Aggressive Cat Shocks Mom By Becoming A Snugglebug - BARBARA | The Dodo

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Skitt3n_ YT
Skitt3n_ YT - 24 minuti fa
She's like grumpy cat 2.0
Monika [DDLC]
Monika [DDLC] - 16 ore fa
Oh wow! It's so adorable that I can't even delete it! Congrats.
communistjesus - 16 ore fa
02:48!!!! found it!!!!! a Ron Swanson 🐈 CAT.......
communistjesus - 16 ore fa
02:40 Barbara has a Nick Offerman look to her......
Darkex - Giorno fa
TheMMSpirit - Giorno fa
It's amazing the gems you can find at the shelter. One mostly grown black kitten that seemed standoffish, he hid for weeks at home. Eventually, he layed across my wife's fuzzy slippers when she was doing the dishes one day, and then followed her around ever since. The most polite cat I ever had - never swatted anyone or the dog, never on the tables or counter, up the curtains, and used the scratching post only. He never warmed up to me or the kids, but would always follow my wife, bumping her, licking her hair, and sleeping touching her. And a good friend to the mini schnauzer, they would play all day. Even though the cat didn't have anything to do with me but meow at me once in a while when he was hungry, it hurt deeply when he passed away, as much as my wife felt. Our dog lost a friend and has been listless since too.

The male and female cats we adopted since haven't ever been quite the same. The female was aggressive like in this video, but quickly calmed down after a few months and likes attention well enough. The male is super hyper and really vocal (orange tabby, seems to have some oriental mix from his head, tail length, body length), but loves attention from everyone. They don't like the dog though, so that old fella didn't get an extra playmate. We'll have to get a puppy for him:D
Default User
Default User - Giorno fa
Don’t forget the bunnies! Rabbits need help too!!
Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt - Giorno fa
The key with getting a cat is always to give it space. So many people don't realize this. They need time to adjust to their new environment, and they need time to realize that you aren't a threat to them. They aren't dogs.
Agus Chiribao
Agus Chiribao - 2 giorni fa
She went to my face, god that aggressive too much.
Sir Maximus O'Fartsalot
Sir Maximus O'Fartsalot - 2 giorni fa
Humans are dumb...when cats rub their cheeks on you...they are marking you as THEIR PROPERTY
Cute Kitty xd
Javier Farje
Javier Farje - 2 giorni fa
You need a great deal of patience and love to conquer a cat, but once they settle, it's very rewarding. Well done.
wendyw - 2 giorni fa
she is a beautiful cat.......happy you found each other..............
clamour incessant
clamour incessant - 2 giorni fa
Great story. I didn't know that cats could change their personality and become angry as a defense mechanism to ward off feeling for others if their owners died in front of them. I know animals can have trauma, but in this specific way with this specific animal? Interesting.
Rafael Carbajal
Rafael Carbajal - 2 giorni fa
Her cat looks like it has a conspiracy
Teemo 666
Teemo 666 - 3 giorni fa
The Dodo please move your logo sometimes because i just got display burn-in on my phone 😞

This a warning for your viewers too so be careful with watching these videos, move your phone once in a while.
Anonymous Secret
Anonymous Secret - 4 giorni fa
Cat is so cute.
Damani Dorsey
Damani Dorsey - 4 giorni fa
It do look mean
Dead Soul
Dead Soul - 5 giorni fa
You tamed the wild beast
Lightning Strikes
Lightning Strikes - 5 giorni fa
She needs a man
SupDev - 5 giorni fa
And that’s exactly why dogs are better. You don’t have to work for their affection unlike cats.
Esteban Salazar
Esteban Salazar - 5 giorni fa
My dog hates me 😓😓😓
Anthony Fig
Anthony Fig - 5 giorni fa
This cut looks mean
Picachki - 6 giorni fa
I am the only one my little Maya connects with. She cares for others but we have a special bond. So when I leave my house she has separation anxiety and acts aggressive towards me when I get back. I've been thinking about taking her places with me, that way she can know she's safe at all times but also she can have something else to look forward to. She's not usually aggressive towards others and she's been trying to go outside lately. So I've been thinking of taking her on car rides and walks. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I would love to hear from you! Or I would love to hear your stories. Thanks again if you read this. And thank you to The Dodo for helping me understand my best friend a little better!
cornel sanders
cornel sanders - 6 giorni fa
That thing is not write in the eyes ! I'd have capped its ass.
big flan
big flan - 6 giorni fa
I keep watching this video just because of the grumpy cats face
bnice29 - 6 giorni fa
Beth & Howard Stern have done A++++ work for cats and dogs.
