My Family Vacation *DISASTER*

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Hani Dubu
Hani Dubu - 5 ore fa
You should give gladis a makeover I feel so bad for her and nobody wants to get close to her
Dark gacha angel
Dark gacha angel - 6 ore fa
When can we meet tootsie's dad? Or cimmions dad??or mom??please! I love you btw tootsie's and me are alike BC we are always hungry!! You put so much effort into your videos!!!I love you so much!
Crazy Crash
Crazy Crash - 6 ore fa
Dan Riya I saw you two at Sephora at vaughnmills
ronak benyamin
ronak benyamin - 8 ore fa
This video is funny i like Riya parents
Thuya Suthakar
Thuya Suthakar - 9 ore fa
The last didget of your like is who you are
1. Chad
2. Daniel
3. Riya
4. Tootsie
5. Agnes
6. Raja
7. Ms. P
8. Cinnamon
9. Rhubarb
0. Riya’s Parents
Dingeon quest developer Leo
Omg I love the Agnes she’s a savenge and remember dan you “see I told you these Psycho
dominic chaw
dominic chaw - 11 ore fa
it's from siti badriah
dominic chaw
dominic chaw - 11 ore fa
Hi Dan and Riya I'm a really big fan of you two but can you please please please react to this video it's a Indian music video it's called lagi syantik
kristine jongko
kristine jongko - 12 ore fa
coogko moim
coogko moim - 9 ore fa
You should do one when tootsie and Riya tryout for cheerleading and then the become popular
Hennessy Cerna
Hennessy Cerna - 13 ore fa
I grit tutsi
coogko moim
coogko moim - 9 ore fa
we want to see Cinnamon’s real hair color
Minnie Mouse 806
Minnie Mouse 806 - 14 ore fa
Where is the new video 🤔
Emma kitonyi
Emma kitonyi - 14 ore fa
Do a video we’re toastier and rubare are best friends and Rita and cunnoman
Sophia's Channel!
Sophia's Channel! - 16 ore fa
Who else saw dis after camping🤣🤣🤣
loan do
loan do - 17 ore fa
Grace Brown
Grace Brown - 18 ore fa
Hey y’all love yall
Gabriella Velasquez
Gabriella Velasquez - 18 ore fa
The next video should be dan and riya going out together
Jiyaa Sen
Jiyaa Sen - 19 ore fa
Hey dan an Riya can you guys plz do a tootsie and Riya go back to school shopping 🛍
Alicia Hemraj
Alicia Hemraj - 20 ore fa
I went to puta cana!!! XD
Nat’s World
Nat’s World - 21 ora fa

Cringe World
Cringe World - 21 ora fa
I get sick when I go camping in like high altitudes and no beach or lakes
Isabella Eddahar
Isabella Eddahar - 21 ora fa
I was literally laughing when the skunk came inside the tent 🏕😂😂
Darron Rose
Darron Rose - 21 ora fa
YeahCould I come to your house with you and Daniel
Darron Rose
Darron Rose - 21 ora fa
YeahCan I come to your house real and and
iitsmartina - 22 ore fa
we want to see Cinnamon’s real hair color
Mari Silva
Mari Silva - 22 ore fa
You should do one when tootsie and Riya tryout for cheerleading and then the become popular
Sharon Yego
Sharon Yego - 22 ore fa
love from africa🇰🇪
cherrie deane
cherrie deane - Giorno fa
Alicia Dunlap
Alicia Dunlap - Giorno fa
I like to play role-play because I like your channel so much I play with my cousins dolls of you guys I can do rhubarb’s voice really well
Alicia Dunlap
Alicia Dunlap - Giorno fa
Oh tootsie
Lucinda Martinez
Lucinda Martinez - Giorno fa
Emma wwe op dxedq duw
Abigail Falls
Abigail Falls - Giorno fa
This is rhubarb

