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Davion Meas
Davion Meas - 3 ore fa
Who else recognized the playboy necklace on Erin?
Nade_Tooper - 15 ore fa
Wait so are they lesbian or just best friends
Subscribe to this dog Cause why not
Nade_Tooper I love this comment
Saffrone. L
Saffrone. L - 2 giorni fa
What is Erin’s phone case tho??😍🦋
Nicole Willow
Nicole Willow - 2 giorni fa
" I could do wendy's every day of my life " -David
" whats wendy's" -me
Jordan Woolworth
Jordan Woolworth - 3 giorni fa
Honestly felt bad for Jason he seemed so outcasted from the group
Fisher Robinson
Fisher Robinson - 3 giorni fa
Whitest whites
Sam McClees
Sam McClees - 4 giorni fa
Dude close your mouth when you eat , you fuckin slob. Were you raised in a barn in Slovakia
RedMelody - 4 giorni fa
I genuinely enjoy watching Carly, Erin, Jason and David go through drive threws just to buy shit
Lish Crozier
Lish Crozier - 4 giorni fa
And why he snatching all the drinks and food what s dicjhrad
Lish Crozier
Lish Crozier - 4 giorni fa
Jason just looks angry and sad the whole time
Michael Angst
Michael Angst - 4 giorni fa
bring back Trisha!! She is the reason why these type of videos were even watchable
Bella Hernandez
Bella Hernandez - 5 giorni fa
where is erin's shirt from though
Diego - 5 giorni fa
Why does carly look high, or maybe im just too high
J-Walker -B
J-Walker -B - 6 giorni fa
Jason-“What time?”
Unprofessional Films
Unprofessional Films - 7 giorni fa
Jason - “what time”
David - “tonight”
Pretty sure that’s not a time
Julia Saga
Julia Saga - 7 giorni fa
David wearing red 😍😍
alicia chetbi
alicia chetbi - 8 giorni fa
Carly put your seatbelt on
Javier Francisco Camacho Brenes
Whitest white
Helena Haque-Bousquet
Helena Haque-Bousquet - 8 giorni fa
David is always so cute in your videos
Katharina Maas
Katharina Maas - 8 giorni fa
Some can eat lile 4000 and not getting fat and some dont
Katharina Maas
Katharina Maas - 8 giorni fa
You are supost to eat 2000 kcal a day as an adult
melinda phillips
melinda phillips - 9 giorni fa
Guilherme Gervaes
Guilherme Gervaes - 9 giorni fa
I dont know why but I love these starbucks videos with david and jason when its just you guys talking and eating haahah
Jgeneration Slimes
Jgeneration Slimes - 9 giorni fa
still don't know why david isn't sponsperd by Mcdonalds yet.
Olivia M
Olivia M - 10 giorni fa
please do more of these i love them ,carly and erin i love yall
Kaylei Bailon
Kaylei Bailon - 10 giorni fa
My fav is Double Chocolate Chip Mocha Frappuccino♥️🥵
h.s - 12 giorni fa
davids such like a kid omg🥺 and erins like the mum it's so cute
Lizette Baltazar
Lizette Baltazar - 12 giorni fa
There’s another 23 hours lmao
Jessica Tran
Jessica Tran - 12 giorni fa
This group is like the family group Jason-dad, Karly and Erin-daughter, and David-son
ThatkiddTimi - 12 giorni fa
Whites whites
Mia Averie
Mia Averie - 13 giorni fa
Jason is the sweetest
sophie karpowicz
sophie karpowicz - 13 giorni fa
1. guys you burn about 500-1,000 calories per day depending if you work out or not
Elsie Hanson
Elsie Hanson - 14 giorni fa
David looks like a mop.
Veronica Aguilar
Veronica Aguilar - 14 giorni fa
what is the iced one called ? what does it have in it
Nickle Bottom
Nickle Bottom - 15 giorni fa
The most white thing I've seen this month.
Renee - 17 giorni fa
Where's the Strawberry açaí
Heroin mother
Heroin mother - 17 giorni fa
drop aint doo doo seatgeek is where its at
Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G
Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G - 18 giorni fa
Taco Bell!!!
Savanna Brown
Savanna Brown - 19 giorni fa
Try a vanilla frappe with strawberry purée 1 pump of raspberry topped with chocolate drizzle bombbbb
Brook Hampton
Brook Hampton - 19 giorni fa
Jason: what time?
David :tonight.
What fucking time I hate when people say that . 😂😂
Courtney Clapp
Courtney Clapp - 20 giorni fa
I just want someone to look at me the way David looks at food
Cinthia&Connie - 21 giorno fa
david gets a personal trainer and becomes an expert on calories and nutrition lmao
Lil Tay
Lil Tay - 21 giorno fa
Love theseeeee plzzzz keep making themmmmm
Brielle Fanti
Brielle Fanti - 21 giorno fa
david is like a small child in this video i fucking love him so much
a u d r e y y y y
a u d r e y y y y - 21 giorno fa
i love these four together.
