Ariana Grande - breathin

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Mamiko - 2 ore fa
she is so beautiful and her voice is amazing
Daisha Zhane
Daisha Zhane - 2 ore fa
Pls Check out my new dance video to Needy 😭💕
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik - 20 minuti fa
No grandma
ii_ Sunset
ii_ Sunset - 3 ore fa
𝙸 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚔𝚎𝚎𝚙 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐
Kaiyah Andrews
Kaiyah Andrews - 3 ore fa
I love this song
CLAUDIA Maria - 4 ore fa
love ariana💟💟
The fire one
The fire one - 4 ore fa
First listen-im here for piggy smalls
Fifth listen-omfg the chorus smacks
Hundredth listen- i stay breathin
Xplate - 4 ore fa
Cory Campbell
Cory Campbell - 5 ore fa
0:49 For Ariana Grande just keep on going she has a beautiful voice I think I’m in love with her and she beautiful wow this is awesome this song is wonderful just got to keep on going never quit for the most popular experience to follow your dreams
Xxxmermaid Love
Xxxmermaid Love - 5 ore fa
Valentyne Crazy Player
Breathin = Love me Harder 2.0 (but NOT duo version) xD
A Sad November 2018 for me = The sad november 2014 I lived >:'''(
November: The worst monnth for me.
Yoridania Bloger
Yoridania Bloger - 6 ore fa
6ix 9ine
6ix 9ine - 8 ore fa
I 💋 you
Milena Santos
Milena Santos - 8 ore fa
I'M the one who has to breathe and breathe, every time I see a new video of You
Laney Sevy
Laney Sevy - 8 ore fa
fav song by her... damn
Pooki Doggie
Pooki Doggie - 8 ore fa
I just can’t understand why I she so popular this song is not that even good it’s like 100 others songs it isn’t anything special
Gloria Lozano
Gloria Lozano - 9 ore fa
Gloria Lozano
Gloria Lozano - 9 ore fa
Nina Banana
Nina Banana - 9 ore fa
Thankyou for this song Ariana. You help me fight my anxiety through your music ❤️
Kammie - 9 ore fa
Sims 4 Gameplay ASF
Sims 4 Gameplay ASF - 9 ore fa
so underrated
Philomene Mankou Pellat
Im love you❤
Fėmy Hut
Fėmy Hut - 10 ore fa
an berathin>33333
Nazira Jorayeva
Nazira Jorayeva - 11 ore fa
I love you so much Ariana😍 you are the best
Nazira Jorayeva
Nazira Jorayeva - 11 ore fa
Nazira Jorayeva
Nazira Jorayeva - 11 ore fa
Basil Suleiman
Basil Suleiman - 12 ore fa
Serenity 😴❤️
Madison Wisner
Madison Wisner - 13 ore fa
i love you
jun lin
jun lin - 14 ore fa
Johanne Bjørge
Johanne Bjørge - 15 ore fa
Who Else her found out rn that OMG REGGIE
Yash Khobragade
Yash Khobragade - 16 ore fa
That song really makes me cry .,😭😭😭😓😢😢😭😭
Eglantina Vasiu
Eglantina Vasiu - 17 ore fa
Who think that breathin is better than break up with your girlfriend,cuz im bored?😍😍😍
liolp808 - 18 ore fa
Love the bass in this!
Nataša Vulović
Nataša Vulović - 18 ore fa
R K - 20 ore fa
Yup in order to stay alive you do need to keep breathing and breathing
Benitzerah Goddess article
Keeping on breathing on dis #Ariarmy
Vishal Dubey
Vishal Dubey - 22 ore fa
My maths condition:-
Feel my blood running
As I see my maths marks drowing
How do I know what I wrote there
Time goes by and I can't stop my marks
Don't know what else to try
Cause I suck everytime
Nosotros Los Chilos
Nosotros Los Chilos - 22 ore fa
tony baloney
tony baloney - 22 ore fa
This video is horrible. The song is so inspiring yet she looks like a hooker.
Zachary Chappell
Zachary Chappell - 23 ore fa
U R Hottt Ari
Jessica Nardeux
Jessica Nardeux - 23 ore fa
J'adore iliana waouh 😎😎😍😍
the one eye monster
the one eye monster - Giorno fa
then i i go a dentist and wait : 0:50
Natalie Kramer
Natalie Kramer - Giorno fa
You are soooooooooooooooo pretty way prettier than me!
Benjamín Macedo
Benjamín Macedo - Giorno fa
Esto es para Mac M.
Robdrums Studios
Robdrums Studios - Giorno fa
I'm breathing and she's next
Patrick Christ
Patrick Christ - Giorno fa
Such a great song. I have to admit, though it’s ironic I know, this song has a calming effect on me.
aFaceInside - Giorno fa
Think she actually wrote this?
Ronaldo Ascencio
Ronaldo Ascencio - Giorno fa
I wish i meet her
AVNEET KAUR - Giorno fa
I love you ariana
I thought you are wrong but when i went through it then i understood what this song n all of your songs meant i always got u wrong but now I understood that you are right all the way I love you ariana
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez - Giorno fa
i deadass listen to this every time i get sad or anxious and it actually helps, thank you for being such a queen
Janelle Ekenasio
Janelle Ekenasio - Giorno fa
This song got me threw my labour hahahah thanks ari
Alicia Michaud
Alicia Michaud - Giorno fa
Elle est tellement belle 😍👍👌🏻👑
Caitlin Halsall
Caitlin Halsall - Giorno fa
Good song 😀
Nipa Faruk
Nipa Faruk - Giorno fa
Nipa Faruk
Nipa Faruk - Giorno fa
I'm lost
Fairy Flower Grab A Cake
My mommy can sing this like Ari xoxo
How To
How To - Giorno fa
Just keep watching and watching and watching and watching you no I gotta keep watching
Deluxe Ace
Deluxe Ace - Giorno fa
Cynthia Garcia
Cynthia Garcia - Giorno fa
J'adore Ariana grande 💗💗💗💗
Vanessa haro alva
Vanessa haro alva - Giorno fa
For me she is the best singer in the world !!
(sorry if I write wrong is that I speak Spanish) (I live in Peru)
Dhjemile Abgyova
Dhjemile Abgyova - Giorno fa
Three Girls
Three Girls - Giorno fa
I love you 😘❤️💕
Amanda Viana
Amanda Viana - Giorno fa
Rigo Jimenez
Rigo Jimenez - Giorno fa
Saady Tube
Saady Tube - Giorno fa
Like the video let's get it up there😘
RJ - Giorno fa
just keep breeding and breeding and breeding and breeding
ManSin Fung
ManSin Fung - Giorno fa
im gonna cry now, this is so beautifull. we love you ariana.
uni kavi
uni kavi - Giorno fa
Omg read the description
I love u too Ariana
Chrystelle Bidet
Chrystelle Bidet - Giorno fa
Trop belle
Anne xox
Anne xox - Giorno fa
Lilian Das
Lilian Das - 2 giorni fa
Hiraan Chatterjee
Hiraan Chatterjee - 2 giorni fa
I love you Ariana
val yorac
val yorac - 2 giorni fa
ya'll know it's my birthday when Ariana posted this song
David Rivera
David Rivera - 2 giorni fa
i love you❤️❤️❤️
brenda turner
brenda turner - 2 giorni fa
keep on breathing baby
Hattie M
Hattie M - 2 giorni fa
This song keeps me alive.

