i’m bleach
i’m bleach - Ora fa
bâyby quân
bâyby quân - Ora fa
Á á chị Ariiiiii hự hự giết em đi 😍😍😍😍
Kshitij Tagra
Kshitij Tagra - Ora fa
Director - Do you want a music video or remake of an old movie?
Ariana - Yeah.
Kyan Gubatan
Kyan Gubatan - Ora fa
Gabi Demartino💗💕💖
دانة بن محفوظ
Oh my gosh gabi in this song❤
Stormie Autumn
Stormie Autumn - 2 ore fa
Who is fuckin and greatful for her o his ex's lyk me ?
Journey-Leigh Reno-Tautau
Debbie Kent
Debbie Kent - 2 ore fa
This song has taught me not to keep dating guys if you know it's not gonna work out and is kinda bullying people so its also taught me not to try blend in with the wrong crowd-bullys
Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez - 2 ore fa
Gabi is there😀😀😆😆 😆
cutie kawaii
cutie kawaii - 3 ore fa
THese PeOPlE are actually trying to to look like mean girls ya know , the movie
justin silman
justin silman - 3 ore fa
Gabi from gabi and nikki
OshKar Fernand
OshKar Fernand - 3 ore fa
Omg I just released after watching this all the time Gabi from Niki and Gabi and this just got even better♥️❤️💞🥰
correct me if i'm wrong
thank u next
Tangelar Washington
Tangelar Washington - 3 ore fa
Why would u use the same beat
John Barbon
John Barbon - 3 ore fa
Tilula and the banana people
Ah coleen
Silverio Lopez
Silverio Lopez - 3 ore fa
i see the part were it is legoly blond or what ever
hili pili
hili pili - 4 ore fa
Everything - 4 ore fa
ELSIE POPPERT - 4 ore fa
Love you ari
ELSIE POPPERT - 4 ore fa
She would be good in the movie prity in pink
Dinesh K
Dinesh K - 4 ore fa
Can ari say the n word?
Dinesh K
Dinesh K - 4 ore fa
Can ari say tge n word?
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul - 4 ore fa
1:52 who the fuck invited this blue baffoon?!
Marie J
Marie J - 4 ore fa
i see gabi
ガチャGachaNatsukiなつき it's her 0:32 I watch the vid!
E Pic
E Pic - 5 ore fa
I’m so fucking grateful for my ex too
Lilly Machacek
Lilly Machacek - 5 ore fa
In a part of the sing she did this 🖕🖕🖕
Karina Productions
Karina Productions - 5 ore fa
Erizmae Elemento_060
Everyone 2:35 see miranda her tummy is sticking out on her cheer leading outfit lol
Valentina Gallegos
Valentina Gallegos - 6 ore fa
Increíble este video y hermosura de mujer💕
Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez - 6 ore fa
Fatima muhammad
Fatima muhammad - 6 ore fa
There is gabi in the video
Aip Vnature
Aip Vnature - 6 ore fa
Living for Kris Jenner)))❤
Rickey Hogans
Rickey Hogans - 6 ore fa
Go back to sam and cat
Rickey Hogans
Rickey Hogans - 6 ore fa
Mean girls 500
Joanna LEe
Joanna LEe - 6 ore fa
3:01 the license plate says 7 rings
Cergy 95
Cergy 95 - 6 ore fa
I am french and i love this music i would have loved to be an american or to be able to go once in my Life
Side West
Side West - 6 ore fa
You fine girl
MrPowerrangersrule - 6 ore fa
I really love the lyric "I be thanking my daddy , cuz she grew from the drama" like that lyric was sorta deep to me
Osvaldo vasquez Manzo
KianneGaming - 7 ore fa
Ariana and Gabi!!!
SwainDog08 13
SwainDog08 13 - 7 ore fa
Is it just me or does the beginning of this remind you the movie "Mean Girls"
Like if agree
Alyzza Santana
Alyzza Santana - 7 ore fa
Fav song love you ariana
Jørdinia Bunbun
Jørdinia Bunbun - 7 ore fa
Who came here for Colleen Ballinger me
Brayden Hock
Brayden Hock - 7 ore fa
She's so hot
Jennifer Demko
Jennifer Demko - 7 ore fa
GeT iN lOsEr, We'Re GoInG sHoPpInG
Sophie Mcleary
Sophie Mcleary - 7 ore fa
I like the song but who else misses Kat
Jennifer Burt
Jennifer Burt - 7 ore fa
I love her she looks so beautiful
Nicole Albert
Nicole Albert - 7 ore fa
I love you so much I love your soug so much ariande grande
KingKitkat - 7 ore fa
The 13 going on 30 reference had me shook
Nora Amaro
Nora Amaro - 7 ore fa
me too i already watched the movie🤣🤣🤣
Phanh Ngu
Phanh Ngu - 8 ore fa
Jadorade - 8 ore fa
Every time I hear this song it reminds me of the world tour and makes me sad because it was so much fun and I want to be back!!! 😭 the performance was gorgeous
Sorrowful Dilo
Sorrowful Dilo - 8 ore fa
Is it me or is it just that I heard Ariana say
Wait for it...

