The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini - Ora fa
Point of fact: Onions do end if you keep peeling them.
I have no idea what they’re talking about.
Skumic & Friends
Skumic & Friends - 2 ore fa
The oscars turned their back to a diamond. Kevin Hart is this year's host and no one else! Sad!
The Watchful Hunter
The Watchful Hunter - 3 ore fa
Never pander to cry babies or snowflakes. Be a man. Stand your ground.
The Watchful Hunter
The Watchful Hunter - 3 ore fa
Every time Stephen asks him about it again, Kevin should to cuss him out loudly.
The Watchful Hunter
The Watchful Hunter - 3 ore fa
Ban Oscar and all self congratulating award shows from all media.
Jano Dursunian
Jano Dursunian - 3 ore fa
"Those" people are are so jelous of your success they trying to make you go from being number one in "comedy " to being " blaaah" in comedy..!!
If you were gay and made those jokes and comments they would have praised you..!!
Dont you change men cause if you do you'll lose me and millions of others who thinks just like me..! Love you!😁😍😘
Jano Dursunian
Jano Dursunian - 4 ore fa
Hey Keeeeev, fuckem if they cant take a joke , I would hate to see you change from who you are on a count of these insensitive pricks..!!
Love you Keven Heart, love your talent and love who you are..!!! what a model family man..!!
SullysNQ - 4 ore fa
He's in a vicious struggle between not wanting to give into political correctness, and trying to preserve his reputation. Good luck to you sir.
Cary Chilton
Cary Chilton - 6 ore fa
Suddenly Stephen Colbert is super offended by people who make a joke toward the gay-trans-queer community ? Going on and on about it for most of the interview was kinda weird. Letterman has done this sort of political game with some of his guests yet he was different in his personal life. Guaranteed Colbert is not deeply hurt by Kevin Harts views on gays or his jokes.... I am not big Kevin Hart fan either, he is a phony in my opinion. Seeing Colbert act like he has a dog in this fight, seems phony as well.... money....meh
Clarissa Lee
Clarissa Lee - 6 ore fa
Great guy
Webster - 6 ore fa
Kevin Heart is way cool, guy. I like him more after this interview, mostly because he truly seem true to himself and honest with us.
Corey Mondello
Corey Mondello - 8 ore fa
Wow, another anti-lgbtq media personality getting free time to say he is the victim. Shame on Colbert! The man never apologized! He is anti-LGBTQ and you can’t change that!
Yoshi Bernie
Yoshi Bernie - 8 ore fa
he is such a great guy
Taha Nasser
Taha Nasser - 8 ore fa
'It's not over until the audience is over it?' A very spineless thing to say. Stand for something greater than just the approval of the mob Colbert, for your own sake.
Carry20_20 - 13 ore fa
When you have to apologise for something as a comedian... smh these overly sensitive fatties.
rivercryproductions - 14 ore fa
Can kevin hart be any less funny like ever?
Sherrie Evans
Sherrie Evans - 14 ore fa
Would love to meet you Kevin! I'm a server at Longhorns selinsgrove pa... come in for a fabulous steak!
Angela Wang
Angela Wang - 18 ore fa
the real fucking issue is 'cancel culture' and how people refuse to accept that people DO change and grow as human beings, and that one offensive thing done some time ago shouldn't define them as a person as long as they apologize and recognise their mistake
Alex Y
Alex Y - 18 ore fa
Colbert needs to be charged with animal cruelty given the way he consistently beats on dead horses.
Mike Lalor
Mike Lalor - 18 ore fa
There's a reason why people aren't accepting his apology and moving on, and it's beause his apology is fake BS
Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels - 19 ore fa
Denzel was relaxed... That's kinda double standard Kevin....
Steve Holmgren
Steve Holmgren - 19 ore fa
Kevin Hart isn't homophobic anymore, good for him! But literally our Vice President and his wife are - and nobody is talking about it. If you think Trump is bad, Pence would be even worse. He's a scumbag anti-LGBT Christian nutjob that Trump used to win over the Christian vote. Fuck religion in the ass (The only way you can still be a virgin according to those dogmatic idiots). Our next President needs to be an agnostic/secular humanist for us to make any progress here. *NO MORE IGNORANT RELIGIOUS ANTI-GAY ANTI-ABORTION ANTI-HEALTHY* candidates. Jesus would hate what his cult has become in the 21st century.
TALON - 20 ore fa
Shut yo ass up Colbert. Exactly right Kevin. Speak that truth.
Bernie Whomever
Bernie Whomever - 20 ore fa
good to see him not succumb to don lemons pink hand. the pink mafia.
Matari Sambia
Matari Sambia - 21 ora fa
** I like his approach of life **
GuelphRacing - 21 ora fa
Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
Have a wonderful day
Sara Vasconcelos
Sara Vasconcelos - 21 ora fa
I just wanna say Kevin Hart is so mature and so wise, because everything he said is so true, everyone makes mistakes, he already apologized aaand people today are to sensitive anyways. He is trully a genuine person and in this industry is not normal.
