A Very Strange Smartphone Attachment...

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - Mese fa
My new channel - https://youtube.com/lewlater
Deo Master Production
Deo Master Production - 11 giorni fa
Hey Lew!!! can you have stereo sound using two of these??
alis Love
alis Love - 23 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy 😭😭i love you
Bryan Tran
Bryan Tran - 27 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy what song was that?
renz arañas
renz arañas - 27 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy how about JBL speakers sir?
Peter Spacey
Peter Spacey - 28 giorni fa
@Adhvik Lok heyoo, it's my tune over there :) Tech Knowledge - by - Peter Spacey
Paulo Pereira
Paulo Pereira - 3 giorni fa
You could use stereo mics ...
David Pitts
David Pitts - 7 giorni fa
You should play some movie soundtracks when testing speakers. Like Star Wars or lord of the rings
EL ZAEEM - 8 giorni fa
Please give me a phone
Please give me a phone
Please give me a phone😔💔
Bryan Charles
Bryan Charles - 10 giorni fa
WWWD: What Would Willie Du?
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - 10 giorni fa
Do the Moto e5 play
Faze cloak
Faze cloak - 11 giorni fa
Did anyone else see that speaker move while playing music
Carie Saad
Carie Saad - 12 giorni fa
Are they water resistant tho?
Amadeus 101
Amadeus 101 - 12 giorni fa
I want one!
Jake Boss
Jake Boss - 13 giorni fa
Why didn't they put those vacuum suction holes on the top and bottom? because just like you, the first instinct is to pull it apart by grabbing the sides and covering the holes, making it more difficult, so that's a major design flaw
lozlo lab
lozlo lab - 13 giorni fa
I don't get it..?
geovany avelar
geovany avelar - 14 giorni fa
6:30 some accidental racism.
Firas Sahawneh
Firas Sahawneh - 14 giorni fa
Its available on AliExpress by the name AirPower & it cost 25US$
Lennox Choi
Lennox Choi - 8 giorni fa
Firas Sahawneh link?
AISO 1911
AISO 1911 - 15 giorni fa
3:05 song name?
Jus Badd
Jus Badd - 16 giorni fa
$80 fuck off
Dale Godfrey
Dale Godfrey - 17 giorni fa
i literally told myself id pay 50 and HE SAID THE PEOPLE WANTED 50 ha wow. yeah maybe 60. 70 &80's too close to 100
PewDieSike007 Ta mère
PewDieSike007 Ta mère - 17 giorni fa
Strange ... strange
deevus - 17 giorni fa
So um...
US Amazon = $80USD
AU Amazon = $390AUD
aftab khan
aftab khan - 18 giorni fa
No one :
Unbox therapy : *UNITED WE EXPAND*
sc park
sc park - 19 giorni fa
Let me know if someone has information about the phone case
Josué Calle
Josué Calle - 19 giorni fa
Uhh that sounds creepy 4:20
Scott Wagner
Scott Wagner - 20 giorni fa
Do they create true stereo sound when paired? And why is your taste in music sooo bad?
Troy Walker
Troy Walker - 20 giorni fa
song at 2:32 is Tech Knowledge by Peter Spacey
PolYGame - 22 giorni fa
What's the first music please ?
Twilight sparkle BTS
Twilight sparkle BTS - 22 giorni fa
Not bad 🧐🤨
Nadir Sirro
Nadir Sirro - 22 giorni fa
Points at black dude
''You know how much this guy costs?''
Bojo David
Bojo David - 22 giorni fa
You're not getting it up right now?
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma - 22 giorni fa
Want to know the names of the songs???

Just play this video and use another phone to open Google assistant and ask it "What song is this?"
Noob SkulBot
Noob SkulBot - 19 giorni fa
I stole my sister's phone to do this.
Malkatrix musik
Malkatrix musik - 21 giorno fa
Implying people have two phones
Youssef Tourki
Youssef Tourki - 22 giorni fa
You can hear the real conclusion is in the background music at the end : this is sad
Shlomo - 22 giorni fa
what was that first and second song that was played?
Bilbo Dibo
Bilbo Dibo - 23 giorni fa
I bet france people love it😂 since their love to rap around the walking district
Evian Estolas
Evian Estolas - 23 giorni fa
That's a bit expensive.