Chair - 7 giorni fa
Or just get a dog and not worry about any of this
Some Guy
Some Guy - 7 giorni fa
I think the way that you describe your experiences with your cat is downright disturbing.
vorkev1 - 7 giorni fa
people if you have a cat you do not want do not give it to a shelter. eather list it in free listings or throw it out side some wear the best place would be a farm as most farmers will let the cat stey and will give it food. cats are one of the few house pets that can service on their own in the wild as long as you do not toss them out in the middle of winter. its also a better chose since most unclamed or mean cats will be put down.
Melissa Diaz
Melissa Diaz - 7 giorni fa
How is pumpkin doing
sv vs
sv vs - 8 giorni fa
Nice Barbara !
elieser juarez
elieser juarez - 8 giorni fa
From over here it looks like you ma'am need the cat more but it's all good though.
Rodney Leonard
Rodney Leonard - 8 giorni fa
What an awesome mom & daughter cat family!
xX LookItzPoliO Xx
xX LookItzPoliO Xx - 8 giorni fa
Kyle Rëësë
Kyle Rëësë - 9 giorni fa
Awwww dat wittle kitttkattt ;)
Zed Xahu
Zed Xahu - 9 giorni fa
its 2am and i'm watching cat videos and i regret nothing
Keira Navarrete
Keira Navarrete - 9 giorni fa
Grumpy cats sister 😂lol
Mr. Shepherd's pie
Mr. Shepherd's pie - 9 giorni fa
Our cat is almost like a dog in some ways. She literally just went up to are back door and decided to live here. She is gray, fat, and the cutest thing. She has snuggle time, crazy time, sleep time, and most importantly, food time. When it's dinner, she is ON us! The on going battle between our free will, and issie's cuteness. But we love her! She is independent, but also very social. She always loves to know what's going on, loves people, and acts almost as if she where a dog. She even waits up for us when we come back from arrens and stuff! She is the BEST!
Anakin Thigpen
Anakin Thigpen - 9 giorni fa
This was so cute I almost cried
Anakin Thigpen
Anakin Thigpen - 9 giorni fa
This cat is unbelievable if I had her or boy I would love on that cat for probably a hour
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Starr's Viewz
Starr's Viewz - 10 giorni fa
Lol that cat just needs some Cat CBD oil
Nicolai Louis
Nicolai Louis - 10 giorni fa
I would choke that cat and throw it on the floor.
Italo Gattini
Italo Gattini - 10 giorni fa
Sudditante ad un gatto!!!!
Tom Doucette
Tom Doucette - 11 giorni fa
Cat lovers. Hey what ever makes you happy. It's a preference.
Marit - 13 giorni fa
shalimargrooming333 - 13 giorni fa
great story and thanks for adopting her. however from a professional animal trainer and veterinarians point of view, i will say the cat just looks angry and there was no signs of her being mean in your videos. of course any new cat is going to take a few days or weeks to adjust. I would not say a miracle or anything though, she just has that look which is great for youtube videos like this.
cat lover
cat lover - 13 giorni fa
Cats do not usually get aggressive unless they were abused when they were young. They've developed the need to protect themselves by attacking anyone who might abuse them first. It was possible that your cat was abused previously. Thank God you are so patient with him so that he finally realized that you are not the same kind of people he has previously experienced. Lucky for the kitty!