A.D.S.F - 23 ore fa
Kevin Hart did nothing wrong
Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke
He claims that he enters the room and looks each and every individual in the eye, so he *better* apologizes to each and every individual before he even says "Hello". For the rest of his life.
Love this dude we are all Over it !
The Kid Kid
The Kid Kid - Giorno fa
I want to dislike because Colbert is a smug asshole but I want to like because Kevin Hart is amazing
Chip yard
Chip yard - Giorno fa
Social sciences influence government, law, policy, courts, media, news, TV shows; YET, Social Science changes their views drastically every decade or so. Watch the Joe Rogan episode where he talks to 'Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay' - much of social science 'academia' is completely fabricated to uphold certain views/narratives.
Meeeksss - Giorno fa
Kevin is funny.. truthfully the gay jokes were not even that bad. This new culture of dragging people over their past is getting ridiculous. He is obviously not that person anymore. People are such hypocrites.
Brian Kelley
Brian Kelley - Giorno fa
Kevin Hart’s entry Music....😂😂😂😂
creative media
creative media - Giorno fa
He DiD APOLOGiZED !!! OK ?????
Barrie Moore
Barrie Moore - Giorno fa
I know I’m over it ! 🙄
Rebecca Fucking White
Rebecca Fucking White - Giorno fa
People 😂😂Go find something to do 😃😤😤😠 there is more important shit in the world happening 😤
Saravana Subramanian
Saravana Subramanian - Giorno fa
I felt like Steven was predetermined to attack Kevin. That moment when the audience agreed with Kevin, Steven's reaction... priceless!
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Constitution - Giorno fa
I don't know Kevin politico views but Kevin is right who in the hell what there sons or daughters be gay. Screw these Hollywood Elites/Government Anti-GOD Anti-Family Morals, Anti-America Liberals that promote and protect pedophiles, child abuse and perversion.
Saravana Subramanian
Saravana Subramanian - Giorno fa
OneManShow - Giorno fa
People don’t understand what an apology is. An apology is a guilty plea. People don’t want your apology so they can forgive and forget... they want to bypass the trial and get down to execution. They want you to bow your head before they chop it off.
Jarvious Hicks
Jarvious Hicks - Giorno fa
Such a smart person
NexisFilms - Giorno fa
Daniel Tosh for Oscar host !
Lamont Hyatt
Lamont Hyatt - Giorno fa
Nocturnal Ron
Nocturnal Ron - Giorno fa
Not trying to be a dick but do you think Kevin Hart is funny? I thought he was funny in 40 year old Virgin but, that was about it.
yidy1 - Giorno fa
Dissident101 - Giorno fa
He ain't wrong, a meme ended Bill Cosbys career.
Sonny Etchell
Sonny Etchell - Giorno fa
I think he would have been hilarious as the host but at the same time i respect his decision
ddland45 - Giorno fa
People need to get over themselves and learn to not take every minor affront so seriously. Laugh sometimes...
abongile mgaqelwa
abongile mgaqelwa - Giorno fa
Good for you Kevin Hart. Some people are energy vampires, they want to suck every little bit of energy out of you. 🐴Holes
tipology - Giorno fa
4:31 classic kev. Loved that part 😂😂😂 “OKEHH, ALRIGHT OKEHH”
Jono Esquirryl
Jono Esquirryl - Giorno fa
Five minutes of my life spent watching a guy apologising for something I knew and still know absolutely nothing about …
Julian Williams
Julian Williams - Giorno fa
Absolutely not. We don't want it.
Lou Sal
Lou Sal - Giorno fa
Well said, Kevin, totaly agreed.
Marks Videos
Marks Videos - Giorno fa
I'm surprised that Kevin Hart went on Stephen Colbert's show. Not only is Colbert is part of the Hollywood Snowflake media, he is the head of the snake. I don't think Kevin understands who the real enemy is. The Hollywood media has to be alienated by the rest of society in order for this political correctness and "Me Too" aura to die out.
Ruben Negret
Ruben Negret - Giorno fa
click bait
Space Tase
Space Tase - Giorno fa
James Zgorzelski
James Zgorzelski - Giorno fa
I used to think I didn't like Kevin Hart going back a couple years. I really like the dude now. ESPECIALLY now that he's pissing off SJWs
Human Being of Planet Earth
anyone else noticing a trend of the world running out of new entertainment so when anyone talented comes around we put them on the biggest pedestal possible but when we over flood the gates with entertainers we start entertaining ourselves with how were going to ruin their careers, i say we as a species because WE do this a lot
old Red back
old Red back - Giorno fa
Zafeer Anuar
Zafeer Anuar - Giorno fa
I just wanna throw a glass at stephen’s face
Olivia K
Olivia K - Giorno fa
His pronunciation of Meryl is my favorite
Sandra valfritt
Sandra valfritt - Giorno fa
Its not over until the people you have hurt feel that its over. If i punch you, and you want me to apologize, and you do a half-ass attempt at it and then just go "im over it! its over! im done with it!" - then that does not mean its ok. You are not the one that decides that.
