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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts - 9 giorni fa
Do you like puff pastry?
Then we have a wonderful and very simple recipe for you!
Just watch it at 7:50 and try to cook it yourself 😉
Believe us, it turns out very tasty! 😍
And what baking do you like more?
Fatemah - 3 ore fa
5-Minute Craftsq
Javahn Tuitama
Javahn Tuitama - 47 minuti fa
jordan zacka
jordan zacka - 48 minuti fa
and i no javahn beaches
Javahn Tuitama
Javahn Tuitama - 48 minuti fa
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mf
jordan zacka
jordan zacka - 49 minuti fa
and i no trinity bitche
haseeb mehmood
haseeb mehmood - 51 minuto fa
Providing daily technology news and reviews of gadgets from around the world.
Creeperkid225 - 55 minuti fa
15:40 wait what the heck just happened
Love lps cat
Love lps cat - Ora fa
Вы копируете Юрия Янева как вам нестыдно брать чюжие идеи самим что сложно придумать 😒😒😒
GamerFI - Ora fa
lemon part is total scam, i rather put in the lemon a straw.
kamilla. - Ora fa
Don't reupload videos dummies..
The mighty Bee
The mighty Bee - Ora fa
We are definitely Gonna have a pipe elbow lying around on your kitchen table

JotaahShadowFox - Ora fa
Finally a non-clickbaiter thumbnail :/
So Vidros
So Vidros - Ora fa
Quem e brasileiro de like
Maris Alsins
Maris Alsins - Ora fa
15:20 that bottle is crying
Artsy JRey
Artsy JRey - Ora fa
Videos are good but no precise measurements. Would like to try the wine and ice cream cake but don't have exact measurements for either
Charlie Grier
Charlie Grier - 2 ore fa
2:00 Starts drinking water and is choked by a long ice cube... Anyone else?
Tcopp Coppage
Tcopp Coppage - 2 ore fa
#$&% you
Nasir Kallu
Nasir Kallu - 2 ore fa
Nice video
Heather Morrison
Heather Morrison - 2 ore fa
this is the worst channel on youtube!!!
ПАНДА Е TV - 2 ore fa
Фу атеиста у сливки шоу лайфхак сплагиатили
Dvonec llo
Dvonec llo - 2 ore fa
4:00 Plagiarism
Taco doge
Taco doge - 2 ore fa
U my sir should be the internet cop
A. Cheri
A. Cheri - 3 ore fa
No clickbait? who are you and how long will you be staying?
Ace Gamer
Ace Gamer - 3 ore fa
11:16 Gavin Free is throwing up somewhere
Gael Leonardo
Gael Leonardo - 3 ore fa
Hadon Creations
Hadon Creations - 3 ore fa
Yeey! tokaji wine, greetings from Tokaj! :D
TPMK Suavé
TPMK Suavé - 3 ore fa
minernold mc
minernold mc - 3 ore fa
12:08 Tokaji bor ez magyaaaar
Slash Zero
Slash Zero - 3 ore fa
a lot of the objects made with the bottles from soda can be bought for the same price of the soda.
super puppy
super puppy - 3 ore fa
3:10 why are you trying to smash strawberries with a spoon?!?! >:/
Madgen madibek
Madgen madibek - 3 ore fa
От сливки шоуа корировали
Griya Hassya
Griya Hassya - 3 ore fa
Nice trick n tips
Muji Ari officiaL
Muji Ari officiaL - 4 ore fa
Nice vidio
Biedak Biedakowski
Biedak Biedakowski - 4 ore fa
what is that music 4:06
TheDonutSaurus 04
TheDonutSaurus 04 - 4 ore fa
Who Else were wagging on theyr chair to the music?
Patrik Vigh
Patrik Vigh - 4 ore fa
Szar vagy!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!
Islane silva
Islane silva - 4 ore fa
Sd rit tu hd
Italo Clash
Italo Clash - 5 ore fa
which fruit is this?
Italo Clash
Italo Clash - 5 ore fa
Gay Goof
Gay Goof - 5 ore fa
I thought it was clickbait.. (Again)
ярик 121
ярик 121 - 6 ore fa
Благиат сливки шоу
blue gamer123 4
blue gamer123 4 - 6 ore fa
It looks like poopoo
Chham Rithya
Chham Rithya - 6 ore fa
please start hacking my life
monika skoracka
monika skoracka - 6 ore fa
monika skoracka
monika skoracka - 6 ore fa
Акылай Нуржанова
Воруете и не краснеете
NikoX_ - 7 ore fa
10:35 dude that bottle was for some poison for toilet then u get in some food lol
Hope Glory
Hope Glory - 7 ore fa
So there was no apple hack
Rana محمد
Rana محمد - 7 ore fa
Lenita Melo
Lenita Melo - 8 ore fa
Alguém aqui para me salvar ?
Lena Setser
Lena Setser - 8 ore fa
Some of your hacks are helpful the rest don’t work
shuhaib km
shuhaib km - 8 ore fa
mamad marohom
mamad marohom - 8 ore fa
baho nyo
JaronDavid Vlogs
JaronDavid Vlogs - 9 ore fa
Who watches this bcoz your bored and got nothing else to watch and this popped up on your recommended?
The Gaming Penguin
The Gaming Penguin - 9 ore fa
Cough cough stealing tasty content
Crazy Animates
Crazy Animates - 9 ore fa
I thought it was square pizza
Jave Lester Odvina
Jave Lester Odvina - 9 ore fa
Can I have the music?
Where can I "specifically" find it?
iNerge _
iNerge _ - 9 ore fa
You know you could just go to the store and buy apple juice? Right?
Lye Jing-xuan
Lye Jing-xuan - 9 ore fa
Some of your life hacks ar copied from the YouTube be channel called Silviki show
Moee Rasim
Moee Rasim - 9 ore fa
Do you ever throw anything ??
Dogs Forever
Dogs Forever - 9 ore fa
Some of them are cool like the apple 1
The Only One
The Only One - 10 ore fa
The idea at 4:00 looks the same/stolen from https://youtu.be/kYlaKeI8ikE
pquic - 10 ore fa
11:01 is all you need to see here
Sean Y
Sean Y - 11 ore fa
They are copying Davehax
DemonicLeaf ML
DemonicLeaf ML - 11 ore fa
Colonel Crow
Colonel Crow - 11 ore fa
Better version of 2:00
Fill a water bottle one-third full, and put it in the freezer. When you want a drink, take the bottle out and fill it up with water.
You now have one giant ice cube that won't slam it's way down your throat when you take a sip.
Shadow King
Shadow King - 12 ore fa
spinny boi gacha!
spinny boi gacha! - 12 ore fa
why do these all include bottles...
Just some sort of student
11:08 REALLY ?!
Kermit - 12 ore fa
Whoever runs this channel is getting PAID for showing people how to do stuff they aren’t going to do
3:42 oh my days what a rip off. I mean, look at how big the fruit is and then, poof, nearly 50% of a slice is the skin!
Link Wild
Link Wild - 13 ore fa

