Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures

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Octavio Reyes
Octavio Reyes - 2 ore fa
Who knew ghost rider (robbie reyes) would become a terminator
DoomS DaY
DoomS DaY - 6 ore fa
Fucking shit
Wasteyute2798 •__•
What’s the song in the background
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
Comments and Likes don't match????
dicetaro - 12 ore fa
Straight out of director Tim Miller’s mouth:
“If you’re a closet misogynist, she’ll scare the fuck out of you, because she’s tough and strong but very feminine, and that frightens some dudes. You can see online the responses to some of the early shit that’s out there, trolls on the internet. I don’t give a fuck.”
Haven’t these “misogynistic trolls” loved T1 and T2 for decades BECAUSE of how badass Linda was as Sarah Connor? Men are not “afraid” of strong women in strong roles. FANS are afraid of politics taking over their beloved franchises.
Berating your core audience prior to the release of your film and placing politics before plot... I can’t wait to not see this movie.
SteffMysterVideos - 12 ore fa
At the end of terminator genysis. Arnold upgraded into a T-1000.. So I think that's what he will be in Dark Fate
Action Movies
Action Movies - 19 ore fa
Full movie
hydra dbz
hydra dbz - 22 ore fa
so it looks like Ghost Rider traded in his chain in order to become the new terminator
Kathleen Castle
Kathleen Castle - Giorno fa
Between this preview and the other one I've now seen the entire movie.
Larnciel darknciel
Larnciel darknciel - Giorno fa
it is sad to say, but Terminator 3 the rise of the machines is the best Terminator sequel to Terminator 2. So Sad.
O_wNe_D - Giorno fa
Ah. fuck that i liked the genisys ending alot.Better actors xd
Tounsi Behi
Tounsi Behi - Giorno fa
Why so much hate ?
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
looks shiiite
Alexandre Beaugrand
Alexandre Beaugrand - Giorno fa
2:16 The scariest thing about the T-1000 and the Rev-9: No matter how hard you punch, shoot and blow them, they just turn their head back at you, regenerate and kill again.
Stas Zabara
Stas Zabara - Giorno fa
Where is John Connor?
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
a short cameo by Edward Furlong (boy he got fat) This franchise has indeed been Terminated!!
Dora ADOS - Giorno fa
transhuman bullshit...white people trying to beat god at this birth rate thing. just go in peace!damn lol
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
Jesus was white
ErgoProxy87 - Giorno fa
Siempre propaganda feminista
David Cohan
David Cohan - Giorno fa
Stupid ass 🎶
I’m going hunting
So stupid
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
your people are promoting this garbage......all around the world!!!
Megan Welch
Megan Welch - 2 giorni fa
I grew up watching all the terminators I don’t see why you guys are bitching it looks like a good movie. Give it a chance before you throw a fit about it.
Mikey Teflo
Mikey Teflo - 2 giorni fa
Because the Director admitted tossing in Political influences, like Transgender/Feminist bullcrap, having a Mexican Terminator slaughtering a bunch of white boarder Guards left an right in the final trailer was appalling!!! Sneaking in an Illegal little girl over the boarder as the Star of the movie! It's ALL Political and this story was done as a Shot against Trump. Now I'm not a Trump supporter but i also go to the movies to get AWAY from this Political CRAP!!! I'M SICK OF SEEING THIS GARBAGE IN MY MOVIES!!! Anyway, this IS WHY Everyone is PISSED off in this comment section!
aserta - 2 giorni fa
Obama really got pissed off in this movie..
muttleo - 2 giorni fa
Grandma looks cranky
Adeel Ahmed
Adeel Ahmed - 2 giorni fa
Who are you? the same dialogue in all parts. love to watch .
Tracy Connors
Tracy Connors - 2 giorni fa
Hope this is good anticipation is as good as genysis
germán torrè
germán torrè - 2 giorni fa
What a shit.
Valentin Salazar
Valentin Salazar - 2 giorni fa
Solo vine por gears 5 xdd quería ver si Sarah se parecía y así es se rifan
jack kruser
jack kruser - 2 giorni fa
Jslayallday92 S
Jslayallday92 S - 2 giorni fa
Leader of resistance in a apocalyptic War which are always fought by men yet we have 3 god damn females for what supposed to be a predominantly sci-fi movie playing all the important roles. Fuck you James Cameron, you’re movies truly suck more than ever, especially when you pander to the left loser.
Prahallad Sitha
Prahallad Sitha - 2 giorni fa
Jay JaySK
Jay JaySK - 2 giorni fa
You better go, or your a misogynist. And maybe a nazi... if you are white.
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
or a gay, most gays are white
Poovarasan R
Poovarasan R - 2 giorni fa
Poda venru
Shenanignz - 2 giorni fa
2:13 splort.mp3
aswin Aji
aswin Aji - 2 giorni fa
Shit I thought this was captain marvel 2
BlueAS1AN - 2 giorni fa
makes 0 sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah conor is dead by a disease. How is she back? where is John? Or Kate? Sarah suppose to be dead soon after terminator 2... this is like part 5??? and sarah magically appear... They reallly ran out of ideas. And Yes I agree with everyone here these new terminators looks wacky "not scary".