Mohammad Shukor
Mohammad Shukor - 24 giorni fa
I think the expansion part acts as a table stand behind the phone to watch a movie.
Ulaş Şahin
Ulaş Şahin - 24 giorni fa
Dude that part was for a wall lol
Chalavadi Vishnu
Chalavadi Vishnu - 24 giorni fa
song at 3:00 ? anyone?
Olimpio Amoes
Olimpio Amoes - 24 giorni fa
5:20 Lmao
Eric Rosario
Eric Rosario - 24 giorni fa
Good video
Sammy Homerun
Sammy Homerun - 24 giorni fa
what's that song starting at 2:33?
Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones - 25 giorni fa
What will it sound like in the flat configuration? A lot less bass?
Adam Posiada
Adam Posiada - 25 giorni fa
What is the soundtrack in this video? Im flattened by the music 🙈🙈
Tong Cy
Tong Cy - 25 giorni fa
Want a bluetooth speaker?
Step 1: go to car junkyard
Step 2: find the biggest speaker you can get
Step 3: find ''bluetooth''
And you are done! Just slap the ''bluetooth'' on the biggest speaker you can get and you will get a ''bluetooth'' speaker
AmazingYou - 25 giorni fa
Laso G
Laso G - 25 giorni fa
Lew:Ur not getting it up right now

aman tmg
aman tmg - 25 giorni fa
Definitely adding that to my wish list
teto0207 - 25 giorni fa
Zooming in on Lew making faces is great
Classic Sonic
Classic Sonic - 25 giorni fa
Alexandre Dumont
Alexandre Dumont - 25 giorni fa
damn it got a lot of details in the sound
John Owen
John Owen - 26 giorni fa
I like Willy Do but I hate your forcing him into all of your videos just for the hell of its, like you forgot about Jack. If you want second opinions ask Jack and Kirk as well.....Jack was a massive part of Unbox Therapy a few years ago
Android tech.
Android tech. - 26 giorni fa
What's the watch you wearing
Looks pretty cool I'm interested in getting one
advantager355 - 26 giorni fa
Get a band of metal or plastic, connect it to both speakers, the put band on top of your head with both speakers on both of your ears. Then you have invented something new. Let's call this new invention headphones!
Prabhanshu Wakodikar
Prabhanshu Wakodikar - 26 giorni fa
7:36 That's what she said
TheFreeStyler - 26 giorni fa
what was that outro song, that was really relaxing
king virk
king virk - 26 giorni fa
Sir i need to bring big issue abut s10 plus to u as u have the voice that everybody listen to. The problem with s10 is that while playing games like pubg on phone the frame rate drops like hell . Its really bad its not only happening to me its a really wide spread problem so many ppl are facing with the device. And no matter how much u change the settings its not working at all
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen - 26 giorni fa
What's the theme song from 7:34 ????
Francisco M
Francisco M - 26 giorni fa
Ugly voice.
Tilmon BrandTM
Tilmon BrandTM - 27 giorni fa
Song name and title?
Doped Weasel
Doped Weasel - 27 giorni fa
IF "UNBOX THERAPY" isn't sure about any product...don' t "BUY" it...!
otherwise its 100% fail proof.. :-)
come on..its just a Bluetooth sound device sticking to ur phone (great for Home Parties)...!!!
Petrut Caloian
Petrut Caloian - 27 giorni fa
6:30 "You know what this guy right here cost?" *shows picture of dark dude*
Pranav Dhoot
Pranav Dhoot - 24 giorni fa
Excel Rey Socoren
Excel Rey Socoren - 27 giorni fa
Realme 3 Pro please!!!
Ryan Paul Ebalde
Ryan Paul Ebalde - 27 giorni fa
deeym. that is one little beast.
NicoBarbaros - 27 giorni fa
r4idm4x . exe
r4idm4x . exe - 27 giorni fa
5:07 song name?
TJ Johnson
TJ Johnson - 27 giorni fa
I love the music you introduce on your channel
Dave Sanderson
Dave Sanderson - 27 giorni fa
the guy with the worst taste in music ever......ever
wahine - 27 giorni fa
what's that song at 5:00 ?
sergeantsykes - 27 giorni fa
What's the jazz at 7:35 ?
