24 843
Jh5 - Mese fa
There is 880 coins or $44 for the 44 club
Free - 2 giorni fa
did u count or guess
Kids Hennagan
Kids Hennagan - 7 giorni fa
I feel so disappointed 🤣
Idrees Muhid
Idrees Muhid - 9 giorni fa
Corgi master
Corgi master - 20 giorni fa
if there were 880 coins that would be $8.80
PB Squared
PB Squared - 21 giorno fa
Harry Machesney
Harry Machesney - 7 ore fa
444 coins
my vehicles
my vehicles - 14 ore fa
It's mjolnr
Blair Inferrera
Blair Inferrera - 15 ore fa
What happened to the big G.D?🤔🤔🤔🤔😱
Alex Brown
Alex Brown - 18 ore fa
Just add a force if rotation to the hammer
Lana Mounts
Lana Mounts - Giorno fa
10000 dollars
Ice_ Nation
Ice_ Nation - Giorno fa
There’s alot
Jacob Tallar INFJ
Jacob Tallar INFJ - Giorno fa
Someone send them a piano 🤣 stay far away from it though boys
GavDragon 76
GavDragon 76 - Giorno fa
This is how many cracks that are on the box
Savanh Koevongsoth
Savanh Koevongsoth - Giorno fa
9,995 coins
cart6741 cart6741
cart6741 cart6741 - 2 giorni fa
12000 5 sent coins
Massimo Magarino
Massimo Magarino - 2 giorni fa
Anyone notice gaunson say hekta right before the first Bowling ball drop on the box at 3:18
Captain _Zachary
Captain _Zachary - 2 giorni fa
Guava juice got in it by burning it
SilverWater - 2 giorni fa
mango team time
mango team time - 2 giorni fa
Brian Grassi
Brian Grassi - 2 giorni fa
#Pony cab
Earlyn Paragas
Earlyn Paragas - 2 giorni fa
Daan Vb.
Daan Vb. - 2 giorni fa
695 coins
Andy Mac
Andy Mac - 2 giorni fa
Try to break my relationship
InfinityBolt - 2 giorni fa

How ridiculous + Demolition ranch=
D Douglass
D Douglass - 3 giorni fa
500 coins
Xx Phoenix_ Fire xX
Xx Phoenix_ Fire xX - 3 giorni fa
Lol that poor GoPro 😂
Xx Phoenix_ Fire xX
Xx Phoenix_ Fire xX - 3 giorni fa
I bet you cant break a bowling ball with anything you want to use
Tomby O'Halloran
Tomby O'Halloran - 3 giorni fa
Tanya Falkner
Tanya Falkner - 3 giorni fa
100 layer of plexiglass vs. advil.
Ethan Young yo
Ethan Young yo - 3 giorni fa
Break Thor’s hammer
Noneof yourbeeswax
Noneof yourbeeswax - 3 giorni fa
when you can skip the ad in five seconds but the ad is 4 seconds long ;(
Yohan Vue
Yohan Vue - 3 giorni fa
there are 2000 5c coins in that box
Andrea  Marie Vasquez
Andrea Marie Vasquez - 3 giorni fa
I dare you guys to hang on the thing to use to bring up all the heavy objects and stay there for a whole day
RANDOMANONYMOUSDude - 3 giorni fa
I think a small point of contact is best for polycarb. Could be wrong though.
aloha junior
aloha junior - 3 giorni fa
200 dollars
Henry Davies
Henry Davies - 3 giorni fa
200 coins (10$)
Braydon Evans
Braydon Evans - 3 giorni fa
1000 5 cents
The Fishing Crew
The Fishing Crew - 4 giorni fa
101 5c couns
Matthew Sloan
Matthew Sloan - 4 giorni fa
3 2 1 ad
Ahmad Qenai
Ahmad Qenai - 4 giorni fa
Your aim waw
Samsungkid carling
Samsungkid carling - 4 giorni fa
20 poned
Hyme HD
Hyme HD - 5 giorni fa
Drop a piano on thors hammer
Zachary Moss
Zachary Moss - 5 giorni fa
Electronic Inventor Movies
10,000 dollars dustin say on he's channel
ryan tinnell
ryan tinnell - 5 giorni fa
432 pieces
codman - 5 giorni fa
Giant dart vs double bullet proof box
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith - 6 giorni fa
basically how ridiculous throws things off high towers so why when i throw my cat off my roof i dont get the same credit 🤔
Bobby Hartley
Bobby Hartley - 6 giorni fa
1200 coins 60$
Heath Lockwood
Heath Lockwood - 6 giorni fa
You need a giant dart to break the top
Quinn Calum
Quinn Calum - 6 giorni fa
Thor's hammer vs ballistic dummy with the colored blood insisde
Ben Chapman
Ben Chapman - 6 giorni fa
Thor hammer vs Thor hammer
jacob yam
jacob yam - 6 giorni fa
the box got broken by the stone as by the time,the hammer has destroyed the base causing the support to be gone
とらいず (TRY's Channel)
Amazing !!!!!!!!!!
