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Vegard Arnesen
Vegard Arnesen - 2 ore fa
? confused...
Daiva Sergedaite
Daiva Sergedaite - 4 ore fa
Omg omg OMG i cant wait to see this movie
CaptPostmod - 5 ore fa
And it absolutely will not stop until your childhood memories of an awesome pair of movies are dead!
Amina Nmolla
Amina Nmolla - 6 ore fa
Music match with title
Corbin Eberwein
Corbin Eberwein - 7 ore fa
look at all the toxic men in the comments looks like i know why the fan base of the terminator is so toxic and retarded
PeteRoyJackson - 4 ore fa
Or.... many recognize the absence of continuity of tone, proper CGI, missing real soundtrack, casting females more for agenda than actual applicability, etc..
James Eadmer Dela Cruz
Whats the music.
Dan Amoral
Dan Amoral - 8 ore fa
1:38 when you realize you in a real piece of shit.
Frank Sadat
Frank Sadat - 9 ore fa
No Country For Old Terminators.
Сергей Афанасьев
Amnesty International
p.s.s. - 10 ore fa
"Hey you , yeah you. You want a normal not-fake movie with lore integrity and without all that feminist bullshit ? Well... screw you , you aint gonna see this in new terminator , but its ok- critics would praise it . Oh it doesnt make you fell better ? gtfo then "-Paramount pictures
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor - 11 ore fa
Two of my biggest fears...tom boyish 90kilo white chicks who think they kick ass and wanna F*ck my girlfriend and brown people who could be Muslim or Mexican.
Chills mate.
Shadow Sniper
Shadow Sniper - 11 ore fa
Ummm wheres Arnold
Steven Manuel
Steven Manuel - 13 ore fa
They are really milking it
Salim Salim
Salim Salim - 14 ore fa
The Herminator
bltpgermany - 15 ore fa
to much girl power for me... and the terminator seems not at all intimidating...
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 15 ore fa
At 1:45 Arnie is like:"Oh,not again"
Ni2DE - 16 ore fa
LGBT=Lesbians, Gays, Bisexualls, Terminators
g boxing
g boxing - 17 ore fa
Can't take a girl fighting with a dude seriously. When Arnold was fighting with the chick in the bathroom in the 3rd one pretty much lowered my expectations for the movies future.
nachowarrior1 - 19 ore fa
Decades later and they still can’t make a better villain than a liquid T1000...
141Mal-vrick - 22 ore fa
Isn't schwarzenegger getting, a little to old for these kind of movies.
RandomCarGuy17 - 22 ore fa
Hmmm, James Cameron is back huh? Neat. Linda Hamilton is back aswell, also neat.
However, I don't have the best confidence in the movie so far. I mean, I'm going to give it a chance of course, but this first trailer doesn't feel compelling. I mean, the new bad Terminator doesn't look quite menacing. Yeah, he's no Robert Patrick. The good Terminator brought in sounds like a copy-cat of Marcus from Salvation. I hope I'm wrong and this film is at least better than the last 3, but we'll see I guess.
Dinesh Utthaman
Dinesh Utthaman - 22 ore fa
So than Arnold Schwarzenegger is human being in this film
Guts Pepe
Guts Pepe - 23 ore fa
Is that Stuart from Mad TV?
the_boon - 23 ore fa
Apple Genius vs Feminator
PISCO-APTX 4869 - 23 ore fa
John Connor my ass
Walter Stevenson
Walter Stevenson - Giorno fa
And I hear people complaining about Genysis being bad. Why did Linda Hamilton come back for THIS Terminator movie?
docfaceful - Giorno fa
"Come with me if you want to gender neutralize the terminator!"
Thomas Nethery
Thomas Nethery - Giorno fa
Directed by an overpaid tool
Михаил Набожный
It's not Paramount, it's Skynet!
Carl cooper
Carl cooper - Giorno fa
TSM Steven 69
TSM Steven 69 - Giorno fa
P.C. Principal
P.C. Principal - Giorno fa
Why do people have a problem with this film? Is it because of the female leads. Because it looks like we’re getting another Ghostbusters. Oh and BTW! Keep making sexist comments I dare you. Unless you want Brie Larson AKA Crazy Tits knocking at your door
Math_Termz China
Math_Termz China - Giorno fa
Rip & Tear gaming
Rip & Tear gaming - Giorno fa
Were is John Conner, what the last hope of humanity as established in the 2 good movies isn’t woke enough now
richystar2001 - Giorno fa
Why does CGI look crappier year after year.... Movies try to cut budgets by having children in China produce CGI effects instead of paying actual artists to do it... Well you get what you pay for I guess... The crappy CGI really takes away the spirit of this movie... absolute shlock digital crap!