ISD P3R3Z - 21 giorno fa
2000 calories is the limit before you will gain weigh.
Starbucks is good once while but its always nice to enjoy your self
P.S sugar can become an addiction without you even knowing it
Curtiš - 22 giorni fa
david looks great in color
Amrit Jandu
Amrit Jandu - 22 giorni fa
David (Child): *Munch munch shred* Wow~
Erin (Mother): *Nods* Yummy?
I just can’t even. xD
Razan B
Razan B - 22 giorni fa
erin being confused about calories is meeeeeeeeee
Lidia Lopez
Lidia Lopez - 23 giorni fa
Did they forget the strawberry acai??
Christina Marie S
Christina Marie S - 23 giorni fa
It’s like its David’s first time in America
sophie ariel
sophie ariel - 24 giorni fa
David saying "WOW" is my favorite thing ever. He's so fucking adorable.
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia - 24 giorni fa
I wonder what the go to drink was? 🤔
Havai Billingsley
Havai Billingsley - 25 giorni fa
what about doug the pug? is he allowed at your wedding
Eliihincapie 114
Eliihincapie 114 - 25 giorni fa
The fact that Erin doesn’t know about Portillo hurts me because I live right by one and they are great
mackenzie edwards
mackenzie edwards - 25 giorni fa
david’s excitement about the butter and cheese on both sides of the crispy grilled cheese made me whole day 5:03
100 subs For Pizza
100 subs For Pizza - 22 giorni fa
mackenzie edwards hola no eres tan gracioso pero ten un buen día
Leilani Salgado
Leilani Salgado - 25 giorni fa
erin is literally a mom, they way she talks to david😪♥️
Leilani Salgado
Leilani Salgado - 25 giorni fa
Nura Ismail
Nura Ismail - 25 giorni fa
david keeps saying oh i hate how people hate on mcdonalds
JoJo NotSeeWa
JoJo NotSeeWa - 26 giorni fa
david order the strawberry açaí but never got it😂
vin wya
vin wya - 26 giorni fa
"Do you have any food you're throwing out?" - Jason 😂😂😂
cutie - 27 giorni fa
why David look like wreck it ralph
Chaylee Curley
Chaylee Curley - 27 giorni fa
I’m downloading the app to hopefully get some points for food or shopping at cheaper places, workin boys gotta save $$$ u know
Ne Olvasd El
Ne Olvasd El - 27 giorni fa
Whitest shit I have ever seen
aesthetic - 27 giorni fa
im like so inlove with Carly, shes so beautiful holy crap
Becca LeConte
Becca LeConte - 28 giorni fa
This channel is LEGIT BFF GOALSSSS
Elsa Rothstein
Elsa Rothstein - 29 giorni fa
anyone notice they never got the açaí thingy?
AverageLifter07 - 29 giorni fa
I feel weird watching all of these videos of David eating, and then I see the videos have millions of likes, and I realize I'm not alone. haha

Also, Carly is beautiful. How have I never noticed this?
Fluffy Land 101
Fluffy Land 101 - 29 giorni fa
Jason : what time
David : tonight
Jason's mind: I need to know the time David I have kids DAVID TELL ME I NEED TO KNOW my oldest kid has dance or something like that
jdrew06 - 29 giorni fa
Carly is hawwwwttttt.
Emily Castro
Emily Castro - Mese fa

Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole - Mese fa
i live for the starbucks runs
Mia Allinson
Mia Allinson - Mese fa
Y no strawberry acai?????
Wøñdër Çhårm Çhårms
Jason is *MEEEEEE* haha
Joana Avery
Joana Avery - Mese fa
What about David's strawberry acai ?????😭
J - Mese fa
They got it the next time they went, don't worry.
Ananda Braga
Ananda Braga - Mese fa
Carly was only one to spell Açaí correctly lol
Paula  Aquino
Paula Aquino - Mese fa
I love drive thrus with the jason ans david!!
Dog Lover
Dog Lover - Mese fa
Whole video Jason doesn’t talk
Alex Hopkins
Alex Hopkins - Mese fa
if i win. in which i really hope i do. i would use the gift card to order food. because i literally haven’t ate in 3days due to our family having money problems.😕 but yea
Alessia :3
Alessia :3 - Mese fa
Wait she said the “go to” has almond milk but isn’t David allergic to almonds?? I remember him saying that in a podcast a while ago
laura šefrankova
laura šefrankova - Mese fa
it is sooo cute how they all say Guláš with american accent
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