this is how many times he tried to get with Rajah
TAM Kennis
TAM Kennis - Giorno fa
Tootsie is so DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thea GABRIEL - Giorno fa
Hi 👋
Chloe's creation 101
Chloe's creation 101 - Giorno fa
Is cinimons hair still blue it's been a week
Coment and like #
Cringe World
Cringe World - Giorno fa
Plz upload !! I’m dying without another video😂
Liz Hernandez
Liz Hernandez - Giorno fa
Who else wants them to upload daily
mary beltran
mary beltran - Giorno fa
Bita Salehi
Bita Salehi - Giorno fa
Guys I just met dan and riya at this restaurant named landwer!omgggg they’re so nice!!!!
PurpleRibbons_gang gang
😘😘I love your vids Haha they so goo
PurpleRibbons_gang gang
Hi your vids is so good
Maddison Hampton
Maddison Hampton - Giorno fa
So is there a pt.2........
HSTreptile - Giorno fa
Video idea: daniel and riya start dating and tootsie gets jealous
Reason why: In the "first kiss (7 minutes in heaven)" daniel said he would date riya if he wasn't dating cinnamon. Also since daniel broke up with cinnamon it's the perfect time for them to start dating
Jannat Javed
Jannat Javed - Giorno fa
at first i thought you guys where bf/gf oops too perfect
Darion Johnson
Darion Johnson - Giorno fa
I watch every single video that comes and I don't comment because because I forget to so I love you guys too ❤️ I'm subscribed and know you made the six days agobut I'm a big fan and I'll look at the video but I really don't comment on it because I want to see what other people comments and I love you so much please give me a shout out on one of and I love you bye-bye I do not say mean things about you I love you I watch about all the videos I don't care what it is but I watch all your videos
Glen Pasard
Glen Pasard - Giorno fa
Can you guys do tik-tok so your fan's can follow you guys on tik-tok please!!!.
Emma Marquez
Emma Marquez - Giorno fa
Please please make more videos
Javier Diaz
Javier Diaz - Giorno fa
Do another video
jesus olivas
jesus olivas - Giorno fa
jesus olivas
jesus olivas - Giorno fa
jesus olivas
jesus olivas - Giorno fa
They have upload
Paulina Cortes
Paulina Cortes - Giorno fa
Hey riya do a video of you
Haveing a makeover and
Looking better than sinomen.plzzzz
Andre Campbell
Andre Campbell - Giorno fa
Hi riya
Veronica Montero
Veronica Montero - Giorno fa
Yall should do different type of pepole ridding horse's
Gacha Cookiz
Gacha Cookiz - Giorno fa
XD this is so funny when he said you stepped in my my poop XD
Bertina Hamzaj
Bertina Hamzaj - Giorno fa
Can you do a video One cinnamon dad Mary’s tootsies mom
Naughty Sparrow-দুষ্টু চড়ুই
Amazing ur videos 😍
Miranda Grijalva
Miranda Grijalva - Giorno fa
Are you guys like sister and brother or friends or dating Dan and Riya
Madi Beard
Madi Beard - Giorno fa
I really like Riyas school
Charley Griffin
Charley Griffin - Giorno fa
It has bin so long
Riley Morgan
Riley Morgan - Giorno fa
What happened to tootsie blue hair one the last video
thebearthatS AWKWARD
thebearthatS AWKWARD - Giorno fa
MCCB FamilyTube
MCCB FamilyTube - Giorno fa
This is funny 🤩
Grym Reiper
Grym Reiper - 2 giorni fa
There is a lot of stupid on youtube.
This is in the top ten.
rainbow unikitty
rainbow unikitty - 2 giorni fa
You always film so long
Nunu B
Nunu B - 2 giorni fa
Hey dan and riya you guys are probably to busy to notice this comment but I think you should bring Austin back to the channel 😊😊
NEHA SUSAN - 2 giorni fa
This was hilarious 😂😂😂
Zeinab Playzroblox
Zeinab Playzroblox - 2 giorni fa
Riya I love your makeup
Kahinie Bhasin
Kahinie Bhasin - 2 giorni fa
When is the next one coming in ??
Montell West
Montell West - 2 giorni fa
Tootsie only cares about herself
Safaa Patel
Safaa Patel - 2 giorni fa
you guys take soo long just ro upload a video like the camping one took like one month so plss can you upload faster (btw i still love u dont think that i dont
Rahul Shukla
Rahul Shukla - 2 giorni fa
Why don’t you do a vid we’re you read insta dms
melida guerrero
melida guerrero - 2 giorni fa
Make more video “videos**
Krystle Umaguing
Krystle Umaguing - 2 giorni fa
New video! This is trending!!!!!!!!!!!
Lexi Shields
Lexi Shields - 2 giorni fa
Gacha Panda
Gacha Panda - 2 giorni fa
Riya do u still work at that store
Kyky’s slime tyme Channel
: D
Bailasan Katcha
Bailasan Katcha - 2 giorni fa
Finally u uploaded XD
Oreoprincess 1013
Oreoprincess 1013 - 2 giorni fa
10:34 I literately died laughing who else did😂
Iris Guzmanflores
Iris Guzmanflores - 2 giorni fa
Tofl turn ditto 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
Prossimi video