Carli Reyes
Carli Reyes - 13 giorni fa
Awwww that is so frickn cuteeeee lol
DubDanTV - 14 giorni fa
10 seconds into the video and I already hate her, thats not including my bias towards women who own cats either!
be diphrent
be diphrent - 14 giorni fa
*absolutely amazing! & yes, cats are very complex personality & behavior wise. you need to actual WORK for their love & DO THINGS for them that they LIKE to basically 'unlock" the lock they have on their affection. once you find the key to their lock; they are YOURS. but on THEIR time, always lol. if you pay attention they will TELL YOU what they like & dont like cus they essentially reward you with affectionate for being a good human. its unbelievable. here we are thinking we've adopted these "poor kitties" & the whole time they are thinking theyve adopted us & we we need to be good for them. lmfaooo*
Jace & R
Jace & R - 14 giorni fa
All these clips look more like normal cat behavior, they, as in cats in general, are stupidly bipolar. You can see clearly at 0:40 the cat swats and bites a bit then nuzzles the gloved hand. Cats do this ALL THE TIME, idk why but it's why I like dogs more personally. After a while they do get attention starved but for the most part they are solitary creatures.
Pretty cute cat though
Jordan Mead
Jordan Mead - 15 giorni fa
‘Most important day in us history’, ofc that’s coming from a white person smh
jaiden peralez
jaiden peralez - 15 giorni fa
I can't believe how many dislikes there is
Robert Paradysz
Robert Paradysz - 15 giorni fa
One of ours has that same blue/green/grey eye color. I don't see that often.
Fionna - 15 giorni fa
Shes an absolute beauty!
Dyanthis Majer
Dyanthis Majer - 15 giorni fa
Lol! I love her sense of humor. “It’s the most important day in the history of the United States.”
Although to her I don’t think she was joking. 😀
Jose Andrade
Jose Andrade - 16 giorni fa
Ooh man !!
I need to be adopted as well by this good looking mom 😻😻
Nika N
Nika N - 16 giorni fa
I'm not crying. Just got something in my eyes.
keiathewerewolf_1000 - 16 giorni fa
three legged cat Dog with two sacks
And THAT is why we LOVE cats. We EARN their love they don't have to love us, they choose to. Bless all those who care for cats and all the cats they care for.
Malone Samson
Malone Samson - 16 giorni fa
Grumpy cats long lost cousin
Dan Reese
Dan Reese - 17 giorni fa
My last cat was a mean one . As you would pet him, he would turn and grab your hand and start biting it ...hard . I put a pet behavior coller on him and it helped . On tje other hand he was very nice and would play with the other cat I had before he passed away . He would walk across my keyboard on my computer and cuddle . The funny thing , I would sing " little man in tbe fur coat " and cluck my fingers snd he loved that . I miss him and had to leave him behind with friends when I moved to Florida. I know he misses me as I do I of him .
Gabrielle Budd
Gabrielle Budd - 17 giorni fa
this Kitty had incredible eyes she was so beautiful thank you for sharing she really is a cuddle Kitty lucky you
U2Yes 1DNo EDCP/Sabrina Kitty/Brown/Hooves
Grumpy Cat 2.0 :3
sammieleok - 17 giorni fa
scorpio cats
Ty Warren
Ty Warren - 17 giorni fa
White people are so good at empathizing qith animals but can't empathize with other human beings who look differently then them..I know totally off topic ..but its just quick revelation that came to me
Antarctica And The Alpha
Antarctica And The Alpha - 17 giorni fa
How convenient....
Thomas Prent
Thomas Prent - 17 giorni fa
Drew Millett
Drew Millett - 17 giorni fa
I hope that lady is raising or otherwise influence children, too.
sweet girl
sweet girl - 18 giorni fa
So cute 💓
SeptiaWoman - 18 giorni fa
This cat reminds me of my cat, that unfortunately passed away from old age six weeks ago. As long as I can remember, I have always had a cat. One day, given time I am going to a shelter and get another cat. My deceased cat's name was Girl. My next cat will be called Girl II. Words cannot describe how I miss Girl.
thephoenix4ever - 18 giorni fa
I had a feral cat like this, we named him Hissy. He lived outside on our patio and was extremely aggressive. After about 6 months we got a back scratcher and he loved it. After a year he was a big love bug, he took cues from the other snuggly cats and became so so sweet. He could still sometimes revert to his aggressive nature if he was caught off guard but this happened less and less over time. After all he was a feral cat so he needed that to keep him safe from other humans. Sadly I knew if he hadn't been a TNR cat he would've been euthanized by any kill shelter and deemed "unadoptable" due to his aggressive behavior. Just give the mean cats some time and love and they will open up to you.