Михаэль Виттман
вагинатор 6
-- - Giorno fa
that dude playing liquid thing looks like a homeless
Jason R.
Jason R. - Giorno fa
if I made a terminator movie my terminators would be ruthless killers. these things are gayyyy they fight hand to hand combat and crap....a terminator is a machine it wouldn't toss a guy around and fight it it would grab ahold and start crushing and ripping the person into pieces! this movie looks like weak ass garbage!
Nikolaos Iiodakis
Nikolaos Iiodakis - Giorno fa
This Movie will have a Dark Fate in Cinemas. R.I.P John Connor.
thehmph1 - Giorno fa
Hunter Terminator
Master Chevvy
Master Chevvy - Giorno fa
The next terminator will be a black muslim lesbian female
Ben Seçil
Ben Seçil - Giorno fa
What's the releasing date of this movie...???
Saigh Kym Lambert
Saigh Kym Lambert - Giorno fa
November 1 in the US and some other countries. However, it's going to be earlier (some as early as October 23) in some countries and later in others.
SevelRomanov - Giorno fa
Terminator 2 old Sarah Connor: Nice looking old grandma that any one actully would be proud of calling their grandma and have babysitting the kids.
Terminator Dark Fate old Sarah Connor: Looking like a grumpy old sea hag, that you would never ever let any kids get near of, unless its at her own funeral.
TwinklyLucasK - Giorno fa
Bet it goes woke and goes broke.
PeteRoyJackson - 19 ore fa
@TSM Steven 69 Most here wish.
TSM Steven 69
TSM Steven 69 - Giorno fa
You wish
Jenna Spadafora
Jenna Spadafora - Giorno fa
I’m so excited but please bring back Edward Furlong as John Conner for this!
SyncroScales - Giorno fa
James Cameron has given people injections with diseases. He pretends to be gay or bisexual but has spread AIDS. James Cameron is enjoying the rape and child molesting parties for his career. Not using protection and it causes divorces. Linda Hamilton was not such a bad person when she lost her career and potential work going against the system.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio going to be John Connor when he was not in T2 or the other movies? Leo is enjoying the rape and child molesting parties for his career. All of that tax payer money with the investors and his relatives is being faked for humanitarian work.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has nice speeches but does not mention how the nazis and families preffer certain looks and cultures. Arnold does not mention how the child molesting and rape parties do wonders for your career.

#pizzagate, #hotdoggate, #pedogate and all the rape parties. Hyprocritical and spreading diseases with injections or drugging people unconcious.
jerinho - Giorno fa
suddenly james cameron's terminator topple all of em with new record 2.9 billions
Dominic Gutierrez
Dominic Gutierrez - Giorno fa
Y did they have to use such a bad cover of hunter
Hayley Guest
Hayley Guest - Giorno fa
Good trailer! Not giving too much away for once
Dreadnought35 - Giorno fa
and this is how you ruin a great franchise.
Bedroom Beethovens
Bedroom Beethovens - Giorno fa
Girl looking like Dee Williams
zauber620 - Giorno fa
1984: T - 800
2019: LGBT - 800
2026: Paralympic - 800
Sill Wmith
Sill Wmith - Giorno fa
still looks better than rise of the machines
HERETICIAM 777 - Giorno fa
This is just getting too old and the franchise is just being dragged for far too long. Technology and movie fakery evolved too damn fast that people in the movie bussiness lost their ability to think, imagine and create a brand new concept story.
Cesar Santamaria
Cesar Santamaria - Giorno fa
Why does every Terminator trailer give away the twist of the film.
whiteflag - Giorno fa
I could have sworn the terminator went into molten lava and died. What the??
PeteRoyJackson - 19 ore fa
Right? Must be a different T-800.
STONE-X - Giorno fa
Terminator 1 - you stay in our hearts
Terminator 2 - you stay with us in memory
Other parts will remain with us in the toilet.
SnowChickenFlake - Giorno fa
I really miss the days when terminator was good
D S - Giorno fa
Terminator 1: I˙m back
Terminator 2: I˙ll be back
Terminator Dak Fate: Oh my back
Steven Broadbent
Steven Broadbent - Giorno fa
This movie should be rated PG .
