R-Truth invades Drake Maverick’s hotel room: Raw, July 15, 2019

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The Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter - 15 ore fa
Melvin Frooks
Melvin Frooks - Giorno fa
I'm so happy for Renee Michelle I've been a fan since the MCW days!!!!!
TheGodOfGravy - Giorno fa
Drake screaming “NO” as R-Truth takes his belt whilst he flounders on the ground is like caramel in televised form.
Anthony S.
Anthony S. - Giorno fa
A Lady like that in your bed!!! F*** the title🖕 prefer the babe 🤪
dFuZe Raven
dFuZe Raven - 2 giorni fa
I know all the males in this video were waiting for his wife to take off the robe
Beasttmode 106
Beasttmode 106 - 2 giorni fa
In 4 years if Drake Maverick still hasn't consummated his marriage he will be best known as "The 40 year old virgin"
deepankar sahu
deepankar sahu - 2 giorni fa
Hahaha 😜
Jennifer Alfaro
Jennifer Alfaro - 3 giorni fa
I already watch summerslam
Jaimie Nichols
Jaimie Nichols - 3 giorni fa
Truth only paid a dollar lol
The Rated Rockstar™ Official Channel
hornswoggle lowercase h o r n swoggle short guy LOL!
Natalia Granger
Natalia Granger - 4 giorni fa
Isso ficou tão extranho.
Jeremiah Harris
Jeremiah Harris - 5 giorni fa
That Killed Me!
Rahshigey - 5 giorni fa
"I'm ready now" "get in the bed" pg is dying
geras l
geras l - 7 giorni fa
R truth is niga
Cherie Roussel
Cherie Roussel - 7 giorni fa
Is it just me or if these two made some comedies togeather it would be bigger then total Bellas and total divas
New User
New User - 8 giorni fa
Truth getting more action and attention from Mavrick than Ranee
JerMarius Shepheard
JerMarius Shepheard - 8 giorni fa
How can a little guy like him get a women like her
Manuel Sá
Manuel Sá - 9 giorni fa
R truth literally suborned the receptionist with a dollar 😂😂😂
shock Wave
shock Wave - 9 giorni fa
Truth only gave 1 dollar to the guy
Luke Lam
Luke Lam - 9 giorni fa
What’s the point calling yourselves mr and mrs 24/7 champion when everybody knows who has the title
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood - 11 giorni fa
i knew ronnie aaron killings aka r-truth was going to doning in hotel room lol ?
Yiğit sesegel çocuk İbrahim Yiğit Öztürk
SuperCartiel - 11 giorni fa
He could've just used his small package...
Stephaniewashington Washington
I love thies vid
Hot cheetos Fan
Hot cheetos Fan - 12 giorni fa
R truth: I hope y’all ain’t constipated no mo!
Renee: wHat?!
Luke Mite
Luke Mite - 13 giorni fa
Drake gave him $200 to keep the secret and truth gave him $1 to tell him where his room is well drake just got rigged
Kevin Jay
Kevin Jay - 16 giorni fa
Eric Choi
Eric Choi - 18 giorni fa
The acting just gets better every year
Weston Martinez
Weston Martinez - 18 giorni fa
So much for PG WWE anymore I think this is what it should be like always im glad there pushing away from PG
The Radioactive Gamer
The Radioactive Gamer - 18 giorni fa
This is
The most inappropriate wwe thing ever
Robert Jones
Robert Jones - 19 giorni fa
Epic Potato
Epic Potato - 20 giorni fa
WWE logic:every where there will always have a cameraman to record everything
Jay Iturralde
Jay Iturralde - 20 giorni fa
I thought truths gonna send maverick to lowblow city
Brian Peddicord
Brian Peddicord - 21 giorno fa
Payton Wright
Payton Wright - 21 giorno fa
Wut would have happened if Truth never showed up. Just Drake and his Wife doing it while camera man is there
Mostafa TheGaming
Mostafa TheGaming - 21 giorno fa
LOOOOOOL Hahahahah Bruh
hypnotic1995 - 21 giorno fa
Drake Maverick's ceiling was TNA. Why WWE is using this bad comedy actor to bastardize pro wrestling is pathetic.
WildBoy 9000
WildBoy 9000 - 21 giorno fa
It would’ve been even funnier if he was really wearing nothing under the belt and they just blurred it out lol
WildBoy 9000
WildBoy 9000 - 18 giorni fa
Usman A.M Bello lmao 😂
Usman A.M Bello
Usman A.M Bello - 18 giorni fa
Just like Shawn Michaels on that playboy magazine?
Neville Nkhoma
Neville Nkhoma - 22 giorni fa
Giranimo! !!!!!! Lol
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali - 23 giorni fa
Danutzz - 23 giorni fa
Who is she tho ?
