV
Race Man TV - 11 giorni fa
It was real racing, no politics, no money.
-Ayrton Senna on his karting years
mclaren Alonso
mclaren Alonso - 11 giorni fa
Lewis Hamilton The King 👑
LXXIV XXIVVI - 11 giorni fa
taboo7tatoo - 11 giorni fa
Don't forget! Verstappen was also penalized for making a mistake meaning, rules are rules for all the drivers.
arthur staal
arthur staal - 8 giorni fa
@taboo7tatoo how could he slow down without traction? Braking on grass would have locked his wheels up and they wouldn't be turning when going back to asphalt, making him lose control again and possibly crashing into the wall (which by the way would have taken out Hamilton)
taboo7tatoo - 8 giorni fa
@arthur staal You're right but the chicane shows that one has to slow down in such places and since Vettel wants to win at all cost he didn't slow down thus seeing his car go off the track. So whose fault is that?
arthur staal
arthur staal - 9 giorni fa
@taboo7tatoo he did nothing to provoke that rear end kick, for all you know it could have been an oil spill on the track or a dead spot on the Tyre. After that he managed to get control back and to avoid hitting the wall (which what he was gonna do if he just braked because the tyres were wett from the grass). Then he was penalised for that because Ham got near and had to brake. I see this as a racing incident, not an intentional blocking move from Vet.
taboo7tatoo - 9 giorni fa
@arthur staal If a driver is under pressure and makes mistakes, should that driver be exempted from punishment?
Ross Hirst
Ross Hirst - 11 giorni fa
Lewis you do love your self dont you
skatecm1 - 11 giorni fa
Lewis cheat to win
tykiedog - 11 giorni fa
What a big baby! My 8 yr old behaves better.
xiao xiao
xiao xiao - 11 giorni fa
spinboy can't drive well, but surely are clever enough to use the non-sense rage to cover the fact that he made another hugh mistake which cost a win for the red team.
Wolfgang Kollros
Wolfgang Kollros - 11 giorni fa
Un regalo más a Mercedes
michele tolu
michele tolu - 11 giorni fa
ashtonisfun 123
ashtonisfun 123 - 11 giorni fa
Thats what you call

SAVAGE 😎😎😎😎😎
A - 11 giorni fa
F1 is dead. F-MB Hamilton today.
Michima - 15 ore fa
Went downhill even ore rapidly after Liberty Media took over. Every racing move seems to have an 'investigation' announcement, utterly ridiculous!
Steffi Caulfield
Steffi Caulfield - 11 giorni fa
I would get up early and never missed f1 but it has become a farce not worth switching channel for
MinatoP3GTC - 11 giorni fa
The FiA, or should I say the maFiA, have ruined a lot of motorsports across the world.
taboo7tatoo - 6 giorni fa
Somebody is saying FiA is MaFiA because of the fact that FiA didn't allow someone to win through foul means.
Commendatore - 11 giorni fa
wow! f1 is really great to watch these days: saving for fuel, saving tires, soft sound coming from the engines, winner is stripped from his win...
Julius Tjahjadi
Julius Tjahjadi - 11 giorni fa
yup thats the 4 times champ.. he makes his own mistake [yet another mistake in the], get back to the track unsafe by squeezing other driver to the wall, got the penalty, blaming people, blaming the rules [almost crying like a baby], and NEVER TALK ABOUT THE MISTAKE HE DID.. nice champ.. Lewis will get his 6th title this year.. for the sake of the F1 maybe they can bring nico back to the F1, let him drive the Ferrari or MERC so we can see true wheel to wheel race.. VETTEL : too much anger, too much crack, too much mistake
Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards - 11 giorni fa
Vettal not known for cheating 😂😂
Helmut Achilles
Helmut Achilles - 11 giorni fa
Absolut richtig ! Die Formel 1 entwickelt sich zur Schlaftablette !
Rain Man
Rain Man - 12 giorni fa
Nothing wrong coming back on to the track like that , F1 is a joke , Not even real racing today ...... boring
anakin924 - 12 giorni fa
its shouldnt be a penalty,its an honest mistake,a tire ia a tire is a tire and its round where would he go!?finish dnf anf no points!!it should have been vettel!
Alejandro Gonzalez Camacho
Pues ahora la f1 favoreciendo a hamminton que vergüenza con razón esta tan sobrevalorada
ymyone - 12 giorni fa
I love F1 but this year with no Kimi up there i won't be watching. they need to somehow spread the cash around..
ADITYA - 12 giorni fa
lewis hamilton had been robbed of first place to kimi at spa. he had been given a 5 min penalty.
