David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure

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Josh: Where is my baby?
Jasmine Climaco
Jasmine Climaco - 54 minuti fa
*David you can have get me pregnant now!!!* ♥️🤰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Manzaa183 - 54 minuti fa
Who is he ? I'm foreal.
Hi I Am Aahfila
Hi I Am Aahfila - 55 minuti fa
#1 in trending in kuwait.
VI KY - 55 minuti fa
David Dobrik its Slovak ?
June Mares
June Mares - 55 minuti fa
I remember when he first started vlogging so proud of him ♥️
Erin Lozada
Erin Lozada - 57 minuti fa
Trending #1!!!
Trinity - 57 minuti fa
The babies are hella lucky, when they're older they will get to say "I was swaddled by DAVID DOBRIK"
Sadly Girly
Sadly Girly - 57 minuti fa
David is starting to look like jet.
Air - 57 minuti fa
You can tell the coffee guy is SO irritated.
CrazzeyChris - 57 minuti fa
I know y'all might not care but y'all mind checking out my channel and check out some of my vids? I won't really hard on them and they get very little views
Isabel Rangel
Isabel Rangel - 58 minuti fa
Thushmi Manora De Zoysa
Thushmi Manora De Zoysa - 58 minuti fa
THE baby could've been liza's lol
flowboy78 - 58 minuti fa
CPR on Jason Nash?
Kim - 59 minuti fa
I want the full uncut version pls
aerial4L - 59 minuti fa
Kinda wanted to see the footage of David taking the contacts out lmao
AJ Welsh
AJ Welsh - Ora fa
Every time I see a baby it reminds me that I attended my parents wedding.
Yanga - Ora fa
So unlikeable.
Dragon Beast
Dragon Beast - Ora fa
He should try a salted kitten
Amore Weasley
Amore Weasley - Ora fa
David being with the babies was so cute!!
Harmony J
Harmony J - Ora fa
He's actually the cutest human ever wow
CezaMVO - Ora fa
If David dropped any of those babies, he would have been immediately canceled
STAR !!!!!!
STAR !!!!!! - Ora fa
I started holding infants at 11 can I get a cookie?
Rio Deluca
Rio Deluca - Ora fa
“That’s obviously not health code” 😂😂
StarZu - Ora fa
crack babys xD
Cali9000 - Ora fa
1:38 my ovaries exploded
JacobTheNapkin YT
Help meh plz I’m a small YouTuber
King Lev
King Lev - Ora fa
what did lana say
official glory
official glory - Ora fa
4:10 i automatically said awwwe 😭😍
AJ Welsh
AJ Welsh - Ora fa
They taught him how to swaddle a baby that’s pretty cute...who’s this guy again?
Cyn - Ora fa
shoutout to everyone thinking this was a young john krasinski
Damian castro
Damian castro - Ora fa
He's ready for a child
Josie Hannum
Josie Hannum - Ora fa
David our here giving us Edward Cullen realness
Josue the Boy
Josue the Boy - Ora fa
Who's baby is that 😂😂😂
jayde b
jayde b - Ora fa
im a simple woman.
i see david. i click.
Amii Sha
Amii Sha - Ora fa
I clicked because of the baby tbh.
Jennifer M
Jennifer M - Ora fa
Even in this video he’s wearing all black😂😂😂
Abigail Brito
Abigail Brito - Ora fa
I’m a simple person. I see a baby and I click 🥰
Nicole Short
Nicole Short - Ora fa
2:23 me when I realise I got an essay due tomorrow
Carly Belmontes
Carly Belmontes - Ora fa
but did lana reply
Freshly Jamie
Freshly Jamie - Ora fa
Why did I think this was a buzzfeed video?
janice lee
janice lee - Ora fa
lol he can put in contacts with not even opening his eyes can't relate- my asian eyes have to be pryed open
Nicole Short
Nicole Short - Ora fa
1:29 when I’m hungry and I got no choice...
Josie Hannum
Josie Hannum - Ora fa
I’m a simple woman. I see David with a baby, I click.
Johanna Santacruz
Freshly Jamie
Freshly Jamie - Ora fa
I didn't realize how much I needed this until now
Nicole Short
Nicole Short - Ora fa
1:21 me trying to hold my life and responsibilities together
The Arana Family
The Arana Family - Ora fa
Anyone else getting baby fever after watching this video?
simr_ramgharia creation
New song jass manak ik vaarr dakhna jrur 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
Rohan Paul
Rohan Paul - Ora fa
Probably Josh pecks baby
Nicole Short
Nicole Short - Ora fa
0:54 me pretending I’m listening to my teachers during class.
Katie McQ
Katie McQ - Ora fa
It's like the baby, he says as he places his knee on it and leans.
I'm starting to realize why no one has let him swaddle a baby before
Adrianna Woodhead
He looks honestly so over joyed holding those babies its adorable.