DIY MAN - Giorno fa
Who are you? I am feministanator. Come with me if you want to cringe.
Limix - Giorno fa
When it said its coming out in November i

*Limix Left The Chat*
hypoeddy - Giorno fa
The cgi looked better in 2003
Pigeon Likes Pie
Pigeon Likes Pie - Giorno fa
The CGI looks like dog shit
Bug Bunny
Bug Bunny - Giorno fa
I’m not impressed
claudia s
claudia s - Giorno fa
Ya quiero verla❤️❤️❤️
wesley cornelius
wesley cornelius - Giorno fa
Just re watched T2 Judgment day now this trailer make sense.
PeteRoyJackson - 19 ore fa
Said no one ever.
Mario Hiccup Witwicky
Mario Hiccup Witwicky - Giorno fa
Theory. Is Natalia Reye's character related to Sarah Connor's friends in Judgement Day?
Assistir Grátis
Assistir Grátis - Giorno fa
Dimi Tri
Dimi Tri - 2 giorni fa
..what a stupid music, where is Brad Fiedel?
Mesajha - 2 giorni fa
Wird but i wana see it
Alex Rhinehart
Alex Rhinehart - 2 giorni fa
Whatever you think of the movie, the terminater looks cool.
Alan Cook
Alan Cook - 2 giorni fa
*Warning* *Warning* *Warning*
Systems analysis :
A. Schwarzenegger helped D. Trump to get elected by wearing a red “ Make America Great Again “ hat on camera , before D. Trump was elected .
He betrayed you once ( Terminator 3 ) , he will do it again .
*Warning* *Warning* *Warning*
Systems analysis :
Alex Rhinehart
Alex Rhinehart - 2 giorni fa
Im just looking forward to the new terminator type.
fuzzywzhe - 2 giorni fa
Sequels will continue to be made until the series proves itself to be unprofitable.
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy - 2 giorni fa
FOX, we just don’t care anymore! Let it die already, would you?
donbasuradenuevo - 2 giorni fa
Remember when in Terminator 3 they had a female terminator? Inflatable boobs, nuclear reactor inside, ragdoll legs? It all went downhill from there, and hasn't stopped.
Michael Camara
Michael Camara - 2 giorni fa
Well here we go again... I'm a huge Terminator fan in my honest opinion T1 T2 and T4 were the best although the story line from T4 wasn't that great for a future Terminator movie it did justice. T3 was just a complete joke and just a remake of T2. T5... Well this was pretty much all of them combined and with John Conor as the evil T come on... Also the whole time travel mix up was really confusing and we still don't know who sent the machines back and why...?
Hopefully with James Cameron back; and rebooting from T2 we will get a decent story line and action. Not repeat and over complicated plot... And I still can't understand why they are still bringing Arnie back again and what the explanation will be for his appearance this time around. Maybe he got resurrected from the Hot steel...?
Louis76 - 2 giorni fa
I wish they would make a film and call it Terminated the End:)
genaroman78 - 2 giorni fa
The politically correct terminator
Kermit The green frog
Kermit The green frog - 2 giorni fa
No way that terminator gets flung by a single hit of a sledgehammer...Kyle did that in the first film and the terminator knocked him out
SevelRomanov - Giorno fa
Thats not a sledgehammer, that's Mjölnir :-)
Aiden Blain
Aiden Blain - 2 giorni fa
The only moment I felt this trailer is real when I saw aurnie
Out Standing
Out Standing - 2 giorni fa
Incongruity :
In T5, CGI T-800 gets hit by a rebar, which surprisingly bends, like the blow was caused by another robot. In T6 trailer we see this jewish little girl banged with a hammer, by another machine, yet the handle doesn't brake and it even manages to spin -really(?)- like a mad chinese, whose lifestyle is threatened by one more round of tariffs. I can accept that the plastic of that handle only bends and comes to the initial form, but held firmly by some aggregate, while applying a tremendous force to annihilate such menace, should've resulted in the handle being fractured just above where it was gripped.
Travis Snaychuk
Travis Snaychuk - 2 giorni fa
I am terrified of Pee Wee Herman be coming the villain. Ellen is our main hero .... Seriously! WTF! A terminator based off of the original and looks like a lesbian, WTF is wrong with you expect. Your ideas for future films blow's!
Knobbingham - 2 giorni fa
who upvoted this? who raised you?
