The Buy In: All Elite Wrestling’s “Double or Nothing” preshow

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dashing walkalone
dashing walkalone - 2 giorni fa
Aew... 💣💣💣💣💣💣 Better then others...
J FleX
J FleX - 7 giorni fa
Para cuando unos comentaristas en español latino por favor
Code Red
Code Red - 8 giorni fa
We need jim cornette on AEW
Code Red
Code Red - 8 giorni fa
Its great to have a different product out there im sick of wwe garbage
Arka Mukherjee
Arka Mukherjee - 11 giorni fa
This is awesome !!!
Henry Safee
Henry Safee - 15 giorni fa
Without stone cold whooping everyone’s ass for real and the rock making everyone laugh, wrestling is just fkin stupid
Jay Benson
Jay Benson - 15 giorni fa
I feel bad for the guy with no legs ;(
Jay Benson
Jay Benson - 15 giorni fa
They needs to make seats
sosfrostysos - 17 giorni fa
Dimas Egamalindo
Dimas Egamalindo - 17 giorni fa
Who's here after All Out?
Woken Empire
Woken Empire - 17 giorni fa
Whos here after all out
heelgill - 17 giorni fa
We all know we're here to watch MJF.
Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts - 17 giorni fa
Garbage wwe can do better doing nothing.
Manish nyr
Manish nyr - 18 giorni fa
India aew
Sambo is bacc
Sambo is bacc - 18 giorni fa
This garbage looks so fake i miss 80s and 90s attitude era wrestling where is jim cornett when u need him...these lil pussies would nevee be able to fucc wit dr David Schwartz or Tony Atlas Andre the Giant or even Hulk Hogan they will be out of business 5 years tops
David Oliveira
David Oliveira - 19 giorni fa
sry this is no where close to shut the doors of wwe lol this is garbage
ian spangler
ian spangler - 20 giorni fa
Though this is amazing, Billy Gunn doesn’t belong in a wrestling ring anymore. The guy can barely move lol
Razorjake1215 - 24 giorni fa
They really pulled a street fighter in this bitch
Mikey M
Mikey M - 25 giorni fa
In the beginning the announcers were confused before they realized it was recording
Wolf Alpha _666
Wolf Alpha _666 - 26 giorni fa
I knew that AEW was better than WWE im watching AEW for the first time and im surprised
Kay's Diseased & Crippled bat
Justin Roberts with the same good ol' WWE voice but he is good at combining it into AEW.
mysticx0 - 27 giorni fa
a couple d-list wrestlers found a "mark" willing to part with his dads money to fund their political agenda driven vanity project so they can do their virtue signaling and belittling of straw men using every play in the sjw playbook. antifa elitist wrestling (AEW) wont last a year on TNT. tony khan is a cash grab, trust fund kid, hes not in this for the long haul and TNT couldnt care less about having wrestling on their channel again, if they wanted it they would have went for WWE, NJPW or somehow worked a deal with RoH/Sinclair because like all stations they pay for what they want. they are paying antifa elitist wrestling NOTHING in this deal. they gave them a time slot and are nothing more than a "possible" on their schedule...subject to change at will. wait til this hilariously bad create a wrestler roster hits national tv and the shine starts to wear off as they have to put on weekly shows for more than just a vocal niche of fans, its over. khan is literally playing a real life version of gm mode in smackdown vs raw 2007, nothing more.
a billionaire who owns a sports team got in the wrestling business and put their show on TNT while throwing huge sums of cash at former WWE stars. sound familiar? Ted Turner/WCW 2.0 just with way less name recognition and far less star power and zero assurances for their tv spot and no income from it. good luck with that. difference is Ted Turner earned his money and khan gets checks from daddy. his dad has already spent over 100 million on AEW and at some point the khans are going to want their money back. wait, now its starting to sound like Dixie Carter......
antifa elitist wrestling wont survive the upcoming election year without making enough bad headlines and twitter gaffes to make TNT replace them with reruns.
Bark Navarra
Bark Navarra - 16 giorni fa
Ok Jew.
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma - Mese fa
Just sign Brock Lesnar, Dave Batista, Dwayne Johnson (If he is ready & u have that much money) some Hollywood celebrities, some talent from mma & ufc, create some adult rated gimmicks like val venis, some very real & new talent of your own, hire good screenwriters, some good music directors (like in attitude era of wwe) introduce near death match rated hardcore matches... Then you can think of entertaining some loyal & old fans of wrestling
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez - Mese fa
Semon George
Semon George - Mese fa
Loved that have a transgender wrestler.