Duh... You have to breath to live
Anabel bieber mahone
Anabel bieber mahone - 2 giorni fa
Su voz es tan 😻😻
Francis Moyo
Francis Moyo - 2 giorni fa
This song just makes me mor relaxed
Francis Moyo
Francis Moyo - 2 giorni fa
Keep it gowing Ari
Sebastián Domínguez Galván
breathin is so underrated
Breathe if u agree
felipe Santos
felipe Santos - 2 giorni fa
Angelica Masters
Angelica Masters - 2 giorni fa
1:44 I love that tattoo
TrevorVEVO - 2 giorni fa
make up
7 rings
reMeMber (RIP😭😭)
TrevorVEVO - 2 giorni fa
if she didn’t release this video right after thank u, next, this song could’ve been so much bigger
Sebishuezo :3
Sebishuezo :3 - 4 ore fa
Zeba Kulsoom
Zeba Kulsoom - 19 ore fa
Alondra Cisneros
Alondra Cisneros - 2 giorni fa
Me:*running for exercise*

My lungs:” just keep breathin BREATHIN!!!”
cookie_kid _gamer_yt
cookie_kid _gamer_yt - 2 giorni fa
Find the difference
cookie_kid _gamer_yt
cookie_kid _gamer_yt - 2 giorni fa
Breathing just do it 🐼🐼🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😀🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍👌😍🐼🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼😍🐼🐼😍🐼😍😍
Delilah Salas
Delilah Salas - 2 giorni fa
I just keep
Delilah Salas
Delilah Salas - 2 giorni fa
I love u
Alexander Ye
Alexander Ye - 2 giorni fa
Lipstick way too red 💄
Chocolate coco
Chocolate coco - 2 giorni fa
OOF amaZing love youuu
Masha Luka
Masha Luka - 2 giorni fa
Luv it
Wilza Gomes
Wilza Gomes - 2 giorni fa
O meu primo gosta da música e ele disse que tu eras gostosa 😍😍😍
GG WeED - 2 giorni fa
Anyone from 2020?
st. karameeel
st. karameeel - 2 giorni fa
Hiraan Chatterjee
Hiraan Chatterjee - 2 giorni fa
I am truly a great great fan of your
Jörge Costich
Jörge Costich - 2 giorni fa
haley styles
haley styles - 2 giorni fa
this video deserve more than 1 billons!!!!!!
anabela carrada
anabela carrada - 2 giorni fa
A minha música favorita, não consigo parar de ouvir.😆😚💍🌎
banana bored
banana bored - 2 giorni fa
_I love u a ari_
einfachVerbuggt - 2 giorni fa
0:50 why does she remind me of Miranda Sings?😂
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