Alexis Briseno
Alexis Briseno - Ora fa
I think every video he's ever in NEEDS a baby -- lets just say CUTENESS overload
Oofity Oof oof
Oofity Oof oof - Ora fa
#10 feel bad 😂
1818Pancakes - Ora fa
My ovaries cannot handle David with babies
Emi M
Emi M - Ora fa
Never knew he stanned Lana but i like him even more than i did before now
Ani - Ora fa
0:29 on repeat
Angie Becker-Bailey
My ovaries are killing me.. I have a 5 week old if you wanna come swaddle him too 😍😂
Tarini Mathur
Tarini Mathur - Ora fa
I wonder what the producers said to the office before this
" Someone needs to bring in a baby.....two would be even better"
xx katarzyna
xx katarzyna - Ora fa
Americans don't have to perform CPR in school?
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob - Ora fa
He’s so cute
Virginia Sanchez
Virginia Sanchez - Ora fa
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBErWDZv6w4adpbSG1Po4Dg suscríbete ❤️
Yaboiii - Ora fa
David protecting the baby’s head so carefully was adorable
Potato - Ora fa
Txccx Txzxx
Txccx Txzxx - Ora fa
Liza is watching this
Kristine Alise
Kristine Alise - Ora fa
He’s so pretttyy 😍
Leslie Diana
Leslie Diana - Ora fa
This made me fall in love with David
leena Barnes
leena Barnes - Ora fa
yes this is all I need in life right now
he is incredibly cute and his laugh oof he deserves the world
he is so funny and just so precious
Not sure if anyone notice that he has carmaletas wig (Which Jason wears on the views tour) the trolls from when David n Liza was in the premier of the new movie of trolls. N the purple wig remind me Of stassie
Summer Dawson
Summer Dawson - Ora fa
I’m never letting David dobrik do my CPR
I’m only watching this because he’s in it
bailey d
bailey d - Ora fa
I want to be that dummy
María Alicia
María Alicia - Ora fa
He looks so cute holding the babies😍😍😍
John Ward
John Ward - Ora fa
David is a fat illegal immigrant
Mocking Birds
Mocking Birds - Ora fa
Subscribe to the god PewDiePie
Alondrah Hernandez
"Oh i get it, its like the baby"
*Presses his knee against it*
Parents of the baby:😰😰😰
DiNgO BiNgO - Ora fa
#1 on trending in Bangladesh
H I - Ora fa
David: its like the baby
Next clip
Crushes it*
Your gonna be a great father lmao
Jocelyne cupcake
Jocelyne cupcake - Ora fa
Who's David dobrick? I clicked to see the cute babies!
Jarred Rayl
Jarred Rayl - Ora fa
I've never understood the fascination with this guy. I mean he seems cool and all but...
Elizabeth Sanchez
I love David
Nirvasha Moodley
Nirvasha Moodley - Ora fa
So weird seeing him struggle with these things, bcoz he's usually more of the tormentor than the sufferer 😂😂❤️❤️
Nirvasha Moodley
Nirvasha Moodley - Ora fa
Yasss we love us some David dobrik! David's goofiness makes this everything 😭😂💕
Frankey - Ora fa
Hey i just got 100 subscribers...i am not sure how to handle the fame yet.
Aversa Rice
Aversa Rice - Ora fa
I hate him
Ikuma Brown
Ikuma Brown - Ora fa
#1 trending gang gang
Plz Help Me Get To 100k I Promise You Won't Regret It
Brianna Bledsoe
Brianna Bledsoe - Ora fa
When he was sliding in what’s her faces dms it just made me really sad. Bruh imagine what lizas reaction to it and how she felt bruhhhh
Plz Help Me Get To 100k I Promise You Won't Regret It
Revan _Bamoki
Revan _Bamoki - Ora fa
Did he get all these babies from Liza
Plz Help Me Get To 100k I Promise You Won't Regret It
Lucky_Charms - Ora fa
Anyone else think he would make an adorable father?
Plz Help Me Get To 100k I Promise You Won't Regret It
Sharika Kak
Sharika Kak - Ora fa
All he can think is burritos even with the baby
Plz Help Me Get To 100k I Promise You Won't Regret It
Leah Jack
Leah Jack - Ora fa
I wish I were one of those babies.
Plz Help Me Get To 100k I Promise You Won't Regret It
Kale Girouard
Kale Girouard - Ora fa
"Oh I get it-- it's like the baby-"
Proceeds to put his knee over it
Plz Help Me Get To 100k I Promise You Won't Regret It
london kobernik
london kobernik - Ora fa
thought he was gonna drop the damn babies
Peanut Butter Wolf
The insignificance of this is unbearable.
gerardo hernandez`
5 mins with David 👀
leila haoudi
leila haoudi - Ora fa
If david and babies together isn’t the cutest thing in the world... idk what is
rhea bersano
rhea bersano - Ora fa
wish i was the dummy he performed cpr on😗
Alexandria Fulke
Alexandria Fulke - Ora fa
I love David so much! He’s so wholesome
Idk what to name this channel
David looks like Stanley from holes
Pink Cake
Pink Cake - Ora fa
Get Zhane to do this!
Prossimi video