Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends

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K/DA Aehry
K/DA Aehry - 9 ore fa
Wtf I accidentally slept with my headset on last night, and now the song sounds different .-.
John Smith
John Smith - 9 ore fa
Please do a song with PATD! Next year
Kamil Kasim
Kamil Kasim - 9 ore fa
guys liste a russian versianon onsa its much better
spiteful dream
spiteful dream - 10 ore fa
Perfect song for Moblie Legends Lol
정진혁 - 10 ore fa
1:45 ㅁㄷㅊㅇ
정철민 - 10 ore fa
처음에 나오는 한자 무슨뜻인가요???
IcyFrosty Dookie
IcyFrosty Dookie - 10 ore fa
I'm loving it already everytime!!!
Like if you loving it!
Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins - 10 ore fa
I really dont like league of legends, however, every year i hear the new song . Are someone at the same situation ?
Ghost Graveyard
Ghost Graveyard - 10 ore fa
Can’t wait for 2020! Season 10+Mobile league of legends
XD - 10 ore fa
33k dislikes nice amount of banned accounts
sirvan charolete
sirvan charolete - 10 ore fa
i love the expression on lissandra's face
타릭이즈 - 10 ore fa
annauwumarie - 10 ore fa
Each time I listen to this song I cry. Well done, riot. Well done.
Hunabis - 10 ore fa
Ru серверу тоже нравится видео
Гриша Юрганович
Кто русский, лайк)
바나나 - 11 ore fa
자신과이 싸움인가요? 중요배경이
Cauã Vinícius
Cauã Vinícius - 11 ore fa
E impossível não gostar das músicas do lolzinho, mais uma pra minha playlist
Kamado Nezuko
Kamado Nezuko - 11 ore fa
1:58 Rework Karma? New ULT
Issei Gremory
Issei Gremory - 11 ore fa
this song was released the day I started playing league of legends
TheShaFrashmen - 12 ore fa
날아오르라 주작이여...
Cristina Ramírez
Cristina Ramírez - 12 ore fa
I can not stop listening to this song, its double meaning motivates those who live with a wall in their head that does not let them move forward, very good!
Tùng Vũ Hoàng
Tùng Vũ Hoàng - 12 ore fa
Vĩnh Dragon must see this video :))
Sofia Ster
Sofia Ster - 12 ore fa
Am I the only one that liked it from the first time I listened to it? :/
gar sa
gar sa - 12 ore fa
1:25 미드차이 ㅇㅈ? ㄱㅇㄷ 뭔데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Musa Yeral
Musa Yeral - 12 ore fa
Sofia Ster
Sofia Ster - 12 ore fa
Love this so much it's stuck in my head all day
Coofy - 13 ore fa
oh god imagine what we are gonna see in the Worlds 2019 Finals opening Ceremony Jesus Christ!
Lawrence Saquido
Lawrence Saquido - 13 ore fa
So where did the 33k dislikes came from??
Ml Players:
電競下注穩定出金加賴cicai888 電競下注穩定出金加賴cicai888
티모 - 13 ore fa
PunkHazardII - 13 ore fa
Everytime i listen this song it feels better
Berkay Şahin
Berkay Şahin - 13 ore fa
adamlar yapıyor abi
gunterdqdomrazken - 13 ore fa
Phoenix 2 Jankos with Qiyana
KhangVo502 - 13 ore fa
still wating for the low budget version
Neon Demon
Neon Demon - 14 ore fa
Honestly LOL songs are the best.
Karol Klimas
Karol Klimas - 14 ore fa

Every anime character with glasses: 1:54
Sir butn
Sir butn - 14 ore fa
Kinda weird that this is released almost exactly when Joker was, you know. Joaquin phoenix.
희망 - 14 ore fa
Faker will rise again
diwakar dayal
diwakar dayal - 14 ore fa
*Are You gonna Die today or make it out alive?*

Karthus: Yes
Sad bamboo
Sad bamboo - 14 ore fa
it could have been Azir or Ryze.
Or even Leblanc
Why Karma, why...
Marvin Oliver Pelayo
Marvin Oliver Pelayo - 14 ore fa
Pewdiepie? @1:37 😂
KCG - 15 ore fa
R.I.P. caps
Kia Minaya
Kia Minaya - 15 ore fa
2:44 you know its staged when you see that many girls. I got excited for a sec until i realized theyre extras
Zed - 15 ore fa
Only 15 million views lul
Phuong Ng Tr Kh
Phuong Ng Tr Kh - 15 ore fa
Can u consider KDA comeback
karik nasuma
karik nasuma - 15 ore fa
Good riot
Requiescat in pace
Requiescat in pace - 15 ore fa
After few listening it gets in your head man
Javier Canales
Javier Canales - 15 ore fa
Damm this song gets me pumped but not lane exists so I can't pass my go Damm elo
Javier Canales
Javier Canales - 15 ore fa
I'm better than most gold player but I can't escape into silver
The one and only
The one and only - 15 ore fa
Can they make Irelia look beautiful once?
Khải Đỗ
Khải Đỗ - 15 ore fa
From Vietnamese with love 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
Aureola - 17 ore fa
2017:Korean team won in China.
2018:Chinese team won in Korean.
III BAKURYU III - 17 ore fa
The power of V's
Rishikesh Sarangi
Rishikesh Sarangi - 17 ore fa
Rip G2 , you played well caps
red lisha
red lisha - 17 ore fa
who's faker
zDarkinx - 18 ore fa
feikel el mejol
LMA GAMES - 18 ore fa
Cadê o BRTT ?
Danh Ẩn
Danh Ẩn - 18 ore fa
First time: Nah
Second: It's Ok
Third: OMG Fantastic....
청개구리 - 18 ore fa
1:45 ㅁㄷㅊㅇ
Tuấn Huy Trần
Tuấn Huy Trần - 18 ore fa
So good
Fun of Legends
Fun of Legends - 18 ore fa
Imagine this song with same type of animation that they used in Rise song. It would've been 100 times hype then. I just think that the song is beautiful.
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