Sandra valfritt
Sandra valfritt - Giorno fa
Bu-fucking-hu, he is such a dork.
Joseph van Wyk
Joseph van Wyk - Giorno fa
Oh brother. Stephen has become such a knob. Americans must be getting lead-poisoning.
supastar - Giorno fa
I was so happy his new movie got to Number one on opening weekend
BrothersInHumanity1 - Giorno fa
Kevin hart is deluded, your a entertainer. Simple as that
toolazytotype - 21 ora fa
Maybe he should jump through hoops while apologizing
Styneslad - Giorno fa
this was ten years ago. image how many gay jokes we would of made 10 years ago? this was an attack nothing else.
Wilson Irakoze
Wilson Irakoze - Giorno fa
Kevin's corked eye
Saksha Verma
Saksha Verma - Giorno fa
I really thought he was going to host after watching Ellen.
Ango Gobloggian
Ango Gobloggian - Giorno fa
The video starts at 5:12 everything before that is Stephen asking about his twitter comments
hengofthrones - Giorno fa
Why kevin on stage dressed as a pistachio nut?
Nicko 1J soarer
Nicko 1J soarer - Giorno fa
Funny bad hes a shit dad and husband ☻💩👣
Agra Nam
Agra Nam - Giorno fa
Wow must be awkward for Cuckbert because his bosses want him to please the shitty LGBT community while not offending the people who side with Kevin Hart as well 😂
AngeredFox - Giorno fa
This is the sort of insanity that happens right before a nation implodes on itself. Everyone worry about something a celebrity tweeted 10 years ago instead of all the horrible real issues facing us right now.
jams4041 - Giorno fa
He can't move that fast wit dem tight ass pants on. How bout this one "I apologize but if you don't like it Fu@K You".
G94 - Giorno fa
despicable that you would have someone homophobic on your show! typical hollywood always looking after it's own scum.
ParadigmRabbit - Giorno fa
Can we get a campaign going to get an apology to Hart from the media editors behind their adorable writers? Honestly.
ParadigmRabbit - Giorno fa
A conversation between Hart and an someone who seems to be made into an Oscar PR temp, on what looks like a talk show, in front of the general public, the radicals, and the media machine.
A comedian’s best ammo is logic. Go Hart.
dicerevo - Giorno fa
The oscars have a real dilemma. Who do they now have host the oscars? Every comedian has told a joke at some point that has offended someone.
Mutsonjo Cesa
Mutsonjo Cesa - Giorno fa
Stephen's body language is kinda weird... Or maybe I'm wrong..
Big De
Big De - Giorno fa
Andrew Altman
Andrew Altman - Giorno fa
Just give it to Ricky Gervais and stand back.
Vina Poleon
Vina Poleon - Giorno fa
Why if he said he was over it did you make him go over it again some people just like to push the boat out and act as though no one else’s feelings matter
Nethan Thielen
Nethan Thielen - Giorno fa
5 years from now he's going to have to apologize for not giving a good enough apology...
Jalen Wilkie
Jalen Wilkie - Giorno fa
Wtf is this
Damn Colbert is short af
C C - Giorno fa
I unsubbed from the late show after this. Should have just kicked him in the nuts and laughed at him well he rolled on the ground in agony.
glen phillips
glen phillips - Giorno fa
Looks like chris Rock
raciel gonzalez
raciel gonzalez - Giorno fa
the subtitles haha
MrCerebellum2 - Giorno fa
He has got to be exhausted talking about this over and over with talk shows.
mugensamurai - Giorno fa
Too bad an onion has a core.
Chris M
Chris M - Giorno fa
I'm fucking triggered!!!!!
Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan - Giorno fa
Nice Kevin. Finally a real person.
I just hope he doesn't get prejudged for it. You know it always happen s
2k PLAYA - Giorno fa
Stephen tried to expose his ass😂😂😂😂 but failed
Raesling Undomiel
Raesling Undomiel - Giorno fa
5:54 for those of us only here for the jokes. Because, I'm over the "scandal," too.
Allirix - 2 giorni fa
He told me not to go. I still haven't left
CODPOV - 2 giorni fa
Me: I know a gay guy that sounds like an owl.
Friend: Who?
J0ECRAWF15H - Giorno fa
....You've given me a fantastic tool to use against hyper-masculine idiots. lol thanks.
CODPOV - 2 giorni fa
Hear about the gay royal Canadian mounted cop?
He got so excited his first day on the Job he jumped on his whistle and blew his horse.
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