Zach Morgan
Zach Morgan - 7 giorni fa
atlas stone vs atlas stone if posibble
Zarfa- de
Zarfa- de - 7 giorni fa
I wonder how the dart would have done
xxnickynight48 s
xxnickynight48 s - 7 giorni fa
840 or 500
Loof Of Bread
Loof Of Bread - 7 giorni fa
Did anyone else hear the GoPro ping off the metal fence
darryl parish
darryl parish - 7 giorni fa
Roi got it open/guava juice he got it
Drew Greaves
Drew Greaves - 7 giorni fa
697 five cents
Drew Greaves
Drew Greaves - 7 giorni fa
379 five cents
Ziona Ferreira
Ziona Ferreira - 7 giorni fa
Hwg here we go
Ziona Ferreira
Ziona Ferreira - 7 giorni fa
Why here we go
Jose Santos Jr
Jose Santos Jr - 7 giorni fa
I think its 190 coins
Panda Kid
Panda Kid - 8 giorni fa
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes - 8 giorni fa
Christina Chavez
Christina Chavez - 8 giorni fa
What about an airplane blackbox
Adrian Gaytan
Adrian Gaytan - 8 giorni fa
10,000 or 1,000
Lisa A'Beckett
Lisa A'Beckett - 8 giorni fa
800 coins
nil nix
nil nix - 8 giorni fa
Definitely a thumbs up here but 9:57, the inside of your nose and mouth...not good mate haha.
Melanie Johnston
Melanie Johnston - 8 giorni fa
Emmanuel Seifu
Emmanuel Seifu - 8 giorni fa
I brust it do so much damage 1000 $
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke - 8 giorni fa
I'd like to see you drop the hammer and atlas stone on the edge of the box. I can see it smashing through and sending the poly-c flying.
Dan Dank
Dan Dank - 8 giorni fa
0:46 is that the rod from god?
Pearson Blue
Pearson Blue - 8 giorni fa
Shadow GamingYT
Shadow GamingYT - 8 giorni fa
Thare is 880 5 cent pieces in the box love ya vid to
Luke Dixon
Luke Dixon - 8 giorni fa
all that for a drop of blood.
Ryan Johnston 36
Ryan Johnston 36 - 8 giorni fa
Break the sand
Mackster 80
Mackster 80 - 9 giorni fa
TBJ- 01
TBJ- 01 - 9 giorni fa
It feels like I’m watching gay porn and these guys are about to suck each other off...
Christopher T
Christopher T - 9 giorni fa
11:33 looks like a lichtenberg figure. Very fitting for the God of Thunder
spicy nutts
spicy nutts - 9 giorni fa
144 coins in the box
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant - 9 giorni fa
3:57 Lemonade, but hot chocolate is a close second
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant - 9 giorni fa
3:51 Me too
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant - 9 giorni fa
3:07 Scott's exotic bird call
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant - 9 giorni fa
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant - 9 giorni fa
450 5 cent pieces
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant - 9 giorni fa
1:25 Brett's alien voice
ninja boy davis
ninja boy davis - 9 giorni fa
Gavin Ryan
Gavin Ryan - 9 giorni fa
Where is the good ole giant dart it could've made some damage
Mohamed Mehyo
Mohamed Mehyo - 9 giorni fa
225 5 cents
the Zairel attackers
the Zairel attackers - 9 giorni fa
523.8 thousand
dj 75490
dj 75490 - 9 giorni fa
The ad placement is evil
Its like:

3! 2! 1! State farm!
Its LopeZ Kun SL
Its LopeZ Kun SL - 9 giorni fa
To improve the results you have to put a more resistant base to the unbreakable box, the energy had transfer to the rock bellow
Barrel Slug
Barrel Slug - 9 giorni fa
ryan preciado
ryan preciado - 9 giorni fa
There is 2000 coins
Bella Vidal
Bella Vidal - 9 giorni fa
Sou BR🇧🇷 por favor bote legenda nos vídeos
K.I.O.G :Zander von gordon
There are 386
Tmccreight25Gaming - 9 giorni fa
Ok so today’s lesson is: if you want to break one of these things open, hit the bottom not the top
Nacho Taco
Nacho Taco - 9 giorni fa
So ridiculous lol
thevigiles - 9 giorni fa
What’s on the SD card‽
Giovanni Roggio
Giovanni Roggio - 9 giorni fa
Can we get force tree t-shirts
Prossimi video