The Buy In: All Elite Wrestling’s “Double or Nothing” preshow

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nichmeinProblem - 13 ore fa
Whooa this is way better then WWE
Salvador Guerra
Salvador Guerra - 17 ore fa
42:20 wtfk a girl refree? :o
Lane Crooks
Lane Crooks - 21 ora fa
35 minute mark, if this is what we’re going to get. We might as well watch WWE
Joe - Giorno fa
TNT? lol wasn't they the first network to buy publishing rights to WCW? I don't know, someone school me on some history.
Rabbi Khan
Rabbi Khan - 2 giorni fa
Came here for 56:19
ps2 gaming
ps2 gaming - 2 giorni fa
aew is coming this fall in 2019?
Sean Hughes
Sean Hughes - 3 giorni fa
Wwe isn’t bad it can just use some work
DON RIGHT GAMING - 3 giorni fa
The private party are going to be a great tag team in AEW
Blame Game Master Blame Game Master
Theme music has 2 pop harder than this, and they need a Tinton tron i think the set up of the weekly show will be dope
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia - 3 giorni fa
25:27 damn he almost killed Dreamer
xElProRikox - 4 giorni fa
I hate babies
Brian Harner ULTIMATE 2
Brian Harner ULTIMATE 2 - 4 giorni fa
Dope as f$#%
Akash Murukesh
Akash Murukesh - 4 giorni fa
This is wrestling entertainment! WWE is going down the drain, that is the main roster. Only NXT has a chance all because Triple H is in charge and not Vinny Mac.
Victor Whisky
Victor Whisky - 4 giorni fa
The acting is not as good as wwe unfortunately also not as precise with the hits.
Victor Whisky
Victor Whisky - 3 giorni fa
DON RIGHT GAMING - 3 giorni fa
Victor Whisky disagree
Josué Sé Garayúa
Josué Sé Garayúa - 4 giorni fa
I came back to see Jungle Boy's on-the-fly spot, after Billy Gun missing his cue.
BadNews Kelly Leak
BadNews Kelly Leak - 4 giorni fa
Same, the Chris Van Vliet interview
SkinCarver - 4 giorni fa
The legless guy started the match then just laid in the corner for 18 minutes. Good stuff
joseph caruthers
joseph caruthers - 4 giorni fa
Commentators were boring wrestlers need to wrestle not light cigarettes in a rumble match my opinion is awe sucks ass
Luke Jorgenson
Luke Jorgenson - 4 giorni fa
I have watched this 4 times now I haven't watched any wrestling over since wrestlemania x 7
AJ Graham
AJ Graham - 6 giorni fa
thomas moore
thomas moore - 7 giorni fa
Hey NcMahon We All Know You Have Alzheimer's This Is What FCKNG WRESTLING IS, Remember? Probably Not
David Frederick
David Frederick - 7 giorni fa
OMG is this boring
Erwin925 - 7 giorni fa
Jimmy havoc’s hair is offensive lol
Nine Inch Nail
Nine Inch Nail - 7 giorni fa
TNT, put wrestling back on your network!
DewStorm88 - 3 giorni fa
They are...
L MEN TRIX - 7 giorni fa
Od prdida los resumenes no creen
L MEN TRIX - 7 giorni fa
Si no van a pasar los shows en vivo como wwe entoncs no sirve para nada
wwe toys
wwe toys - 8 giorni fa
I like mgf amazing heel love the character and i like adam p or pgee hes good to
Jesse Bennett
Jesse Bennett - 8 giorni fa
The librarian segment was stupid.
Kev #05
Kev #05 - 8 giorni fa
I find aew double or nothing pay-per-view pretty boring there wasn't anything that was surprising or something to look forward to. Besides competing with the WWE. By watching the Pay-Per-View I already knew what they were doing and what Superstars they were building up.. it was pretty cool that Dean Ambrose made it to aew but it wasn't as exciting. The Lucha Brothers Pentagon jr and Fenix did Fantastic performances. This is Just my Review of It and Opinion on the PPV. Lucha Bros Stole the Show! But Good Performances Everyone.
Pentagon Dark666
Pentagon Dark666 - 8 giorni fa
AEW 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Erwin925 - 8 giorni fa
Havent watched wrestling regularly since the attitide era but some things i noted... Luchasauras is an absolutely badass character, a little sloppy at times but damn he is a badass. Him and jungleboy would be awesome tag champs. Then there’s Adam Page, the guy could be a total star for aew. That theme song tho!
mark kaufman
mark kaufman - 8 giorni fa
screw that I rather watch boring childish scripted promos and lars vs those 3 Mexican kids.