The sloth guy though🤣🤣🤣 this was not just entertaining but also just a amazing match🙌🏼
ROMAN23 Bullard
ROMAN23 Bullard - Mese fa
This show is dope but I'm not feeling the homosexual wrestler 😔 I don't give a damn what y'all say
Noctis Caelum
Noctis Caelum - Mese fa
Joey Janelas chick made that table spot seem way more devastating with her screaming like he was legit being murdered
BSGSavo •
BSGSavo • - Mese fa
1million views is crazy 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Asel Hahn
Asel Hahn - Mese fa
The librarianthing got weird pretty fast. It felt like a turd of WWE, but the Luchasaurus was really funny, especially the doublechokeslam.
Alvian Ihsan nugraha
Awsome dude
THE PlayStation GAMER
TNT came in clutch
Pipe Funk
Pipe Funk - Mese fa
Hugo Savinovich and other for comments in spanish for the community that like good Wrestling good jobs TNT
gunjin rieper
gunjin rieper - Mese fa
This is the 4th time I've watched this video, that says alot
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - Mese fa
No Im not flicking you off officer, just saying your number one!
Riki Kage
Riki Kage - Mese fa
This shit is dope...
Flavjo Wwe
Flavjo Wwe - Mese fa
aew is totally fake look at 7:01.
Reggie T
Reggie T - Mese fa
That chokeslam though. My goodness!
Reggie T
Reggie T - Mese fa
Wow. A man without legs wrestling. Sorry lieutenant Dan! And a man who like to oil himself.
Nkiru Onuoha
Nkiru Onuoha - Mese fa
JR please come back to WWE plzzzz
Nkiru Onuoha
Nkiru Onuoha - Mese fa
WWE is much better than aew 3 or 4 people coming out at the same time dumb
Oz kid Parker Harris
Ramon Soria
Ramon Soria - Mese fa
Malas las lucha aburridas
corvettemike597884 - Mese fa
This is a freaking clown show. Poor old tommy dreamer and billy gun. They must have really needed a paycheck. God help wrestling.
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva - 2 mesi fa
Wwe R.I.P
Switch Fan94
Switch Fan94 - 2 mesi fa
Lilac Lemonade
Lilac Lemonade - 2 mesi fa
i missed hearing Justin Roberts announce!
YAAR DOSTI - 2 mesi fa
Thanks... Shahid Khan and Tony start AEW..... Love from Pakistan
Dheeraj Hans
Dheeraj Hans - 2 mesi fa
the moment when you finally hear Justin Roberts again!!!!!!
first wresting on TNT since Shane walked on Nitro. Remember this.
SkinCarver - 2 mesi fa
There's a recent interview with JR that was posted 2 day's ago and he says aew can't compete with wwe. That's their lead commentator and senior adviser saying that.
borngeek - Mese fa
SkinCarver both are different audiences, wwe is for kids and aew is more targeted at adults.
Quasimoto - 2 mesi fa
aew taking over wrestling is about as likely as the xfl taking over football
Alfonso Mendez
Alfonso Mendez - 2 mesi fa
Jungle boy with glasés 26:24
Henry Ocampo
Henry Ocampo - 2 mesi fa
Can't wait to see AEW on TNT !! It's about time Wrestling fans get what they deserved for a long time!!! Cheer's to you ALL ELITE WRESTLING!! 🍻🍻
Yo Primero segundo
Yo Primero segundo - 2 mesi fa
Esto es una mierda.....
Madelaine McCormick
Madelaine McCormick - 2 mesi fa
Yes love this wrestling, better than RAW n Smackdown, ty Cody!
Trey Laird
Trey Laird - 2 mesi fa
This was a mistake.. Don't call me out, son..
Jamal Abdelbaset
Jamal Abdelbaset - 2 mesi fa
I can’t watch Marvez without cracking up, thinking about Cornette describing him looking like “a hostage video.” 😂
Mikko Cruz
Mikko Cruz - 2 mesi fa
A pre-show that I actually care about? What a concept....
Plot Agon
Plot Agon - 2 mesi fa
Game version when?
james Tamburo
james Tamburo - 2 mesi fa
Sid Uwi
Sid Uwi - 2 mesi fa
peter avalon is gold
lorenzo porrone
lorenzo porrone - 2 mesi fa
Prossimi video