Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football Players

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Notelicioux - Anno fa
A slightly modified version of the recently blocked video with 2 million views. Enjoy!
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 - 2 mesi fa
Kunta Shrestha
Kunta Shrestha - 2 mesi fa
MrBadabimBadabum - 2 mesi fa
this is crap anyway
Lostupido Cervelloumano
Notelicioux Adriano
Abhimanyu Vakil
Abhimanyu Vakil - Anno fa
The previous version was better. Upload again if you can please
Anh Dũng Nguyễn
Anh Dũng Nguyễn - 10 giorni fa
A perfect 10. I was lucky enough to see him won the Scudetto. 00-01 perhaps one of the most sensational season ever in Serie A history, comparable to the time of Maradona. And I followed him the whole season. Anyone would agree with me.
Lok-y Musik
Lok-y Musik - 14 giorni fa
Most of the Goals are from the 90/00's ... show what kind of generation that was ... may thats why "Soccer" is so much boring today
benim - 15 giorni fa
awesome editing and a complete video, great job man!
Canal Z
Canal Z - 15 giorni fa
Se vc nao chorou nao viveu melhor época futebol
Darius Online
Darius Online - 17 giorni fa
Garrincha did't play I 1996 that goal was I 1966
Filipro GD
Filipro GD - 18 giorni fa
Sorry guys, but Zlatan is the best...
Tobik Svoboda
Tobik Svoboda - 20 giorni fa
Not Neymar And not Vieira ?
carlox jimenez
carlox jimenez - 21 giorno fa
Minuto 20:11 teofilo cubillas cuantos goles de falta se an visto asi golazo
carlox jimenez
carlox jimenez - 21 giorno fa
Solo falto el gol de van basten contra el den boch ( buen video )
zoltan zolcer
zoltan zolcer - 22 giorni fa
11:10 Puskas Ferenc alias Ocsibacsi
Jack Docherty
Jack Docherty - 22 giorni fa
Larsson and Nakamura 😍😁
Гальванизированный Труп
apricus - 27 giorni fa
Still dont get it how Bergkamp did this.
Niga Lucian
Niga Lucian - 28 giorni fa
osicani joe
osicani joe - 28 giorni fa
I wonder why Essien's goal against Arsenal didn't make the top 100 even the one against Barcelona didn't make it as well
Anas Mhmad
Anas Mhmad - 29 giorni fa
Wtf who is that 2:56 !???
Indranil Dutta
Indranil Dutta - Mese fa
That Curved Knuckle Ball From One of the Brazilian Legends (Roberto Carlos) was God-like 😨😵😇
Anonymous - Mese fa
I think it's the best goal of all time, partly because no one else has ever done anything ever like it again
Luan Pimentel
Luan Pimentel - Mese fa
Ate o gol do mito ta ai
mr Kool
mr Kool - Mese fa
only zlatan ronaldo and messi can score this goals nowadays
Brian Kuda
Brian Kuda - Mese fa
so cr7 is not legendary?????
Jason Hayes
Jason Hayes - Mese fa
Truly wonderful!! Whoever has composed this video has done their homework. Wonderful to see some of the ACTUAL greats seen over the course of time! A joy to watch.
Steven Lilley
Steven Lilley - Mese fa
Great Video with some wonderful memories but u missed a couple like...….Robin Van Persie vs Spain..... Paul Scholes vs Aston Villa......David Platt vs Belguim…… Archie Gemmel vs Holland...… Paul Gascoigne vs Scotland..... James Rodriguez vs Uruguary…. Luis Suarez vs Arsenal...… Zico vs Scotland...… Emlyn Hughes vs Ipswich...… David Ginola vs Ferencvaros…… Faustino Asprilla vs Liverpool...… Neymar 2nd goal vs Juventus.... Ruud Van Nistelrooy vs Fulham..... Matt Le Tissier vs Newcastle...… Lewandowski’s vs Frankfurt...… too name but a few :D
DonAlexus7 - Mese fa
Blohin- FC Bayern München ?????????????? Belanov????????????????????????((((((((((((((( Diz.