Chaotic aF
Chaotic aF - 9 giorni fa
Someone please explain to me wtf Excalibur was saying. I think it was like Tiaras or Tieras. Idk but I’m annoyed that I can’t figure out what it is
Matthew Soto
Matthew Soto - 9 giorni fa
Wow they have a female ref calling a match . That is impressive. They really are trying to bury wwe haha. Good for the so far im at 44:02 and the preshow is amazing :)
DJ Kaze
DJ Kaze - 9 giorni fa
I have no idea why people thought the kickoff show was going to be groundbreaking. They are always gimmicky they are designed to show off their talent.
DJ Kaze
DJ Kaze - 9 giorni fa
Also reading the chat gave me a headache. TNA failed because they pushed WWE jobbers immediately and AEW is creating a brand new promotion with indy talent that deserve the spotlight and people think it is the wrong move. Casual wrestling fans are never happy.
Ajith B Shenoy
Ajith B Shenoy - 9 giorni fa
58:40 that was Noelle Foley !!!
Duck TheWorld
Duck TheWorld - 9 giorni fa
WWE - jobber
Minor Leagues - main event star
Salatris - 10 giorni fa
Mom I think I may be Elite
Drink Your Nail Polish
Drink Your Nail Polish - 10 giorni fa
Rewatching this because it was that effing good!
I don't have cable, I wonder how I will be able to watch "Tuesday Night Dynamite"?
Mr. 100 Niko Nick
Mr. 100 Niko Nick - 11 giorni fa
25:07 is my fav part :-P
FIRED SKULL - 11 giorni fa
Is it just me or not knowing which wrestler you are watching in some way ruins it? Because I am fairly new to AEW
Denenterprieses or whats left of it
they just getting started and they actually have female referees unlike ole WWE
Aa Gds
Aa Gds - 12 giorni fa
Super best show
Tai Lopez is 6 God
Tai Lopez is 6 God - 12 giorni fa
Wow half the wrestlers in this match are great salesman, they can sell a lariat or chest chop for a good 15 minutes they'll lay on the mat. Garbage rumble, I think I saw Sunny Kiss while He/She was selling in the corner 22:25 either that or just calling moves really poorly
the life and times of Moses
The announcers looks like a hostage video 🤣🤣🤣
Nick Castell
Nick Castell - 13 giorni fa
I can't believe they broke the attendance record at 20,000.
Riccardo Galletti
Riccardo Galletti - 13 giorni fa
Orange Cassidy is my new idol
Teez Williams
Teez Williams - 13 giorni fa
This is so different than any WWE rumble typa matches where it’s basically jobbers layin around buying time for eliminations that mean nothing at all, they gave every wrestler a chance to show their self and that’s something that u don’t just do unless u really care about this business, and I already have about 12 wrestlers I’ve never seen before that I’m goin to check out just from this match, and I gotta say that dude with the kicks to dreamer was fuckin hilarious 😂
Teez Williams
Teez Williams - 13 giorni fa
Dreamer with the tribute to dusty, shirt n pants was great!!
Teez Williams
Teez Williams - 13 giorni fa
It’s like a wrestling show for adults, who,d a thunk it lol.. I love it
Orlando Ramos
Orlando Ramos - 14 giorni fa
que mala las luchas luchadores de poca monta buuuuu aew
DoctorVonJay - 14 giorni fa
@TNT I’m from Portugal & I wanna see this on Television, please make it happen! Professional Wrestling seems to be back!
dave valantine
dave valantine - 14 giorni fa
TNT, thank you for for letting us watch AEW on television
MJF is an amazing heel
Eric King
Eric King - 14 giorni fa
Idk, I can't take these guys seriously
christopher olivarez
christopher olivarez - 15 giorni fa
Excalibur is a good color commentator but that alex marvez needs to go...his voice is so bland...if jr ever leaves the booth they need someone to replace him and marvez aint that guy...they need someone exciting for that role like mauro ranello or don callis
ebonygentleman79 - 15 giorni fa
25:05 Any interest I had in AEW ended with this nonsense. There are other options.
Darren Bishop
Darren Bishop - 16 giorni fa
d e a t h d r e a m
d e a t h d r e a m - 16 giorni fa
Jim ross on commentary was kinda bad. Safe to say his best years as commentator are over. Not that im happy to be sayng that.
Umut Brasco
Umut Brasco - 16 giorni fa
I found an alternative for WWE.
XODCYNI XOYNIDC - 16 giorni fa
This stuff is still overrated. Hopefully they keep improving.
Johnn Stamoez
Johnn Stamoez - 16 giorni fa
It's Only Just Beguuunnn..... Thanks TNT. Promotion time. AEW! AEW! AEw!
IEF4 - 16 giorni fa
Thanks TNT. Now we just need the return of “Monstervision.”
Steve Costa
Steve Costa - 16 giorni fa
How are they able to use the names Glacier and Billy Gunn?
Paul Nix
Paul Nix - 17 giorni fa
So WWE forced comedy & backstage shenanigans = lame and AEW forced comedy & backstage shenanigans = awesome. Got it.