Movies&&Highlights!!! - 3 giorni fa
Wow 66k dislikes ?
Who are these people. Like you haven’t even seen the movie yet. I guess it’s the morons who want to see nothing in a trailer and just seeing Sara back is enough because now they’ve ruined the whole movie for showing all these scenes.
Movies&&Highlights!!! - 3 giorni fa
So where is John Connor in all of this ???
Is he hiding somewhere waiting for mommy to pick him up ?
I don’t get it... don’t get me wrong this movie looks 🔥🔥🔥 but trying to wrap my head around that John isn’t part of this movie as an adult with her to continue the story of Terminator 2 and what happened afterwards.
How is she alive right now ?
I thought she died of cancer.
Like I said where’s John in all of this. Maybe he’ll be in the next Terminator after this one.
Only reply to me if you actually can answer my questions with fact. Don’t guess.
cuutecarrot - 3 giorni fa
1:03 basically my mom
Alexandru Gabriel Necula
Alexandru Gabriel Necula - 3 giorni fa
Fuck !!! They are gone almost 30 years or more and still Skynet doesn't won this battle. When Schwarzenegger will be dead maybe 😂😂😂😂
Meyaka Brown
Meyaka Brown - 3 giorni fa
I've watched this at least once a day for the last month. Im 32 and I've watched over a thousand films.
I think I know a good film by now....
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 8 ore fa
No, my mum, sister, niece, girlfriend are all females....u seem very judgeMENTAL!! Ghost busters had a stinking trailer and that movie sucked both ass and bawlz. This trailer looks pretty pathetic and desperate!! This franchise has been Terminated!
Meyaka Brown
Meyaka Brown - 8 ore fa
@Sinjin Smyth Haha. Very funny. 😌 Only reason you say that is cause the lead roles are played by females, I get it. That's a very immature and ignorant comparison. 🤥
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
You must have loved Ghostbusters 2016
cristian paul herni
cristian paul herni - 3 giorni fa
motorcycles pleasee
Nawal Kewat
Nawal Kewat - 3 giorni fa
Awesome trailer Terminator Arnold Swartznager my favorite hero most awaited movies fantastic
Nawal Kewat
Nawal Kewat - 8 ore fa
Terminator awesome traler....!
Nawal Kewat
Nawal Kewat - 8 ore fa
@Sinjin Smythare you fool ideot you like basterd.
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 9 ore fa
ghost rider/captain marvel kree
terminator i'll be back.
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 8 ore fa
this franchise has been terminated!!
Harman Grewal
Harman Grewal - 3 giorni fa
vaisakh a
vaisakh a - 3 giorni fa
Wasiimal Modesto
Wasiimal Modesto - 4 giorni fa
The CGI for the Terminators when they turn into the ‘ humans ‘ looks so weird, it reminds me of the Tarkin CGI that was used in Rogue One.
Sylla Bear
Sylla Bear - 4 giorni fa
Terminator movie without Arnold, Hahhhhhhhhhh.
Pure trash.
D J - 4 giorni fa
That highway scene is great... You know how I know? Because they did all that stuff in Terminator 2 already.
SD GAMERZ - 4 giorni fa
now i know what he's doing in mortal kombat 11
Matthew McGrory
Matthew McGrory - 4 giorni fa
God, i used to think T3 was bad. It’s just gotten worse and worse and even worse
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor - Giorno fa
this one looks like the bottom of the barrel
Kaliss - 4 giorni fa
Remember when the killer robot looked like a killer robot?...and not the manager of Home Depot.
Krishna Priya
Krishna Priya - 4 giorni fa
Am I the only one who liked the BG..!?
Harshit Bhatt
Harshit Bhatt - 4 giorni fa
A great fan of James and his works. Can't wait till the date of release....!!!!!
JakiBoy - 4 giorni fa
Sup pops you’re back in action
TECHIUM - 4 giorni fa
Now I feel bad for skynet!
Ratna Aladakatti
Ratna Aladakatti - 4 giorni fa
From Karnataka(Kannada)release in Kannada,,
Fasahd3 - 4 giorni fa
I am reading the comments and laughing. My only question is why are they not disabled yet?
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor - Giorno fa
the next part will have the Terminator in a wheelchair trying to kill sarah conner in a hospice.
John White
John White - 5 giorni fa
John White
John White - 5 giorni fa
Can't wait tho!
Bill Whittaker
Bill Whittaker - 5 giorni fa
Brian Persaud
Brian Persaud - 5 giorni fa
Sarah Connor has been terminating those cigarettes
James Xiao Long
James Xiao Long - 5 giorni fa
Am I the only one who actually is looking forward to this film?
Shivam Golliwar
Shivam Golliwar - 4 giorni fa
Inkedhulk - 5 giorni fa
How? Why? Those wamen look like they PHYSICALLY can't lift a rifle... I'm not talking about anything else. So fake and so sad..... Hard pass
Ashu Rao
Ashu Rao - 5 giorni fa
Out dated graphics 😠
Prossimi video