Lazy Sloth
Lazy Sloth - Mese fa
o babaca que montou é bambi, colocar um gol comun de cobrança de falta do Ceni no meio de tanto gol de craque só pode ser boilismo bambi
Guillermo Taylor
Guillermo Taylor - Mese fa
god I hate the music!!!
nawfal Achahbar
nawfal Achahbar - Mese fa
Roberto Perez Kevin kegan
Bob Nick
Bob Nick - Mese fa
9:18 ..bwahahahaha
Singgih Pangestu
Singgih Pangestu - Mese fa
Inzaghi the forward killer 🔥
Zlatan Egohimovic
Zlatan Egohimovic - Mese fa
also garrincha died in 1983
Moshnathan - Mese fa
Where are Klose, Robben, Ribery, van Persie?
Dee Jay
Dee Jay - 2 mesi fa
Jasko Hodzic
Jasko Hodzic - 2 mesi fa
Man fuck your music nobody comes here to listen to the fucking music
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BaShkin DAN - 2 mesi fa
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 - 2 mesi fa
Nice video
mzage ngmm
mzage ngmm - 2 mesi fa
Mad suspense match made me cry 😭
Vignesh Bhargava
Vignesh Bhargava - 2 mesi fa
Music at 9:40 is J Sigsworth - I remember part 2. Only on Soundcloud, so hard to find but an awesome track
Vignesh Bhargava
Vignesh Bhargava - 2 mesi fa
Part 1 as well - slight correction
Francisco Soveral
Francisco Soveral - 2 mesi fa
"there is bear cum"
50% premier league. Fuck u man
Gabis Gomes
Gabis Gomes - 2 mesi fa
Fizzy Turtle
Fizzy Turtle - 2 mesi fa
i wanna watch this in a cinema
Rahman Hartanto
Rahman Hartanto - 2 mesi fa
Bagi ane yg paling berkesan dan viral di dunia ketika ronaldinho menjebol gawang Inggris dengan tendangan bebas, ibrahimovic tendangan akrobatik, Roberto Carlos dengan tendangan bebas keras'a....
Róbert Hima
Róbert Hima - 2 mesi fa
Ott a Király Gabi
Róbert Hima
Róbert Hima - 2 mesi fa
Puskás Öcsi!!
César Pérez
César Pérez - 2 mesi fa
Y james ?
Aristoi Gabriel
Aristoi Gabriel - 2 mesi fa
the most beautiful one - as usual - Inzaghi's ^^
Czele YT
Czele YT - 2 mesi fa
20:18 nice goal
Czele YT
Czele YT - 2 mesi fa
10:49 wow
Mikołaj Giza
Mikołaj Giza - 2 mesi fa
9:22 is 1956 no 1996
Jo-Jo Films 2016
Jo-Jo Films 2016 - Mese fa
Mikołaj Giza Also no. It’s 1966.
Eliittiurpo - 2 mesi fa
Alejandro Pimentel
Alejandro Pimentel - 3 mesi fa
Papis cisse gol against Chelsea curved ball?
Channel FiloX2007
Channel FiloX2007 - 3 mesi fa
And Brignoli?
Im Ron
Im Ron - 3 mesi fa
Ronaldo goal againt porto...that was a puskas goal
Giorgos Angelidis
Giorgos Angelidis - 3 mesi fa
Dennis Bergkamp
Toni Monola
Toni Monola - 3 mesi fa
R10 against real when even real fans started clappin
Lowboy !!!
Lowboy !!! - 3 mesi fa
Magic Goals ( we love this game.....)
Francesco Paris Roma 79
JAHbymeside forIverandIvermore
if there was no ho ho he he he ho ho music i would of left a like
Sandro Guan
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