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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts - 2 mesi fa
Do you like puff pastry?
Then we have a wonderful and very simple recipe for you!
Just watch it at 7:50 and try to cook it yourself 😉
Believe us, it turns out very tasty! 😍
And what baking do you like more?
Sierras YouTube Channel
5-Minute Crafts I LOVE YOU THE BEST HACKS Hack number 3 was super great
Adolfo Carmona
Adolfo Carmona - 4 giorni fa
5-Minute Crafts z
Zay Arrington
Zay Arrington - 7 giorni fa
5-Minute Crafts that thing you made to be a like scooper could also be used as something to help your kids reach the water if you know what I mean
Redbell 999
Redbell 999 - 10 giorni fa
5-Minute Crafts.. How are these hacks so easy on camera? The result looks nothing like what it looks like in the video, no matter WHAT you do...
Noah Cobb
Noah Cobb - 18 ore fa
Okay, about that recipe with the heart egg, how long should I cook it to cook the egg. The video shows a heated embryo.
Tacos Forever
Tacos Forever - 20 ore fa
Did that whole apple really fill up that cup?
ChamaChama - Giorno fa
10:36 Ice pops
16:15 Ice cream cake
Joe Calverley
Joe Calverley - Giorno fa
The apple one doesn’t work
Marley Hubbell
Marley Hubbell - Giorno fa
Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that she baked the core of the apple with all the other slices and didn’t take the seeds out 😂😂😂
Gucci Scucci
Gucci Scucci - 2 giorni fa
You've just told people that crushed strawberry shortcake is jam when it's much harder and it'll only last 2-3 days
Talha Iqbal
Talha Iqbal - 2 giorni fa
Mr.bean used the technique to dry the mint in his socks for the first time......
shlok chaudhari
shlok chaudhari - 2 giorni fa
The music is disgusting
CrossEAGLE gaming
CrossEAGLE gaming - 2 giorni fa
Miroslav Šebestík
Miroslav Šebestík - 2 giorni fa
PET bottles are not manufactured to withstand high temperatures. Chemicals into food and drink
Miroslav Šebestík
Miroslav Šebestík - 2 giorni fa
There is ongoing concern as to the use of plastics in consumer food packaging solutions, environmental impact of the disposal of these products, as well as concerns regarding consumer safety. Karin Michaels, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, suggests that toxins leaching from plastics might be related to disorders such as infertility and cancer in humans.
Riaz Peita
Riaz Peita - 2 giorni fa
Des - 2 giorni fa
Can you imagine walking into someone's kitchen and everything from their scoops to their soap dish to their juicer is crafted from plastic bottles and glue? I would be genuinely concerned for multiple reasons.
Selena Le
Selena Le - 2 giorni fa
Yes bike is Jodi gegdyegim iyo cymbal m
Isabelle Berger
Isabelle Berger - 2 giorni fa
Lets just talk about how those were totally smashed tomatoes not strawberries
Eye Roll
Eye Roll - 2 giorni fa
these were good until we got to the plastic bottles and x-acto knives. no one would ever take the time to do those when you can just buy most of that.
Gacha Lord02
Gacha Lord02 - 2 giorni fa
I’m pretty sure most of these take longer than 5 minutes....
Gary West
Gary West - 2 giorni fa
galatei11 - 2 giorni fa
where do you get all these plastic bottles?! I can't imagine using so many plastic bottles at home, so much plastic pollution!
Emily Williams
Emily Williams - 3 giorni fa
You just have to snap the ends off asparagus, no need to cut.
raptor 12
raptor 12 - 3 giorni fa
raptor 12
raptor 12 - 3 giorni fa
Am i the only one who hates a half liquid egg like seriously
young caculator
young caculator - 3 giorni fa
Is there a 5minute craft to make my d*ck bigger bc its really small
Kenya Alonso Ontiveros
Kenya Alonso Ontiveros - 3 giorni fa
The ice for the water bottles looks nice until you start to choke from the ice cube and get traumatized.