Foostinator - 13 ore fa
Suprising some of these are actually tips
Стас Не важно
Мрази тупые!!
Стас Не важно
Cncowner For life
Cncowner For life - 13 ore fa
Did anyone else notice the fact that its a Coke can and a Pepsi bottle
Pelé - 14 ore fa
KUGENDRAN -KUGEN - 14 ore fa
awesome hacks 👏😉
Bakked Potato117
Bakked Potato117 - 14 ore fa
How is it that they made orange juice out of an apple in the thumbnail.
Cerberos Sue
Cerberos Sue - 15 ore fa
have to say at least youre consistent, you kept me the whole time saying "Yeah, right" XD
윤창호 - 15 ore fa
that music is not good enough for me。👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😾
Rap Dogs
Rap Dogs - 15 ore fa
I did a dance to the song at 5:00
Eli TheBeeLi
Eli TheBeeLi - 15 ore fa
How do you even think up of that s stuf
不気味な元の - 15 ore fa
Waste of a perfectly good apple
Games For Guys
Games For Guys - 16 ore fa
Ill decide to not use a bread knife to cut my bread ill just make it wet to then dry it again 11:08
SCP 173 The Sassy Sculpture The Umbreon
I'm hungry now
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 16 ore fa
I now have cancer and only have 3 days to live thanks allot

Also are you guys brain dead
TurtleRyan 259
TurtleRyan 259 - 16 ore fa
At least there's no clickbait this time.
Also I'm referring to the "wear wet socks to bed" thumbnail.
You can't deny the truth
AGH Random Fortnite
AGH Random Fortnite - 16 ore fa
It’s funny how a GIRL is doing these hacks about a KITCHEN
Infinite the Jackal
Infinite the Jackal - 16 ore fa
Anyone else notice the wine bottle popping the cork off trick was played twice?
DiamondHero14 - 16 ore fa
I’m concerned that you cooked bacon on a pan where you make lasagna in a oven instead of a pan
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack - 16 ore fa
First song please? Such a bop 😂
Gerardo Acosta
Gerardo Acosta - 16 ore fa
Lego Craft
Lego Craft - 16 ore fa
This has to be a joke... right?
Luke P
Luke P - 17 ore fa
0:00 3:23
Cream Whiz
Cream Whiz - 17 ore fa
0:06 just buy apple juice, 1:35 jus freeze ur water bottle, 2:36 just use an apple cutter, 3:13 use a dem blender, 4:00 just pound the meat u lazy fuck,
TheGreekPhysiq.com - 17 ore fa
I really enjoy these videos so I subd to this channel. Nice work. I will sub to whoever likes this comment and subs back to me.
Koraxa Collins
Koraxa Collins - 17 ore fa
I love how they're just showing people how to make wine. Kids def dont watch these right?
J.P Park
J.P Park - 17 ore fa
3:41 What kind of grapefruit was that?? That’s a pure rip-off
julie Davies
julie Davies - 17 ore fa
At 2:25 I can't be the only one who thinks why not put the sandwich in foil or whatever 😂
Andres Carlo
Andres Carlo - 17 ore fa
pls can u tell the music name... pls?
Pa Kue Thor
Pa Kue Thor - 17 ore fa
I love your videos
Prossimi video