Dario Friggeri
Dario Friggeri - 2 giorni fa
in this new Terminator, there must be a small war at the beginning of the film, then persecution ..., and ultimately a great and epic war.
Evvde - 2 giorni fa
Одни бабы-герои. Вы в край поехали уже со своими "сильными женщинами".
Drew Smith
Drew Smith - 2 giorni fa
Looks Good
Masochist Weeb
Masochist Weeb - 2 giorni fa
This is pretty much Terminator Salvation in all honesty
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 - 2 giorni fa
Don’t wanna see old terminator they should of used cgi
name 123
name 123 - 2 giorni fa
The track Otherkin On And On sounds perfect for the main theme tune. 100 percent a modern Terminator rock pop song. Worth checking out. https://youtu.be/k-5exaf0OAo
D'Artagnan Reigns
D'Artagnan Reigns - 2 giorni fa
Guess I'm the only one that enjoyed the trailer, I got a great feeling seeing Sarah Connor too. Felt the music was a nice touch as well.
Saigh Kym Lambert
Saigh Kym Lambert - Giorno fa
​@PeteRoyJackson See, there's that whole "infiltrator" thing that always bothered me about Schwarzenegger (and one Hamilton has brought up in interviews. He is not very stealthy, that much muscle takes a lot of calories for post-nuclear war starvation so I think they'd be spotted easily with our without sweat or bad breath. But Mr. Rogers would be the PERFECT infiltrator. Who would suspect him?! THAT'S a successful killer, right there. Probably one of the reasons most movie killers don't scare me, they're usually too obvious. The really scary monsters are the ones that get you because you don't suspect. I just do like seeing any monster get their asses kicked. Seriously, there is no point in all the hate, it doesn't sway anyone. You don't like it, then just don't watch it! I didn't like the last three, so I ignored them. This has the ONLY damn element that I care about, so far, and there's not a single thing that is going to change that. And maybe Dani Ramos will keep me coming back, too. I'm here for Sarah's story. I've already ignored glitches galore in The Terminator and Terminator 2, so...really, you are barking up the wrong tree. Case in point, my read on who the "Hunter" the song is referring to is NOT the Rev-9. I think that shows that what you and I am looking for in this movie are worlds apart. If you don't like it, why not move on to discuss something you DO like. Why spend so much time and energy on something you hate? Just...move on.
PeteRoyJackson - Giorno fa
​@D'Artagnan Reigns Do you believe in any baseline standard? Do you believe this standard can be jeopardized? Tell me, a movie like Shawshank Redemption is considered a critical masterpiece by almost everyone who sees it. Why? Because there are standards that are not relative, and not subjective. Real laws are being followed. If talent is not a universal absolute, then how does anyone define talent?
D'Artagnan Reigns
D'Artagnan Reigns - Giorno fa
@UCFEi-FQrTj3f_C6TOvPbzsQ Yes that's exactly what I'm saying, simple and plain. So everything you think always aligns with the masses? You always like everything everyone else likes? When you don't like what everyone else likes whose "objective reality" is more validated theirs or your own? I enjoyed everything I saw, you didn't but this is simply a difference in preference not you being some great film connoisseur.
Sunny Singh
Sunny Singh - 2 giorni fa
Transformers 6???????
Alexandre Beaugrand
Alexandre Beaugrand - 2 giorni fa
I'm going hunting...
IronicallyFunny - 2 giorni fa
0.01 percent of the audience: I dont know guys, maybe it will be good.
Everyone else: *Laughs in terminator*
FirstEastern Perspective
FirstEastern Perspective - 2 giorni fa
man what a dump and lack of creativity .....
B GM - 2 giorni fa
It couldn't be any worse than Salvation or Genisys. Could it? Everyone said Battle Angel would suck and it kind of did but it wasn't all that bad. Maybe this is like that? Might find out when it plays a cheap theatre for 5 bucks. I've seen all of them, no point in stopping now.
김재현 - 2 giorni fa
Adil Yousaf
Adil Yousaf - 2 giorni fa
biggest problem of this trailer is that it feels like Arnold will have only a cameo appearance in the film.Seems like they are going to write him off.
Craig Jones
Craig Jones - 2 giorni fa
He is in the movie at the start, young as he was in T2, and then we don't see him again until the halfway mark, but he's central to the plot, he's very important in the film.
PeteRoyJackson - 2 giorni fa
That’s like 10% of the problem. 🤣
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 2 giorni fa
Prossimi video