Basel Altows
Basel Altows - 3 giorni fa
2:00 this idea is all fun and games till u deapthroat a 4 inch ice rod
Cainasia Williams
Cainasia Williams - 3 giorni fa
I don’t know what this is but it’s something
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith - 3 giorni fa
dumb, as usual
True Gaming2
True Gaming2 - 3 giorni fa
The apple life hack doesn’t work I tried it and only got about tiny bit of juice
brandon lillibridge
brandon lillibridge - 3 giorni fa
these are more like DIY things that take too much time to get something not so worth it
Ry-Quon Martin
Ry-Quon Martin - 3 giorni fa
😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮spot the difference
LeedsCity - 3 giorni fa
11:08 just use a bread knife thats what they were made for😂
Yuri Salvato
Yuri Salvato - 4 giorni fa
Keira Williams
Keira Williams - 4 giorni fa
Wth was that fruit
thorduna - 4 giorni fa
why did you make pepsi and coke raw each other bareback on video
Silvio6 - 4 giorni fa
Watchers, don’t mix plastic/glue with food, bad idea ..
erhan topcu
erhan topcu - 4 giorni fa
Abla 5 dakikada hallet diye bı kanal var videolarını çalıyor orrospu evladı
K0DeX - 4 giorni fa
1:59 - It's all fun and games until you take a drink of your water and end up deepthroating a 5 inch ice-rod.
Jopo1226 - 4 giorni fa
Some of this doesn't look sanitary. I am no germ freak but when it comes to my food and cooking I'm very paranoid. Like the pipe and the meat thing
Jason Spain
Jason Spain - 4 giorni fa
I don’t see the point of this video it’s just things people do every day!
ChrysGamerWolf - 4 giorni fa
13:29 No mess! *as the lemon drips*
Kylie Roy
Kylie Roy - 4 giorni fa
11:10 try using a bread knife
knight night
knight night - 4 giorni fa
Wow who knew cutting was hard...
DawsMan05 - 4 giorni fa
This channel is EPIC and clickbait free
Julia Åsell
Julia Åsell - 5 giorni fa
Yeah that ice thing is really good until you take a sip and almost choke on it 😂😂
Fairytail kid
Fairytail kid - 5 giorni fa
5:19 you could bye a salt shaker
Fairytail kid
Fairytail kid - 5 giorni fa
3:57 and thats how you waste half of a grapefruit
Fairytail kid
Fairytail kid - 5 giorni fa
3:15 i remember theres a thing called a fork which does the same thing as a wisk. who uses a spoon to mash up strawberries. you could also use a blender
Laura Pollock
Laura Pollock - 5 giorni fa
Laura Pollock
Laura Pollock - 5 giorni fa
What fruit is that at 3.53
Liz Cullen
Liz Cullen - 5 giorni fa
I get that these try to be crafty, but everything with the water bottles was wasteful and tedious just buy the kitchen gear at the Dollar Tree, same price to get the drinks for the bottles, no mess or time wasted.
Ruslan Tuev
Ruslan Tuev - 5 giorni fa
4:07 it is copying with channel slivki show
Ruslan Tuev
Ruslan Tuev - 5 giorni fa
Mango Madness
Mango Madness - 5 giorni fa
Why is there ketchup on the skillet ?
Huskii - 5 giorni fa
At least this video was good...also...STOP HACKING MY LIFE
Steele Doggos
Steele Doggos - 5 giorni fa
Why did they have to make a heart cookie cutter out of a bottle? I saw one later in the video.
VINCENT CATALANO - 5 giorni fa
Is it really THAT hard to scoop up some strawberriers to use a wisk to slice them.
CraziestOfFemales - 5 giorni fa
Who else thought that the yellow cookie was gonna be a pineapple?
Heather Kliewer
Heather Kliewer - 5 giorni fa
2:02 I thought that was a lemon
Genevieve Johns
Genevieve Johns - 5 giorni fa
11:08 that's because you didnt sise a serrated knife like anyone with common sense would do, who wants to get bread wet and wait before they cut it
ILoveMichaelJackson !
ILoveMichaelJackson ! - 5 giorni fa
1:04 it’s not that hard to keep them together while you try and cut.And don’t they already come tied???
dbltrplx - 6 giorni fa
Dig the music in the beginning
dbltrplx - 6 giorni fa
And after I squeeze 15 apples
I get one glass of juice .
Vivia Waag
Vivia Waag - 6 giorni fa
If these people have enough money, to buy that much soda, then why tf don’t they just buy the real thing????
Joan Snow
Joan Snow - 6 giorni fa
Somebody has to tell me when baking bacon, doesn’t it spatter all over the inside? I’m thinking it would that’s why I refuse to do it, hate cleaning my oven! Worst job on my cleaning list
Peter Ripson
Peter Ripson - 6 giorni fa
I'm absolutely positive that this incredibly creative individual has a kitchen LOADED with tools made of empty bottle and can parts.