M F198
M F198 - 18 giorni fa
Whatever?! Cats are unpredictable jerks. Cats suck,, lol
Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez - 19 giorni fa
when animals have been thru it emotional or physical...u have to have patience with them..eventually they will come around..and learn to trust you...bravo to this woman for what she did for Barbara
officialstevencrowder - 19 giorni fa
Wtf am I doing with my life? Help me god..take me home. I cant do this anymore. I'm watching fucking cat videos
LIGHT MART - 19 giorni fa
This kind of cats is very dangerous not stable , can changes mood quickly and strikes
whyme - 19 giorni fa
nose boobs :)))
Fiji Law
Fiji Law - 19 giorni fa
OMG, this cats face, doesnt look friendly at all, super badass
Plebian Media
Plebian Media - 19 giorni fa
Beth stern is a Zionist and a bad person
Stephanie Mujan
Stephanie Mujan - 20 giorni fa
If it was a human child, what would happen?
Cubefarmer Hkc
Cubefarmer Hkc - 20 giorni fa
Cat training it’s human
Not Necessary
Not Necessary - 20 giorni fa
she knows....
TheFronteir666 - 20 giorni fa
I literally have nothing to say
Jomana Ali
Jomana Ali - 20 giorni fa
Ron Swanson who?
Last First
Last First - 20 giorni fa
I would like to be the dad
Corey Mullis
Corey Mullis - 20 giorni fa
Cat looks like a tottal jerk! Lol
david wilson
david wilson - 20 giorni fa
God love these little angels!!!
junior third
junior third - 21 giorno fa
This woman looks like Alanis morissette
Rachel X.
Rachel X. - 21 giorno fa
Angry Cat & Grumpy Cat should have a party~
angel aviles
angel aviles - 21 giorno fa
Ugly cat
G B - 22 giorni fa
The music is too loud!
Queen Ramble
Queen Ramble - 22 giorni fa
Shy cats are often just cats who haven't found their human yet - my roommate adopted a cat who just would not come out and did not trust humans because they were loud and large and so scary (and my roommate.......was loud, and large, and heavy on his feet so very scary). Archie /never/ warmed up to this guy. Not ever. But he did make his way to me, the quiet one that was light on their feet (and who the cat who already lived there was attached to, I'm pretty sure that helped). Now he's my baby :3 Literally. Sometimes he reaches up to ask me to carry him on my shoulder, and he always needs to sleep with me. My roommate is gone now, but my boys aren't going anywhere.
Keller Ingenieur Von Mois
Keller Ingenieur Von Mois - 22 giorni fa
How did she ALMOST save 12 lives did she only save 11 and a half or wth is going on
Avocado Emmy
Avocado Emmy - 22 giorni fa
I need to hug it
Angel Michaela Tudtud
Angel Michaela Tudtud - 22 giorni fa
0:38 omg 😂👌😂👍
MsFiBee - 22 giorni fa
Our ‘rescue’ cat Chloe was like that too. We always had to give her space and when she wanted she’d come to you and snuggle and ‘kiss’ too. After 14 years she decided we were good people and she very rarely bit, but when she did it was just a nip and a look which almost said ‘sorry, I know you didn’t mean to do that, I just reacted. I love you really’ and then she’d lick where she’d nipped you. She was almost 21 when she left us, this September, and I miss her dreadfully. We’ll never have another cat like her. I couldn’t have not persisted with her though. She came to us from a home with a boy that had behavioural problems, so was clearly very traumatised. It took time, but we know we gave her the best life we could. :@)
epic103 - 22 giorni fa
That's awesome, great story.
Joey Dinero
Joey Dinero - 22 giorni fa
She's like my mama cat Cimby!! She was so aggressive but now she nuzzles my face and is my sidekick. I Just love her sooooo much!!!!!
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