Kikato sama
Kikato sama - 24 giorni fa
Wrestling in bed!
motionless inwhite
motionless inwhite - 24 giorni fa
Esta bien fumado ese
R-truth jajajaja
Eli El
Eli El - 24 giorni fa
So you mean to tell me this man, behind the desk, will do anything for just a dollar💀🧐
Ryan Michael Martinez
Ryan Michael Martinez - 24 giorni fa
How did Drake knows the referee?
iGenius CMD & Q
iGenius CMD & Q - 25 giorni fa
OS X Mavericks
Iván Eduardo Núñez Cruz
The 24/7 championship is the greatest thing right now on the main roster! 😂😂😂
Jasmine Blanchard
Jasmine Blanchard - 26 giorni fa
Bruh, that's a one dollar bill. Wow, I didn't know bribery was soooooooooooo easy!
Juny H
Juny H - 7 giorni fa
Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown - 26 giorni fa
Who saw that R-truth gave him 1 dollar
B renegadde
B renegadde - 26 giorni fa
All honesty I think Drake doesn't know what to do with all that thickness 😍😍😍😍
DJFANGPLAYZZ - 26 giorni fa
The ref’s smile lol. 2:50
user89076 - 26 giorni fa
Damn. I wish he wasn't wearing underwear under that belt -_-
Pasha Khadeer
Pasha Khadeer - 26 giorni fa
P a r a l l e l
P a r a l l e l - 27 giorni fa
Truths crossbody on to the bed should be a omg moment in wwe 2K20
Moisés Villatoro
Moisés Villatoro - 27 giorni fa
What's fun that he didn't open a register he took all the money and put it in his pocket
Roktoof - 27 giorni fa
I feel sorry for Maverick for being pathetic in the WWE run. Someone give me link for the channel for AEW now.
just for you
just for you - 28 giorni fa
subscrib me i will subscrib you
jacob demko
jacob demko - 28 giorni fa
that r truth pop tho
DQA2007 - 28 giorni fa
Renee: Ahhhh
Renee: Ahhhh
Chris Bano
Chris Bano - 28 giorni fa
Truth the true champion of Monday nite raw!!
Chris Hall
Chris Hall - 28 giorni fa
Get off marriage r truth
Tyreseman HD
Tyreseman HD - 28 giorni fa
AYE YOOOO!!!😂😂😂😂😂 when he jumped on him I lost it
Gamer dude 98993
Gamer dude 98993 - 28 giorni fa
After all these years they're pushing truth now and im loving it
jman82383 - 28 giorni fa
R-truth: hope y’all ain’t constipated no mo!!!!
Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Aldridge
David Aldridge - 29 giorni fa
Very funny but seriously apart from r-truth that was some of the worst acting I've seen in my life lol
Bitemyshinny Metalass
Bitemyshinny Metalass - 29 giorni fa
This is where Maverick messed up
1. You tie your bride up all sexy on the bed frame.
2. Huge do not disturb signs posted out side the door or hire one of the APA to stand guard outside your hotel room.
3. You answer the door check everything before letting it inside your room and kick the bell hop out asap.
4. If your like me pack some blue pills even though if your with a woman like that I don't think I'll need help in that department.
5. You explain to her you must have possession of the belt at all times as the 24/7 champion, and now you must pin her and make her passionately submit to you as her champion.
And that's how I would have taken care of business if I were Drake Maverick.
Dragonball Super
Dragonball Super - 29 giorni fa
These fights are better than the wwe championship fights right like if i am right
Dragonball Super
Dragonball Super - 29 giorni fa
BraveStarr700 Geronimoe
BraveStarr700 Geronimoe - 29 giorni fa
Like that referee face expression funny
Mr. Manface
Mr. Manface - 29 giorni fa
I'm glad Truth invaded or we would have to see Drake and Renee...ew
mustafa rashid
mustafa rashid - 29 giorni fa
you realize that kids are watching this right?
jonathon blackmon
jonathon blackmon - 29 giorni fa
Please do not put the 24-7 title in a feauture ppv match that would ruin it completely i have a great idea though let the ttle holder enter a battle royal and all the wrestlers foreget about throwing people over and everyone start pinning the title holder wwe writers that would be a hit book that match anyone agree
Adam Williams
Adam Williams - 29 giorni fa
At least is better than Brock Lesnar holding the raw universal championship all the f****** time play other wrestlers get bitched by it
Jai - 29 giorni fa
WWE 24/7 title has the highest views than universal title and other things in WWE
Elliot Webber
Elliot Webber - 29 giorni fa
Drake should’ve got protection
Mohammed ALhassan
Mohammed ALhassan - 29 giorni fa
55k likes that's means most of wrestling fan are stupid
Aryan singh
Aryan singh - 14 giorni fa
Why ? Your kind are ruining this world mate
crazy boys
crazy boys - 29 giorni fa
It was awesome guys
Brad Zac Evans
Brad Zac Evans - 29 giorni fa
Damn it, I wish Drake was only wearing the belt!!!🤣😱
Tyreseman HD
Tyreseman HD - 28 giorni fa
Kusim Jelatah
Kusim Jelatah - 29 giorni fa
24/7 title is the best title in wwe :D
Ivan !
Ivan ! - Mese fa
Can we appreciate this was 4minutes-!
Gaming 10
Gaming 10 - Mese fa
R-Truth at 3:28 😄
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