Brian Hubbard
Brian Hubbard - 12 giorni fa
I love watching F1 racing, but it seems to me there is a lot of crying going on like a bunch of spoiled kids.
Baliestre está de volta? Roubaram a corrida da Ferrari, em 89 roubaram o título de Sena...da preguiça de assistir fórmula manipulada.
leslie zang
leslie zang - 12 giorni fa
Justice for seb
Simon Yt
Simon Yt - 12 giorni fa
That was better than the race...
Crowd reacting as he did that...all cheers then at the podium all boos on hamilton
Giuseppe Di Maio
Giuseppe Di Maio - 12 giorni fa
Sempre forza Vettel e soprattutto FERRARI
dafema63 - 12 giorni fa
FIA.....MAFIA 🤫🤫🤫
jeidys adriano rocha vargas
Disculpen pero.creo que la F1 se equivoco hay eso fue un error de su parte
Mate Brešković
Mate Brešković - 12 giorni fa
FIA:Sebastian,Lewis is faster than you.Can you confirm you understood the message?
Edward R
Edward R - 12 giorni fa
Let's face that's the only way he is ever going to win another race.
Tabitha Omondi
Tabitha Omondi - 12 giorni fa
This was a deflection inorder for everyone to talk about his antics rather than the fact that he cracked under pressure again!
Mark Moro
Mark Moro - 12 giorni fa
Ma chi Palmer che spara a zero su Vettel, ma chi c... è!!!?? Infatti fa il commentatore visto che nn ha vinto mai un c.....!!
Dewar Castillo Acuña
Dewar Castillo Acuña - 12 giorni fa
Asume tu penalidad nomás cara de nepe 😂
Marky mark
Marky mark - 12 giorni fa
seb thought he dropped his dummy behind the sign!
migf27 - 12 giorni fa
Sebastian did not win the race... you can not win a race by any means necessary... it does not work that way sebastian.
migf27 - 12 giorni fa
Seb was so childish
Niel Marshal
Niel Marshal - 12 giorni fa
Would be funnier if Seb just rush to the parc ferme after finish and deliberately parked his car in the middle (winner parking spot)
arnold sanders
arnold sanders - 12 giorni fa
He still lost.................
Neuester Bullshit X
Neuester Bullshit X - 12 giorni fa
Vettel the crybabe
drdecco1 - 12 giorni fa
Hard luck Vettel but ‘thems the rules’. And you know it, you are a professional F1 driver afterall. You did nothing wrong except come off the course by carrying too much speed or some other misjudgement and then re-entered the road in a manner disruptive to a car who hadn’t strayed off the highway - simple as I understand it.... As I see it successful F1 drivers are hard-wired NOT to “give up position” [even when they should - it’s simply not in their DNA] hence they get penalised from time to time and almost invariably blame someone else for their own situation.
Nkei 7784
Nkei 7784 - 12 giorni fa
Vettel always folds under pressure.
Pratik Shukla
Pratik Shukla - 11 giorni fa
Nkei 7784 Wouldn’t call it folding really, tiniest of mistake at best in terms of judging the grip. The tires were pretty worn out and I didn’t see him lock up once.
SHAILESH. JAISWAL. - 12 giorni fa
RumarFile - 12 giorni fa
Vettel you are a sore Loser, can't handle the pressure either.
Dinosaurus Sauber
Dinosaurus Sauber - 9 giorni fa
He didn't lost anything, FIA did.
robert123 - 12 giorni fa
Well done Lewis, Vettel couldn't handle the PRESSURE. U ran off track that's what when wrong. No one to blame but yourself PRESSURE can make people do funny things!!!
JLDC Sports
JLDC Sports - 12 giorni fa
I thought this was classless from Vettel I could understand this from a younger driver but he is a multiple world champion if Max did this people would call it for what it was
Tiger Masters
Tiger Masters - 12 giorni fa
Vettel won the race in my eyes
Martin Hodge
Martin Hodge - 12 giorni fa
F1 is dead.
shane blyth
shane blyth - 12 giorni fa
Interfering with those signs I would of thought would of been an infringement of the rules of conduct and a possible fine, if not then I can see it’s gonna happen every week or 2 😉
Pikey Bakker
Pikey Bakker - 12 giorni fa
This was the last race I watched. Thanks FIA for robbing the fun out of this game
Vinsu Karma
Vinsu Karma - 12 giorni fa
rat kid :- (
Attila Görömbei
Attila Görömbei - 12 giorni fa
Ha Hamilton 8 mp-re ér be Vettel mögött, akkor 10 mp a büntetés?
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