Osito Kintsugi
Osito Kintsugi - 6 giorni fa
I don't know why YouTube keeps unsubscribing me from this channel??? Weird! 😠
cahoots74 - 6 giorni fa
6:26 Don't ever cut toward your fingers.
Meme Jesus
Meme Jesus - 6 giorni fa
Ever since I got the square fruit loops, my life improved. Straight A’s throughout the year. It got me a boyfriend who was impressed by the shape. We got married, had kids. I have a well paying job in producing square fruit loops. I built a shrine for the fruit loops. I brought offerings of round fruit loops and the square fruit loop gods would convert them, purify them, rebirth them. My religion was square fruit loops, we formed a cult. We will make all human beings bow before the square fruit loops. The magical loops
end3rzl33t - 6 giorni fa
This like (original) MacGuyver's Mom's YouTube channel. Next, how to defuse an IED with a toothpick, duct tape and a rubberband in 5 min while the oven is heating up for the next batch of bottle cookies.
you have mom gay
you have mom gay - 6 giorni fa
Good music Choice and most practical video yet
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Mitchell - 6 giorni fa
ONE LIKE IS 900000000000000000000000000000000 FOR 5 minute crafts
Jariah Greer
Jariah Greer - 7 giorni fa
Well deserved sub count
Brittany Simpson
Brittany Simpson - 7 giorni fa
Am I the only one that noticed that grapefruit was abnormally large... Holy radioactive fruit!
이민서 - 7 giorni fa
People c’mon the vid’s just for fun... you and I and everyone around the entire universe knows those probably won’t work out as thought.... their the ones good at the hacks..
Liam Smith
Liam Smith - 7 giorni fa
Filthy Frank was right
Scott Gerardy
Scott Gerardy - 7 giorni fa
How high were y’all when you came up with some of this stuff?
Gabriel hiro
Gabriel hiro - 7 giorni fa
Musiquinha do gordox
Kevin Magalhães
Kevin Magalhães - 7 giorni fa
Augem fez algumas destas coisas
Halo Kitty
Halo Kitty - 7 giorni fa
I feel like the handmade wine wouldnt be sanitary to drink
Eyonce Revenge
Eyonce Revenge - 7 giorni fa
Whats funny is the fact they cooked baccon in the oven. Its humorous to be because where i am from they cook it in a skillet on the stove.... idk maybe i am just an oklahoman...
Aeorsyn - 7 giorni fa
im here for the frozen apple plz
cristian rosales
cristian rosales - 8 giorni fa
So many things wrong with this.
1 whisking strawberrys and daraining the juice would just leav seeds and pulp not jam
2 the meat thing dosnt look like it would ever work
3 if you can pour ftosting into a bottle there is no way it can be extruded and be perfectly stiff
Becki C
Becki C - 8 giorni fa
What is the giant citrus at 3:50?
the admin user the admin user
The cookie cutter on the corn might be the only one some what useful
the admin user the admin user
Well there's your problem you don't put bacon in the oven
KIZZY D - 8 giorni fa
Ah yes. The greasy pan is the problem. Not the fact that your bacon is burnt.
Sonnys Mummy UK
Sonnys Mummy UK - 9 giorni fa
Are we beyond eating apples that aren't cut up now?
Honestly makes me wonder how humanity has lasted so long
Thu huong Phan
Thu huong Phan - 9 giorni fa
Now I recycle:3
The Brokenkid
The Brokenkid - 9 giorni fa
Whats the song name?
Matthew Abraham
Matthew Abraham - 9 giorni fa
3:35 world largest grapefruit 😂
Senpai_ Clyde
Senpai_ Clyde - 9 giorni fa
Why is the description all about bacon? Its not the only thing you did
brainforest - 9 giorni fa
The kiwi cutter at 11:54... Cringe.
Shaggy - 9 giorni fa
Bottle of mtn dew $2.09 salt shaker from good will $0.50
Just_Alex - 9 giorni fa
Uor videos very bad. Go commit die
Redbell 999
Redbell 999 - 10 giorni fa
Most of them are absolutely useless lol
Owen Friend
Owen Friend - 10 giorni fa
Most of them she steals from the life hacks in me beasts vids
maddie barnes
maddie barnes - 10 giorni fa
The apple one actually works
Sergiu Zudor
Sergiu Zudor - 11 giorni fa
I tried the sausage egg star hack did not work
Madison Green
Madison Green - 11 giorni fa
Half of these aren't even hacks, those are just either common sense or admittedly creative recycling projects
rc rc drone
rc rc drone - 11 giorni fa
Prossimi video