Josue Trujillo
Josue Trujillo - 27 giorni fa
Can you do bass tests when dealing with speakers?
Venny Liu
Venny Liu - 27 giorni fa
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis - 28 giorni fa
good looks
fanebriceag - 28 giorni fa
Probably the shittiest songs on youtube can be found on this channel
talltomtroyny - 28 giorni fa
I'm guessing that both speakers play the same thing when paired. It would be better to have one speaker left channel and one right channel.
Nate JA
Nate JA - 28 giorni fa
Just not sure if expanding BT speakers is a legit concept... But can you imagine a room full of these? 80 bucks is high....
aaryan grover
aaryan grover - 28 giorni fa
5:13 which song?
Peyton Walters
Peyton Walters - 28 giorni fa
Check out the Marley audio get together Bluetooth speaker
LORD - 28 giorni fa
Wendell Favacho
Wendell Favacho - 28 giorni fa
Welcome back old Lewis we missed you.
Michael Rast
Michael Rast - 28 giorni fa
So, theoretically, you can connect 4 together with a Note 9's Dual BT Audio?
ragu ram
ragu ram - 28 giorni fa
Nubia Red magic 3
btp589 - 28 giorni fa
Really wish you would have compared the sound with it not expanded vs expanded to see if the expansion actually contributes to better sound quality.
MiChAeLo KGB - 28 giorni fa
Reminds me of X-Mini Max, I still have both v1 and v2 and they were amazing for the size, I even used them "wirelessly" by plugging them to Nokia BT dongle (which I still have and it still works fine).
When you pointed at it as it started to move across the table, reminded me of same exact my reaction to X-Mini Max when they did the same :P
Loved those things, sadly now I have no use for them and they just collect dust...
Yeshua 303
Yeshua 303 - 28 giorni fa
Is it Dolby Atmos with both speakers?
ALL IN ONE - 28 giorni fa
Where that white one going . This shit moves
Florence Arian Darunday Apao
Lew, you should unbox the new phone brand Realme. Realme features is so nice, you need to check it out.🇵🇭🇵🇭
Hero - 28 giorni fa
Skullcandy indy vs Airpods 2
Sertan Yilmaz
Sertan Yilmaz - 28 giorni fa
Lew can you unbox the sony xperia 1?
꧁Sex꧂ - 28 giorni fa
Louis GODman
Louis GODman - 28 giorni fa
BALA KRISHNA NAIR - 28 giorni fa
Plz look at Asus's new zenbook duo laptop models.
Eman Sheikh
Eman Sheikh - 28 giorni fa
Hi , love your videos ;could you please review the doogee x70 because its an affordable phone and im considering buying it, thankx soooo much love ur vids
muhhad moazzam
muhhad moazzam - 28 giorni fa
LEW LEW LEW unbox ASUS Zenbook duo pro
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed - 28 giorni fa
that felt a bit of racist at the beginning 6:30
Milind Nandoskar
Milind Nandoskar - 28 giorni fa
Vignesh S Vicky
Vignesh S Vicky - 28 giorni fa
Please check out the red magic 3 gaming phone
Joseph Plappallil
Joseph Plappallil - 28 giorni fa
Lew please review black shark 2
Aaron Ferrer
Aaron Ferrer - 28 giorni fa
Dude you gotta do a better job at explaing the products and unbuased from you're decision like mkbhd. I hate how you reviewed the laptops just sticking the specs at the end and just talking about random sht like oh the keyboars is nice hoe bout the software?!!?@?@?@?@
ʍɛɛքֆɦɛɛք142 - 28 giorni fa
u should unbox the nubia red magic 3
kevin y
kevin y - 28 giorni fa
can you review a laptop that hurts your eyes the least?
filippo antinori
filippo antinori - 28 giorni fa
Jabra Elite 85h
DF SUBS - 28 giorni fa
You need to do a review of the Nubia red magic 3 8k smartphone
Ben Currey
Ben Currey - 28 giorni fa
I feel like when you do a speaker test we need one song so we can all relate to what it does, could and shouldn't sound 🤔 ???
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