Some of this was good and I haven't seen the whole show yet but there's a lot here that's just too unbelievable. Even about-to-die WCW back in the day wouldn't seriously try to convince you that some of these guys are legit contenders... Well maybe they would...
Jay Reed
Jay Reed - 17 giorni fa
11:16 is all I could take..
Cowboy vs Ferguson Tomorrow at 8pm on UFC !!
Dawn Hendershot
Dawn Hendershot - 17 giorni fa
I just got done watching AEW Buy In I am truly blown away I haven’t seen this much action in a long time AEW u guys did awesome I got to watch on YOUTUBE at this time I don’t have cable TV but I will watching once I get cable TV
Mason Creager
Mason Creager - 17 giorni fa
The battle royal was terrible, what a way to showcase a company with that crap as the first AEW match.
ToriTrak - 17 giorni fa
5:50 - Lt. Dan - im dead. Love MJF.
Takes me back to the excitement of Sting vs Flair, NWO, Warrior vs Hogan, and so many more childhood memories! Incredible to see great wrestling again on TNT!
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday - 18 giorni fa
dhamo dharan
dhamo dharan - 18 giorni fa
TNT, thank you for for letting us watch AEW on television
Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus
A boy and his dinosaur 😁 a perfect Disney movie.
cgn 196500
cgn 196500 - 18 giorni fa
aew suck
hope dies
hope dies - 18 giorni fa
Stomping a paraplegic... hell of a way to start.
Michael Greene
Michael Greene - 19 giorni fa
This is rad. Feels like WCW. I'm in.
J.D. Smart
J.D. Smart - 19 giorni fa
this is trash, a guy with no legs. bush league bullshit. this is terrible.
???????? - 19 giorni fa
Was AEW sold out?
AEWsome - 19 giorni fa
After 4 Minutes
Chandler Daniels
Chandler Daniels - 19 giorni fa
5:26 you’re welcome
Zeyka - 19 giorni fa
The song please
satwinder babbu
satwinder babbu - 19 giorni fa
We want puck
Eric Brennan
Eric Brennan - 19 giorni fa
I am so excited to see real pro wrestling again; One humble request of TNT: please just let them do their thing, do not let what the people in the 90's did to WCW. This is going to be legit sport for dam sure :) and AEW will rise to the top, I see great things and above all else, they will have fans in droves coming their way!
Guille Blackened
Guille Blackened - 20 giorni fa
TheAnimalhouse96744 - 20 giorni fa
I really want NJPW and AEW to combine because everyone needs to know about the bullet club especially G.o.D. Boys kill it in Japan. People need to know Tama Tonga
Jerramy Wickson
Jerramy Wickson - 20 giorni fa
This pre show is better than most wwe pay per view matches.
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez - 20 giorni fa
There is a guy with no legs fighting, I'll stick to NXT Takeover
AEWsome - 19 giorni fa
His finisher is a Figure 4 leg lock
David Kalaty
David Kalaty - 20 giorni fa
everyone needs to stop showboating and wrestle
xxSOULCLAIMERxx - 20 giorni fa
I was there live. It is something I will never forget!
Alexander uribe Hernandez
Alexander uribe Hernandez - 20 giorni fa
Aew va con todo
axelfoley20 - 20 giorni fa
This is a free pre show and you can see all the clowns in the live comment section acting as if they should get the a-list material for free. The stupidity is strong with these people.
darkmanx _429
darkmanx _429 - 20 giorni fa
Well I just Subscribed to TNT YT
Kevin Lapierre
Kevin Lapierre - 21 giorno fa
totally distasteful o have an amputee in the ring
Mike Buck
Mike Buck - 21 giorno fa
Lots of black t shirts. Bullett club marks. Fat guys. Sweat stench. Off the back. And MARKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssss
ReignyDayzNW - 21 giorno fa
Thank you TNT!!!
bikash xtree
bikash xtree - 21 giorno fa
I am only one here to watch from Nepal
Jacobo Catzim
Jacobo Catzim - 21 giorno fa
This is. Better. Than wwe
Francisco Santiago
Francisco Santiago - 21 giorno fa
This was horrible
Stephen Blizzard
Stephen Blizzard - 21 giorno fa
People can say whatever..... These dudes are funny as hell....... And they're pretty damn good at what they do, FOR SURE........
Ace Maxwell
Ace Maxwell - 22 giorni fa
20:53 boi just busted a massive dab
Hussain KonzZ
Hussain KonzZ - 22 giorni fa
All we needed was Jim Ross as commentator👌
inJest - 22 giorni fa
More highlights from the show on my channel if interested!
James Jablon
James Jablon - 22 giorni fa
Hopefully when it starts on tnt it isn't so pg like wwe is now. Gen X 2.01
Prossimi video