felina dela cruz
felina dela cruz - 8 ore fa
This fucking bitch
felina dela cruz
felina dela cruz - 8 ore fa
■-■ fuck and shit you fucked up
Now fuck you
Jill Ann Villa
Jill Ann Villa - 8 ore fa
i adw miranda
白漂 - 8 ore fa
Unicorn Slimes 4 life
this like literrly a replica of mean girls the book the clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!everything!!!!!!
Maria Rithelle
Maria Rithelle - 8 ore fa
Essa música é muita linda quem gosto da um laike
Lucky Leon
Lucky Leon - 9 ore fa
I love this song thank u,next
JASMINE _ALLME - 9 ore fa
Ariana Grande oh my god oh my god oh my God I'm a big fan you have my favorite YouTube one of my favorite YouTube or's Gabi oh my God how was it like meeting her always wanted to meet her but she doesn't live in Los Angeles so it sucks
Maliyah Mobley
Maliyah Mobley - 9 ore fa
Jazzlen Chong
Jazzlen Chong - 9 ore fa
my birthday
Bia.L.Almeida 123
Bia.L.Almeida 123 - 9 ore fa
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo - 9 ore fa
Miley Cyrus is going to release a new song this May 30th, so let's all support it, she deserves it ❤️
Toddynha avaplay
Toddynha avaplay - 9 ore fa
I love
Briley Watson
Briley Watson - 9 ore fa
Her License plate was seven rings
Temporary Mack
Temporary Mack - 9 ore fa
I came here from twerk to cleanse my eyes.
Rodrigo Oliveira
Rodrigo Oliveira - 10 ore fa
There's a ton of people out there who would do anything to have the chance do date Ariana Grande while I'm struggling to even find someone who would think about the possibility of ever going out with me
Isabela Dos Santos Souza
Eu não tinha percebido mas a música do início é 7 rings
Peyton Krueger
Peyton Krueger - 10 ore fa
Pls I love this girl you need her here now I a big fun!
Ashley Carr
Ashley Carr - 10 ore fa
I love it
Miah Goodle
Miah Goodle - 10 ore fa
The chorus in the background at 3:13 sounds like their singing idiot not yeah yeah😂love this songgg❤️❤️😍👍
The _MarionetteTM
The _MarionetteTM - 11 ore fa
*The nice Regina Gorge.*
Morgan Lilly
Morgan Lilly - 11 ore fa
I had to do a writing assessment and I did it on Ariana Grande
Paola Lopez
Paola Lopez - 11 ore fa
Rollos tour dreams and fulfill them so that they stop criticizing what the do not have, because that i anvy . Im love you moch👍❤❤❤❤
Daniela Josue
Daniela Josue - 11 ore fa
Love you
Lily McCaw
Lily McCaw - 11 ore fa
Ya'll do realize that cussing is illegal!
Emberlop - 9 ore fa
Lily McCaw idk if this is satire
7inch TM
7inch TM - 11 ore fa
Plus I gotta thank my exes on some "Thank you, Next " shiit... Sean Don
Alioop1239 Beck
Alioop1239 Beck - 12 ore fa
Not cool ariana no bad words I'm on miranda sings side - Alyssa Beck
#NameLessMofo - 12 ore fa
where's victoria?
Alex_ Johnson_701
Alex_ Johnson_701 - 12 ore fa
That’s what she said 3:28
Иво Димитров
Bravo Ariana the song is like my life but i believe that only for small time ❤
Alex_ Johnson_701
Alex_ Johnson_701 - 12 ore fa
That what she said
Andrea Saenz
Andrea Saenz - 12 ore fa
I love love your videos
Jocelyn Hatfield
Jocelyn Hatfield - 12 ore fa
Here we go again with mean girls!
Hello it’s karis Ireland
I watched all these movies
Sara Gagovic
Sara Gagovic - 12 ore fa
the same mean girls hehehh
Mia Harrison
Mia Harrison - 12 ore fa
OMG I watched fancy blogs by gabi and i thought she was lying about being in this music vid but she was telling the truth!😮😮😃
Nora Amaro
Nora Amaro - 7 ore fa
me too 🤣
Flor Buten
Flor Buten - 12 ore fa
I dont like spoiled ppl who like to flex
Agree--> Like
Disagree😤--> Comment
Zyma Zareen Haque Spreeha
Just love Kris Jenner💖💖She is legendary🤣🤣🤣
Erick Olmedo
Erick Olmedo - 12 ore fa
I love you Ariana m llamo MELANY
0julia SILVA
0julia SILVA - 12 ore fa
I Love you
Isaiah Cope
Isaiah Cope - 12 ore fa
7. Rings
lupita jimenez
lupita jimenez - 13 ore fa
Esta cancion me encanta
Bobby Owen
Bobby Owen - 13 ore fa
Sexy do more xxxxxxx"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"xxxxx
Isabella Rubypower
Isabella Rubypower - 13 ore fa
Did u guys notice gabi from Niki and Gabi :)
Time start: 32
Gjana Larson
Gjana Larson - 7 ore fa
Yeah she has a lot of famous people in this video
unchangcom :/
unchangcom :/ - 13 ore fa
the license plate said 7 rings i-
Prossimi video